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If he performs well and there's isn't someone to his caliber in the pipeline, I believe with the NCAA not counting this year towards eligibility he could play again next year.
It's time to start the conversation that's always alluded to: Is it time to shelve the NCAA and come up with a better and fairer solution? It starts with making sure at a certain level of leadership, they are never allowed into building again.
We don't have angst. We're moving to a new coach and just happens to coincide with the BS. I think it would be potentially worse if Drinkwitz had a year under his belt at Mizzou and then was dealt this. That 3 of our 4 more winnable games are our last 3 games and not even slightly spread thru the season sucks but we'll deal with it. If anything we're fortunate we're playing football and we're playing in the best conference in the USA.
SEC pundits always talk about Mizzou fans being upset because they'd be upset if they were Mizzou fans. And they say it enough so that SEC readers believe that's what Mizzou fans say. The best part of reading all the conversation threads is the hype about each of their teams and how they buy into them even though every year the pre-season narrative plays out. So looking forward to drinking the sweet wine made of their tears at the end of the season and looking forward to seeing what Coach D can do in the first year of his in the SEC. Go Tigers! MIZ.
Says the team that does just enough to keep Malzahn as coach.
Ohio State is not going to leave and it's in the conference's interest to allow none of them to leave. This is posturing for when they all meet. OSU already sits atop that conference. If they leave where are they going to go where they'll have competition that gets them to the top 10 yet is beatable? Doesn't exist. Big 12 possibly but do you think OU wants that?
Irony is it was Mizzou that got ridiculed when Nebraska and Colorado left the Big 12 with well wishes and when we did we were SOBs and TAMU was kind of tainted but not really. We took some serious national BS when we opted to leave. So for Nebraska to take some heat I have no problem with it. Not saying it's deserved but this is what happens to teams that are no longer blue bloods or never were vs those who are.
It's been mentioned over the years by many questioning whether the NCAA is still relevant. Maybe this is just the year and time to discuss whether or not collegiate atheletic competition shoud be reformed and reorganized. And yes as a Mizzou fan, no love lost for the NCAA and the hypocrisy we've experienced with them. Time to send these bums back to their country clubs.
Let's be honest on that. Odom and Dooley probably guaranteed KB they'd stick with him thru thick and thin and it cost them their jobs. Bazelak ran the same plays, saw success though short. KB was the issue.
Appreciate the sentiment but 4 years isn't long (look at what Tennessee's gone thru). 2015 should have been a good year and well Odom was a transition coach who provide some entertainment. 80s and 90s, well those were some long years.
And that's where I disagree with you. If Drink's not the real deal, you'll see it soon. Our main problem last year was an O line that could not open up run lanes and a QB who couldn't really pass. If KB was in fact injured to where he couldn't play our HC didn't have a backup QB who could complete successfully. And Odom couldn't figure out to get the team cohesive (there are rumors as to why, poisoned locker room). We will not lose to Vandy and we should break Odom's streak of winning the MU-ARK game :). But if we don't, it will be apparent by the time we play you assuming it's at the end of the season.
Maybe because before Pinkel, Mizzou's last real success was in the 60s and 70s. Smith had a modicum, but our fan's reach into history is the last 20 years. Pinkel built our program to where it was and when we should have been transitioning to the next coach, 2015 hit. There is no reason to disrespect GP.
It's not so much patience but to see him establish his baseline and how he raises the program each year after that. And to have his successor picked out each year in case he bolts. He is a runaway bride with programs.
I think his original expectations were to win 7 games. After this covid deal, I'd imagine his expectations are to go for it. Mizzou's plans have been upset as well as everybody elses. Lack of practicing, keeping players focused and getting them on page will be crucial. Considering some of the Butch Jones recruiting classes, well you know what I'm saying. If he can get his team more cohesive than his opponent of the week and the talent is equatable, who's to say what will happen. He's tactician and a battlefield commander. He's Lt. Spears in Band of Brothers Baby! Look forward to playing you guys.
Looking forward to playing you guys and hoping I can make the trip if only to drink in the parking lot. Going to be a fun year.
Which is why you're having studies in Scandinavian countries that conflict with studies done here in the US. There appears to be only one opinion on this virus and anything to the contrary doesn't get reported or is erased from youtube. So I agree with your statements that the virus itself isn't US centric. Opportunity comes of crisis, but for who in this case?
Good Luck, Antar. Hope it works out whereever you land. Will always think of you as a Tiger.
Lets start beating them solidly before predicting their demise.
Michael, you'll be glad to know you cause some consternation at the TigerBoard. No lead QB going into what turned out to be 3 days of practice, I'm glad he doesn't have our QB picked. That will follow leading up to the start of the season as the team practices. Also, now teams til told otherwise need to be concerned with the wildcat. The only definitive I think I picked up on is that Brady Cook will most likely be a red shirt unless he is able to step up as a true freshman and take the reins away. Mizzou has an advantage, albeit small, that other coaching staffs are going to have to adjust to Mizzou until they can discern what's happening there.
There was more than 3 stooges, just three at a time. Couldn't resist. Look forward to seeing you guys in the fall. Stay healthy and bring your game. :)
Saw that pic scrolling thru his twitter account. Thought he was in a car accident or someone blind cold cocked him. He really stepped up over the last two years and I expect big things from him. Glad he's healed
This rivalry only lives in the hearts of those who were aware of the rivalry when it mattered. Mizzou vs KU to the current student means nothing. Maybe in basketball if the program picks up, but this is a dead rivalry. No longer conference rivals, it has the same weight as playing Illinois.
Agreed. Would rather see a better quality team than KU. Patient was dead too long.
Probably knew he was going to be busted and has a lot to lose. Panicked like most kids would. Unless there is a serious felony here, I'd expect the coaching staff to come up with an internal punishment/reprimand. I'd expect this for any collegiate athlete. If we don't as a nation manage the hard line we treat some of these kids with, we must expect a hard swing in how kids act. Even at 21-22, kids are still learning how to be adults.
Condolences to his family and all of Arkansas Nation. Rest in peace, Tarvaris.