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I’ll add to your line...It was a tune up game and served its purpose and A&M did what it was supposed to do. That’s all that really needs to be said about this game. Next week tells them where they are.
A lot can happen over the next 13 months, but here is Smart Chibuzo's quote after the LSU game...after he stormed the field with the other visitors... "Amazing. Crazy. Unreal. Man, that's why I'm an Aggie. I'm here to prove the world wrong and make history like tonight. This is my family, and they love me as much as I love them. This was just a taste. Watch what we do next year. Might be the greatest moment of my life."
He may not have the stats relative to the others, but the sheer number of "you have to make this play or the game is over" plays that he connected on should count for something...maybe it should count a lot.
Conner, If one of the A&M quarterbacks is destined for transfer, why didn't you mention the likely transfer in Alabama?
Let's see... 2010 10 wins 2011 9 wins 2012 12 wins 2013 14 wins 2014 13 wins 2015 10 wins 2016 10 wins Sit down hog
Well, sarcastic douchebag, its not like the internet never overreacted to a misleading headline without bothering to watch the original interview. Now go get your f'ing shine box.
Before some of you get out of hand, he was saying that all the pieces are in place at TAMU for them to win a national championship and he believes they will some day.
I agree. I think we dodged a bullet with those soft passes and team chemistry issues.
? Those are all Franklin American Music City Bowl references.
I may be in the minority of Aggie fans, but I'm not crying about this at all. Sumlin recruited some questionable (read thugs) kids a few years ago and that turned south quickly and they were kicked off the team. These two prima donnas (with helicopter parents) are kind of the other end of the spectrum but can be just as big a cancer as the other guys. The only tweets I've seen from current players basically say don't let the door hit you in the ass.
This doesn't make any sense to me at all. But, then again, it didn't make sense that this country would elect an inexperienced first term senator that rarely showed up to vote and was viewed as the most liberal/left senator the previous year...and then they elected him in twice. So I guess anything is possible. BTHO LSU!
Young players are inconsistent. It's not like Sumlin is trotting out a team of seniors. Is Devante Harris the only senior starter on defense? On offense the only ones I can think of are Matthews and Carson. Like it or not (and I don't) we are going to need to wait until next year when the players are more experienced to see if Sumlin can coach against the SEC West. I have not seen any stats rating the experience/age of the different teams in the west, but I'd guess the Aggies are pretty close to the youngest.
Not that it matters much to the conversation, but Kyle Allen should have had two more touchdown passes. Twice he hit receivers right in the hands in the end zone. Unfortunately they were dropped and the team had to settle for field goals.
Who would you put in front of them?
I think the staters at cornerback will be De’Vante Harris and Brandon Williams (not Victor Davis). From everything I've read, Williams is doing well at corner. In my opinion, the verdict should be unclear. Williams is a five star kid, fastest player on the team, was voted a defensive captain and has all the size needed to play the position.
I'm curious why Muschamp "takes the edge in philosophy and coaching?" I would assume that if you are a good coach you are adjusting your scheme to fit the players you have inherited and not the other way around. How on earth can there ever be an apples to apples comparison between the two coaches? I can understand that you probably don't follow A&M off season football, but they have placed an emphasis on running the ball by hiring Dave Christensen as the offensive line coach and run game coordinator. He's come in and made changes across the o-line. I would ask what the difference is between the "hype" of an Auburn passing game versus the lack of hype over the future Aggie running attack. Both are unproven so far but have been a point of emphasis. I don't know if Muschamp has more to work with. I read an article (but did not verify) that the Aggie defensive two deep had 14 or 16 four star or better players. I have no idea how this compares to other teams or if it is even a meaningful stat, but it certainly gives the impression Chavis has something to work with. I'll leave it to former football players to tell me whether Malzahn or Sumlin has a better offensive mind. It seems like they are both recruiting well and putting up plenty of points. I will agree with you that there are no guarantees and I can't wait to see what happens. BTHO Arizona State.
