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This article reads like the Georgia fans are gonna feel after the bowl game. Confused! How did this happen!
Gonna laugh my ass off when your "real QB" opts out to the NFL after the loss to cinci. Yall are putting all your eggs in his basket and hes gonna drop them. Just watch.
I dont know if you saw that little albinos attitude last night. I think next year Rattler is going to bite off more than he can chew and his attitude will catch up. He a cocky little f!@# and a one season wonder.
Years ago I remember driving through the dumpster dive of a state. I remember this was the summer before there first year in the SEC. I remember seeing a huge billboard that said "Buy your season tickets and witness the take over of the SEC". I laughed my butt off all the way back to Florida. Wonder if those signs are still there.
Im gonna laugh for the Georgia Trolls when it gets announced after the bowl game that JT is going to declare himself to the NFL. They are all excited and I will laugh when that balloon pops! And we will smoke you again next year
agreed should be in there scholarship deal. Screw them they opt out go make your millions in the NFL and sign a check back to the university for the free education you got to get yourself to the NFL. They sure were "preparing for the NFL" last night sitting there butts on the couch watching there team get slaughtered. Felt bad for Kyle. Hes a good kid and commitment meant something to him.
Was thinking the same thing. Mullen has played the last couple games with an I dont care attitude. And this showing last night and the lack of preparation was evident. I hate it for Kyle who has a heart and stayed with the team that helped him get where he is. I understand the opt out but in my opinion its for selfish reasons. I know these bowls dont mean crap to them unless its a championship. But it means something to the pride of the school. I do see mullen gone soon
So Im a little confused, isnt it 2020 and the upcoming season is in 21? so did they allready put those restrictions on them,
Kinda got lost and bored after the first paragraph. Nice manifesto!
Dont think the orange have much to talk crap about this sit back and hush and I pray they keep there coach so we can smack them around again next year.
No thats spot on for chas... thats how he gets his dates the mail
You logic of this is making no sense. Unless your playing for a championship there is no reason to play. And your not quiting. Seen many guys get injured during bowl games that do not want to have a trophy sponsored by the Maxipad-Trogan-Massingil-playstation20-Bengay possum bowl
I agree so Bama, go to your page so you can hug your feel good story about mac..
With all this hate coming lately from the GA fans, there loss to us really hurt there feelings didnt it.!! Its gonna drive them crazy all year! Funny part is GA also screwed up the election, so really they have two loses to Fl this year!!
While I was suprised at how far we didnt drop, I agree with you 100% Ohio state shouldnt even be in the picture. Does not matter what everybody thinks they could have done. A 10 game all sec schedule is brutal. Would love to see the buckeyes try to navigate that. Then come talk. All of us SEC fans should be more upset about that!
Sorry GA head to head means something so you loose this argument all day long
I really love reading the articles on this page. But I have never seen such stupid comments from the fools that lost in the cocktail party this year. We played a crappy game against LSU. Our defense all year has been playing to get upset. It happened... But we still beat the dogs. Alabama is more then likely a loss, but would love to see us play close. They will exploit the middle and the run game on us all day long just like everyone else has. This defensive back field does not have the drive, you can see it in the attitude. But we still beat ya GA so except it. And you blew the flippin election.. so Florida beat ya twice.