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Not to mention that Ole Miss has proven to be a very good place for receivers to go.
Your post doesn't make any sense. Kermit Davis makes $3 million per yer and Ole Miss has done huge facility upgrades over the last few years. I'd say that they spend quite a bit on basketball. Not nearly as much as Kentucky, but probably more than most SEC schools.
"As of Sunday morning, players’ parents had not been notified by school officials of any positive test results, sources said." The school will not notify the parents. The players are adults. Their PHI is protected by law and cannot be divulged. It is up to players who test positive to notify their parents if they so desire. The school would be breaking multiple laws if it gave out PHI such as medical test results.
I love humorous, satirical "news" like this. It's always nice to start the day with a laugh.
You slowed him, but at the expense of freeing up Ealy and the passing game. Plumlee had small numbers but had a big impact on the game.
Didn't your cowbells compete against South Alabama a few years ago? How's that work out for you?
State put a spy on Plumlee which did limit his yardage, but also allowed Ealy to have a big day against State and also opened up the passing game. So, although they limited his stat line, they did not lessen his impact on the game.
He can indeed tell them that Ole Miss had the youngest team in the ncaa last year
I'd be curious to hear which of the following games you consider a "likely" loss for Ole Miss: Southeast Missouri, Vanderbilt or UConn. Sure, Ole Miss can lose and has lost to Vanderbilt plenty, but to call it "likely" as you do is a bit of a stretch.
It doesn't take a genius to read my posts and yours and determine who is more "relaxed". Perhaps you would be wise to follow your own advice.
Gee, I wonder what team you're a fan of...
Says the fan of the team currently on probation.
State's all time win percentage is 0.493, Vandy's is 0.495. Who is the "doormat for the SEC"?
Does he troll the internet about individuals and situations that he knows nothing about or is that just you that does that?
It looks like you have it down pretty well yourself
It looks like you have it down pretty well yourself
This hard core Ole Miss fan offers prayers and well wishes for the young men and their families.
Yes. You should worry about that with Mullen, but this isn’t the place to post about your problems
Is starting in with excuses early kind of like starting Christmas shopping early?
Maybe I missed it, but one thing that I didn't see discussed in the article was the fact the Fromm's passing has been going downhill as the season has progressed. He has been less than 50% in the last four games and has thrown some real stinkers.
if rodriguez was a leading candidate for head coach, he would have been the one named interim for recruiting purposes. If anyone is promoted from within, it will be Macintyre. Although I wouldn't hate that, it might be a hard sale to convince some big money boosters that a coach who lost his last six games as a head coach should get the job. Let's face it, ultimately these decisions are made by the big money boosters regardless of the school.
The most surprising thing to me was that I actually heard gary say something right during the game. I don't remember what it was, but I turned and looked at my wife and said "wow, gary actually said something that was correct and made sense."
Separate meeting with Plumlee was because he was not in town for the team meeting.
Anyone who requires a minor bowl bid to be motivated in a game like this does not need to be participating in athletics at this level. With that said, although I do not believe that teams with 5-7 records or even 6-6 records should be invited to bowls, Ole Miss is not "out of bowl contention". There is a very good chance that a few 5-7 teams will go to bowls this year and Ole Miss, with a high APR, has a decent chance of being one of those teams.
Uh, Corral wasn't anywhere near at the start of the fight. The fight starter when your defensive back attacked our receiver after the touchdown.
The real question becomes who gets involved in the fight that is started every year by state players. If they can goad Plumlee and Ealy into participating, which I am certain is their game plan, then state's chances go way up.