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Is Matt Hayes code for Chicken Little? Does SDS dr@g test? I can't imagine what this guys radio show is like.
Has more rings himself than McDonalds bag o money U has had in the last 25
Remind me why misery gained by leaving the Big 12.
I know math is hard for ag folks when you get over ten. Have to take shoes off. How can you tell Auburn invented the tooth brush? Anywhere else it would have been called the teeth brush. Mexico how many bud lights did you have last night celebrating Dylan?
Name me any other school where coaches have publicly said that they won't go because of meddling boosters? If you can name one, I'll buy you a new used tub to put in front of your shanty.
Typical Ag U response. Now tell me who was interested in the Ag U job? Nobody wants to report to yella wood.
More money is made from TV deals than ticket sales. I guess they didn't teach economics at Ag U
Fine gets you fired at Auburn. Be realistic, Ag U isn't going to compete for a natty every year.
Coach Caddy did so good the same folks showed him the door and brought in the guy with a penchant for h00kers. Yep, the powers that be aren't a large part of the problem.
Had they not been gifted the five seed it is likely they would not made it through the first round. They don't have the hitting to compete.
Bama does not belong. Maybe if his pet wouldn't have chased off so many others this team might have a chance. You score one run off a mid major team. Guess who's the teams hitting coach? Murph.
Adding the U would draw in the criminal element crowd. Adding in FSU would quite possibly get coach Prime.
For all the love she gets someone should stop and ask if she's part of the reason of the number of transfers Bama has had the last few years.
As long as there are coeds to give the shocker to, Urban will want to coach.
I remember when an LSU football player assualt an old woman and coach crawdad did nothing. How much was the payout for that?
Bama's sofball program is in dissaray. Multitude of transfers playing elsewhere due to the mean girls club and succeeding, no hitting coach and no Tinley hitting. Much like football no one fears Bama softball anymore.
Remember when his lawyers said wait until he has his day in court to clear his name? Pepperidge Farms remembers when.
Irsay needs to be drug tested again. Will he fire himself when this doesn't pan out? Will AR be the biggest bust from Florida since Tim Tebow?
I heard Jalen Milroe will be available soon.
How many Auburn QBs have a superbowl ring or natty ring? Keep taking Ag U ..