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Considering the result of the packed Super bowl with no masks as well as many other sporting and gathering events there should be no issues packing a stadium. Of course 2020 will always be the year that sports will have to decide if they are going to use their common sense and if they will really believe that flu deaths just stopped for 2020 altogether while many deaths were supposedly, "attributed" to Covid.. Sooner or later you have to ask yourself, "is there something else going on here?".
Scoreboard.. LOL You were only good when Heupel was at Mizzou molding Drew Lock. Since than, in our worst year and during a pandemic, we still ran over you lol
VFL1974 You are excommunicato from Vol nation. Turn in your Jersey and proceed to the Knoxville mission lol. Wow dude, all it took was some clueless Bama fan opinions and you fold faster than a JP kicked chalk board.. lol. Saban literally copied his offense from UCF 2017. Heupel knows that system better than Saban. Have some faith man. There is a reason the SEC does not schedule UCF for out of conference. Think about it.
ablongstick You are bleeding nonsense because you didn't do yoru homework. TN's depth isn't an issue as much as you or anti-Heupel fans hope. He's never his this much dept at UCF. Recuriting 65th and look what he did there? Even Frost before that. Tn even with a top 15 recruiting ranking 6 years ago still only won 7 games. It was a coaching problem. Anyone really believe TN was really only as good as a 3 win school last year? The players quit on a coach they didn't want to play for. Evident by how many wanted to leave. Still yet, the D has more depth than the offensive at the line. TN will win at least 7 games this season. UGA and TN play in November. TN owns UGA in Nov no matter how bad TN is. If the D is 50 percent better and the offense if putting up 30 plus a game, TN could win 9 games.
tiger TD You can start talking when you start beating TN again. In the meantime, go waste your money in Branson lol. You got players at Mizzou screaming to end the police and burn down the cities.. Please try selling crazy someplace else. lol
AF, its been how many years since LSU committed its offenses and yet, no hammer. That was a school that didn't even self-investigate. If and when the NCAA ever finished, you might be dead of old age. lol Also, you really didn't believe that McD's money bags was a real thing...did you?
Corch, its funny you calling people hillbillies that live north of UGA.. Its like a dem calling a rep a cheater.. LOL Re re lol
Fuzzy. When you are implementing a system that worked on offense as well as Heupel did, you can expect a fairly quick turnaround. Coaches and media know this. Many that don't like TN are the biggest offenders of idiocy when it comes to knowing anything football related. This coach has had good success. At Mizzou and UCF and going back to his assistant coaching days. You cannot apply the same old same old "its going to take a long time". Sure it could but with his system winning titles in today utilized in other programs, sir it wont be long before TN is winning titles.. Its that vastly different and is undefeated in football today. The SEC literally copied their offensive schemes from UCF 2017 and beyond. There is a reason the SEC does and did not schedule UCF as an out of conference opponent.
Tidefan. What are you talking about. The TN D looks good. Its returning mostly everyone with the exception of a couple that were good in 19 but horrid in 20. TN never has a bad D. If the offense isn't producing, the D gets the blame after pulling triple overtime. No d in the world is going to last more than quarters with no offensive production. Also, running the scheme that we did last year which wasn't a good scheme, they still played well until the offense failed to produce. Football 101 dude.
Mountain Dog TN's D wasn't a bad D until later in games. If the offense isn't producing, no D in the world is going to keep pulling triple overtime and lead to a win or prevent a blowout. Just ask your own dogs this. UF and Bama steamrolled your D. Clubbed like helpless baby seals because your D couldn't catch a breath pulling overtime duty. If your not putting up more than 30 a game, your not winning much. Your offense is garbage right now sir. You have no receivers and a transfer with a trick knee with 3 games under his belt and only two in the SEC. Two bad teams and a Cincy team you were lucky to escape with a win.
What a fact less garbage article full of nonsensical stupidity. The D looks better than it has in a while. Switching schemes up to a 4-3 will be huge plus the added speed on the outside linebackers. Also, looks whose coaching the D. SEC D minded coaches. Another fact. Heupel wasn't getting many 4 and 5 stars on D at UCF, yet he still beat some very good teams while maintaining a top three offense. Who did we really lose? Only a couple of the players you mentioned had anywhere close to an average to good season last year. Some that left were why we lost some huge games, especially on the O'line and QB position. Also many players that decommitted never stepped foot on the field. Four or five stars or not. Also, even if those guys didn't leave they would all be learning a new system on D and Offense. So there is no advantage from one player to another. All have to learn and perfect a new system. Your dumb article would make more sense of JP was still the head coach. Also, a drop back passer that is 70 percent accuracy passing is going to do better in Heupel's system over a 50 to 60 percent dual who has no chance at being prolific at the long ball. In case you missed it, duals aren't winning natties or many championships today. It much easier to train a prolific pocket passer to scramble when he needs to than it is to teach a dual threat to be consistent at passing, especially the long ball. Burrows is what you can have when you teach a very good passer to scramble. Just admit your too young to remember when TN was very good and you just hate to see things change. Otherwise you feel like your cheating on UGA or Bama.
