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I'd be curious to hear which of the following games you consider a "likely" loss for Ole Miss: Southeast Missouri, Vanderbilt or UConn. Sure, Ole Miss can lose and has lost to Vanderbilt plenty, but to call it "likely" as you do is a bit of a stretch.
It doesn't take a genius to read my posts and yours and determine who is more "relaxed". Perhaps you would be wise to follow your own advice.
Gee, I wonder what team you're a fan of...
Says the fan of the team currently on probation.
State's all time win percentage is 0.493, Vandy's is 0.495. Who is the "doormat for the SEC"?
Does he troll the internet about individuals and situations that he knows nothing about or is that just you that does that?
It looks like you have it down pretty well yourself
It looks like you have it down pretty well yourself
This hard core Ole Miss fan offers prayers and well wishes for the young men and their families.
Yes. You should worry about that with Mullen, but this isn’t the place to post about your problems
Is starting in with excuses early kind of like starting Christmas shopping early?
Maybe I missed it, but one thing that I didn't see discussed in the article was the fact the Fromm's passing has been going downhill as the season has progressed. He has been less than 50% in the last four games and has thrown some real stinkers.
if rodriguez was a leading candidate for head coach, he would have been the one named interim for recruiting purposes. If anyone is promoted from within, it will be Macintyre. Although I wouldn't hate that, it might be a hard sale to convince some big money boosters that a coach who lost his last six games as a head coach should get the job. Let's face it, ultimately these decisions are made by the big money boosters regardless of the school.
The most surprising thing to me was that I actually heard gary say something right during the game. I don't remember what it was, but I turned and looked at my wife and said "wow, gary actually said something that was correct and made sense."
Separate meeting with Plumlee was because he was not in town for the team meeting.
Anyone who requires a minor bowl bid to be motivated in a game like this does not need to be participating in athletics at this level. With that said, although I do not believe that teams with 5-7 records or even 6-6 records should be invited to bowls, Ole Miss is not "out of bowl contention". There is a very good chance that a few 5-7 teams will go to bowls this year and Ole Miss, with a high APR, has a decent chance of being one of those teams.
Uh, Corral wasn't anywhere near at the start of the fight. The fight starter when your defensive back attacked our receiver after the touchdown.
The real question becomes who gets involved in the fight that is started every year by state players. If they can goad Plumlee and Ealy into participating, which I am certain is their game plan, then state's chances go way up.
Some Ole Miss fans like him, some hate him and some are ambivalent. However, fans do not play the game and I think that Ole Miss plays would run through a brick wall for Luke whereas state players would just as soon throw morehead into a brick wall.
Who starts at QB for state is not even a real factor. The game will hinge on two things: 1) can you stop Ole Miss's offensive skill players (Plumlee/Ealy/Conner/Phillips if he plays/Moore and 2) will Hill have sufficient rest to carry the state offense after being in most of the game Saturday night.
"This week, Ole Miss will look to stop one of the best running backs in the country in Kylin Hill." While that is true, Mississippi State will also "look to stop one of the best running backs in the country". Not only that, Mississippi State will have to stop a couple of elite running backs while also trying to stop one of the best, if not the best, running QBs in the country. Both teams have to rely on the run because neither team is very good at passing. While they have one really good running back, State's options running the ball are much more limited than Ole Miss's.
Mississippi State may win the egg bowl, but if they do it most decidedly will NOT be because it is in Starkville. If Starkville is the edge, that edge goes to Ole Miss. The egg bowl has become a game that is usually won by the visiting team. We can argue about why that is, but research shows that is the case. The last time State won in Starkville was in 2013. All time they have only won 11 games in Starkville which is fewer than they have won in Oxford or Jackson. The last time it was in Starkville, Mississippi State was the prohibitive favorite. They were considered to be the better team and had an experienced coaching staff. Ole Miss was operating under an interim coach, had a bowl ban, both coordinators were in their first year as coordinators at this level and were down to a backup QB. If location is the deciding factor, Ole Miss will be the victor. My biased eyes say at this point that there are also other factors in Ole Miss's favor this year, but we will see on those points.
It doesn't take a lot of research to find that home field is definitely NOT an advantage in the egg bowl. The last time Miss State won in Starkville was 2013 and they are 11-22-1 all time against Ole Miss in Starkville. As far as motivation, I've watched both play and from my admittedly biased point-of-view Ole Miss has looked far more motivated this year than Miss State, Ole Miss will have had two weeks to prepare and Ole Miss is better in every statistical category.
I don't like Miss State, but it is pretty harsh calling Abilene Christian "a vastly superior opponent".
I mean the teams whose players are prone to starting fights and whose end zone says "heil state".
Some Ole Miss fans might want to spoil a bowl bid for the fighting hitlers, but players and coaches couldn't care less whether or not Mississippi State goes to some minor bowl. Beating State is incentive enough and Ole Miss is ahead of State in every statistical category. Add to that the fact that in recent years the visiting team always wins the egg bowl. On top of that, although some Ole Miss fans want Luke gone and some State fans want Morehead gone, there is no doubt that the Ole Miss players who will be playing the game would walk on hot coals for Mat Luke while Morehead seems to have lost control (if he ever had it) of the locker room.
I won't comment or spend time thinking about whether another team should retain or fire their coach (well, except for bama who should definitely fire Saban and rehire Shula), but I actually agree with what is said in the article about retaining Luke. He should definitely start the year next year on a hot seat though.