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15 posts from Mississippi State fans. Wow. What's the record?
It's always refreshing to see a coach with a sense of humor.
Coach Orgeron, when interviewed, was heard to say grrrm mmbtt gbbbm klppptr
And by the way, despite my obvious Ole Miss bias and Engram being one of my favorite all time rebels, in my opinion the greatest Tight End that I have ever watched play the college game was from the SEC and hung himself in a jail cell in Massachusetts.
ok, that ended up in the wrong place but you can figure out where it goes.
There are arguments both ways. That's why this list is just an opinion. Your views and mine are just opinions. Henry won the Mackey. Engram was a first round draft pick. Engram was a much better receiver although Henry was a good receiver. Henry was a much better blocker although, contrary to what some who really haven't watched him may want to believe, Engram was a good blocker. Some like apples, some like oranges and some like mangos.
While there is plenty of argument for Henry over Engram, your statement "He didn’t block. At all." is just plain wrong. It is very easy to find Engram blocking highlights on the internet. You will learn that he was a very good blocker for his size. The two played in different styles of offense so it is difficult to compare, which is the major flaw with this type of list.
Apparently his understanding of basic math terminology equals his understanding of the meaning of words like "commitment".
He hasn't "made the most of his second chance". He is still on his first chance. Beating a woman on video tape didn't even amount to a bump in the road on his first chance and therein lies the problem. If there are no negative consequences for negative actions, then an entitlement attitude takes over. "I can do anything I want, even beat a woman in view of the public, because I'm a good football player."
Maroondoug, according to multiple witnesses, the Nkemdiche brothers did not "beat up" a fraternity brother. There is a video of simmons beating a woman and he faced absolutely no repercussions because state was too afraid that they would lose his services. A little success at football is more important to you than the safety of women.
I have nothing to move on from. I have never beaten a woman so there is not a woman that has to live every day of her life with the trauma of having been beaten by me. Wouldn't it be nice if "moving on" from something like that was as easy as you make it out to be.
I'm sure that it was just an oversight on the part of the fan who put the footage together, but he left off the clip of simmons beating a woman.
Nothing changes for Mississippi. States that incorporate the confederate battle flag in their state flag are still banned from holding championship level events by the NCAA.
You should have more faith in your team. I know that there are a lot of unknowns with an unproven and untested rookie head coach, the loss of Rankin and Fitzgerald's lack of passing skills, but I really can see a path to 6 to 8 wins for the bulldogs.
Depth is a great and important thing, but with scholarship reductions Ole Miss is going to be hurting in depth in no matter what. In most cases, you wouldn't want to lose a bunch of backups, but in Ole Miss's case, it is a good thing. Seldom used players leaving opens up scholarship slots to use on positions where Ole Miss most needs them.
Eli Manning was a senior in high school 18 years ago, so if this young man is already 18, he was born before Eli went to Ole Miss. However, as he is class of 2020, unless he failed a grade he is most likely 16 which means that Eli Manning was probably just coming into his own at Ole Miss when the young man was born so you may be correct as to the origin of his name.
L Lewis: So tell me GG, now that you're captain, how can I become a team leader like you? G Green: Well, first you have to go get yourself arrested...
If the NCAA doesn't make a deal with Rebel Rags, they are going to end up losing a suit and having to pay a lot of money to Rebel Rags.
Really? I've never heard any such thing. Where did you get such an impression?
I think that the unprecedented unofficial visit restrictions will go away. I mean, if a kid wants to visit campus on his own dime, does the NCAA really want to say that he can't? I also think that Rebel Rags will be dropped from the allegations in hopes that the lawsuit, which RR is almost certain to win, will go away.
I'm sorry, I assumed that everyone here was aware that recruiting "stars" refers to guesses by recruiting gurus concerning how good a player might be in college. It does not refer to actual college performance. Ta'amu (and Patterson for that matter) has proven himself effective against SEC defenses. None of Michigan's QB's have proven themselves effective against elite defenses which is why Harbaugh went so hard and heavy after Patterson.
His decision had everything to do with the fact that he was going to be in a tough competition for his old spot. He swore his continuing allegiance to Ole Miss after the sanctions were announced. It wasn't until after Ta'amu had such a good showing that he decided to transfer. It was especially going to be tough because he was not going to be ready to practice in the spring. While it is true that he would not be able to compete for a championship at Ole Miss for a variety of reasons, it is also highly unlikely that he will be able to compete for a championship at Michigan either.
Yes. It was cold and rainy and happened at the same time as a baseball game against a rival
I didn't say that they weren't lied to. In fact, I made it clear that I do not know whether they were or not and neither do you. By the way, whether you think that Bjork is "Lyin Ross" or not, your characterization of what he said publicly is inaccurate.
I think that he will get the waiver, but it won't in reality have anything to do with whether or not anyone lied. The NCAA has been under pressure to make it easier for players to transfer. He will get the waiver because the NCAA doesn't want to catch the negative publicity they will get if he doesn't. I don't have any problem with that.
The simple fact that everyone seems to be avoiding is that no one here knows what was said. Anyone that says that they know that he was lied to is full of it, as is anyone who says that they know he wasn't lied to. All we have is one sided claims. However, consider the following: After the NCAA ruling, Patterson very publicly swore his allegiance to Ole Miss. He made no claims concerning lies at that point. He didn't make such claims until after he decided to transfer and he didn't decide to transfer until after Tamu's performance made it clear that he would have to compete to win back his starting spot. All of the other players transferring and making claims are players who were not used much. A.J. Brown, D.K. Metcalf, Greg Little and scores of other recruits, some of whom were high profile, from the era when Ole Miss was waiting on a ruling have stayed and some have made it very clear publicly that they do not feel that they were lied to. Sean Patterson worked for Ole Miss while his brother was being recruited so either staff were lied to as well or Sean was part of the deceit. Sean has stayed at Ole Miss so it does not seem like he thinks that he or his family were ill treated by them. These are all fact. Draw your own conclusions.
His brother is still on staff, which means he still works for Bjork.
Mullen has only had a winning SEC record once as a head coach and his overall SEC record is 33-39.