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Mike you're on fire. Finebaum needs to get you on the show.
They're serpents. Anything OU says, I look for the facts before I take anything from them as fact.
Yes, I hold a grudge. However, my Vol buddy who doesn't, but is familiar with Texas, he recognizes what a cancer they are.
I wonder if SMU could fully commit to being the number one program in Texas again and join the Big 12. The NIL would allow them to go back to business as usual before the death penalty.
If getting rid of the cancer doesn't kill them, it may make them stronger in the long run. FYI, we now have cancer.
Well great then. Let's open the SEC to every team in the US. If the argument is to strengthen the conference bring in OU and check with Harvard or Yale or another Ivy League school if they are committed to building their programs with NIL money as there is more money in that alumni niche than elsewhere. With enough NIL money you can buy the opportunity to win a Natty. An unregulated NIL flips CFB on it's head.
Children in Kindergarten should be taught Horns Down before they learn anything else.
I flip onto the Vandy games or have. Last season was a real sleeper.
Well written. McNamara thought Viet Nam could be won by managing statistics/numbers. What he couldn't factor in were the intangibles. Professional sports have been declining as well as CFB attendance as a whole. In the pursuit of monetizing every aspect of society, particularly in sports, at a certain point you are gambling that if the fan were given only one opportunity to spend it's excess funds it will be on your entertainment franchise. And that's what we're seeing. We may be seeing the battle for all in with sports vs netflix/hbo/etc vs the internet tiktok and whatever else the kids are into. I'd hate to see everything I grew up loving ending but I think that's closer to what's happening than not.
The ones that Nike was flooding football with last decade. Variations of metal gray, camoflage, etc. The goofy looking ones. Should have written that better.
Talking with my Vol buddy this morning, even he thinks it's a bad idea because it's Texas. I do not want to play these teams during regular season. I really do not like them.
At a point they're no longer a conference, they're a league.
If we add 6 more teams we could rename the conference the Big 20.
Looks good. None of those goofy Nike uniforms.
That's actually a sentiment that grows out of your conference no longer being what it once was for you. Our segment of expansion for you didn't resonate because it changed the league that you knew. We left the Big 12 because the league was no longer the league we'd been in for the previous 80 years. What are you going to think when SEC is listed as defunct on wikipedia and it says Big 16 (2022-current)? Hey maybe you're right, Mizzou and TAMU will be best friends with Texas and OU will be best friends after all of this. The league will 1/4 Big 12, 1/5 SWC, 1/8 Big 8. Sounds like the whiskey is getting watered down.
Why don't you change your team to the Longhorn symbol as you already outed yourself in another thread. You don't have to pretend to be associated with a National Champion.
Maybe you don't step out into a storm if you don't have a place to go.
Prefer not to. Just went thru that after being in the same league since the beginning of time. Would prefer to make this league home and a better place.
Well said. I've written more words that were not as concise and on the money as what you wrote in 3 sentences.
Based on how he handled Covid, maybe not the man for the job.
But he looks really good in a Darth Vader suit :)
Yes, because Drinkwitz had no previous history with Dan Mullen before Media Days. I just want you to know I'm praying that this is they year the cable man runs it to your trailer in the swamp so you don't have to drive 45 minutes into town to the library to see what's happening in the world.
What other sports are there? I know you guys are proud of your women's softball and gymnastics.
Hey we're looking forward to you travelling up here for a game. You guys were 2-2 against Barry Odom. That's something to be proud of.
I don't think anyone is comparing Drinkwitz to Mullen. Mullen is nuttier than a fruitcake. Great coach but nuts. And as to our stadium, I 'm sitting in the seats my grandparents started sitting in in 1938. So I'm good being old school. You might not like our stadium but I care about you like ours as much as you should care about us liking yours. And I've been to your stadium, heh.