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My most sincere condolences to both their families and the Tide community as a whole. So horribly sad.
Wish we could remove have of these SEC announcing crews.
You can tell every kid to do what he does, it's the ones who do who win out typically or at the very least elevate themselves and get noticed. Congrats Cannon Yorke, look forward to seeing you play this Saturday.
I'm just going to guess a Missouri boy got your sister pregnant and left town. We were looking forward to seeing you guys again, we'll just have to wait a couple of weeks.
Thanks. Both teams will come out hard, we'll see how things shake out. You guys have been impressive this year.
Given how depleted Mizzou was last week, I wonder where Vandy currently stands with the Covid #s.
James Franklin may be available soon. He fits in the SEC and may come back.
He either misses home or I suspect recruiting is being done on the downlow of players on other teams.
2021 is just around the corner. With Butch Jones's contract about to be paid up it allows you to pay a coach again to coach elsewhere. Maybe you could get David Cutliffe or Fulmer to take the mantle.
I guess the newswire hasn't gotten the 2019 Mizzou season to your local papers yet. We had no QB going into 2019 and Odom made a deal with the devil to get Kelly Bryant. He sank his own boat. That said, will always wish Barry an 11-1 season, loss being to Mizzou.
We already know our team. I agree with you though. SC has been in discord for some years now, we all knew Muschamp wasn't the answer. Just like SC fans think their team is better than Mizzou, we share the opposite sentiment. So there is a bit of a rivalry. Will say given the state of our team, a road win is a good win and it was a hard fought game. Look forward to seeing who you hire. Word of advice on that.......don't hire Pruitt if he becomes available.
Except we won. See above for excuses on the our offense.
I agree with everything you said about Odom. But the truth is he would lost this game and I think TonyTiger is saying where this program is going from where it was. I personally hope Odom becomes the Arkansas HC because I don't think he's a HC. As I've said on TB, I wish Barry an 11-1 season every year in the SEC.
O line had 2 starters, 2 2nd stringers and a 3rd string guard. So, we had no running game. Bazelak appears to have hurt his wrist in the 2nd or early 3rd quarter, plus still looks a little shaken from Florida/rusty. Given that, the defense's performance, 52 scholarship players, I think a win despite what you had to play with is impressive. But I too wish it had finished stronger. Odom was 1-3 against South Carolina. And had we played them in the latter part of the 2019 season it would have been a loss as well. Something to think about.
Most would say only in a Covid season could Arkansas find this much success.
Guess you never saw where Lucy pulls the ball just before Charlie Brown kicks it. They'll look good for half a game and give it up to Auburn. Tennessee will see what they have with Pruitt once JG is gone. Do we see JG at Arkansas next year?
They might live closer to the GA/TN border. Might be a genetic thing.
Smart was promoted as the "next coming of Jesus" and he did well as a new coach. That this Covid season is being given all the seriousness as if it were normal isn't helping anyone. It doesn't help Smart because this season is taking some of the shine off the program. That does affect recruiting and in the top 10, where you need every edge in player ability you can get. Does Georgia trend down? I don't know. I do know if he doesn't start winning consistently at the bigger stage, he'll get hammered over it in recruiting. So we agree he's given them national relevance, the question is can he keep it going?
I'm sorry to hear Gicinto is leaving. He's a good kid and I wish him all the success in the world. Drinkwitz has a very plan for Mizzou and if you don't fit his plan, you're on the outs. My only concern would Drinkwitz to move on before builds out the program, leaving the program is turmoil...again. No one looks to the NCAA for genius moves. So no surprise here.
Mizzou is so very fortunate to have had him play and love Mizzou the way he does. Eli had a good eye for hires and recruits.
It's well deserved. Guy is a stud and a true tiger.
Agreed but is he the one who's bought into JG, or was he told JG is what he had to work with? Name the OC who could have been successful with JG.
I've got Vol friends. Tennessee is still a hot mess and I mean the culture of the fandom. While Pruitt isn't the answer, the fanbase is one that loves to scream at God and ask him why aren't they loved. Rather than fire Pruitt, which I'll understand if they do, they should start to line up the boosters, get that piggy bank filled, and choose the coaches they are interested in. And wait. Wait til one is available and then strike. They are a bunch of river boat gamblers with a cold set of dice when it comes to forcing coaching changes. And they need to figure it out. Hugh Freeze is winning with Liberty. Which any top coach should. We know how he won with Mississippi State. The question is can he win with Tennessee, but not in the same way he won with Mississippi State? I wouldn't jump the gun on him.
Condolences Wildcat Nation. You lost a great one.
Condolences to Wildcat Nation on the passing of John Schlarman. His lines were solidly coached. No one has an easy schedule this year and the fans are having a hard time accepting that at most schools. Kentucky is no different. Mark Stoops is a good man and a good coach. When we entered the SEC, I remember talking to some KY fans and they had no expectations. You're now a program with expectations. This is the season to try some things, and continue to make the program exciting. Suggestions above are well within reason. We'll see you next year.