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There was more than 3 stooges, just three at a time. Couldn't resist. Look forward to seeing you guys in the fall. Stay healthy and bring your game. :)
Saw that pic scrolling thru his twitter account. Thought he was in a car accident or someone blind cold cocked him. He really stepped up over the last two years and I expect big things from him. Glad he's healed
This rivalry only lives in the hearts of those who were aware of the rivalry when it mattered. Mizzou vs KU to the current student means nothing. Maybe in basketball if the program picks up, but this is a dead rivalry. No longer conference rivals, it has the same weight as playing Illinois.
Agreed. Would rather see a better quality team than KU. Patient was dead too long.
Probably knew he was going to be busted and has a lot to lose. Panicked like most kids would. Unless there is a serious felony here, I'd expect the coaching staff to come up with an internal punishment/reprimand. I'd expect this for any collegiate athlete. If we don't as a nation manage the hard line we treat some of these kids with, we must expect a hard swing in how kids act. Even at 21-22, kids are still learning how to be adults.
Condolences to his family and all of Arkansas Nation. Rest in peace, Tarvaris.
Yankeepig, I agree with you assessment of the lack past rivalry. But one thing I do know is that Arkansas hates losing to Mizzou. And rivalries, well, they're built on hate. And assuming you guys have seen the bottom and are on the rise again, well I can see where a beginning can begin. That said enjoyed partying with the Arkansas fans back in Dallas in 08 and love fly fishing in Mountain Home. But definitely don't want to ever ever lose to you guys.
If this shows up twice, it's this board today. Copying and pasting the response to you that jumped to the Vol fan up above. I agree. I am happy to be in the SEC. I could care less about KU. It’s a marketing move at this point to reinstigate a rivalry that Bill Self and KU allowed him to break. I’m more interested in playing Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky and even Vanderbilt. Hell, Arkansas just became interesting though Arkansas mostly always gave a good game. And it may just end up being a rivalry in a few years. Hope to share a beer in a parking lot with you.
There is something just plain wrong with this board today. Posts not showing up after they already showed, responses to others moving, hell I think this board got the virus.
Bizarre, my response disappeared. Oh boy a Tennessee Volunteer taking a swipe at Mizzou, oh what will we do? After all you lead in wins. But you don't, you're 3-5 against us (you finally beat Dooley last year :) ). I'll bet you'd like West Virginia, I understand they're no Georgia State. Anyway you stay healthy and we'll see you in the fall.
I agree. I am happy to be in the SEC. I could care less about KU. It's a marketing move at this point to reinstigate a rivalry that Bill Self and KU allowed him to break. I'm more interested in playing Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky and even Vanderbilt. Hell, Arkansas just became interesting though Arkansas mostly always gave a good game. And it may just end up being a rivalry in a few years.
Oh no, a volunteer fan takes a negative swipe at Mizzou. Whatever will we do? After all you lead in wins against us. Oh wait, you're 2-5 against Mizzou. I'll bet you'd like West Virginia. :) Stay healthy!
Funny as that's what I'm anticipating. What will some of our fans do if we have a coach who makes adjustments during the game. Brain pudding on the ceilings when their heads explode. Go Tigers!
Well UGA is expected to play more relevant non conference teams since they hope to contend for a National Championship so you better be playing tougher competition if you hope to get ranked in the top 4. We're just looking to win the East which would mean knocking you off. So it would make no sense for us to damage our roster given the depth differences. Do they not teach you anything at that school of yours?
Compared to Arkansas? Be relevant. Who knows maybe Odom will be as important to your program as Frank Broyles. But where you guys are in complete rebuild, we just took of the Yoke-dom. And if you need an explanation of any of my comments I will be happy to explain any of them in full. And while you're at it tell your school to update their year by year win loss record. They stopped at 2018 for some reason.
I think this thread just proves the SEC is forced to watch basketball right now and they're frustrated. I've never read such Horse Sh!t in one place. Arkansas fans thinking they are relevant (you're in the west, you're still the trash bin), Alabama fans lecturing us on the NCAA...only lesson we should learn from them is to hire a law firm who's only responsibility is dealing with infractions, Tennessee fan (of which Bratton is one) who are still butt hurt by us and hoping Charlie Brown is the man, and the one KY fan who has found his voice. And I do appreciate a Tennessee fan who can toss a cake into a room hungry fat girls and sit back and watch the melee so well done Michael (ThatSECPodcast - a great listen and analysis). In response to Drink's comment, well he knows the SEC and you better come out gun slinging. Y'all come up to Mizzou and we'll Drinkwitz you and hopefully we'll Drinkwitz your team. MIZ baby!
