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What is Nuss says screw this, I'm transferring too? Guess a lot of guys don't want to play for Chip Kelly.
So does he mean criticizing of the play calling is now not warranted?
Michigan plays 7 and 8 men in the box. Try that against Bama.
Look on the bright side Gator fans. When you lose to the Gus bus it is a short walk to Mons
Danny is a younger Skip Bayless. All hat, no cattle.
We have a new coach and times are a changing. Didn't you say that when Mullin was hired??
If SC is the best job in the world, why isn't there a line of coaches to go there? One hint, the job is in Californiastan
You know what Auburn didn't do? Go for two.
Urban Mier would bring the shocker to ND. No word on if Mrs. Mier would go.
Greg McElroy has been proven to be wrong in every stance he takes. I don't know how Bham radio puts up with him
How many SEC schools has Notre Dame beaten?
Saban most likely will share the wealth with his assistants. Kelly will be gone in three years. He can't coach against a full schedule
Lane can stay where he is and have the stadium named after him or go somewhere else and play in someone's shadow. I Joey Freshwater has learned and will stay.
I'd argue if Bryce made plays in the first the quarters he wouldn't have needed to nake plays in the last 91 seconds. Under pressure lately he's made the wrong read- had Methchie wide open but checked down to Slade. He also has been getting in tbe habit of staring down the receiver and getting happy feet. You have to stand in thee and get hit, the thing Mac Jones was much better at
Horrible move. Wonder what coach Burgess thinks about it
Bo Nix will not play at the next level and will blame it on the referees
Translation: I applied but they chose Napier instead
Wonder if his ex gets a piece of that buyout check
Skip Holtz has a checkered pass. He got out if USF before investigations would have buried him. He turned a blind eye that would infuriate the #metoo movement.
If he stays there's no one's shadow hanging you and when he retires then can name the stadium after him. If he goes somewhere else in the SEC he coaching in someone's shadow. Hopefully he stays,until Saban retires.
Remind me how many national championships Auburn has vs Alabama? How many conference championships? How many top 10 finishes? Thanks for playing.
I would argue he lacks the ability to block which his predessors did in spades. Jalen and Devonte were both excellent blockers.
Next year will be our year - Every Gator fan every year
Why would Lane leave where he Is? There's nothing to be gained. He can build a legacy instead of trying to fill the shoes of ol ball coach. And Florida isn't the great destination it used to be.