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UGA was elite on ground D, not air D. Evidenced in the TN game as a freshman making his debut marched down the field and put up way more yard than he should have against a supposed elite air D. Also, when UGA faced upper tier QB, they were shredded. Got less of all that coming back this year for me to think elite UGA D this year. Also throw in better UF, TN and yes Bama teams this year, over last year. TN and UF are building programs to beat playoff teams, UGA's coaching staff without developing the secondary D and a dynamic passing attack is merely looking to hold off the SEC east. Notice recruiting in the SEC. Love UGA but not the coaching staff.
Based on what? The three players they relied on for wins are gone and also their O'line are a bunch of newbies. Without a more dynamic passing attack this season, UGA could lose to UF, TN, Bama and a few others. They aren't beating Bama in week three with a average QB making his SEC debut. Period. Until I see different dynamic offensive coaching at UGA, this will be a UGA team lucky to win 9 or 10 games.
Wrong. TN owns you at the line this season and a host of more talent this season over last. You faced a freshman QB against TN. This isn't happening this year, but should you it will be against Bailey. A vastly better QB than Muarer was. Also, how are you going to stop TN this year on the ground TN can run on you with a better O'line and a host of better backs? TN will have a much easier time scoring on UGA overall than UGA will have scoring on TN. Plus, when TN has a winning record in November, UGA has only beaten TN once, 1973. By the time November rolls around, your going to be facing TN's starting QB out of a possible 7 talented QB's, not a freshman making his debut. Before any games played and until i see otherwise. TN beat UGA. When TN has a winning record, on average we have no issues winning in Athens.
You think by week 3 when you play Bama, Newman will be ready for the SEC vs his former conference? LOL. In the SEC, without an elite experienced line protecting him, he'll still be running for his life by the end of the season.Your replacing four starters on your O'line, so no elite line on O and a lot of newbies on D. Now that new QB you all got coming in, get him in early and often. You'd be essentially breaking in two new QB's with a slight edge to Newman, and doing it in one season. Do this so you don't have to start a brand new newby next year.
Allow me to point out the unmistakable truth about the losses UGA has suffered since 2017. It lies on the coaching and Smart. Fromm wasn't utilized nearly enough as a passer because Smart was hell bent on a ground game, not a pass attack. Your delusional if you think he's going to start this season making passing a priority. I will believe it when i see it. Secondly, Fromm got worse as his years went on at UGA because he wasn't utilized as a passer. He was a glorified play caller. Newman will be the next. Three players and down SEC east the last number of years made it possible for UGA to get to Atlanta, but sadly did not equal wins against elite and at times way lesser talented teams. Now you want us to believe he'll wake up this year and rely more on a dynamic passing scheme and an offense line that is replacing four starters for it? In the midst of three key players gone. Fromm, a storied running back and a great kicker. Something drastically has to change at UGA this season to get to 10 regular season wins. Not impossible, just at this point, don't see it and need to see it in the coaching first.
At this point, picking UGA to beat Bama would be like picking Vandy to beat LSU. Though Vandy did prove they could put up points on LSU. UGA could somehow be a pass heavy offense this year,but Smart is anti-air attack unless his backs against the Wall. I would have picked a close game if say a QB like JT.Daniels came to UGA instead of Newman and hope Smart would wise up and choose to utilize a more dynamic passing scheme every game.
I still don't see it as Fromm. Remember, whose in charge of preparing players to perform. The coaching staff at UGA failed to continue to develop Fromm's passing, particularly the long ball. When UGA were playing cupcakes they refused to execute passing schemes and reform new ones. It was ground or bust and that over a few years corroded Fromm's ability and surely hampered them when they needed it against better teams like Bama, LSU, Texas, even SC. With improvements at TN's lines this season as well as a few other schools, UGA is not going to be able to ground game out wins as easily. Also baffling was the continued benching of Fields when he was there. I get Fromm was the starter but virtually no playing time for a player of Fields caliber only solidifies in my mind, UGA's issues stem from coaching, not from a quality player aspect. So, until I see a dramatic change in the coaching at UGA, 9 or 10 wins regular season but without dramatic change, fewer than 9 could happen.
This was exactly my findings concerning Newman. Against the better teams he wasn't good. Now lets bump up the level of D play in the SEC, give him inexperienced receivers, cept for one and tout him as a Heisman watch..LOL. I'm not picking on UGA but they have never finished at the end of the season where they were pre-season ranked, or anywhere close to it, except for the 2017 season. Also, change as many coaches as they can and they feel this should not effect execution.
If the Vols beat OU, I think they beat UF and UGA. Also UGA has only one win in November against TN when TN has a winning record(1973). If TN excels in its passing game, with a very strong O'line taking the field they can make a run at the better teams of the SEC. Its easy to tout as a elite secondary D when the only really good QB beat you 37-12. TN's new offensive scheme this season is developing Bailey, Muarer and JG into elite passers. Imo Bailey has the best potential for this pro-style system. Transfer portal JT Daniels would be an excellent pro-style mentor for Bailey should he come to TN.
