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Yes, its kind of like celebrating your anniversary with your girlfriend as she prepares to go on a long extended vacation with another man whom she intends on having some kind of commitment with.. yeah, it sounded better in my head. lol
It seems that ESPN has abandoned the Big12 for bigger and greener pastures or conferences. Not a light to the big12 but it seems maybe ESPN thinks the future is in super conferences and does not see the Big 12 at being one of them. Keep an eye on how they view the pac12 and the ACC in comparison moving forward.
Yep and go ahead and build that big wooden thing again! No fear!
I'm with you gator. Take the money. Not living in fear here but it was way too easy and early to call it a season for many teams last year due to the rona. Especially with high schools. Get out while you can to a football school that will do heaven and earth to have a season. We also know how much rona derailed the ranking system of athletes.
And so it begins. Stay your senior year, miss out on the big money or get a leg up on your QB competition at your committed school. Or maybe he thinks HS football could be affected by potential rona this fall and wants to get while the gettins good.
I think your right. I think schools have been approached for weeks now and few if anyone publicly had any idea it was going on. I think many conferences are making phone calls just in case the SEC ends up with not only two more teams but 20 plus. Nothing lost to them if only OU and UT come.
That is for re-election purposes only I assure you as it has a snowballs chance of succeeding. lol No, not even that much.
Suwanee was a brutal school back in their day. Legit SEC blood sportsman. I would love to see Suwanee make a return. It's not like they don't have some deep pockets.
AFan, if the ACC loses the next best two to four teams talent wise after Clemson, after all this shakes out, "IF", that were to happen, than Clemson staying in that conference all of the sudden makes a lot less sense. Who is going to go watch Clemson club every single member of a what would amount to talent wise of a sun belt like conference? Plus, every season than would come challenges of SOS.
Its one thing to add an OU to the mix. A very good team, but bring in a team that has beaten the best SEC school, well thems fightin words huh gumps? LOL
Why is why they should bring back Sewanee! lol. Clemson i think might not be that opposed to joining the SEC if the ACC is raided of the next 2 to 4 best schools. Than what does the ACC really have?
One thing not mentioned is what if some Divison II's came up to the big time. There are a number of schools out there that could make that jump. Some schools in the Dakotas and Montana. Why I would even lobby to bring back Sewanee.
fuzzy, Miami in the SEC or FSU is quite interesting. If FSU came in UF would go absolutely insane and make the A&M fit look like toddler cotton candy fits. Rage would be the better word. So yep, lets do it.. I also remind uT that UT was UT 108 years before uT existed. .lol
There are a few ways out of media deals. Where an old deal can be re-negotiated for a more lucrative one for both parties. It can also carry over into that new conference with other potential schools. The media deals have never been a tight glue for any school that really wanted to leave a conference. Watch how OU and UT work this and you'll get a great lesson in what can be done with the majority of parties find a way out at the lowest cost.. ESPN has been hemorrhaging ratings for some time now. They for one, are a lot more open to change now than they were even two years ago. Plus, what a good way to get into the good graces of the viewers. Also, no specific media wants all the heat on them. "We'd love to go but NBC and Fox, well....". You'd be surprised how that can work in your favor.
I agree. The pods imo, would also make it easier for more teams to come later if they wanted join the SEC. Every other year can be a good thing, rathe than getting pummeled with the majority of top five teams on a yearly bases. You could be potentially play 3,4 or even more on a yearly basis depending on how everything shakes out.
What if the ACC is poached of the next 4 best teams after CU? What does Clemson do than with a very weakened conference that only had a couple of premier programs? What is left for them to add to bolster that conference? They could utter a peep of indication to join the SEC and would greatly benefit.
Tennessee would love to renew the old rivalry of TN vs UNC. Back in the day it was as heated as any rivalry TN has had.
This is a pander move. Someone trying to get noticed. Imagine having the gall to move a bill that would tell a University what they can and can't do when it comes to athletic conferences. Go pound sand sir.
They could be making this move to try and prevent the SEC from further going to 20 or plus teams. Maybe trying to get the next best two to four teams?
I guess you slept through last year huh gump? lol Just hide and watch..
How anyone isn't getting why these expansion(s) are talking place is dumbfounding. Short memories of a Big12 commissioner who was too quick to attempt to end the Big12 season last year before it began(insert also the pac12). This was a business decision based on the actions of idiotic woke conference commissioners decisions from last year. Do you want your school's season to be cancelled to make your commissioner look great for politicians that are trying to cancel sports as whole? The same people giving advice to the NBA? LOL. UT and OU are just the first two and of course want to be in the only conference that did not bow to these people who think football is toxic masculinity. Sorry but someone had to say it. Of course the money sure makes this right sensible decision The pac12 with their conference heads are living on borrowed time. Some schools out the pac12 actually value football.
If there was a team that could get away with being in the SEC and be from the state of Ohio, its Cincy. Its 80 miles from Lexginton, KY to Cincy,Oh. That less than half the distance from UK to Knoxville. Plus, Cincy was upset by UGA in their bowl A quality team that was a top ten last year.
"This expansion by the SEC now forces the BIG to expand just to keep pace and not fall even further behind.". LOL really?? Fall behind?? This decimates the Big12. Destroys it on every level.. Your more likely to get the remaining members join the AAC than the other way around.
Other schools outside of the Big12 saw how OU, uT and the entire conference was treated when it came to cancelling their season. Every idea was shot down and it took heaven and earth for a season to be played in one of the least hit areas of the nation for the rona. Yet that did not stop dear woke conference leader to try his best to shut it down.. Long memories my friend. Not many schools are going to be on board with joining the Big12, especially from the southern schools in the AAC. Sorry, just won't happen.
There are two reasons I think uT and OU will play in the SEC next year even though they have media deals extending to 2025. First, no way those two teams sit in the Big12 until after the 2025 season when that would hold them up from profiting and the rest of the SEC profiting. Sorry, but no one loves the media that much. Second, I don't think there will be a Big12 in short order. No conference sits on the inevitable and that is the Big12 won't survive losing both those teams. My guess, is it will be eaten by other conferences.
This is what happens to your conference when you arbitrarily attempted to cancel a season (2020) with little regard for other options allowing you to play. Big12, I'd advise you to start planning as though OU and UT will be playing in the SEC in 2022. Because UT and OU sure aren't going to wait until after the 2025 season to start SEC conference play.
Good luck Middleton. Even though the Big12 is on borrowed time.
Naw dude, don't be like that. You all beat UGA too, not just uT. lol
We gave them Sam Houston. We gave them Davey Crockett. Isn't' that enough?!! LOL