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While I'm not in the game, we men find a way. It's why we solve problems.
It's more a comment on how the culture struggle that is happening nationally and articulated by the media causes anxiety to the real world. It means that people, in general, want to do the right thing even if it's mis-communicated by media.
This would be an interesting upset and there has been disappointment that's occurred and disappointment to come.
You'll do fine. There's more of them than you and who wants to die alone? Look in the mirror and shoot higher than you think you should. Get in shape if you need to.
Yes angry (you fill in the word here) have twitter accounts to. Funny thing is if the gal is attracted to the guy giving the compliment it's okay. If they're upset by it, they're not attracted to them. That's been my observation.
Well hey maybe neither of will make it to the SEC Championship :)
Guess you guys have more to lose than we do with a loss.
I was calling for Mizzou to hire Pearl before Auburn picked him up. Give him a contract where he has 24/7 supervision by a unit of University employees to keep him out of trouble with a no clause fire contract. People said I was nuts. That 9 years after the NC was rough on the fanbase despite the successes because they didn't feel like successes. Fulmer getting fired just was a transition point from the good years to the bad. And I know Kiffin's year was one that was filled with excitement about the program despite the record but his leaving in the night hurt Vol Nation. And 11 years later. The impression of that time frame is strong in me because I have Vol buddies and Mizzou was in the upswing at that point and would you believe I'd taken some caca from the Vol fans in the previous years? Hamilton, Hart I know the names. Point of it all Mizzou is where UT would have been with Kiffin had he stayed a 2nd year and I'm hoping not repeat UT's history (and our history from the late 80s/90s). Congrats on Heupel so far, hope he works out for you 11 games out of the year and not talking Bama on the loss.
Says the guy who saw a rape video and then says he lied about seeing it. Says the guys who recruited 4 (or is it 5) apists-rays to Vanderbilt, another for ex-say afficking-tray, has been accused of being involved with azing-hay a former football player and retaliating when the player came forth, has been accused of pressuring his former team doctor to clear injured player. He’s a grade A umbag-scay. He has no problem lying or saying whatever he needs to do to be what he believes is being successful. Teams do get “those players” but the players he’s recruited, his personal actions, all paint him to be the liar and low life reputation that follows him.
Sydney, please look at my post that's up for moderation and if you don't see a problem with it have them post it. I see no issues with it and am wondering what SDS's autodetect program has with it.
Funny enough the Vols were my SEC team via my buddies. I watched the game where Fulmer was essentially fired. And by many teams standards, you're correct they wouldn't be considered problems but that season was shaping out to be and was the 2nd time they finished with 5 wins. In 2000 they finished unranked. Lost the Nattie in 2001. Unranked in 2002. Unranked in 2005. And many of those years they started out ranked and finished below their initial rank or ended up unranked. And Vol nation wasn't happy about it. Fulmer was fired because of it. Vol fans were starting each year on a high and by the end of the year disappointed. I had to go to wikipedia to fill in the fuzzy spots of my memory but I remember because I have Vol buddies (one of which I took to the Mizzou UT game). Not taking shots at you or poking the bear. Despite on paper looking those 10 years, Vol fans were tired of not making expectations. When Kiffin was hired, Vol nation was excited. He brought in a dynamic staff with his dad Monte as the DC. Great recruiting class as I remember. And then disappeared like a thief in the night with Coach O and off to USC. That devastated the fanbase. Well acquainted with the @$## shows that followed. Was at the Music City Bowl against NC or NC state with two of my buddies. Buddy, I'm Mizzou. We bathe in the coaching anguish they call Nebraska. Heupel seems to be working out much better than I expected and I think you have a good shot at Kentucky. I'll be at that game too.
I suspect we'll have a new DC announcement after the season unless magic happens.
Seems alot of people were in moderation. I couldn't post for 2 days and I think it was their software.
No you're 100% right. But the improvement has to begin somewhere even if it's very low. That's how bad we've been (as if you haven't seen it :) ). If Jeffcoat starts playing balls to the wall, it's a major improvement and you'll see others follow suit.
Like beating a Florida team that's not that good? And yes we're sucking this season. Rushing the field is for big games that are big for the fanbase. And as much as I despise those two teams, that was a tight game between to teams that look at each other as their #1 rival.
Watched the most NFL football I've watched in a decade on Monday when my son had it on for his fantasy football. They've really killed the brand for me and it doesn't hold interest. I have no idea how bad Gruden's comments are and if there are tons of e-mails or just one or two. But you'd think the NFL would take care of business privately. Instead they double down on looking bad at every opportunity they have. Their entire public relations department should be fired.
I'm telling you, Lea it to be considered. He is getting Vandy in the right direction.
Ed did what he set out to do at LSU in very short time and that was win the biggest prize you can win. So, he feels the pressure but I can see where it doesn't get to him like it would other coaches.
The Vols were already having problems when they hired Lane but I get the sentiment. Tennessee was attempting to right the ship and his "in then out" tenure, taking recruits with him set the program back. It was the ineffectual hirings of the University and the Athletic Dept (coupled with that good ole Vol fanbase input) that created drought they've gone thru. Funny thing is Mizzou is in that very same spot they were with Lane and I'm hoping we're able to keep our heads on straight and not go back into that drought. Ours was longer.
All I'm looking for is improvement in the Tigers defensively. There are some things offensively I'm looking for. What may (or may not) benefit us it the Aggies and media are still analyzing their win. I'm finding nothing from the Aggie side on the upcoming game. So they may have a hangover Saturday. It's an opportunity for the Tigers to continue the improvement we started to see last week.
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Public opinion and coverage will define someone pretty quick regardless of how they define themselves. I have no social media. FB, twitter for about 6 mos back around 2012 and realized it was a waste of time. But it is the #1 way to people's attention today. So whether or not you define yourself in that way, it will define you with your peers, your family, people who don't know you.