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The NFL QB position is the most valuable position in professional sports, get that position right and your team compets for championship ships every year. There are only 5-6 people on the planet on that can win a Super Bowl. Burrow could be that guy. How much is that worth? 3 or 4 first round choices? Risk vs reward. Who knows?
Actually, LSU beat the dog out of the DAWGS last year in their only afternoon home game in 2018
As a college football, SEC and die hard LSU Fan, I hate to see Tua's injury and wish him the best in his recovery. Much gratitude toward Nick Saban for bringing back LSU football and for setting the bar high for everyone else in CFB. Tua's injury was not Saban's fault, so please give it up. Some teams have caught up to BAMA now, but do not be surprised if BAMA makes the playoffs. I for one expect it, but do not want to play BAMA again. Geaux Tigers