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It is not unusual to see skewed stat lines in a game like this. LSU was just taking care of business against another mediocre unranked team. Ole Miss was playing in its super bowl against the number one team in the nation who also happens to be one of its largest rivals.
Perhaps you should give Ole Miss more credit. They lead the Sec in rushing yards by a large margin. They are number three in total yards behind LSU and Alabama. Plumlee leads the conference in yards per carry. Ealy is number two and Conner is three.
Why do some comments get "your comment is awaiting moderation" while others are posted as soon as you click "publish"?
Yes, Doug, I realize that I am wasting my time. GatorRob just wanted to troll Ole Miss for some reason. GatorRob, you mixed nicknames and mascots. Yes, Rebel the Bear was very temporarily the Ole Miss mascot, but Ole Miss has never been the "Black Bears". You do realize that "s" on the end has meaning, right?
They have been the Rebels since 1936, so I'm not sure what is the source of your confusion on their nickname.
They are the Rebels. Their mascot is Tony the Landshark. None of that has anything to do with this article, however, which is about which mascot Adam Spencer would get rid of if he had the choice.
Well, I answered that. It is Tony the Landshark. If you know what a mascot is, it's strange that the only thing on your list that has ever been the Ole Miss mascot is Col Reb and he hasn't been the mascot for quite some time.
Rereading your question I think that I see your problem. You don't know what a mascot is. For example, Alabama's nickname is the Crimson Tide but their mascot is Big Al. In some cases the mascot has something to do with the nickname, as in Florida's case where Albert is in fact supposed to resemble an alligator and the nickname "Gators" is short for "alligators". In other cases, such as the aforementioned Alabama, the nickname is not easily depicted as a mascot so the mascot is something else. That is the case with Ole Miss. Their nickname is "Rebels". It is not easy to depict a rebel as they just look like anybody else. For years, Colonel Reb was Ole Miss's mascot. He was styled after Blind Jim Ivy, a devoted Ole Miss fan that wore an old fashioned suit and carried a cane. That mascot was dropped several years ago. A few years ago, a character Rebel the Black Bear was created as a costumed mascot to interact with the kids. Just recently, the mascot became another created costumed character Tony the Landshark. Changing mascots over the years is not that uncommon although two changes in such a short time is uncommon but Rebel the bear was not a very popular mascot.
He's a great runner. He makes some beautiful passes but needs more consistency to be a real threat in the passing game. On the good side, other than the one interception against Alabama, he doesn't make any really awful decisions that you would expect a Freshman to make. If anything, he throws the ball away too quickly, which I'd much prefer to throwing into double and triple coverages. Moore is definitely the real deal at receiver.
I haven't watched the NFL for quite some time now. I wasn't aware that they were wearing clown uniforms now.
1. Who said that 10-28 for 141 yards was good? 2. You do realize that he was an 18 year old freshman thrown into his first start on the road against the number 1 team in the nation, don't you? You do also realize that from a passing standpoint, he improved as the game went on and the only really bad decision he made was the interception? Many of his incompletions were when he was running for his life and chose to throw the ball away, which was his best choice. He shows promise as a passer, but is still very new at this and has a long way to go. He is better as a runner, but still raw.
Ole Miss will not run "essentially the same offense" as they did when Patterson was here. They have a new offensive coordinator who runs a very different offense than Longo or Werner.
You need to check again. Scottie Phillips is listed as the starter at RB with no "OR" beside his name.
Which has nothing to do with anything since you apparently consider them relevant enough to read the article and comments as well as make a comment yourself.
The teams for which Longo coached averaged 26 points per game against power 5 opponents (the offensive average would be a little less than that as some were scored by defense or special teams). Not Horrible, but certainly not top 25. As far as "finding the end zone" a LOT of those offensive points were field goals because Longo's teams absolutely could NOT find the end zone against power 5 opponents.
I know a lot about Rich Rod's offenses. I know that he uses all of the weapons that he has available. I know that Corral is a decent runner, but he is not Khalil Tate or Brandon Dawkins. I know that he did not have Scottie Phillips or Jerrion Ealy in the years that you refer to and he did not have the receiver corps that Ole Miss has. Corral is not going to come close to leading the SEC in rushing among QBs. There may be some year with some QB if Rich Rod is there long enough where Ole Miss has the leading QB rusher, but it will not be this year.
Before someone counts and cries foul, Rollins is at a high school in Louisiana right now, but he is most decidedly from Mississippi.
Actually, its exactly half. 10 from Mississippi and 10 not. Those not from Mississippi are scattered around. By far more are from Mississippi than from any other location. But once again, there is a lot of time left in this recruiting cycle and a lot is going to change so wait to judge this class until it is in the bag.
When it's live tackling and Matt Corral is in for 100% of most of the games against SEC defenses, that ratio is not going to hold up, particularly given the running back room with Phillips, Woullard and Ealy. Of that bunch, only Woullard was made available for the spring game. He had 10 carries and Corral had 9. Corral will be an important part of the run game but I don't see any way that he has enough carries to be near the top of the SEC in that category.
You'd think that they could have provided a uniform that fit.
Marshall Henderson wouldn't bring anything to Ole Miss's already guard heavy team. If they could bring back an alumnus, it would need to be one that could make rebounds and block shots.
it could have gone either way. I think that Kermit's frustration was just because only seconds before they had the game win and then one of the best free throw shooters in the nation misses the first shot of a 1 and 1. Then that foul, that could have gone either way, happens and he's just boiling. The real controversial call was when the Tennessee player travelled with obvious time remaining on the clock and the officials still called the game over even after a review. However, by that point Ole Miss had almost surely blown their chance.
Both teams wanted that win and both teams are obviously good. It was actually a well called game. Of course the officials are human and make wrong calls occasionally, but the officiating most certainly did not favor one team or the other. The charge call could have gone either way. It is a judgement call as to when the defensive player is set. I think that Kermit was just frustrated because they had the game won with seconds left. It is ironic that one of the best free throw shooting teams around is perfect on the night from the line and just need to convert a 1 and 1 to win the game with their best free throw shooter at the line with seconds left and he misses the first shot. That is what cost them the game. None of the other stuff would have happened in those last seconds if he had done like he's done all season and converted those free throws. It happens. That's basketball.
If Bo Bounds talks to any Ole Miss fan, I doubt that they say anything about Matt Luke or Ole Miss. I would imagine that they tell him (bounds) what he can do to himself and where he can go in very explicit terms.
We will find ot in the coming years whether that is the case. The jury is still out.
What does that have to do with a combine invite?