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Famously, Winston Churchill defined Kirby's QB history as "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma,"
Napier like the dual-threat QB. Nick Evers is much more of a mobile pocket passer. This de-commitment really hurt. Emory Jones was a running QB with limited passing abilities and I really think todays game is moving away from the duel threat. Please prove me wrong AR-15. What AR-25 has that Emory will likely never have is getting the ball out quickly on his passing game. He will need a step up in the O-line to improve the team.
A cold shooting Florida team has no answer. Florida will live and die by their three point shooting.
You are correct. Tua and the others had monster running games that made the Quarterback look better. Georgia's defense is something special this year and no previous Bama Quarterback had to face that.
Watched Michigan a couple of times this year and they are no threat to Bama or the Dawgs.
I think Kirby found the moral victory Smart said afterwards that the loss “didn’t do any damage” This game did say something about your limited coaching ability is a problem when up against comparable talent. Maybe no damage because most of us already know that.
If a coach wants to defend that play throw him out of the next game along with the dirty player.
True. Love to watch the guy play. His game does require him being surrounded be 5 star players or the other team could easily scheme around his 40%. If he won the Heisman I would still love it.
Kirby can choke and still win. His on field talent has saved him many times.
See Georgia/Auburn versus Bama/Auburn and that A&M whipped Alabama. Bama does not have the chemistry this year. Dawgs wins it comfortably. Then Georgia shuts down any offense in the playoffs with a bigger score margin for a NC. Then maybe some of the Dawg fans can stop obsessing with the Gators.
$$$ is running college football. Kelly going to LSU when his team has good chance to make the CFP is as ugly as it gets. Kelly just slapped every player he recruited in the face by leaving when he did. All about the $$$. Miami is looking for a new AD and if they are looking for a new coach for 2-3 years Kiffin is their guy. I actually like Kiffin and how he made Ole Miss relevant again. Great school and the best college town in the country. I just don't think Kiffin is a long term answer. Another good year of coaching and I think the NFL will be interested in him.
Kiffin without Corral will surprise many. He would have nailed the Heisman with the talent level at a dozen other schools. Kiffin himself gives Corral the credit he deserves for the teams record this year. Another problem is the never ending threat of Kiffin moving on has to make it difficult to recruit. He would have the same rumors follow him to Miami. If he turns out great numbers at Miami he will be going Pro in 2 to 3 years.
$$$. What else does he need to explain? Not going to talk about the promises he made to his players.
....offer him $10 million reasons to say yes. Then he gets another $5 million in endorsements and extra benefits.
That is how the Portal should work. When we hear about a star player openly using the portal for the promise of a big NIL contract we will fully understand how college football has changed. See Kelly hopping from ND to LSU if you don't understand why a player should also be allowed to make a money move.
My eyes blurred over trying to read this article. Money made this move possible. Now we see if OU matches that salary to get Stoops out of retirement, it will be hard for Bob Stoops to say no.
$$$ - LSU has a hotbed of talent to pick from every year. 100% expect the families of the talent to have their hand out when Kelly knocks on their door. The courts will quickly back up a player asking for money being as legal as any coach being paid. The next couple of years should be eye opening. What will the total compensation be for Kelly? Well above that salary.
Shane Beamer has been impressive with what he accomplished with the team roster he had to work with. $$$ runs college football not tradition. Lincoln had $25 million buyout that USC agreed to pay. Several College players made millions $ this year in endorsements. New era folks and this is no longer a collegiate type sport in the traditional sense.
USC paid $25 million to OU to get Lincoln Lincoln just had a weak year with the best talent by far in his conference. OU will come out ahead as Lincoln will likely fail at USC. Bye Bye Lincoln OU can do so much better and has an extra $25 million to play with.
Gators need to give Napier the budget to hire the best. 100% must get the staff right this time. Also need to lock down the solid assistants now on the staff. Start with an O-line coach that can recruit in the state of Florida.
Portal looks like it will be a problem for teams that over recruit. Should do a lot for bring parity back to College Football.
There are 3 or 4 keepers on the staff. Also gonna be interesting to see if he can hang on the players he inherited.
Alabama just doesn't have it this year and a tight game against a subpar Auburn is another example of their year. If Young has a good game against Georgia's defense he deserves the Neiman. Wouldn't mind seeing Corral sneak in there as he has done the most impressive job in the nation in elevating the his team to play better football.
Napier comes into town Monday and starts recruiting the current team out of the portal. Bowl eligible means he also gets practice with those current players. Don't care what bowl it is it has some big benefits for the new coach.
Jimbo realizes he is now coaching against SEC not ACC teams. Humbling.
I've never seen a broadcast crew talk so much and pay so little to the game action. Wouldn't hurt for ESPN make a public apology.
EJ had a couple of the ugliest interceptions I've ever seen. Love his effort and wishing him the best going forward no matter who he plays for.
A passer that can run is great. That is not Emory. Now that teams have learned to cover the curl routes he virtually has no passing game. Wish Emory the best as effort has never been a question.
I tend to root for Ole Miss as long as they are not playing the Gators. The Kiffin Flop Play has really gone beyond the pale this year. Some rule change for 2022 wouldn't surprise me.