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No one here needs to be a medical expert in order to find legit unabiased stats on this virus and think from there. Real stat is mortality has fallen to 0.04%. Thats the level of mortality risk of the common flu. Particularly for this age group. By next week that number will be smaller. Why are you quoting experts whom aren't working at the highest levels that advise POTUS? Those people actually have something to lose if they are wrong.
Not so. Why? Because from a legal standpoint, no one can be sued. Players die yearly, somewhere in college football. Plus, he's relying on sound medical advice. Statistically speaking for the age group there is a 0.04% chance of anyone dying from it for the age group. In other words, a regular seasonal flu risk. You can bet in the event someone did, it would sure be under close eyes to make sure he didn't pass from a car wreck, and had anti-bodies in his system from having had it and recovered and it be listed as a covid19 death. You'd need a pretty serious underlining condition for this age group for that to happen. It sounds like Sankey realizes this and his medical advisers.
So Iowa st can play. High schools even with fans. Their rival game destroyed. If your a Hawkeye fan today, you see its insane and unfair. I see a mass exodus of the Big10 if this plays out like most credible non-biased health officials think it will.
Well, we just heard the rona update at 5:30. All cases in states are going down and pretty quick. His new Covid19 admin was there. Dr Atlas, concurred, stats read off..This is about someone whom leans left and loathes Trump and could care less about sports. Plain and simple. Its political. Can't let the Covid19 brohs win if the facts are not on their side. No way any of them could be sued for it either. No one catches rona during a game, and no one would sue because no way to track down whom exactly spread it to you and so forth. So to pretend there is some risk of liability here is insane. There might be some for being contracted to play live games for a season, taking that TV revenue and doing no games.. That is a real risk.
I'm all for it. Sankey is a wait and see guy but also is says he nearly called the season. I think if it were explained to him the importance to play to safeguard, maybe he than will be open to playing OSU and Nebraska.
Why? He still would have only gotten one year. This year. Couldn't see Smart after all these years benching Fromm for Fields last year. Either way, its a waste of talent to only get that one year.
None of this is difficult. Its the left coast. Birthplace of cancel culture. Athletics out there have been at odd with the left culture that runs the schools.
Wow,that sounds like dodge city reasoning to me. There is no legal means in which a conference commissioner could command a team not to play another from outside the conference. All that team would need to do is declare for that season that they are no longer a member of that conference for a given time. A school is independent and viewed as such by the government and therefore just because you are a member of a college sports conference does not give any commissioner any legal means in which chancellors are beholden to commissioners. Any school can leave any conference for any reason at any time.
In Greg Sankey's world, three SEC players on average die over the course of three years and we've had higher numbers than that. These articles are a dime a dozen. They are part of the cancel culture that always support athletics as being, "too toxic" and should be discontinued. This kind of nonsense articles are largely ignored by wise directors and commissioners. They know what their intended purpose is. Hot seats aren't just for coaches. There's a better chance of a player dying from escaping from lock-downs to party and party hard because "who knows when you can get away again".
As a Vol fan, I agree with your logic here. We have the best O'line since the 90's and a D thats pretty good too and its unconscionable for us Vol fans to even think they would never take the field this year.
I like some of your added rules. Especially the pass interference rule. That would eliminate all the bad calls on no-calls. If no one wants to go along with your plan for various reasons, one could always form a at large conference made up of schools that opt out of adhering to their conference should they play the cancel culture game. One person with possible political motivations should not be able to nullify player futures and possible financial compensation for trivial reasons and liability.
Agreed. Those schools that say they'd wait till the Spring are only giving lip service to quell the pushback. They would cancel just after the holidays with all the ramifications you mentioned.
This is a fantastic idea.Especially when you consider the SEC didn't flinch from certain media that put out fake rumors of secret meetings supposedly deciding to cancel the Big 10 and all power 5. The SEC takes this wait and see "whats actually occurred" approach and not mere media anti-football cancel culture tactics. Do not base your actions on what left leaning schools decide. If Ryan Day and Frost want to play in the SEC this year, the more the merrier. Want to bet they caught wind of this SEC mentality of ,"we are playing no matter and who does what" and wanted to be a part of that when they announced they'd love to play in the SEC this year if their conference cancels? You can also bet that if Sankey canned the conference, individual schools from the SEC along with others outside the conference would find a way to play. The NCAA nor the SEC Commission would penalize any of them. How would that age? Not well.
