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I think Dylan runs really well, he reminds me of C.Mosley how quick he is, and C.J. was a player apart in his time. Mack plays more like Rueben. Those 2 in the middle are tough teflon. I'll still take Prince hall and Terrence Jones over errrbody lol
""But to be fair, Bryant’s teams were never undefeated when they shared those 3 national titles. The counterargument to that is well, neither were Saban’s. That’s true."""".........uhhhh? Saban gets my GOAT vote because he has never(to my knowledge) thrown a game like Bryant did.
So you can talk in a barbershop just not post it online because I already did it. Don't throw shade.... I'm pleeeenty sure someone has used #morethananathlete before and no letters got pinned...
1. Secondary depth chart/performance. 2. Doesn't matter. 3. Doesn't matter. 4. Doesn't matter. 5. Doesn't matter. 6. Doesn't matter. 7. Doesn't matter. 8. Doesn't matter. 9. Doesn't matter. 10. doesn't matter.
#ButchPlease.... I would laugh if he landed as an assistant at another FBS school, and I will laugh if he lands at the capstone. It's not like we're putting a feather in our caps if he joins CNS. I FOR SURE will laugh at the plausible fact that he'd still collect UT checks to recruit/coach against them. Be it for whoever, makes no difference.
fair enough.... I still think he's a garbage head coach. I'm sure he has a lot of football knowledge, I just didn't see it. Now as a cheerleader and recruiter....#meh he's aight. Garbage head coach but I wouldn't say a garbage person. If he's If he's
ya dam right we're sure. If you believe the receiving core is a greater concern than the secondary, you should lay off the sauce.
***grabs popcorn: "Army & Navy > Nick Chubb and Sony" "Fire Chaney because of NC play calling"
Future: spoiler alert*** Alabama sits on top of the SEC next year.
Went head-to-head on the field and got out coached. Win the Game, then talk your head. Saban=Jordan....Kirby=Pippin
Only thing we're worried about is who will be playing in the GOTDANG secondary, and more importantly; how they will perform.
2017 recap: Ole Miss- "Dog Piss" Celebration by DJ Metcalf in the Egg Bowl. Tennessee- "CBJ & trashcan vs. the Internet" Alabama- "flawless kicking game" Texas A&M- "Kellen Mond is actually the "zero" guy from the movie "Holes"
They are just a different breed. It puzzles me how much that program has declined and how loyal TN fans are. They were pissed, make no mistake.... but they showed up despite the SNAFU that was CBJ.
Facts: lost twice to Vandy since 2013. Doesn't boggle me, just makes me laugh.
Because they had UGA's number for like 3 years lol
And ^ that wasn't suppose to be a reply....My B.
It's all great until those 4-5* we celebrate, leave because they cant make it or figure out they made the wrong choice. Recruiting season is cloud 9 for us when these kids are coming in, but when you see them walk out the door, is disappointing. To be clear, i'm not talking about UGA's or Bama's class or any players in particular. I'm just saying having "BIG" classes comes with some of those same kids leaving. I've since become immune to the disappointment(since 08) Like I said, not throwing rocks, but this is an unfortunate reality. I'm taking nothing away from anybody's signing class.
No one is down playing recruiting. It's no excuse. I can understand wanting to celebrate a recruiting victory. Anything to get the saltiness down a notch.