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He is leaving to go home. He is from Texas near there and has family there. He played for Oklahoma
No, I have never noticed any such thing. However, I have noticed that every person has different has different opinions and some people seem to think that you are an “ahole” if your opinion differs from theirs. I also have noticed that people don’t really read posts before they start such name calling. Apparently you missed the following about my post: 1) I said that Badie is good, 2). I clearly stated that Henry played in a different era and 3) I made it very clear that I was giving nothing more than my opinion.
By "leading SEC rusher" I assume you mean the running back with the most total yards. Since neither Alabama nor Georgia are going to give the ball to one player nearly as often as you do to Badie, they will never have "the same stats as Badie" so your question is moot. Maybe back in Derrick Henry's time, but not in this era. Badie is very good, but if I were going to put just one running back on this list, I would probably put Rodriguez (6.21 ypc on 205 carries) first but that's my personal opinion. I certainly would not find fault with someone who put Badie on such a list.
Yes, it matters. Buyouts are based on how many years are left on the contract. A large buyout helps insure that a coach stays. You can have a larger buyout if a coach has a longer contract. You can also guarantee a larger sum of money over his contract without driving up the yearly salary. If we had offered a 10 year contract with a guaranteed 75,000,000 as other schools can do, it would have been more appealing than the four year contract with a guaranteed $30,000,000 that we gave him.
Jordan Davis runs a 4.8 sec 40. I can't help but laugh when people say he's "another Terrance Cody" (5.7 sec 40 time). The average 40 yard time for NFL DTs is 5.06. 330 pounds accelerating that quickly and coming at you at 17 mph is a frightening prospect.
Not a complaint, but an observation. Three teams are left out altogether. Vanderbilt and Florida are understandable as they are the two worst teams in the conference. Considering that Ole Miss is clearly the third best team in the conference, it is interesting that they didn't have a single player worthy of the SDS all-SEC team. I guess that just means that they were so balanced that no one really shone. I'm good with that.
Perhaps you need to work on your counting skills. It looks like there is a tie for 12th.
Not that it matter, as Corral is playing, but Altmeyer has only played in three games so playing the bowl game would not "burn his redshirt".
The thing is that I believe that any of the teams you named would also beat OK State or Cincy. The other thing is that neither you nor I can throw shade at Alabama. They certainly handled our teams.
As an Ole Miss fan, I would love for Matt to win it and I believe that he is as deserving as anyone else. However, there are others that I also consider deserving and I can't get bent out of shape if one of them win it. If someone obviously not deserving were ever to win it, then I might complain but I can't think of that ever happening. To be honest, I am not in favor of awards that are not position specific because there is no objective way to compare a QB to a dlineman or any person at one position to a person at another position. The thing I like about Matt is that he can make any throw and he can run so he would be a good fit in any offensive scheme.
Ole Miss did NOT have its “best” regular season win total in history in 2021. They had their best win total in 1962 when they won ALL of their games which is the best win total possible. They also were undefeated in 1960 but with one tie, they won 90% of their regular season games, which is still better than the 83% that they won this year. They had their highest regular season win total this year, because a regular season now consists of more games, but to say “best” is just wrong.
Ole Miss's nickname has always been "rebels" and there is no reason to believe that they have been "searching for a new nickname". Whether they are "flopping" or not is debatable, but if so, it has certainly not been at "opportune times". All of the suspicious injuries against Mississippi State were one player and it was obvious that the Ole Miss coaches were frustrated with him when he kept stopping the clock when Mississippi State was out of timeouts and couldn't stop the clock.
There are too many factors to consider. Perhaps the biggest one is the annoying Mississippi state law that only allows us to put him under contract for four years. However, we have put a boatload of money on the table for him to stay. A lot depends on whether he is tired of the Ole Miss co-eds and wanting to see what a new school has to offer in the way of skirts.
You outgained us, but that was largely due to the last two drives. Ole Miss defended the perimeter to keep your players from getting out of bounds and stopping the clock. They were more than happy to let you gain yards while chewing up the clock. I was surprised that Mississippi State didn't work harder on clock management. The only thing that Mississippi State won in that game was the turnover battle as Ole Miss had one and State had none.
Ole Miss was undefeated in 1960 and 1962. Both years they won 9 in the regular season and won their bowl games. Student athletes were actually students in those days.
I know that the State kicker has some issues, but the missed field goals, as they often are, were more a result of bad snaps and holds. The rain definitely impacts the kicking part of the game. I'm glad that Ole Miss only had to settle for one field goal. Kudos to Nation for making that field goal and every extra point in the rain in his first ever game as a field goal kicker. I was worried when I heard that our kicker was out for the game and a walk-on, whose only kick previous was a missed extra point, was going to have to fill in.
Congratulations on 10 wins during the regular season, which indeed is a first. However, it is not their "best" regular season win total, just their highest. The twelve game season is a fairly new thing. Ole Miss was undefeated in both 1960 and 1962. Winning all your games is a better win total that winning most of your games.
Yes, the 1980's, maybe late 1970's, is around when people really started fretting about such things. It also happens to be around when the team stopping winning as much. It was very common to call the team Mississippi during the Vaught era, but Ole Miss was used also.
It’s tough when the QB and receivers haven’t practiced for five weeks.
As long as the dogs play like they did against la tech, memphis and lsu.
"His uncle, Eli, and his grandfather, Archie, both went to Ole Miss, so it’s not a surprise that the Rebels have been in the running." Uh, his father also went there and is no doubt an even bigger influence than the other two. We'll see where he ends up though. The Mannings are very independent people and he'll go where he decides he wants to go.
and yes, any crowd I would hang out with in any era would certainly not be so petty as to get upset when The University of Mississippi is called simply "Mississippi".
If this site had the capability to post pictures in comments, I could show you tons of Media Guides and game programs that say "Mississippi Rebels" and "University of Mississippi" on them without "Ole Miss" anywhere to be found. You must be young as I said in my earlier post.
It hasn’t been that long ago since fans were just as likely to call the team ..Mississippi as we were to call it Ole Miss. To we older fans the two names are interchangeable.