Bamatime, do you really respect the NCAA that much to take their back with that statement? We got hosed, that was last year. We'll be competing shortly, preferably this year. Man, back the NCAA like that, that's pure comedy.
Why thank you for noticing we do have the best looking cheerleaders in the SEC. Considering how many heffers you see in other colors cheering.
Wish him the best of luck with Arkansas other than our game. As a HC he had some fatal flaws that maybe with time he would have corrected or not. As A DC he's stepped into some solid defenses and continued their success. He's a good guy, a players coach much like Sam. He'll fit in well at Ark. He likes Stag beer.
I would have expected it. A coach builds or attempts to build a relationship with a HS player, he's going to try and continue it. Now if they're doing it 3 years out then you know Mizzou is rocking and rolling! Wish Coach Odom all the success in the year except when he's playing us.
If I don't have a business trip I may drive down there for our game. You all will be interesting to follow. Wish you the best of luck in 11 of your 12 games. ;)
We are in the very center of the US. We're not going to fit quite into anybody's conference geographically. If you look at demographics, cities are more along immigration, mid-state is all scotch irish and others of the UK who moved here across Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, NC etc. Having gone to the SEC Championship twice in the last decade, we might not quite fit into the Sunbelt but maybe your school might fit their better, might fit the competition better. I'd say the B12/SW 2.0 but you'd get beatr by K State and maybe KU. And you just hired an over-rated DC (you might want to look at where his creds come from) who recruited poorly as a head coach. What I know for sure about BO is a solid position coach and will be loved by his players. But that's about it. Feel free to comment anytime. We'll all have fun with you.
Edit: What we have been in that absence is a football school.
At 53 I'm hardly a millenial. You need to stop listening to Power Mizzou. Gabe will have you convinced we're a basketball school and we haven't been that for a long time. It would be great to have success there and to rebuild that but as of right now we're not. What he have been in that absence is a football school. And, you're right in that we couldn't quite step up into that upper top 4 tier. But you are incredibly wrong to say we haven't been a great program. Pinkel re-established our program. In fact, the success we saw with him was better than the teams in the 70s (you know...right before the program hit the sh!tter). You should support Kansas University. You're pessimism (no, that's not reality you're preaching) will fit right in with their program. Actually, incorrect. I had a KU grad tell me they were back and would beat us in 2 years. That we had nothing to hang our hat on. You're a goof.
Coach Drinkwitz has a lot of confidence in himself (which I like). Media is complimenting Sam Pitman for hiring recruiters. coach Drinkwitz is getting no fanfare for doing the same. And you know, that works out for Mizzou in the SEC. A lot of our success so far has been helped out by the fact we fly under the radar in the SEC. Coach Drinkwitz is a stratagician and tactician and he will use that to his advantage.
1. Speaks for itself 2. Removing Odom improves that one already. Game/Season Preparation was a fatal flaw of Odom's. 3. IMO, one of the most important things in college football today. It was a mistake when the OC and QB coach were merged under Yost. Considering how quickly OCs are hired and fired today, it's important to separate them so that a QBs development continues uniformly. Coach Drinkwitz says he'll be working with the QBs so perhaps that is the separation. 4. Win and you'll win in St. Louis. Mizzou fans need to shake the Missouri identity of self deprecation. This continues over to potential recruits and only aids recruiters from other schools. In the last 19 years, the program has turned around from the previous 20 years. It's time to embrace that and stop repeating what your grandpa told you. Win, gain national prominence and St. Louis recruits will want to play where their family can easily come see them play. 5. Coach Drinkwitz is about the big play. He is about racking up points. Mike Leach was bandied about because of this. Go pull up 60 minutes of Coach Drinkwitz off of youtube talking about his philosophy. Never changes and it about a dynamic defense that scores. The 4 videos are from 4 different teams but they all say the same thing. Good points Adam. 5.