I love the Dixie Chicken. I spent too many nights (and afternoons) and dunked my ring there back when a bottle of beer was 85 cents. We go every time we're in town. That said, I can't imagine what non-Ags would see other than a slightly smelly dive with bad pool tables and a cramped trough room. Did I mention I love it?
Let's be clear. You didn't say anything racist and I didn't call you a racist. I was merely giving some possible reasons you give your opinion about A&M so often. That is all. I gave you my opinion and some reasons why I think he's worth the money. I grew up an Aggie. I went to school at A&M. I've followed them for 25 years after leaving college. I have a strong and well thought out opinion on the matter. For me, Sumlin has at least two more years to allow these freshman and sophomores to become juniors and seniors before I would even consider turning sour. You obviously don't think he's worth the money. That's the end of it
I don't have any feelings. I've seen you expressing your opinion on other A&M articles (makes me wonder what your fascination is with them...maybe you applied but couldn't get in or were jilted by an Aggie or maybe you're just a racist or maybe you just like mixing it up in the offseason) and thought I'd give you the business. In answer to your question, it all depends on how you look at KDS. If You only look at him by conference wins and SEC titles, he has been a failure. If you look at him for his recruiting, he has been the best Aggie coach I can remember. If he is being paid for what they think is about to happen (lots of W's when all these 4/5 star kids turn into juniors and seniors), he's worth every penny. If you are asking me, I think he is worth the money. He's put together a talented team of coaches that can recruit. There is more money flowing into A&M and he is a small part of that. A&M has a higher national profile than ever. There are many other reasons but you get the idea.
What gave you any indication that I was rooting against Alabama? I root for the Aggies first, any team from Texas second (even tu) and the SEC third. I'll say it one more time...just win your damn bowl games. I know you will sleep better hearing this, Saban has been the best coach the last 10 years. There, are you happy now? You, on the other hand, are not better because the team you like wins a lot of games and has the best coach. You are still just you.
So I decided to do a little research on these coaches to figure out how much each conference win is costing the universities in head coach salary (for the record, I didn't research how much each coach made each year. I just used the salary from above for all the years). I only looked at the last three years or the last two years for the newer coaches and only one year for Derek Mason. The bast value coach is Mark Richt at $667,000 per win The most expensive coach is Derek Mason (with an unknown salary and zero wins), but a close second is Brett Bielema at $4,000,000 per win and Mark Stoops at $3,250,000 per win. Your precious coach Saban cost $1,023,000 and Sumlin cost $1,154,000 Sumlin is sixth on the list and Saban is seventh. Now you know your snarky comments should be pointed at some other coach.
No, what I said was how about you guys win a damn bowl game and stop embarrassing the conference.
Why don't y'all try winning your bowl games.
Thanks for the quick reply and I agree with you that preseason polls are at least 50% a roll of the dice and I am hopeful about starting 1-0. Some teams, you know what they are going to be. Alabama won't be national champions every year but when you are number one in recruiting rankings every year we all know they are going to be good. I just think with a young talented team like A&M, you just don't know how well it's all going to fit together until the whistle blows and I'd like to see you sportswriters at least put in a line saying they are young and could loose a lot of close games but they are talented enough to beat anyone in the country if it comes together. Have a good evening.
Brad, did you do any research on the Ags at all? It sounds like you've regurgitated last years team into this years schedule. The Ags aren't the most talented team in the league, but their offense has two solid running backs, a five star QB, three of the four WR's are five star and the O line is serviceable at its worst. I read (but have not verified) that 14 or 16 of the defensive two-deep are either four or five star kids. They are still on the young side but they have a great deal of talent. I acknowledge stars don't necessarily make the football team, but for Pete's sake can we get a little respect? Your SEC bias has us beating number 17 Arizona State and losing to number 22 Arkansas, number 23 LSU and number 25 Mississippi State. Did you do any research for this article?
All you need to know about Texas Longhorn fans can be seen in a picture of the empty stands (at least their half of the stadium) during the 2012 Red River Shootout as OU was thumping them. That's the true test of a fan base, where are they when the team is down?