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When are you going back to the Big 12 to be relevant again??
I'm not a feed me stats all the time but he never says anything to back up what comes out of his mouth. Also, he's went to the woke side since joining ESPN. He's like Jim Rome but burned out much faster.
Sigh, every year Mustard bottle fans say the same thing..
This article is the digital equivalent of fish wrap.
Plays like Milroe. Stares reciever down and doesn't look off and then runs..
Giles said her faith was critical in healing yet ESPN didn't like that and asked for another reason
Bama pitchers have to be super human as they have the lowest runs per game of anybody who won regional with 4.2 runs per game and a lot of those came in blowouts.
Newsflash colleges have been handing out grades for decades. Don't wanna make the children angry.
At no point is there a dollar figure discussion with anyone from Florida.
Shouldn't you be celebrating last year's natty and SEC championship? Oh, wait... Well you still lead the lead with speeding tickets.
Prime's son cannot read defenses or get rid of the ball quickly. You play a guy both ways in college and he'll eventually go down to an injury. When you're more focused on social media than fixing the product you'll end up gone, and will cry it is due to racism.
Bama is one and done and it is time for Murph to head off to retirement.
Except Trump made the country great and he's 4-8. Unless of course you like 23 percent inflation and the world on fire.
Remember the time Nick Saban clapped back? Me either.
His son tanked against CSU because he either can't read defenses or didn't prepare. If CSU doesn't go into prevent defense CSU wins the game. Remember when they have to pay a bag of money to the coach his son beat up? Mayne Mr.4-8 should shut it.
Sanders got lucky to win in games they should have lost because Sanders couldn't read the defense because he can't read defenses or didn't prep for the game. Go back and look at the CSU tape and missed a ton of reads. #overrated.
Kool Aid didn't go in the first round either.
You didn't hear the head coach say he wanted a QB that looked like Atlanta?
Georgia said he wasn't interested in drinking and driving so they didn't recruit hard
How is he your coach when you didn't make it out of junior high?
How often does herbby talk to players that are talking about changing their commitments? Amd who called whom??
Of course it isn't the way herbie said it happened. He wouldn't lie to us..
Yours drive away and crash after leaving the ship.
Funny how he says Iowa was in contact with him throughout the year. I smell tampering.