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"Slugger Tim Elko (9 home runs, 36 RBIs) is worth keeping an eye on". What, keep an eye on him to make sure that he doesn't get excited and drop his crutches? Torn ACL. He might be back in the batting lineup as a DH later in the season but right now he is still on crutches.
Dang, that's something that other teams can use against us in recruiting...
Unfortunately, Ole Miss's best player was injured last night and will not be playing this weekend.
Ole Miss had a very balanced attack and led the SEC in rushing yards per game last year.
you apparently don't understand how things work then. There is no way that Ole Miss would make a football head coaching hire without consulting with Archie. He at the very least did not object.
Since he just joined them a week ago, he was easy for you to miss, but Jordan Ta'amu is with the chiefs.
your comment is moot because I did not "excuse" any game. And no, there weren't "several qb's" who had sufficient success that defenses altered their schemes completely just for one game so there were not "several qb's" who "went through what he went through". It's like you made assumptions about my comments without really reading them.
A lot is being said about Corral's "ball security". If you look at the overall statistics, he had a lot of interceptions and some fumbles thrown in and I can see why you would question his "ball security". However, if you look at individual games, you see that his "ball security" was exceptional most of the year. It was really just two games where it was an issue. In those two games, the teams altered their defenses to show him something new that he hadn't seen on film or in a game prior to that point. Kudos to those teams for what turned out to be a very smart strategy. Notice that after the Arkansas disaster, other teams tried to mimic what Arkansas had done, but now that Corral had seen that he was prepared. For whatever reason Indiana chose not to mimic LSU so we don't know if he fixed the problems he experienced against the defense that LSU presented. Indiana chose to use the same defense that they had success with the rest of the year and since he had seen that on film, he picked them apart and didn't turn the ball over once against one of the best teams in the nation at creating turnovers. Those problems can be fixed. He is not a "gunslinger" as someone claimed. He is just an inexperienced QB (in his third year but his first full year of starting (he started a few games at the beginning of last year) in a new system without the benefit of spring camp and a shortened fall camp. There is plenty of room for development particularly in the area of reading defenses.
The only reason that he wouldn’t stay is if something went wrong on the diamond
Ole Miss was within one score of Alabama until Alabama scored with 1:09 left in the game.
Should be able to at least get enough practices in this time
Yes, at that point it was more about listening to your coach than anything else. If ole miss was trying to slow the game down, they failed because they did the injury assessment quickly and didn’t take any longer to line up for the kickoff than teams normally do.
He was two yards from the sideline when he finally listened to his coach. The coach started tove yell at him to get down as soon as he came up lame and started limping to the sideline. It should be noted as well that the assessment went quickly and they got him off the field. Unfortunately, all teams seem to fake injuries in this hurry up offense day, but if you want to “be real” there was no advantage whatsoever gained there and there is no doubt that the player was injured and limping as soon as he started off the field.
And it was early in the game. Way too early to worry about your defense being gassed,
Fake news. The player was injured. He was limping badly. His coach told him to get off his feet so that they could assess the injury. There would have been no advantage for ole miss to fake an injury. Ole miss had just scored a touchdown and it was a dead ball before the kickoff.
No team has beaten Ole Miss by more than 16. Alsbama won by 15 and Florida by 16. Alabama beat tamu by 28. None of that means anything at this point but I have trouble seeing why you would give ole miss 16 against anyone.
Since baseball is what brought him to Oxford in the first place, I'd imagine it will keep him in Oxford. His future is in baseball anyway, he'd be foolish to give it up for more playing time on a lower tier college football team.
It is incredibly unlikely that Plumlee would leave Ole Miss. First, the new school would have to allow him to play two sports. Second, The baseball team would have to be at least as good as Ole Miss's (probably better since he already has rapport with his teammates at Ole Miss). Third, if he is transferring to get more playing time at football, the football team would have to have an offensive philosophy compatible with his unique skill set. I can't see him jeopardize his baseball career in order to get a little more playing time on a college football team. Maybe if Vanderbilt would hire Rich Rodriguez he might consider making a change.
His best bet to land in the NFL is to suddenly suck at baseball. He isn't going to the NFL.
Both are great receivers and it would be hard to argue against either but only one can win. I'd love for Moore to win obviously, but I can't complain if Smith does.
Ole Miss fired Matt Luke because bad coaching decisions during games led to losses that shouldn't have happened. It had absolutely nothing to do with a single isolated unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
Whatever’s makes you feel better about yourself, dave
He was fired for inproper use of his school issued cell phone. There was never any allegation of Freeze “cheating “ in any other way. The game was vacated because a player allegedly had improper contact with an agent over the summer and then played in that gae.
Hugh Freeze won two of his last three against alabama.
Enough with the hyperbole. Exactly zero coaching decisions “ stemmed from Moore’s penalized celebration in Starkville last year”. It was stupid and it certainly hurt ole miss’s shot at a comeback, but it was just one of many bad decisions that affected the outcome of that game.