Texas A&M Class of 1993

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He also lost his starting QB the first game didn’t he?
It is too bad. My preference would have been four straight national championships. Unfortunately you have to build a champion over years. He’s in the process and most of us understand that, but more importantly, we see what he is building. Maybe it’s my maroon tinted glasses, but if one of those quarterbacks plays anywhere above average, A&M is going to give a lot of teams more than they want.
It seems like very few people are considering how loaded the greater Houston area was this past recruiting cycle and that Houston is only 90 minutes from College Station. On top of the facilities, fans, coaching, SEC, NIL you add that mom and dad only need to drove an hour and a half to see me play. I read that A&M's Houston recruits only would rank in the top ten.
Nah, it’s more like interviews and signings.
LSU has lost and average of three games the last 20 years.
Thanks, we are coming in a couple days early so time is not an issue. Any local restaurants we should try?
I'll be heading to Oxford for the game, anything I should make sure to see while we are there?
Are you sure you’re a football fan? There’s gotta be some website you can follow that features non contact sports.
tonytiger at least in my book, that doesn’t qualify as anything other than passion in the heat of the moment. It’s football. The kid had more serious contact than that every play. I never hit my son, but I was in his face like this a handful of times and he needed it and it worked. A coach is that authority figure on the field and has the responsibility to keep things moving in the right direction.
Wow, SDS on their knees again for Alabama. A 25 yard preseason punt return from a former player makes the front page of SDS? Surely there’s a more important story going on somewhere in the SEC. No sour grapes about Waddle, he’s great. Or Alabama, they’re great.
Reading comprehension time… “ this MAY even be a better offensive line this year.” His point is valid, last year’s seniors were good because they were seniors who had been together for years. This year’s line will need to gel in preseason and those first five games, but they all are more athletic with a higher ceiling than the men they replace.
Exactly, this is a make room for a better player decommitment.
Not sure I would say this falls into the tough news category.
Your time will come, he can’t live forever.
And every Florida win makes our win look better. Go Gators (until Alabama, then you need to take the L, sorry).
While that sounds good, there are a few problems with the scenario. First, I can't imagine anyone from Texas A&M saying yes to tu entering the conference. Secondly, I can't imagine tu ever agreeing to an equal share of revenue. They are as entitled as any fan base as there is in the country. And finally, I doubt the additional revenue from Oklahoma would make up for the loss of $ once the revenue is split with the additional teams. At 54, I should be in the group that wants the game to return. I remember bonfire, midnight yells and the games and wanted nothing more than to crush them. That said, times change. I don't have the hate for anyone in the SEC like I did/do for tu, but I'm perfectly fine never playing them again. They are in a hole and still digging. Don't get in their way.
I’ll add to your line...It was a tune up game and served its purpose and A&M did what it was supposed to do. That’s all that really needs to be said about this game. Next week tells them where they are.
A lot can happen over the next 13 months, but here is Smart Chibuzo's quote after the LSU game...after he stormed the field with the other visitors... "Amazing. Crazy. Unreal. Man, that's why I'm an Aggie. I'm here to prove the world wrong and make history like tonight. This is my family, and they love me as much as I love them. This was just a taste. Watch what we do next year. Might be the greatest moment of my life."
He may not have the stats relative to the others, but the sheer number of "you have to make this play or the game is over" plays that he connected on should count for something...maybe it should count a lot.
Conner, If one of the A&M quarterbacks is destined for transfer, why didn't you mention the likely transfer in Alabama?
Let's see... 2010 10 wins 2011 9 wins 2012 12 wins 2013 14 wins 2014 13 wins 2015 10 wins 2016 10 wins Sit down hog
Well, sarcastic douchebag, its not like the internet never overreacted to a misleading headline without bothering to watch the original interview. Now go get your f'ing shine box.
Before some of you get out of hand, he was saying that all the pieces are in place at TAMU for them to win a national championship and he believes they will some day.
I agree. I think we dodged a bullet with those soft passes and team chemistry issues.