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Hope to see him handle opponents in the fall on Shields-Watkins Field. That's where it counts-NOT in the spring !!!
Foolmer is the wrong choice. Coach Cut stay out of our business. Your buddy Foollmer has NO administrative experience and needs to say away and enjoy his 6 million he took when he WAS FIRED !!!!
Great picture. Big mouth wide open, spewing a load of BS trying to fool Vol Nation. If the program is in such great shape why make all these changes. Beacase of Big Mouth's fragile ego and paranoid nature of everyone on his staff. Claims to know "everything about everything" Neyland stadium is a perfect example. Bobby Campbell had it in perfect shape and immaculate condition when he retired. Butch has ruined it !!!!!!!! "Fool me once........................
Foolmer, as some call him, is NOT qualified to be Tennessee's new AD. Decent coach at one time but got lazy after the NC and let the program go down hill. Thus he was FIRED. BUT he cleaned 6 million out of UT accounts, which was total BS. He deserved nothing. Now some 8-10 years later he wants to be AD. Ha Ha He has NO administrative experience but is in consideration because he has sucked up to some high honchos at UT and hopes his buddy Peyton will help. Sure hope Manning uses his head and not his heart on this. HE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE OUR AD. Besides who wants Silicone Mamma around campus again?
$1,000 says Butch will screw up any hire he makes this year. He needs to move back to the MAC where he came from.
For God's sake I hope the "meat heads" at UT-K will hire David Blackburn as our AD.
It is my understanding that Jones told them how to take care of the field. Obviously he knows jack $hit about field preparation. Wish Bobby Campbell was back but he retired. There are folks who can make it great if Jones will stay the hell out of the way. He thinks he knows everything about everything. Butch just be a CEO and let the coaches coach and you stay out of the way.
Who ever BJ hires, he must quit micro managing his staff. Leave them alone and let them coach because you have proven you aren't much of a coach yourself. Maybe MAC level but not SEC. And hire someone to fix the turf at Shields Watkins. It is now a joke. Where is Bobby Campbell when we really need him. He had the best surface in the SEC.
Mike DeBord must go. Back to Michigan and coaching there. (Oh that;s right he wasn't coaching when Jones hired him. He was a friend !!!!!!!! Nice move Butch.) I wish Jones would quit micro-managing his staff. Hire great coaches and let them coach. Stay out of their way. You are a good recruiter and a nice MAC head coach but not SEC. Did you win the East this year? NO...........We are better than when Derek was here but ???????? Start winning championships or move on !!!