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Nah, They still have the Sark, who will probably step in and run the offense.
This is a lazy ass article. Let me expand it: 1) Lincoln Riley 2) Sonny Cumbie 3) Mark Helfrich 4) Lane Kiffin 5) Kendal Briles? 6) Major Applewhite ? 5)
I think Herman is going to UT and Kiffin is going to UH. Instead of LSU engaging in a bidding war over Herman, maybe they drive up Herman's price, then make a hard move for Major Applewhite. He's the kind of OC we need and he's had great success with QB's. He could be out QB whisperer.
or we have to deal with a bunch of crying Bama fans. LSU is trash. We trash talk. We aren't classy. But Bama and Ole Miss? Cry babies. Yall settle your frustration on national TV with pitiful little tears.
uhhh, Auburn never scored a touchdown. The then-impotent offense limped around the field and lost by clock mismanagement. so yeh, TAMU defense <<<< LSU defense. TAMU is ranked like in the 70's on defense. They're one degree above terrible for SEC standards. LSU is ranked #15 in total defense.
No, Trash talk is great. It ups the stakes. It makes the rivalry more exciting. There's more to lose. If your opponent makes a mistake, theres the chance that little line you fed them will pop up in their head and keep on coming, until they fold. Then theres the chance you take the walk of shame. It keeps the LSU-Bama game full of drama and exciting every single year.
Also, the offensive line is hurting. They are short Alphonse Taylor. They gave up 7 sacks to a good pass rush. LSU has put up 20 sacks this year. ( I know Bama put up 32, Jonathan Allen and Ryan Anderson are amazing). My point is that the offense may be artificially propped up by some good stats against mediocre defenses.
Bama's front 7, of course, are amazing. They play hard and make plays and are the reason Bama resides at #1. The Bama offense is good, but they havn't faced any good overall defenses yet. The secondary faced 2 throwing teams and hemorrhaged yards. The best overall defense they played was Tennessee, who is like #70 in overall defense, like #87 in rush defense.
TAMU's defense <<< LSU's Defense
LSU would have to win and Bama would have to beat Auburn, then I doubt they could deny LSU a #4 spot in the CFP. They would have beaten Bama (#1), TAMU (#4), Florida (#11), and Arkansas. Its a long shot, but Vegas is calling LSU's chances of winning out 25 to 1. I bet that would drop a lot if they beat Bama tomorrow
I think Hurts get contained and mostly neutralized. They make his throw the ball in the pocket and make him out-throw them. Hurts is something like 30% when its a pass 10 yards are more. I've watched every bama game this year. A lot of the bombs that end up in big gains or TD's are underthrown, but Ridley is such an animal that he can go and make catches that only 5-star players can. Oh, btw, he's injured and won't be 100%. He's a game time decision of whether he even plays or not.
1) The only side by side comparison is Ole Miss, who got shut out in the second half against LSU. Bama only won that game bc Ole Miss literally shuffle passed the ball to Jonanthan Allen. LSU held Auburn to 0 TD's and Wisconsin to 1 TD, PRE- Ogeron. Back then LSU was giving up 348 yds/gm. Since, They are giving up 277 in the last 3. Ole Miss put up 522 yards and 4 offensive TD's on Bama, but only put 325 yards on LSU and 2 TD's (none in the 2nd half). In fact, LSU has only allowed 8 TD's all season. LSU struggled with offense, not defense. My point is that Bama's offensive numbers are inflated like when Fournette ran a gazillion yards last year on weaker teams and then got held to 31 yds against Bama. When Bama played Western Kentucky, they only got 124 rushing yards and had to beat them with the pass (WK's secondary is awful, they are ranked 120th, LSU's is ranked 15th). I don't know why Bama fans think they are going to have some Offensive showdown. This is usually they lowest scoring game for Bama. 2) I'll give you Kelly. But Allen and Etling are not far off. Allen is throwing 63% with a QBR of 145 and Etling is throwing 61% with a QBR 137. And now they don't run Fournette into a 6 defender rush anymore. If he gets the ball in open space, that 31 yards from last year will seem like a far-cry (thats a big if, i know) But without Eddie Jackson, you have less people to stop the run on the periphery. Actually, the person who seemed the most cautious about discrediting LSU was Saban.
Let me give you the real reasons LSU has a chance. 1) Bama 2016 has not played a good defense (Tennessee is the best overall defense, giving up over 400 yds/game, over 200 rushing/game) They run at win on offensive heavy teams, but jalen hurts is inconsistent as a pocket passer. Count on Jamal Adams to neutralize the run and make hurts become a pocket quarterback. 2) two teams have spread Bama out and scored a ton of points. Arkansas doesn't have the receivers Ole Miss has, yet they put up 400+ yards and 30 pts up. Most of their passes were quick slants, screens, and play action. Etling has been selling the play action well and without the threat of fournette. With fournette, they'll bring more men into the box like last year, making the play action that much more deadly. 3) LSU is going to be spreading out, you might even see dural in the slot or 3 wide outs and an H back. They are going to attempt to get the ball to fournette into open space and let him go one on one with the secondary. 4)Bamas secondary is inconsistent. They've given up lots of big throws. They have blown coverages for big plays. Now they are one all American safety short. My prediction is that this will be Bamas lowest scoring game by far. I think LSU wins 24-17.