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I don't blame Linehan for the Rams, I blames the Rams organization for Linehan. It was a team trying to coast on some of the remnants of Championship teams and the management wasn't looking to repeat or weren't capable of doing what was needed to repeat. We're probably not paying him that much and it may work to our advantage. Trust in Drink.
Someone below pointed out that the coaches are coaching the way they were coached. And they're correct. That said there is no league out there unless it is so remote they don't have the internet where the coaches attend a meeting and the danger of head injuries is pointed out and there are policies outlined. Interested to know what the parents think on that team. You might find out they all think it's nothing, they might be outraged.
If anyone is wondering Taylor Twellman was an outstanding US soccer player who's career ended with a concussion at the age of 30. He's been an advocate since for brain injury/concussions in sports.
That the shots at Mizzou are increasing, well I take that as getting some notice in the SEC.
Experience in the NFL. Mental game approach, etc. Playing at the next level. If great QBs were all great teachers, their backups would all end up as great QBs. How many coaches were the greatest in the game as players? Gabbert is still in the game 11 years later so he's doing something right. Hopefully he teaches him how to stand and not take a knee.
Fuzzy, never said we had a vast recruiting advantage. You got to stop having those imaginary conversations in your head, they don't jive with what's going on outside of it. We just hire coaches who know what to do with the talent we get. Can UT say the same?
Interesting to say the least. At worst, serves as a distraction while Meyers is focusing on other issues.
Trask will get a good education between Brady and Gabbert. 31 years in the NFL between them.
"even with the worst teams in over a decade" says it all. I think Wezcoast meant to say "If only we could get the same results as Mizzou". Make sure you get your Orange t-shirts with Josh Heupel's face on it considering the only one you've kept in the last 20 years is the one Phil's face on it and even that's hard to get excited about.
Not a problem. UT managed to get a Kansas defenseman in the portal. They'll be fine.
He's what all dads hope their kids will grow into, being a man, a good person. His dad is proud.
The Arkansas effect. They all want to play at home if they feel Arky has a chance to do something. Good get for them.
Glad to hear UT is tapped into KU's roster. A win win for everyone but those two schools lol.
And while some don't accept us, I love the SEC. While you question some of the things that go on, every school has a chance if they're willing to commit to it.
KU would be an easy win for Vanderbilt. Some of these games will never see the light of day unless things go poorly at Mizzou under Drinkwitz. I expect we'll be buying out some of them. UGA bought out it's 2021 against San Jose Game (1.8 million) to play Clemson. Why? Because Kirby felt playing Clemson elevates UGA and UGA could win against Clemson. Oh, and San Jose State had it's first winning season last year since 2012. So, somehow one of those weak schools found it's way on UGA's schedule. We're Mizzou so not getting love from some SEC fans, well the Southwest Conference 2.0 prepared us for that. The train is back on the tracks after 2015 so we'll see you soon. Upsets are one of our many goals and well UGA has shown that's a possibility in the past.
It's telling that UGA is the only one arguing here. It reminds me when in 08, when UT fan buddies of mine were on top of the world from 10 years ago and were losing to Oklahoma and USC and cr@pping on our non con schedule. And I'm not saying that UGA is going the way of UT anytime soon. Our programs are not at this time on the same level. Our goal is to beat UGA. Yours is to win the SEC and compete for a National Title. So why would we beat ourselves up before playing UGA? And I use to accept the argument of our weaker non con games til I started examining other SEC school's non con games and heartedly unimpressed by many. To say that many SEC schools are improving their non con games is a result of the SEC's further rise to prominence. I'm okay with the non con games and hey if Drinkwitz does with our program what we believe he can we can buy those games outs and attempt to replace them with a tougher opponent. Hell, Michael Bratton thinks Mizzou is going to place 12th in the league. I've asked him for odds and if he'll take my bet we do better. And I like Michael.
While I see the argument for this, I wonder how much discord this causes in the locker room. So how does the line get paid? How is the line going to feel, hearing team mates running their mouth off about getting paid, when they are not? When does it become financially advantageous for players to give up what's happening to sabotage another player's career? I think the lines (both O and D) will be the main issue, underappreciated and underpaid. I also think eventually we'll get a story, at a program, where a player behind someone undercuts the guy in front of him. And more than one. But line compensation, either above the table or below it is going to have to happen. People got to get paid. Food for thought.
He's feeling it slipping away. He just wants to enjoy that superior feeling while it even lingers.
His point is that Odom is doing exactly what he cried foul about with Tennessee. Tre Williams is a solid player and keeping Walters last year solidified the defense but when he left (plus the mental strains of covid) it may removed the anchors for some of these kids. Can't wish him luck going to our cross division rivals but won't wish him ill.
Would really step the offense further to that next level. Plus close to home for his friends and family to make the games.
Guy played with heart at Mizzou. Going to the NFL, figured he could use one more year but that he had the skill set to learn, to step it up to the next level if he was focused. Really proud of him and the work he's putting in.
Wish him the best of luck from Mizzou nation. He's a competitor. We all took shots at him but guy was a starter. And he has the size and ability to maybe take it to the next level. Hope the winds at his back.
Would love to see him look at Mizzou but my guess is the Vols.
it's called an adblocker. you still get some, not to the degree it drives you insane.
Do you worry UK has hit that plateau yet or do you still see the top of the rainbow ahead? I like Stoops and admire what he's done with the program but I'm starting to question if UK is ready and able to go that next step. And at a certain point, fanbases start to get impatient. I don't believe in historical hierarchies, so I'm not saying UK "should know it's place". But building something legitimate and longstanding, well it takes time. And I think about where UK is in that process and what lays ahead of it.
I think you're very right. Until that perspective changes, that you transfer til you hit gold. And that's if that perspective changes.