He's more worried how UGA is going to look on offense and D. That secondary can't cover their own eyes.. QB lobs here and there isn't an offense nor dynamic.
Negan, your team is already weak, especially against good passing teams that don't have to pretend they have a dynamic offense, and and hide that fact with transfer portal QB with bad knees. Wouldn't it be nice for you to go ahead and accept that you don't have an offense and you can see what disasters you need to work on for the upcoming Summer? LOL I mean your already down to zero receivers. In all honesty, we could all see exactly why UGA can't cover the secondary. I'd sit JT though, once you get a knee injury, you never want to over work it, even for a scrimmage.
Booches94 Accept it, Branson Missouri will always be a boring money trap dump compared to Pigeon Forge,Tn LOL
The more she sings, the more masculine she looks. Do you think she's really a ...? Yup.
LOL@ UGA to win it all! LOL. Ok, let's see. No experienced go to receivers, with an offense that yet to see one season of passing production. It all resting on a transfer with a bad knee with little experience whose only beaten two bad teams and one decent cincy team and barely beat them. A team that has no dynamic spread offense to speak up and a D thats slipped and inept against prolific passing in the secondary. LOL Remind me again how they are going to win it all? LOL UF will still beat UGA because every player is still running the spread offense scheme that UGA has yet to learn.
brain, dude. What we are trying to say is TN's D has been and will be better than Ole Miss's D. Even in our worst season we've gotten stops. Especially for one half of football. TN's D's are good when they are coached by someone who knows what they are doing with an offense. That hasn't been he case at TN in a while. Now we have an SEC D coached defense with a UCF scheme offense.. Mizzou never had the talent TN has had on D!! So yeah, Mizzou recruits like crap and so Heupel's offense got no help from the D. That won't be the case at TN.
TN's offense will still be far better than Mizzou's lol. Even at our worst we simply ran over you at the line, and with a couple of passes. You should pin your comment as well or show us yours from last
Keith Dixon That is not what system Heupel is running. The Pac12 pro style is used but not run properly anywhere in college football to perfection. The spread offense is. That is what Heupel is running in the SEC. Leach was piss poor at attempting to run a pro-style NFL in his first season in the SEC. So it was either really one for a game or really off when they got to better secondaries.
poptiger. TN can do this effectively for one half. If they don't produce offense in the second half it can get ugly fast and they will be out there on D pulling double duty and break. But with even a slightly better offense, they will be scoring more and winning more games.
Tiger TD. Lets be real. The SEC D's have all taken a nose dive. UGA looks like SC's D of two years ago.. None can stop prolific passing. TN will still mix it up but passing to the hashes is going to be routine. No SEC D's has an easy time with UCF's, now TN's scheme on offense. It's already beaten good SEC schools. Auburn for one, same one that beat Bama that year. Barely lost to LSU in 18. There is a reason the SEC does not schedule UCF as an out of conference. LOL Now you get it?
Red and Black. Nonsense. As much as TN D has had to do in every game, with a improved offense they still won't be out there nearly as long as they have been the past 3 years. For TN to be gassed this season, their offense would have to be bad and their D. Despite even this, TN had leads at halftime over good schools.
Thats true but that's not the reason TN's D took a slide late in the season. Half the players knew JP was on his way out and by the end of the season. So, its easy to see what happens when your offense isn't out there. Also, TN's D wasn't a bad D going into last year, they just needed some time off the field with a productive offense. After TOP being that lopsided all season, with a good offense TN won't be out there nearly as long as they have been the past 3 seasons plus. The D will actually stop someone this year for more than just a half . Not bad for a team a season ago playing without a line coach for half the season.
What did we show? Joy for sweeping your team? There is no crying in baseball. No apologies. LSU is a good team with a cry baby coach when he's swept.
Well this just simplified things a little more. Salter was a long shot to start any games this season but you sure don't like to see this. The main QB battle hasn't changed. Bailey, Hooker and on.
Heupel seems to have this scheme. A speed O'line is needed to consistently keep a bigger D away from your QB in a quck release QB system. You don't have to win the battle at the line, but delay it consistently with good speed. This nullified many good D's UCF came up against. The appear to block the D line off to the side since they get off quicker and in doing so, avoid the head on battles. This consistently gives the QB longer to throw in a system already designed for tempo. The receivers tall, fast and get you out in one on one. With enough practice and speed, height helps, you win those one on one battles at the hashes downfield. With those three issues covered, QB,O'line speed and WR, and done to top 5 perfection, you can play with anyone.. Its how Ole Miss and UF were right there with Bama.
JG was just that bad. Consistently he could not compete with the long ball with other QB's. Most of the time he was dead last. Bailey, Maurer, Hooker appear more able in this category. It sounds so nuts how letting it rip could make a team that much better but it does. Look at Ole Miss? They have next to no one on D, one good QB and couple good wide receivers and a O'line that gives the QB just enough time.. and boom, you can nearly knock off Bama.. Sad but true. UF, same thing.
Pillsbury, Yep, TN never recovered from Fulky being out nor adjusted. But that elbow could be the reason Fulky comes back for a final season, if indeed he does.