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Glad to see these young men showing some sense of Christian values, but did anybody else think that it was odd that every one of the Tweets seemed like copy/paste responses?
He wants to give credit to the people who originally broke the story and ensure that the story of the hire is accurate and true by giving other people who have said it too. Just giving multiple sources so his story can be viewed as legit.
Kid has speed like we haven't had at Tennessee in a while, and it looks like he has a cannon. I'm intrigued.
This may sound odd, but I commend Shoop for the job he did. If you asked most coaches in the country to hold Bama's juggernaut of an offense to 5 scores playing basically your second string most of them couldn't do it. Should he blame the officiating, no. But he didn't exactly get to play with a full deck so it's understandable to be aggrivated.
Prime example of putting the cart before the horse.
Love that someone has finally said what I have been thinking about the QB situation at Bama. I do sort of hope that they keep swapping them until October 16th. GO VOLS!
My film star coach could totally kick your film star coach's butt! - in the voice of a young child
The Smokey on the helmets is just a little big, but I love the black uniforms and the black helmet with the power T is on point.
Glad to see Bruce Pearl doing well, that's another coach that UT should never have let gotten away
Yes, because a young african-american man can't take a "serious" sports photo without it being a mug shot. This my friends is why racism isn't dead.
I am just amazed than in the year 2016 we don't have a material that can be put in helmets to diffuse concussive forces to the point that traumatic head injury prevalence is nil to negligible
No, the NCAA ruined a video game for not wanting to pay players a measly $1,200, while they made millions
I would like to see us redshirt Dormandy this season if possible, Dobbs is clearly the number 1 this season and we have a couple of untested guys we can roll in in late game scenarios. That would snag us another year of eligibility from Dormandy where he could pilot the ship while the new guys perfect the system
Had a report from a local news station here in Knoxville that if he was offered the QB coaching position that he would seriously consider it. Put me down as one of the homers wanting him to come back, but I hope he does what he would like and not give into any outside influences
I know this sounds a little farfetched, but I wonder how feasible it would be for the football team to prop up the university for a summer session. I have no idea how much the operating cost are for a university for any length of time, but we read a report not too long ago about the LSU football program being one of the most lucrative in nation. I also don't know how much of an impact one season would have on the long term of things, but I would imagine it would affect recruiting and public image with potential players quite a bit. Just a thought
Love that the NCAA is at least putting on a farce that they care about player health and well-being, but questions of decreasing the number of games in a season, or mandatory rest periods between games will never seriously be considered in certain sports. Football will most likely never see a decrease in the number of games per season, heck we are talking about adding even more bowl games. There is too much money in collegiate football for the NCAA to want anything to do with getting rid of games regardless of how beneficial it would be to student athletes' health. And the idea of mandatory rest periods is also a great idea, but it will never get serious consideration in sports like basketball and baseball, where teams play back to back days. It would also be the end of preseason basketball tournaments built on the 3 or 4 day bracket schedule. Not to mention the TV scheduling nightmare to get the best games in the best times while also working around rest periods. So unless the NCAA decides to increase the season length by about 30% or so (something that the players would most likely enjoy, and the fans would love) there is no way they will feasibly pull this off without a loss of revenue (something they will not let happen)
Because he's not at any more risk with blitz packages and DE's teeing off on him in a 5 or 7 step drop pattern? I will take Dobbs already on the move against most LB's and DE's that he is going to face as opposed to him standing still any day of the week. Bryanchip makes a great point in that Dobbs is markedly better throwing the ball on the move. It also opens up a pretty wide running lane when you are outside the pocket. The ONLY downside to rolling the QB in this case is that it limits what you can do schematically with the WR's, but the passing game was by far our weakest showing last season so I will see just about anything as an improvement.
If all of these allegations come up as false, and you don't agree with clove14, then you obviously never played a game of organized team sports in your life. There is a certain unwritten code amongst athletes in team sports, that there are some things that don't leave the locker room and you never attack a coach's character. So until a court of law proves that those two young men sexually assaulted that girl, this Bowles character has done nothing but ruin the life of one his teammates and is now attempting to ruin the career of his coach. Now, if they come out guilty, then throw them in prison for as long as possible and make sure the door hits Jones and Co on the way out. But fortunately we live in the good Old US of A, where you are innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. By the sentiment expressed so far, it would be right of me to accuse Bowles of slander, defamation, and a number of other offenses. So how about we wait until someone who is qualified to pass judgement, i.e. a court of law and a jury of their peers, before we start running wild with the stories, what do you say?
If we look back to the most recent CONFIRMED sec sex scandals in the SEC, I am fairly certain that James Franklin & Co. at Vandy are among the biggest. So let's not compare 20 year old apples to <5 year old oranges, shall we?
As much as I want to believe that it's just the WRs fault, the real issue is with the OC and the QB. The pieces are there at WR, but the ball has to get to them and in a reasonable area before I start calling them the weakest position group. You want the real weakest position, QB, all day. If our offense is one dimensional, we can kiss those SEC championship birth hopes goodbye, because we will get looks very similar to what LSU saw most of last season: 8 or 9 guys in the box on every play. Even Dobbs and Hurd are gonna have a real tough time running through 3 or 4 unblocked guys.
GA needs every recruiting edge they can get right now; if that means preying on a pretty awful circumstance at UT then apparently that's fair game... Just remember Munson, the other foot always drops.
I could be wrong on this, but I am fairly sure that once it was all said and done, JoPa gave the information to the authorities that he was supposed to. Short of doing some sort of vigilante justice, JoPa did exactly what he was supposed to do. Also, and this goes for basically all high profile cases or events, if you weren't personally involved it's generally a good idea to not comment at all. A pretty great mans legacy was tarnished because of something he may or may not have done.
Ballsy, I will give you that, but let's be real; no sane UT fan is going to pencil in Bama as a win until we actually beat them. No moral victories, an actual W on the board.
LSU has a better claim to WRU than Ole Miss, OM has 2 current active roster WR in the pros and LSU has 7 according to, Bama only has 5, so if we are going to proclaim a new WRU then it has to be LSU, regardless of whether or not they have a QB that can throw it to them. As a UT fan, even I have to admit that the mantle has shifted.
That requires this thing we call "research," SDS likes to pull the easy things they can get from 12 seconds of looking down a page
I am so happy someone is bringing back Twiddly winks.
Yeah, sorry to burst your bubble but Kongbo is not going to OM
Just throwing this out there, but if Tennessee lives up to the hype that is being laid out for them, they will have to have at least 3 or maybe 4 All-SEC performers on offense alone. And you can bet your bottom dollar that it won't be more than one offensive lineman. For TN to win the East, Hurd will have to at least bump out Chubb for the #2 RB spot, and then have a pass catcher be it TE or WR.
For once in a pretty long while, we are almost strictly building depth this year, sure there may be a few guys recruited this year who see significant minutes especially if the injury bug bites again. But with something like 18-20 of 22 starters on offense and defense returning it's hard for a freshman to come in and really make a name for himself. Even if we had signed all four of the guys above, maybe 2 of them see significant minutes this coming season. Eason and Gardner would be red-shirted if the coaches knew what was good for them.