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Did not know he was a west Missouri kid. Good luck to him with the Saints.
Wolfman, this should remind you of Mizzou in 2000 with Pinkel. Lea must have spent many an hour looking back at Vanderbilt and thinking of how he could and would change that program. I'm not predicting Vanderbilt to the top of the East. But this is a capable guy who has been with a top program that is similiar in nature to Vandy. And at Notre Dame they were winning. So in 2 years we may be more concerned about Vandy than Tennessee. It's a possibility and I don't think as remote as it once was.
I have confidence in Drinkwitz. Just saying at this point, I'd prefer to see UT on the field and see how they do against others rather than read about them. I'm just getting tired of UT articles.
At this point I'm so Tennessee'd out on UT news that articles tend to blend at this point. More interested to see what Heupel brings to the table in the fall.
I would have stuck at Vandy but hey, I've sold myself on being a Lea homer. Unless Lea told him schematically he doesn't fit.
I think the 1500 portal transfers is a sign of what effect the covid protocols had on these kids. Alot of these kids were told how great they are coming out of high school and instead of having a normal existence they were locked down. Athletes had parties but they were pretty much for athletes and their circles only (I know this was the case at Mizzou). So they bottle the stress/anxiety and when given a chance to run some did. Plus, they were given the opportunity to move. I think this is the NCAA's way of trying to unscrew the pipeline which they did giving seniors an additional year. And one with which they can wash their hands. "Kid made the choice and their are consequences" and we're all falling into the trap of saying that. Most of us here have life experience these kids do not. I wish the kid good luck.
Wish I could say positively or negatively what his influence was at Mizzou but he was in and out so no idea.
Was Bielema worth more than 50k? The same could be said for Hermann. Remember, both were not asked to go to Saban Rehabilitation :)
I'm glad he's not dead so I can say F him.
Condolences to the Nix family. He achieve greatness on the field but even more in your hearts. You were blessed.
If Paul is saying it, well, a 1000 other people already have. Finebaum offering insight is like watching the Queen Mary making a hard turn in a speed boat race.
In regards to Heupel, I think he's one of those guys who knows to move along before it gets stale. I think he'd gone as far with UCF as he could and he knew it. An offer to get into a Power 5 program, that historically recruits well could provide him an opportunity to be successful and if not that an opportunity to jump to another program before his name gets tarnished. White probably looks at it as an opportunity to formulate a strategy about how to proceed with UT in 3-4 years unless Heupel becomes the guy. My issues with him is that he fixed UCF with money, not necessarily an issue with UT. So you guys will get to see if he grows into the next level at UT. Either way the UT football slogan is "We'll see".
You guys flipped him from Auburn if you remember. He's looking for the program where he has the best opportunity to move to the next level. Tennessee will have some difficulty til Heupel and his staff can get out there and sell their vision to prospects.
Very excited that he's chosen Mizzou. Welcome J'Marion!
I'd like to see the game but it should be scheduled out to start in 3 years or 4.
Drink wasn't on his list but that said Sterk does support the programs in the right manner.
Man, I only came here to comment that George Clooney is well familiar with sex so he'll come to this documentary with an authority most of will never reach.
Leftist Progressives were crying and beating their chests before our last President even took office and attacked him with conspiracies that turned out to be false and generated by his election opponent. So they should not be surprised when the right mirrors those same actions for the next four years. That you're attacking him should we assume since you're upset with his comment that you fall into the "Death to America" or "Kill Whitey" group?
I don't care for them but they manage to continually insert themselves so I don't know if I'd call them irrelevant.
It won't happen immediately, that's the goal. And I'm basing this on Lea, not Vanderbilt's desire to that program. Thing is ND along with a couple of Big 10 schools and USC would get them, is the destination for that athlete with a bigger picture mentality. Doesn't really exist in the SEC, top conference in football. I think that's what Lea is identifying and will implement. He may fail or he may not. We'll see.
Vanderbilt is about to step in on Notre Dame's exclusiveness. Recruiting the same athletes, with the same pitch, can only help Vanderbilt. And that success, no matter how big or small it is, can only hurt ND.
I wonder how many coaches out there have stopovers at Tennessee on their CV now. I think Josh Heupel is going to add more to that list.
Never heard anything but good of him so best wishes to him.