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Well,they did what they could. Allowed a snap with unset, moving linemen, waved off a targeting. I mean, great performance by Danielson in the booth. "His helmet coming off makes it look worse". Gameball comment.
Credit A&M, Florida, Tennessee, and LSU for being garbage with top ranked recruiting classes eavery year, It just means (doing less with) more.
Bedat-dat-de-dap-do-Jimbo eva since ol Porky left dem everglades he dont yet find hisself a good ol boy home in Texas.
The Jerry Springer of NCAACF gets his purdy mouth off Skanky's nozzle for another popping off. It's nice though to give opportunity to the "special" folk.
Meh, click bait noted. I'd hardly call that "firing back".
Yep, I think Freeze is a good candidate. Super experienced HC with some success at a big program. Plus he's a visor guy so...
O look, Finebaum showing his ignorance, how rare. Cristobal just kicked bucky in the nuts at the horseshoe, has the '21 #3 and '22 #4 recruiting classes in the nation at nike and this klown somehow thinks he would be intrigued by the dumpster fire in LA. Maybe if he got out of dixie every few years.
Yeah for sure, rankings should reflect the what-if's.
Alabama "Flexed on Mercer". Dude they gave up 14 points. To MERCER! "Dunked on UAB", "Clobbered Western Carolina". Yep, gotta be the three top teams.