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And just how many championship rings does A.J. Green have? Your are a Supremetard.
Depends which scientists you feel are reliable. Several have studies differing from those speaking the narrative of the socialist in charge. Ironically those real scientists are being removed from social media platforms by big tech because they don't agree with said socialist. I will go with the ones not trying to control every aspect of my life.
STFU, nobody cares about "unclaimed national championships" or records from over 50 years ago. UGA sucks our D and wants to be Florida so bad. Just be happy with your annual "paper championship" based on your recruiting ranking.
I generally like watching Herby, minus his Bucknut homerism. However over the last year he has bought in to the progressive false narrative on racism. Unless he's just saying what he needs to say to keep his gig with ESPN.
Thug going to a thug program in a thug state. Watch out for stray bullets.
Hell No. BUCS need to take him to be brought up under Brady. BucnGator
Party or not, we regularly hand your dogs their ass.
Was rooting for ORU only because Cancel Culture was Butthurt that they were in the tournament. How dare a Christian university not agree with their uber liberal progressive platform.
What do ya know, I can finally agree with you on a post. These people are spineless and just cave at the whim of the liberal mob mentality. I wish we could dictate where our tax dollars go so that we could ensure they don't go to these state funded re indoctrination facilities.
Congrats to all the Paper Champions on their Jersey # assignments. 1980
He will start after your failed PAC 12 QB throws multiple 4 pick games and he will then fail because Shart can't develop quarterbacks, even when they come in as a 5 star. 1980
You Georgia ass sniffers should pay attention to what happens in the portal. After these elite recruits fall for the BS that Kirby Shart and others feed them they realize their talents are not being developed. Sooner or later the recruits will recognize this and sign with UF from the git go. 1980
His goal is to improve players vs regress 5 stars and run them off which is what he has done so far in His tenure. 1980
Kirby Shart has a Paper Champion dynasty going that no one can beat, on paper.
ROTFLMAO. Shart can't hold Dabo's jockstrap much less overtake Clemson's status. Clemson is currently in a dynasty cycle. Georgia has never had one of those. 1980
Hype is the right word for it. All that hype has won them numerous Paper Championships over the last years, unfortunately for UGA real Championships are won on the field against an opponent. 1980
You must have missed the second half of the sentence which said "as long as Shart is the head ball coach".
This article is so long it must have been written by Bobby No Brain Negan. Don't even have to read it to answer the headline. NOPE, not happening as long as Kirby Shart is the head ball coach.
He had to sell dope because the McDonald's bags are under heavy surveillance.
Tennessee Football has just surpassed Dumpster Fire 2.0 and is now Dumpster Fire 5G.
No cop was murdered at the Capital, he died from a stroke. His sister even acknowledged that. Don't you think if he was murdered someone would be charged and paraded in front of the press as a supporter of the bad orange man. And there were 2 suicides in the weeks following. You are a sad lemming.
Only by lemmings like you who believe the liberal biased main stream media and make no effort to educate yourself on real facts.
Finally, a realistic perspective for the Paper Champions. Oh, congratulations on your class ranking, again. Next.
Tailwhip meet Bobby the main vein Negan. He trolls every Gator thread and meets the Gordon rule on every post. All while living in his mother's basement.
I'm glad to see that me and cojones are in your head all the time. Just shows that we own your clown ass.