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why was my post deleted? It in no way violated any terms of service.
Arkansas needs to abandon LIttle Rock unless they build a new stadium or significantly redo WM. That place is unsafe for players and spectators.
Arkansas needs to abandon LIttle Rock unless they build a new stadium or significantly redo WM. That place is unsafe for players and spectators.
"em" is short for "Emily" or "Emma". I think that she is a "sis" rather than a "bro".
While it seems like forever ago, Ole Miss did beat a good Texas Tech team in week one on a neutral field. They have not been competitive at all in the two games against top ten teams.
Ole Miss certainly has problems, but I can see why you feel the need to troll Ole Miss instead of posting on your own team’s articles
It's Ed Orgeron... What he actually said was: "grrrmt phbt brrrgd mmmmblt"
" Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!Egon 40 years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria"... people understanding what Ed Orgeron says!
How Texas A&M's offense can improve going forward: don't play Alabama again.
Prime time is a TV term and has nothing to do with venue. It refers to the time of maximum viewership. While this game starts in the prime time window, it will end well after most sane people have gone to bed, even if it doesn't last 5 hours and 40 minutes like our last game.
they may or may not have "no chance", but the game most assuredly is NOT in prime time. Mississippi State/Florida garnered the prime time slot and Ole Miss/LSU got the late game.
you need to look a little better. Miss State has done less and is being hyped even more.
We want to know. Is it their squeaker come-from-behind victory against South Dakota in Manhattan or is it their win over winless UTSA in Manhattan that impresses you most about K State.
Maybe it was that last second come from behind 3 point thriller against South Dakota when SD missed a field goal as the clock ran out that impresses you so much about K State.
Neither team has any impressive wins. However, as to the question of who has the most impressive unimpressive win, I'd say that a win over any SEC team would be more impressive than a win over a lower echelon Big 12 team.
Instead get hyped up because you beat three teams far worse than any SEC team.
I want to win every game of course, but the one I want to win most is and always will be LSU, not Mississippi State. LSU is the game I look forward to every year.
Except he wasn't lied to. If you knew his brother, who was on the staff and as connected as anyone at the school, you would realize that his brother wouldn't have allowed him to be lied to.
If so, he will leave undefeated as a head coach against Mississippi State.
#5 in your dream scenario is absolutely and obviously wrong to anyone who thinks about it. In the "dream scenario", the bowl ban is overturned.
You can believe what you want. I only state facts. Every post made with regards to this reported incident was made by a teenager or younger.
No one making any comments on the feed were classified as "boosters".
It was simply youngsters commenting on a couple of twitter feeds. A minor violations like the many minor violations self-reported by teams every year.