Yes, its called showing us. Keeping your word. Obama hates athletics and if a dem were in office, football would be cancelled, than defunded.. Guess you'd be cool with that huh? Maybe if you cared more about policing Gainesville's campus safety blue lights than you do about Trump, you might actually prevent some real crime
Maybe he just knows what it means to us. If you like football and your not a complete idiot,maybe say thanks to a POTUS who actually isn't afraid to support college football. Obama would have laughed and toasted as cancel culture attempted to end sports..Thats guts and guts is enough.
Why not? Its been only him fighting to end the corruption you liberals started decades ago..He might be a city slicker but he's done far more than anyone in UF has for ending trafficking. Your welcome.. Go SEC!
GA gave us Jimmy Carter, whom gave us Billy, who was given Billy Beer. Please, for that alone, no Georgian can anything about presidents until at least 2050 lol
Georgia, LSU, and FloridaLook, I get it. Someone has to play the “little guys” of the conference, but why does it get to be three of the top four teams in the conference? Put it this way, four of the 14 teams in the SEC have a conference record addition of 11 wins at minimum, while these three teams have an extra 11 SEC wins between them.
If all of football is cancelled this fall, one thing for sure will happen. Several "athletic leaders", will be looking for new jobs by Christmas. Why? As new data showing massive faulty cdc data for Covid19 cases and deaths increases and schools opening,and week by week with no cases and after Nov 3rd elections are over, the pandemic (which by definition,its mortality rate now fails to meet) will be history. Recognition of the politicization of Covid19 must be recognized and examined, independent of MSM death scares. The fans and players understand this. The coaches know this as well. Fans will not be forgiving. Believe this one.
Thats who we would be adding at TN. Adding Auburn in place of LSU to me is a harder game. Yes, i think Auburn will beat LSU this year.
Problem is everyone borders TN cept Mizzou and A&M, and SC is only a few hundred miles away. We'd be calculating down to the mile.
Agreed. As a TN fan, playing Auburn this year feels like a tougher game than LSU or OU. Both LSU and OU have lots way more than Auburn. Auburn came the closest to beating LSU last year.
It amounts to teams complaining that they play as many good teams as TN does every year. Replacing LSU with Auburn isn't much of a change for TN. Nixing OU and adding an LSU or Auburn is a harder schedule.
Sweden is just about at herd immunity. Also, the CDC criteria for categorizing a covid19 death has come under extreme scrutiny and has been found to be erroneously classifying deaths as covid19 and for many months. Chances are you know no one under 60 personally thats died from Covid19. Unless they were in a car accident, alcohol poisoning, and many other deaths caused by other things other than actual Covid19. The CDC has never categorized this way until Covi19. Right now as the CDC definition of a positive case stands, if your 24 and die in any manner and if you have trace immunities and antibodies of Covid19 you are listed as a Covid19 death.
Tennessee still gets hosed. Replacing a would be added LSU with Auburn amounts to no change. Auburn lost last year to LSU by a razor thin margin and to UGA by a score. TN would stills plays three to five teams plus Auburn. Alabama,UGA,UF and Auburn. TN having Bama every year should be factored in.Stunned you think UF or Bama's schedule would be worse,especially when those ,"ARE" top five caliber teams. And say what you want but OU would not be a top 4 team in the SEC. Not with they lost and no D.
The current consensus by scheduling. TN will add Ole Miss and LSU to the schedule.
It looks like we Vol fans are going to be adding Ole Miss and LSU to our schedule.
I can understand if this virus has a mortality rate higher than the common cold, it does but just barely. We need not be afraid what other schools whom have a vested "left" interest in shutdowns are doing. We can't be a prisoner to fear mongering. I'd rather play a full schedule with a smaller in stadium fan base than trash the season with conference only. Those smaller schools are praying all 5 power conferences don't all fold to fear. This is an attempt at shutting down sports, nothing more. Sometimes you have to evaluate facts and not pander to fear. Once we go down this path, there is no coming back.
Yes, but at least TN never lost to a team that didn't give a bowl game. UGA losing to SC to me just seems worse. BYU and GA ST aren't bad teams. GA ST actually had a better offense, especially at QB than UGA. Not having a more dynamic scheme showed how even Vandy can put up better numbers against LSU while UGA...well. We can take our lumps and learn with what we had to play with on the field. UGA had all this talent and was at the bottom of the league in points per game.