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Jordan Wilkins also ran (4.71). Pettway's official was 4.74.
nothing like citing history to detract from your sad present day.
Not near the top in women's basketball, but top ten in baseball... you know the sport where Mississippi State was just swept by Southern Mississippi and then had to fire their coach with cause.
The SEC needs to stick to sports and should not be allowed to become a political lobbying organization for social issues.
except Ta'amu won't leave in 2019. He only played one game in his freshman year before getting injured and missing the rest of the season. It is almost a sure thing that he will get another year of eligibility.
Yes, dang it. We are losing his one catch in two years and are stuck with such duds as AJ Brown and DK Metcalf instead.
Ta'amu only played in one game his freshman year due to injury. The Rebels plan on applying for, and should get, a medical redshirt to allow him to play in 2019.
Yes, Ta'amu. You know, the one with a 66.5% completion rate (second in the SEC), 164.51 QBR (second in the SEC), 9.72 yards/pass attempt (first in the SEC)and 11/4 TD to interception ratio. If you seriously think that a true freshman is going to pass a QB with stats like that, then you are delusional. If Corral is good enough out of High School to beat those stats, then he would be a shoo-in for every award in college football and Ole Miss would be incredible. I hope that you're right and Corral is really that good, but I think that I'm a little more realistic than that. Once again, barring injury, he will redshirt in 2018, back up Ta'amu in 2019 and have a shot at the number one role in 2020 after Ta-amu goes to the NFL.
There are plenty of power five schools with QB problems where he could get playing time in 2018. If he was looking to see where the "easiest route to early playing time" was, he wouldn't have chosen a team with a very good starting QB with two years of eligibility left. Barring injury, he is not going to see significant snaps before 2020.
Well, good for him. Hopefully in the one year he plays for Florida, he will achieve more than backup status, which is all he could hope for had he stayed at Ole Miss.
barring injuries, he will redshirt in 2018, back up Ta'amu in 2019 and have the chance to compete for a starting spot in 2020.
Second highest completion percentage in the conference, third highest QBR, highest number of yards per pass attempt, 11:4 TD to int ration... sounds like a pretty dang good one to me.
I doubt that's the case considering he going to Ole Miss, who obviously can't promise a starting position as they already have a very good starting QB.
and to answer your question, no I do not obsess over young boys who my school is courting. I take interest in them once they actually sign typically. I did, however, go read the hundreds of articles out there this morning after I saw your accusation and not one of them said anything about him being "kicke out" or "forced to transfer" as you allege. The handful of articles that mentioned the transfer seemed to indicate that it was a voluntary transfer.
He wasn't "forced to transfer schools" according to any article I've seen. He chose to transfer because he felt out of place at what he termed a "rich kid's school".
I'm sure that getting away from the gangs and filth will more than make up for it. Long beach really is quite the cesspool.
You're probably right. He is in for a very pleasant surprise after coming from the dumpster that is long beach to a nice quiet southern town.
The kid made it clear that he wanted to play in the SEC. Why wouldn't he choose the best passing offense in the SEC?
While it may be true, the only place I've seen anything about him being kicked out of school is the poster above. The fact that among the hundreds of articles about him this morning, none of them say anything about him being kicked out of school makes me doubt the veracity of the accusation.
What kind of a low-class person would denigrate a kid that he doesn't know anything about anonymously on the internet like you just did?
Why would it be an odd choice? Ole Miss led the SEC in passing this year by a decent margin. If you were a QB or a wide receiver, why wouldn't you want to go there?
On the subject of lazy voters, here is an interesting story. Several years ago, Ole Miss had a freshman QB who had never played a down (my memory is not perfect but I think it actually may have been Matt Luke's brother when he was a freshman). Billy Cannon, who was in jail at the time, was cellmates with a relative of the QB. He asked Billy who he was voting for and Billy replied that he really couldn't follow college football from prison so he guessed that he wouldn't vote. The relative asked him to vote for his nephew, which he did. Everyone was wondering who the heck the guy was that got a Heisman vote and the kid hadn't even taken a single snap yet.
You have absolutely no idea what he may or may not have told recruits. No matter how omniscient you may consider yourself, you cannot read minds or see things for which you are not present.
That might be true if he is interviewing for a job that is a lateral transfer, but no one sensible minds if an assistant looks at head coaching jobs elsewhere.
This article is irresponsible journalism at its worst. As an Ole Miss fan, I am incredibly disappointed in Freeze and were I to have a propensity toward anger, I would be quite angry with him. However, the entire premise of your article, that he "lied to recruits", is nothing but supposition on your part. You have absolutely no idea what he might or might not have said to any recruit.
hey, at least they got the position right and all but one letter of the first name.
I'm glad that Demarkus Lodge has committed to Ole Miss, since he has been playing for them for three years already, however, your picture (and tweet) is of Demarcus Gregory.
Not to mention the fact that without being able to participate in spring drills, beating out Ta'amu in fall camp would be extremely difficult.