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You'd think that they could have provided a uniform that fit.
Marshall Henderson wouldn't bring anything to Ole Miss's already guard heavy team. If they could bring back an alumnus, it would need to be one that could make rebounds and block shots.
it could have gone either way. I think that Kermit's frustration was just because only seconds before they had the game win and then one of the best free throw shooters in the nation misses the first shot of a 1 and 1. Then that foul, that could have gone either way, happens and he's just boiling. The real controversial call was when the Tennessee player travelled with obvious time remaining on the clock and the officials still called the game over even after a review. However, by that point Ole Miss had almost surely blown their chance.
Both teams wanted that win and both teams are obviously good. It was actually a well called game. Of course the officials are human and make wrong calls occasionally, but the officiating most certainly did not favor one team or the other. The charge call could have gone either way. It is a judgement call as to when the defensive player is set. I think that Kermit was just frustrated because they had the game won with seconds left. It is ironic that one of the best free throw shooting teams around is perfect on the night from the line and just need to convert a 1 and 1 to win the game with their best free throw shooter at the line with seconds left and he misses the first shot. That is what cost them the game. None of the other stuff would have happened in those last seconds if he had done like he's done all season and converted those free throws. It happens. That's basketball.
If Bo Bounds talks to any Ole Miss fan, I doubt that they say anything about Matt Luke or Ole Miss. I would imagine that they tell him (bounds) what he can do to himself and where he can go in very explicit terms.
We will find ot in the coming years whether that is the case. The jury is still out.
What does that have to do with a combine invite?
I won't argue whether or not he should be invited to the combine, but I do not see an inconsistency. Can you give one case in the last few years where there was a player accused, with credible evidence whether video or otherwise, of abusing a woman yet being invited to the combine? Beating a woman is a very serious thing. The NFL has gotten a lot of negative publicity due to domestic abuse by players. Whether right or not, once again I won't argue, this seems to be consistent with the message the NFL has tried to send the last few years. Keep in mind that Chad Kelly was invited and then disinvited from the combine due to a drunk and disorderly incident at a bar that occurred before he came to Ole Miss and was based on testimony by a bouncer. Some of the bouncer's testimony was later discredited and there was no accusation of hitting a woman. The NFL knew about the incident before they invited him to the combine, yet they invited him and then changed their mind. Laremy Tunsil was invited to the combine, but slipped down draft boards and lost a lot of money because of an old video of him smoking a bong prior to going to Ole Miss. Fair or not, past mistakes do come back to haunt.
I did not attend any practices or even watch the game so I don't know how he compared to any of the ones listed here, but I was a little surprised to not see Javon Patterson on this list. According to most reports I've seen he had a very good week and likely lifted himself quite a bit on teams' draft boards. Not only were his measurables and technique good from what I could read, but he also was able to show proficiency at two different positions.
I hate to see him go. I think that he could have been a great one if it hadn't been for his injuries. Now that he has fallen to fourth on the depth chart, I can't really fault him for wanting to explore other options.
WDE, the NCAA must approve ALL transfers. Every one must go through them. At least go look at the rules and guidelines before speaking.
You are correct, BamaTime, just like you I have no clue what Hurts' ultimate decision will be other than if he chooses to transfer it will not be to a school on Alabama's schedule. That is his choice. You are incorrect, wde. The NCAA must approve all transfers. If they do not approve it, it will not happen. I can't think of any reason that Alabama, the NCAA or the SEC would oppose his transfer to whatever school he wishes, however, so the discussion is moot.
Alabama cannot block him directly, but they have a lot of pull in Birmingham and Indianapolis so they certainly could influence the SEC or NCAA to block a transfer. I don't see why they would, however. I do not believe that it is going to be an issue because Hurts is great friends with a lot of players from Alabama and I don't think that he would want to oppose them in a regular season game. He will not choose a school on Alabama's schedule. That is my prediction and I am sticking to it.
Everyone seems to think that he is going to MLB
His sexual harassment charge was shown to have no merit when investigated. This hire has nothing to do with Hugh Freeze. It is amazing that a miss state fan would want to bring up character discussions...
It appears like it could be a very good hire. He has turned around defenses everywhere he has gone and he has strong recruiting ties to Texas. Just like always with these things, time will tell.
So you are saying that we should rate his capabilities as a defensive coordinator based on his performance as a head coach instead of his performance as a defensive assistant and a defensive coordinator?
When Sowell came to Ole Miss, he was a little undersized for an offensive tackle and he played TE for a year. He has pretty good hands.
Having been to many bowls, including some of the ones you list, I can say unequivocally that the Birmingham Bowl is far worse, in my opinion, than any you mention. The area is not designed to handle traffic well (We left to get there three hours early and still didn't make it to the parking lot and into the stadium until the game started- we were literally walking in as the opening kickoff happened). in other words, after we got to Birmingham, it took three hours to get to a parking spot and into the stadium. Speaking of parking, you park in the ghetto and have to pay protection money to gang members to make sure nothing happens to your car-- seriously. Then you hope that you make it into the stadium and back to your car without getting knifed. Concessions sold out midway through the second quarter and the stadium is too small (they had to tear part of it down because it was condemned as unsafe) and it a rotting dump.
Considering how easy it is to verify and that reputable publications have journalists that are paid to get it right and editors that are paid to double check and make sure it is right. yes such an error is unacceptable. I am not a professional journalist that spends my time with this nor am I an Alabama or Texas A&M fan and yet it stood out like a sore thumb to me.
This is a false statement: "Alabama has won every game by at least 24 points" and could easily have been verified as so by a quick look at Alabama's game results.
If you mean A.J. Brown, he isn't listed because he is an underclassman and has yet to declare for the draft. Even though everyone knows that he will, this particular board only lists seniors and underclassmen who have already declared. Hence no A.J. Brown or Greg Little.
What on earth does that have to do with anything, #?
Why would it matter to you what someone else names their child? Sure "Kinkead" is more often a surname, but it isn't that uncommon for people to use a surname from the family tree as a first name for one of their children. Are you bothered when people name their child "Cooper" or "Taylor"?
I know that Malzahn and Freeze are great friends, but I don't think that any locker room or football field is big enough for those two egos to coexist.
I'm not sure who you were listening to, but limiting unofficial visits is a much worse issue than not being allowed to play in some minor, meaningless bowl and always has been. The unofficial visit ban is something that had never been used before, even in much more egregious cases, and would make very innocuous occurrences a potential violation. How are you going to limit how many times a player can visit a college on his own dime?
All right! The restrictions on unofficial visits was unprecedented and the most ridiculous sanction ever.
Lock, with a 1 TD to 5 INT ratio, less than 50% completion ratio, 0-3 W/L and 3 total rush yards (0.2 yards per carry) in SEC play is a solid pick for number 3 on your list.
why was my post deleted? It in no way violated any terms of service.