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Did two people write this article, one of whom thought that it was an exciting game and the other of whom thought that it was not? I, for one, thought that it was an exciting game with good defense, some hard-nosed downhill running and a few amazing catches.
Lol, or the whole state defensive line who couldn’t stop Pegues when he ran the ball.
It would be interesting for the original poster to go up against Pegues to find out which is “softer”. It shows some real toughness to call a very athletic 320 pound football playerb”soft” on an anonymous internet post. And you criticize someone else for a lack of class. Lol
It would be interesting to ask Rogers and Marks if they think that Pegues is “soft” after some of those licks he laid on them.
One of Ole Miss’s best defenders did such a good job of faking an injuty that he only played very sparingly the rest of the game. Oh, and of course, none of the countless miss state players laying on the field were faking injuries. Get over it. There were no fake injuries during that game and none that even slightly appeared so.
It depends on the health of the Ole Miss offensive line.
If you would rather go to the Citrus than a NY6 bowl, then we will gladly trade with you
that post ended up in the wrong place... oh well.
who knows what color he will be wearing? Ole Miss seems to wear a different color every week these days.
If Fisher was "better than average", he was only very slightly so.
and of course, you get to be the arbiter that decides which games "matter".
Considering that they gave Jimbo a raise and an extension in his third year with just nine wins against a much easier schedule than Ole Miss has this year, I would say that they apparently would have been quite happy with Ole Miss's results this year in Jimbo's fourth year.
Earlier in the year, that was true. Currently, Missouri is the better of the two. You obviously have not watched the last two Missouri games
Texas A&M fans may be coming to the grove, but the team isn't.
It would put them in a tie for the top spot. If all three teams win out after that, Ole Miss would have the best win of the three. That is unlikely to happen though
Or they dislike ole miss so much that they robbed them of one of their honorable mentions.
"That’s different than trailing the whole game." Yes, I suppose that would be different, but that isn't the case. Ole Miss Most definitely did not "trail the entire game". They led on three different occasions including at halftime. There's also the fact that Alabama and LSU are not the same team. To this point, Alabama has been the better team. Oh, and Ole Miss faced Alabama in Tuscaloosa while Missouri hosted LSU in Columbia. A loss is never good, but to try to couch your loss to LSU as somehow a better loss than our loss to Alabama is quite a stretch. We both lost by two scores to a good team. We both had an opportunity to win the game against that good team. Looking at wins, Ole Miss has beaten LSU. Missouri has beaten? South Carolina... Kentucky... KState... Those are not bad wins but they aren't LSU either.
They do a pretty good job of spreading it around. Men's basketball in Tennessee. Soccer in Florida. Women's basketball in South Carolina.
That is entirely possible. Ole Miss struggled mightily in their only road SEC game this year and I am not completely comfortable with their ability to handle a hostile environment
Did his parent know that he was going to be an edge rusher when they named him Edgerrin?
I never will understand people who enjoy games with no defense, but I guess that they will never understand me either. To me, the most exciting thing in football is a defender shrugging off his block and delivering a bone crushing hit.
I thought that this was the first time at Auburn that Freeze will go against LSU.
NIL is legal. Schools and their employees (coaches and etc.) being involved in NIL is not. The line is blurred but someone needs to figure out a way to make it sharper.
Says a fan of a team with a “struggle win” against a 3 loss team AT HOME and a “struggle win” against a two loss team on the road in front of a smaller crowd than Alabama had to listen to.
Well, if a "horrific defense" only allows you to score 24 points, sacks your QB 4 times and has 9 tfl against you, then that doesn't speak very well at all for your offense.
I side with neither. Both of them were stupid and childish