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You still haven’t said anything that has anything that has anything to do with what I said, but if you want to play “what have you done for me lately “ Ole Miss is 1-0 in the series over the past year.
There have been periods where Ole Miss has struggled and there have been periods where LSU has struggled in the series. None of that changes anything about the statement about it being the game that I look forward to most every year. Ole Miss has won just under 40% of the games which isn't too different from Auburn's win percentage in the Iron Bowl. Tennessee's win percentage in the Alabama-Tennessee series is exactly the same as Ole Miss's in the Ole Miss-LSU series and Tennessee has also won "15 games in the last 50 years".
For over sixty years, the game that I've most looked forward to every year is Ole Miss-LSU. I would hate to see it go by the wayside but I guess that it's not all about me.
and yet, of the two teams Tennessee was the worst at it.
Ole Miss has had two undefeated seasons. 2021 was NOT "the best regular season in program history"
Ole Miss at 492.96 was the top offense in the SEC and did not go to the national championship game. Alabama at 488.2 yards per game was the number two offense in the SEC and did go to the national championship game. Georgia at 442.8 yards per game was fifth and went to the national championship game. Offense alone does not get you there. It takes offense and defense.
"Jaxson Dart/Luke Altmyer are not at Corral’s level as a runner" Keep in mind that at this point two years ago, pundits were saying that Corral wasn't a running quarterback. They were also saying that Plumlee should be Ole Miss's starting QB. Corral became a running QB because of Kiffin's scheme and his willingness to sacrifice his body. We'll have to wait and see how successful Ole Miss's new QB is running the ball but there is no doubt that they have a loaded RB room.
Not convenient at all. Arch went because his uncle was being honored.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Anyone who really knows the Mannings can tell you that no one knows if Arch has a favorite other than Arch. No one is going to have any clue where he is going until he announces. That is the way the Mannings are.
and people expressed the same questions and doubts about Payton and Eli when they were top recruits.
Parrish was Ole Miss's biggest lost to the portal and it isn't even close with Conner and Ealy leaving for the NFL. However, Ole Miss took care of the loss by going to the portal themselves.
and you might want to look in the mirror if you want to see a "cocky fan".
nothing like a history lesson to override what is actually happening on the field right now.
Translation:"Miss State's baseball team isn't doing very well."
and Ole Miss proved that they don't really care about basketball by keeping their very underperforming coach.
I watched the game and when I saw the catcher covering third I asked myself "who's covering home?" It never occurred to me until Chatagnier took off again that no one was covering home.
Although both should probably be ranked, Arkansas and Ole Miss are both probably too high at this point. Of course, they are not the only ones on that list that are misplaced.
His high school coach has no more idea where he will go than anyone else. The Mannings can be cutups for the camera or a microphone, but when it comes to their private lives, they are very private. No one, not even his family, will have any idea where Arch is going until he announces. That is just the way the Mannings are.
We are right now. Baseball is all about streaks and slumps so we will see how it works out through the season.
I don't see how Kermit can be anywhere but on the hottest of seats. He is in his fourth year and it is by far his worst. He has had one good year and that was his first. I like him as a person but he has a losing record in the SEC and we are going in the wrong direction. How can an AD justify his continued employment after the season mercifully ends?
The only one that knows if Arch Manning has a favorite, and if so which school that favorite is, is Arch Manning.
" If the streak continues against South Carolina on Tuesday night and at Georgia on Saturday, it’ll be time to have a discussion about whether Davis should be on the hot seat or not." I assume that statement was an attempt at humor. Davis has been on the hot seat for several weeks now. Much more than his seat is hot at this point. It was time "to have a discussion about whether Davis should be on the hot seat or not" shortly after SEC play began.
If he was hoping for more of a feature role, he chose the wrong move to make. Ole Miss only had one receiver with more receptions than Heath had at state and that was Drummond. No matter how state fans try to bake it, Heath was a contributor. He was not the top receiver, but he won't be the top receiver at Ole Miss either. The difference is that Heath is a deep threat (the greatest deep threat that state had) and state doesn't use a deep ball much whereas Ole Miss does. The Ole Miss offense is more suited to his skillset. It is not a homerun pickup, but it is a good pickup and adds to the receiver room.
Kiffin brought in Dart because you should never have just one scholarship QB on your team. Neither Altmyer nor Dart is "ready", but with both of them on the team the hope is that at least one of them will be ready after spring and fall camps.