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He was a solid player. I think he was on the margin, that was the feedback he was given, and he was using the announcement to help give him advantage. Also, it was in vogue at that time to come out. I do wish him much success and hope life is good for him.
Good way to find out if Gates wants him or not. Assuming he's been told he's not part of the plan.
Congratulations on making it to the tournament. Better luck next year.
Our AD hired Marcus Arroyo (2-14) at UNLV so we should trust in her ability to find the diamond in the rough.
We'll just have to work hard to make your assessment wrong.
Fair assessment. One of the reasons that Odom was fired (inability to hire good coaches consistently).
He needs to go. He can take solace in what we pay him to leave.
I think the days of a HC hiring a co-ordinator to handle one side of the ball are over. The modern HC is going to further have to oversee the "philosophy" and be able to hire co-ordinators to maintain that philosophy with the movement we're seeing. Good HCs will be able maintain the semblance of a staff for a moderate time. Rapid turnover will get coaches fired.
Best of luck to Simi, he was dedicated to the team and I hope he finds that right fit at the next stop.
Thanks. We definitely could improve on defense.
He did a nice job while he was here. Hope to see continued improvement.
The use of the word mean "actually" as in I could actually hear the air hissing out Kentucky's tires. Now, that was a metaphor for the disappointment that filled the air in Kroger Field as that game wound down and with it the hopes of Wildcat fans being adjusted. So I got an idea of how it's used. You might want to brush up on it.
She can sit in my other seat and the wife can stay home. Because y'all knows she's just a hot actress right?
I'm happy for him that he achieved his dream of the MLB and am so sorry for the family's loss. Condolences to all of the Razorback nation.
Intelligentsia has a long history of being aligned with and and a driving force of the left. Their sponsors have always been the guilty conscience rich. Marx and Engels would be one of many examples.
He's the first Wingo I can think of from the St. Louis area to go to Mizzou. Can't think of another one and they've all been offered over the years. Pre-SEC, Ronnie Wingo going to Arkansas would be the one you're thinking of. So, I genuinely was excited Mehki. I just see it as recruiting wasted.
Not nearly as good as the Tennessee Kentucky game. My favorite game I went to of the season. Could literally hear the air hissing out Kentucky's tires.
I see my grammar errors I didn't correct to anticipate what you might respond with.
Had a really nice write up which SDS auto moderators have determined you're not mature enough to read lol (that's an insult at SDS not you). Of course there is a left. Have you not attended college? There was a left when I went it has grown unchecked. Funny enough you talk to kids and those on the left embrace it and those to the right just get by it to graduate. And the voter balance remains unchanged.
How many of these kids are chasing Benjamins only for their future be George Washingtons? This generation is a generation of mercenaries and should not be surprised in their future when they see no loyalty to them from those they'd expect it from. And it's not just this kid it's all of them.
This is the best part of this whole story. That a native son, who walked on as a 2?star, worked hard, could have transferred, and wins the NC for his state. This is a kid who playing football as a youth, dreamed of, pretended that he was in this moment, and to achieve it it's Kurt Warneresque. It's a beautiful thing.
St. Louis Wingos and Mizzou do not mix. Not the first Wingo to bail on Mizzou and I wish the program wouldn't give them the time of day.
He only rebuilt a program that had 2 winning seasons in 17 years prior to him and took them to multiple bowl games and two SEC Championship games. Most wins at two programs. Guess the HOF is limited to guys who coach Blue Blood programs to NCs and such.