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Turn game on tv,mute sound.turn on radio,listen to game,sink tv to radio,drink beer,chill.
The defense is fine they just need to calm down and line up for the next play right away (faster) quit wasting time celebrating every tackle they make. I think they will be better the rest of the season as they needed this wake up call.
Hard to get out coached and win by 15 points but if that is what happens when you get out coached, I hope he gets out coached the rest of the season.
I hope Alabama did not hurt the Bull Pup's too bad. The Mecole Hardman play is legal in real football if you just want to play touch football then stick with Jokelahoma.
Sad thing is that Northern Colorado would beat Penn State and Ohio State but they don't get to play the big 10. I want Troy to play Ohio State.
THE NFL tries to hire him every year and the NFL is far smarter than this clown. He is just mad that Saban turns down so many multi million dollar job offers while he himself gets the crap jobs.
BAMA has won 13 straight against them can't blame them for wanting to see what a wiener feels like.
BAMA has beat them 13 times in a row Can't blame them for wanting to see what a wiener feels like.