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I love my Bulldogs but I'm pretty convinced Florida was just treating that series as an exhibition since they're already locked in to host. Very proud of our team winning when they had to but that won't be the same Florida team in the tourney or regionals
TIL the state of Alabama as a whole hates Nick Fitzgerald.
Personally I hate the idea of a year where Bama and New England both win out... I just hate on Bama for always being on top but New England has been proven time and time again of cheating and yet they're all still there. Then we get a championship with 1 penalty vs 9 and we're expected to believe they aren't still doing it?Only people stupid enough to belive that are fair-weather fans and the refs.
Eh sucks to lose to that crew."What do you say when you're caught cheating?""I misinterpreted the rules" - Bill BelichickOnce a cheater always a cheater
Well if yall pull out some crazy ankle twisting tackles tackles in the first quarter I'll admit we could lose again. But without that it would have been a bloodbath.
SEC-ond to one is there an impostor account of you running around? All your post are intelligent and thought-out but there was another account with that name that just screamed a lot.
Agreed, Mullen can make pretty much any QB good enough to get the job done. The meh ones run the offense fine and the ones with real talent just grow like crazy.
Bama struggled horribly to beat us and got beat bad in the egg bowl.. Other than that they never faced a real challenge (no offense LSU but yall hadn't gotten the team together by that game). Bama has proven absolutely nothing this year... They kept a ranking just because they're Alabama.
there's a very very very low chance they are gonna get that overturned.. I think Ross just needs to count his losses right now and start looking to the future. Fighting this will only make things worse. I don't mean futher NCAA action but just bad press in general from constant "Ole Miss Appealing _____ Saction" articles.
We appreciate everything he did for the school and him staying with the program for 9 years. We're all fine with him going to Florida because we aren't close to being a destination program yet. Programs like Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, and Florida are the big programs in the SEC and a coach moving to one of those schools is perfectly understandable.
Isn't the only thing that matters how each school feels about their coach right now?Luke has a 6-6 season under his belt in an extremely stressful situation and Moorhead literally got to Starkville today....Doesnt that feel just a tiny little bit too early to start posting this sort of crap to make people fight? Never see this kinda thing about Bama/Auburn but for some reason people just pour gasoline on State/OM and laugh.
Ugh we've had such awful luck with DC's in the past... I don't mind Mullen moving on but taking Grantham hurts. Just when our defense seems to have finally found its footing they're getting the rug pulled from under their feet.
realize what? and what knowledge did you even use? Dunno if its more like talking to a know-it-all 3 year old or a wall...
Latest comment is under moderation for some reason. Do you wanna yell at me on the phone "SECond to None" and let your child voice ring? I can understand if as an OM fan phones scare you :(Yeah we can both play that lowbrow crap if you like. Some of us just prefer not to...Both schools deserve repect.
dude you have no facts... This is getting kinda old.
SECond to NoneIf you ever wanna talk to another human being and try to figure out why you're so angry call me. Just respond to this.
Sadly I don't think this site can IP address ban yet :(
ThisGuyHereI sent an email to the editor earlier about blatant trolling and he seemed kinda responsive but I can't totally say. They're too short staffed to have anyone patrol the comments for trolls so the best we can do is email them about commenters who are obviously just trolling for fun.
the pathetic part is you're the one who made all the mistakes :/
what team you think is "better" isn't a fact kid. You apparently dont know what a fact is. Opinions are facts to your backwoods self... Look up opinion on google so you can understand better.
Yeah I'm worried Grantham is gonna leave with Mullen.. Cant really blame him if he does. Best defense we'd have in a long while
Eh he's trying to do the best he can at his new school. I don't like it but I understand it. Florida is a great fit for him and I think he'll have total control of the east aside from a few challenges from Georgia from time to time. Overall though if he takes players who were committed more to him than the school I can't really blame anyone in particular.
nah man, was busy doing something constructive with my life. Sorry to have made you feel ignored.
See nothing you say is based in any form of logic whatsoever.... You just yap yap yap like an angry 10 year old.