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This is for Negan, Leghumper and corch. Ha Suck It 1980 forever
JT couldn't even start at USC what makes you idiots think he is the messiah? 1980
Please CFB committee, put Notre Lame in, 1980 forever.
Playoff, Bama,.Michigan, Cincinnati and Notre Lame. BAMA keeps it HOME IN THE SEC
Loving this Shizz, hope Bama keeps pushing it. Run it up on that flea ridden dog. 1980
Keep pouring it on Bama. I hope Notre Dames jumps UGA's sorry ass into the playoffs.
And there is the last nail in the coffin ⚰️. F UGA, F Shart, 1980.
Love it, Shart's dumb ass goes for it on 4th and 9 instead of taking the gimme to tighten the score.
He is always on here because he was disowned by the Jawja fan base on their own site for being such an ass clown. Hey Negan, hurry up and finish your meatloaf and get back to the basement I need all the counter and table space available to service your mom.
That's a nice way of putting it, they probably view him as a piece of dog excrement.
Apparently turning your back and not taking questions is now the norm when you can't take heat. L E T' S G O B R A N D O N
Absolutely correct, anyone who believes anything put out by CNN, MSNBC, any msm or social media needs to research for the truth.
Delusion at its finest. I'm not sure they got the right guy when Ted Kaczynski was arrested.
Not me, F Jawja. I will root for whoever plays them. Let's keep 1980 going.
If you clay eating, backwoods, Jawja loosers had functioning brain cells this is quite simple. If you knew anything about Florida and more specifically the Tampa Area you would know that Berkley Prep is a very expensive school to attend. Therefore, Stanford would seem the obvious choice for a 3 star kid from a rich family who knows he won't see the field ar Florida. Hopefully he is mentally strong enough to not get indoctrinated into Wokism while he is there.
I guarantee you AR-15 will play. Can you guarantee your puzzy ass, couldn't make it in the PAC-12 transfer, pre season Heisman blah blah blah is going to play?
Didn't Dante Culpepper play for Vanguard? If so you apparently didn't see him play.
No one should give up but some of your fan base spews such unrealistic garbage based on the recruiting and preseason hype it's nauseating. And they really believe that those predictions make them #1 every year. SEMPER FI
Funny that Queen Megan isn't on here since he's on every Gator's article comments. Let the excuses begin for Athenians. We would have won but so and so and so and so were injured. Shouldn't matter at your 5 star factory. Paper champs again this year.
Saying TAMU has the best secondary is more of an odd take in my opinion.
Yeah, TAMU, the new DBU, Not! Probably trying to help his buddy Jimbo stay off the hot seat for as long as possible, but it's coming.
Not saying that at all, but TAMU over Bama, LSU, UGA, FL. In the words of Randy Moss, C'mon Man.
Just watched this ass clown on SEC network with his dribble. Gator Hater. Can't pick a Gator for anything. TAMU best secondary, u F'in kidding or what
Just like Jawja fans, they get picked to win everything before the season and believe they are champions every year. But in Reality not since 1980
Hey Negan, your Community College professor called, said you got an F. Even though your post met the Gordon Rule it was complete drivel you have regurgitated in every paper you submit. 1980