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I don't think they will? But you never know when a team is gassed. I'm not sure Saban would tolerate that level of beaten desperation.
LOL Its always expensive playing TN. You will be no different, win or lose. All the teams that beat us lost the following week, plus one that didn't, still lost. And we can see what this cost Ole Miss, "The cheating team that cried wolf". Three games running Just don't take dives on us too man, is all we ask.. We're going to gas your D, its inevitable.
If ran right it's much harder to defend than the typical more complicated offenses. If UK ran it, you probably wouldn't have lose to UGA.
I expect your D to start taking dives too LOL Just like Ole miss because your secondary is for S*it. lol
He was, something Bama fans don't have in common with Bear. lol. There are a couple of classy ones though. Many are just idiots. The above 40 crowd in large are good fans.
A&M. Freshman QB newbie beat Sorry, just not impressed. If Bama RB's ran as much as Bama fans run their mouths, they'd be the fastest offense in the nation..
UGA didn't even cover the spread.. 14 points for an entire half against UK is horrid. SC scored nearly as much as UGA did on UK..
By the way UGA is going, and their power house performance against UK lol (14-7) we are so terrified of your offense LOL!
Is it any wonder why Forest Gump's character was from Bama? =)
Thig, your mad cause your sister turned out to be a horrible wife.. lol Stay strong homie! lol
"Alabama fans do not hesitate to disagree with each other". Wow, your actually bragging about that.. lol. Do you now see why we call you gumps?
BoondockSaint, say it to my face punk. "Should be done run off? Did you graduate middle school? My take is exactly in agreement with the majority. The SEC needs to fix the officiating and fake dives. That is why fans reacted the way they did you dense ignant toothless
Sorry, not that impressed with Bama this year. They look far less offfensively capable than Ole Miss lol. Young is not going to burn us with this legs and our D limited Corral and Young isn't better than Corral by any stretch. The Bama offensive line isn't elite running the ball or anywhere near it. The D can be ran on as UF and A&M attested. MSU, no offense to them, but they aren't good and around AR's level of play. The reason TN had a slightly lower pass D was because we played Pitt, who also has a better offense than Bama. Bama by 30 is a joke. This team will be lucky to win by 17. If they indeed win. Yes Bama, you really don't look imposing as the past several years.
What? UGA are over rated chumps with little offense and an overrated D that hasn't seen one good offense all year.. No man, this is not their 1980. lol
I remember when men were men, not virtue signaling betas looking for likes in the land of social media. All to be told, they are a good good person and not mean spirited. lol Vomit.
Mountain Dog no bro, its European soccer and they really have killed people during games.. lol Bad analogy.
Understand and excusing are too different things. You can understand why something happened without condoning it. I know, it strains your mind to comprehend it. Ex, a guy comes up and brushes your girl's butt walking by, asks to give her his phone number, flirts incessantly all day and finally you had enough, you do the unthinkable and bash him with a water bottle. Now your going to jail for assault. well, I don't condone what you did but I understand why you did it. It had been building for some time. But deep inside, I'm glad you stood up and asserted your ignored point of view. See now?
Fuzzy, on the money with everything you said. The failure also for the SEC to fix its officiating and cheat injury dives is destroying the reputation of the pure game. You can understand the fans behavior without excusing it.
Winterhead, its proof you overblown in your mind what transpired. It could mean your been chickified by feminists and taught to virtue signal. I'm just sayin.. its very possible.LOL
LOL VolandUSNavy Amen.. Someone should have thrown Kiffin a copy of his divorce settlement. It was pretty one-sided and heavy enough to cause unconsciousness. Than someone remind me again why he waves to the
BBN , we just paid the fine by having to read your dumb scribbles just now.. lol
Booches, do you know why your team sucks? Because your McDonald money bag gullible LOL. You still believe that happened, my gawd
SunDevil, how about the SEC fixing the issues that created this reaction huh? Officiating and cheating dives. Fix that and nothing is thrown at Neyland. It's a small fine because someone in the SEC Commission feels had they fixed those issues, nothing would be tossed at Neyland. FACT.
Lane would have three losses if the SEC did their job and fixed the fake injury Ole Miss epidemic and the officiating. They created this reaction, they should pay their own fines. Disgrace to college football.
Omg, just go back to the sticks hillbilly your delusional. Cause and effect beard neck, cause and effect. Think.
LG, people didn't throw things because of booze, they threw things because the SEC created all this. By not addressing the horrid officiating issue and cheat dives.. Their reaction was culmination of this that has been ongoing. Third game Ole Miss did this in a row. They would have three losses right now if the SEC did their job and not a bottle thrown at Neyland.
Omg, quite virtue signaling redneck! No one cares. lol You all can even get a ballot count right.. STH up lol