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Yeah, that must mean it's an easy environment to play in.....
1. Dave Aranda vs Alabama offense= Alabama 2. DBU LSU vs Alabama passing game= draw 3. LSU battle tested= fair, LSU. 4. Special teams = LSU 5. Tiger stadium= most noteable advantage, should be #1. I mean hey, it's going to be a good game!!!!!!!!! If you ain't excited then kick rocks.
Let me correct myself. KY's defense rands higer than Florida's....Just don't see the passing game washing out.
6. But UGA’s passing game won’t be much to write home about Ehhhhh that's pretty bold. Passing game looked pretty good against a FLA defense that's probably better than Kentucky's. You can ask Lock about the vert routes, I'd be asking Kellen Mond how to average 13 yrds/attempt.
haha I was thinking the same thing. The SCLSU muddawgs have a placekicking advantage against Alabama.
Sooooo…… Q. Williams is a sophomore so I would’ve probably left him off this list. Jonah Williams will get drafted before any of these 3. They’re great players; but Jonah Williams is special.
The Nictator wins "Coach of the Year" every year. "GOAT" award transcends the 18-19 season.
Bottom Line: It's a rivalry game because of the proximity and the interaction between the schools and fans. The distain the fan bases have for each other(more so TN fans as mentioned above) is the reason it stays semi-relevant currently.
I would bet the fan breakdown is as such(SEC): Tennessee: 75% Alabama: 12% VU: 7% UK:3% UGA:3%
Oh yeah, alabama players saying "TN is not as big of a rivalry as AU" should be great locker room material... SMH. It will always be a big game. 3rd Saturday in October. TN lifers see Bama as a bigger rival than we do them. Rightfully so, because the state of TN is littered with "Alabama fans" that say: "I've never been to Tuscaloosa but I’ve always been a fan" "My whole family is from there" "I was a fan during the bear Bryant days" "TN is the reason we got put on probation" "Check out my script A tatt" "I don't know who our QB was in 2006" I'd probably hate us too...
Stuff like this is why playing at Bryant-Denny is nbd. We had better student attendance/participation in 2006 when we went 6-7 or whatever. The stadium has not had hype since 2011. Students don’t come because they are spoiled, and the rest of the stadium acts like a retirement home. The last time I was impressed with the noise/environment was the iron bowl 2010 season when we were playing spoiler and trying to wreck AU's season. If we're being real, UGA, LSU, AU all create most hostile places to play and have better fan/student participation. Visit those places and tell me otherwise. I know it's hard to get pumped about wearing teams out by 50+, but we have to do something. When you had to sit through seasons like 03-07, and weren't spoiled; you appreciate every chance to watch the team play and win. Now it's like: "if we win, were supposed to Win and no one cares, but if we lose, everyone’s mad and it's the worst thing in the world."
2 things: 1. Here needs to run more. Watch the florida game again, he had plenty of chances to run for some big yards. That could open things up. 2. Jennings needs to play every offensive snap(not sure whats going on there.) Calloway is a playmaker but jennings is pretty sure handed.
ALA: When you score 50 points in the 1st half, you dont need run plays that net 20+ 30+ yards. You need run plays that eat the clock.
The only concern is the point spread lol..... 14 points? give me the dawgs.
I foresee a college gameday special when the kid is lighting it up in the seasons to come. you're right, it's a tough game, and seeing kids come back from these injuries is great to watch.
I think Dylan runs really well, he reminds me of C.Mosley how quick he is, and C.J. was a player apart in his time. Mack plays more like Rueben. Those 2 in the middle are tough teflon. I'll still take Prince hall and Terrence Jones over errrbody lol
""But to be fair, Bryant’s teams were never undefeated when they shared those 3 national titles. The counterargument to that is well, neither were Saban’s. That’s true."""".........uhhhh? Saban gets my GOAT vote because he has never(to my knowledge) thrown a game like Bryant did.
So you can talk in a barbershop just not post it online because I already did it. Don't throw shade.... I'm pleeeenty sure someone has used #morethananathlete before and no letters got pinned...
1. Secondary depth chart/performance. 2. Doesn't matter. 3. Doesn't matter. 4. Doesn't matter. 5. Doesn't matter. 6. Doesn't matter. 7. Doesn't matter. 8. Doesn't matter. 9. Doesn't matter. 10. doesn't matter.
#ButchPlease.... I would laugh if he landed as an assistant at another FBS school, and I will laugh if he lands at the capstone. It's not like we're putting a feather in our caps if he joins CNS. I FOR SURE will laugh at the plausible fact that he'd still collect UT checks to recruit/coach against them. Be it for whoever, makes no difference.
fair enough.... I still think he's a garbage head coach. I'm sure he has a lot of football knowledge, I just didn't see it. Now as a cheerleader and recruiter....#meh he's aight. Garbage head coach but I wouldn't say a garbage person. If he's If he's
ya dam right we're sure. If you believe the receiving core is a greater concern than the secondary, you should lay off the sauce.