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The 6'4 wideout getting downfield with one on one coverage is a weapon. Probably a better target for AR than trying to place the long ball for a burner.
Miami-based billionaire John Ruiz has struck deals with 111 Miami Hurricanes student athletes Just grabbed a basketball transfer for Miami for $400,000 thousand. Followed within days the best player on the team wanted his NIL upped or threated to transfer. 100% pay to play. Will these schools ever make a comment on what the semi-pro team playing under their school names are doing? No limit is ugly.
You know it's bad when Fisher stumbles around the truth and redirects. Fisher doesn't wear well long term, ask FSU fans.
Fun sport for some billionaire will probably see an NIL $ number that will surprise everybody
The class act of Saban replaced by KiffIn? Kiffen is a great coach but I just would hate to see that.
Will there still be a mandatory student athletic fee to support these semi-pro teams playing on a college campus?
Always bitter Georgia crew that pounces on any article not about Georgia. Something you have learn to ignore. If Bama beats them twice this year the nasty leg humpers will only get worse.
Why is anyone surprised Notre Dame got special treatment, again?
As long as these semi-pro teams don't get money from student fees all the $$$ is OK. No longer understand how players can be limited to four years of eligibility.
Confused here. Which one of the guys is more impressive than Mike White?
Can we start to thinks about who wants a semi-pro league and who wants a college league. Just really losing a little interest in what college football is becoming . Also, full disclosure on athletes that take money and how much each team is paying out via NIL money. I'm guessing ratings will really start dropping over the next few years.
Alabama likely to get a big NIL sponsor that will get a sticker on their jerseys. See the Nike contracts already spread around college athletics.
A deafening silence when you look for top coaches that want to come to Florida to coach. It's going to be interesting as I think White loses his first SEC tournament game and odds are he will be gone. Great guy and loved his effort. I'll be surprised if Coach White doesn't move over to Ole' Miss. If he gets the big guys he can't seem to get at Florida I think Ole' Miss will be very happy. Never understood the Gator hate thing for coaches and players that gave it their all.
Humper's Cousin/Wife is out looking for a new man and it gives him time to post.
And the big10 loves to claim their moral superiority over the SEC. Time to shut up big10. Anyone that watches the clip has to wonder what this man would have done if an opposing coach really stood up to him wagging his finger in their face.
Yup, fired. That conference claiming to be superior in the way they run their conference is a huge embarrassment to college sports. Howard said he had to slap the assistant in the face because he was protecting himself. And this is not Howards first over the top explosion.
Seen Howard in last years Maryland game? The conference that wants to look down on the SEC can't do that anymore. Howard justified what he did saying he had to protect himself by slapping that assistant in the face. Something seriously wrong with the guy if he really wants to stand by that statement.
Can't have more fun watching a game. Sorry to see Mike get the same hate that Billy got when he hit rough periods.
Napier not the kind of coach that would like coaching under the disco lights of that Bama field.
AR15 is gonna be fun to watch, so much raw talent. Thinking Napier's offense is designed to take take advantage of the Richardson's skills.
Pro teams are not looking for players that complain to the press.
Everyone knows Lane is looking for an interested pro team. I think Ole' Miss is fully aware and probably why Lane is not likely to get hired away by a bigger college position. I do tend to watch for Ole' Miss football games on Saturday lately as his teams are fun to watch.
Gators are always short a few bigs. Castleton is playing hurt and Jitoboh had the season ending eye injury. Big guys inside open up the guard play. Not expecting this season to end well. Wait till next year Gators White has a nice recruiting nucleus coming in and I think he is a popular Portal coach.
Mullen pulled the same trick with Florida. Should be considered a breach of contract and reason to fire a coach at the college's convenience with no penalty.
Not sure about your numbers. Texas, not A&M has already revealed the truth about their offensive line and it's $150,000 yearly to start, plus whatever you can pull in on other deals. Jimbo is a liar and always unhappy. Ask Florida State folks. Many were very glad to see him go.
The NIL deals are what people are talking about. Nobody said you have $30 million in the school budget. Jimbo you deceive with intent.
Coach 'em up. Gonna be fun watching these guys give it their all.
NIL money has cemented the future. Bama, A&M, Texas, USC and a few others will have $30 to $50 million to sway some players. We need to go ahead and form a semi pro league where 20 to 30 teams play leagues games on a college campus. I really think we will see $100 million budgets for a select few.