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I agree S.E.C.Snob! These Band Members deserve to be safe. I do think assigning two or three Officers would be beneficial. Bad things can happen at any Game! Thanks!
I wish they would let him rebuild TN before the automatic promotion to Bama. Many seem this is in his future but TN and the results will answer that future drama. UT could finish anywhere from 4-8 to 8-4 realistically. My thoughts are in the 7-5 to at best 8-4. Either would be very positive concerning UT. JG is one tough QB and I do feel the protection up front will be better this year. UT has some weapons on offense but JG needs more time to find them. He made some great passes under extreme pressure. The SEC should be fun to watch! I just try to be pragmatic in viewing the 2019 Season. JMO.
It is not the SEC’S fault that the Conference recruits at the Highest level. My Vols have been irrelevant since 2006 but we had some very good classes. It was sad these young men did not receive SEC Level Coaching. Hopefully, Pruitt and his staff will continue to UTK’s improvement. Harbaugh needs go Lay Down Somewhere And Talk The Talk When He Beats SEC Teams on a consistent basis during Bowl Season. It Is Football Time In The SEC!
Clearly a step up from last year for UT. I hope he has success because he has some talent (not Bama, UGA level) to work with on offense. I try to be a realist concerning the UT Program.