UGA's strong recruiting class that they have had will somehow win the big games in 2020. #Dawglogic
Over. This TN team looks to be better than the squad that faced OU a few years back. TN plays OU well because they player better teams by comparison to OU. Why the hype over UGA with a question mark transfer QB? If they lost to SC, they certainly can lose to a stronger TN team this year. Too many questions for UGA for me to think its an auto for UGA. UGA has only beaten TN once in November all time when TN has a winning record(1973). UGA elite ground D, not elite secondary D. If you can throw the ball well, you can trounce UGA. TN played Bama tough and I expect it to be a winnable game for either team. UF has alot of questions in secondary coverage and TN's O'line should win the push. If TN excels in its passing game a win in UF is possible. Start Bailey if he appears ready and JG is most effective when he does not start a game but is in relief. TN has good receivers and potential stars at this position and isn't elaborated well on by the media. Lets also not forget two of them are 6'5 and basketball players with good size and hands. Pre-season last year the hype was TN had no receivers and look how that ended. 9-3 regular season but not surprised if win more than 9.
Wrong. The longest win streak UGA ever had on TN was 5(decades ago). UGA never beat TN in the 90's. It took a decade long plus collapse at UT in its AD and administration for you to merely even the series. Given what both teams have had as far as players its embarrassing for UGA to have had the losses it has had. On average when TN is a 9 plus win team, UGA losses more than they win. We all know why TN hasn't been stellar the last 12 years. Admin relying on boosters for hiring coaches and AD's. That all ended two years ago and since, TN has been surging back. What we don't know is why UGA is not only losing the big games but by a larger margin and are starting to lose to way inferior teams. Say what you want but BYU and GA St were bowl teams and sadly, better than SC.
Let me defeat your argument with this simple logic. In 2017 and any year that UGA has wont the SEC title game, they avoided playing Bama, and in one year ended up losing to them in the playoff in 17. Sure, UGA has had great recruiting classes but production and a dynamic offense are still missing at UGA. Kirby isn't a great coach and most likely performing below average. No dynamic offensive scheme and fails to allow backups like Fields to take the field in cake walk games. His team hemorrhages players due to arrest, conduct and he has ever-changing OC,DC and other staff. This is the first year we get to find out if this is a Jim Donnan level UGA team this year and how much of Smart's success was due to Fromm, a storied running back and a great kicker whom are all gone. As well as how much success will UGA have against surging teams like UF and TN? So how much as recruiting helped UGA? Enough to win while being lucky. Over the last 4 years UGA has only beaten two top or fifteen teams that had 7 or more wins for two consecutive seasons. Auburn and UK, but TN as bad as they were beat those teams too.
Here is what Pruitts doing differently that negates any changes. He's in a sense over recruiting. At least 8 more than this limit, whereas if he gets flips and he will, he wont miss a beat landing a percentage of his overage potential recruits. Also judging from whom he's passed on in the last week, makes us all wonder who in the world does he believe he has in the bag. This UT recruiting staff is the most aggressive I have seen in my 40 plus years of following UT. Its one thing to simply recruit the highest stars possible, its another to specifically target selected 4 and 5 stars who fit his system. Last seasons UT run was only possible due to this system.
Lets examine what that "former" elite recruting did for UGA. It earned them trips to Atlanta sure, but how many times did they win it? All made possible by two things for UGA to get to Atlanta. UF and TN have been down (but surging again). Secondly, UGA avoided playing Bama in the SEC title game. UGA has never beaten Bama in an SEC title game. In 2017 it allowed the sun to shine on a dawg. With as much talent as UGA has had, losing to SC and humbled by the SEC elite(LSU,Bama) and close calls with UF and Auburn and a bowl loss to Texas one must ask if not when that much talent was there for them to win, than when? As it is currently, TN by far is out recruiting UGA
Here's the rub Bayou tiger. No one has been re-evaluated lately due to covid19. Many of these three stars still have a year of playing to bring them to 4 star level if not more. Your crying 3 star when they have missed spring practices and have yet to play their senior year.
Once again, no one has been updated lately due to covid19! He's still the NO 2 in the state of GA and by the time all is said and done with re-evals, he'll be a 4 at least. Next you people will say Cade Mays somehow is now a 3 star. Best of luck to the Dawgs, except against us.
Your sitting at #19 in recruiting. Secondly, you lost to SC, your missing an offense and a pass coverage secondary that didn't embarrass itself against grounded teams no average QB's, but did against good passers. You O'line coming back isn't going to match up well against TN's. To say Kirby isn't concerned is a huge understatement. This looks like a Jim Donnan level type team coming back.
Remember, during covid19 many players have not had the opportunity to be "evaluated updated". Don't judge him by the stars, this is still the NO 2 in the state of GA and there is time for him to be upgraded and that is most likely a given.
Wrong. For one, UGA isn't bringing back nearly the team they even had last year. UF is still a question mark against passing offenses. UGA secondary was NOT elite, the ground was. UGA has a lot more question marks on both sides of the ball than TN. TN was one error away from a seven point game late in the 4th. Played them close but loose. OU. A team TN plays even when we have less a few years ago. This team on paper looks to be better than the 2014-2015 squad, especially the O'line,, quite possibly a top 5 line. UGA is looking at losses to Bama, UF, Auburn and possibly TN. They are not going to win all four and most likely drop two or three of those, just based off what they have coming back. Also, UGA has only one win in November against TN in its history when TN has a winning record (1973).
Elway is not Generation X.Too old, but great article, makes a lot of sense to me. One also can't argue Elway's lack of production at QB outside of Manning.