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Bama deserves the 3 spot? lol How? Bama beat a team that trailed SC, close games against AU, GT and seven first half slow starts. They beat a team whose best win was Mizzou. Bama shouldn't have found themselves ranked 8th. Top 5 or 6, ok, but not eight. You don't jump 4 teams because you beat an overrated UGA team who had a weak schedule or you broke their steak. UGA has the worse resume of any team in the top 7. FSU beat a top 15 team with a freshman QB whose only thrown 3 passes. Louisville was averaging over 400 yards a game, they got 183 last night. 33 points a game and they got 6 last night. Good D wins championships and QB 2 for FSU is a whole lot better than the freshman who played last night. Bama I could see move up to 6th, maybe even 5th but not top 4. FSU is a undefeated conference champion, they are getting in over Bama, because UGA might have been over rated and less impressive resume/schedule. But what we do know is that FSU is an undefeated conference champion. That just means more than beating a number one team. TN dropped 4 rankings to 5th after being ranked #1 in the playoff poll last year to a number 2 or 3 UGA. UGA got beat by a #8, so imo a 4 spot drop is very likely.
Wyoming, KS St and Houston are still better than USF, AU and Plus Bama had the nations longest home game winning steak spanning years and Texas broke it, convincingly. All of the sudden that doesn't mean anything? LOL. The Noles deserve to be in and so does Texas. But not Bama.
Whose going to score on that FSU D? They beat a top 15 team with a Freshman whose only threw 4 passing going into the game last night. Louisville was averaging over 400 yards a game. They got 184 last night. 33 points a game, they got 6 last night. lol Also, FSU will have their QB2 back for the playoffs. UGA and Bama imo, would not have score on FSU last You can't be the #8 team in a SECCG and think you should get in over 7 teams that just did and looked better than you all season. IF UGA was a stronger looking team, better resume and you if Bama was top 5 maybe even 6th, than you could ride the win, but not coming from 8th with 3 undefeated teams that all looked and played better than Bama all season.
Um, you got # wrong. lol. Also the comittee is looking at how these teams did all season in games. Texas looked and still looks better than Bama. UGA has not gone 1-0 against Bama since 2008. Texas did it this season and under relatively new management. Texas's resume, better than Bama's. One win against an undefeated UGA team in 23, does not mean you played and beat UGA teams 21 and 22 also lol. Bama is not jumping 4 spots because they beat a UGA team whose best win, was Mizzou. Anyone really believe Bama looked as good as Texas this season? Would they have needed a miracle to beat a 6 win AU team? No. Would they have struggled against USF? No. Would they be 3 point winners over AR at home? No. Is Milroe Quinn Ewers? No. If Bama was a top 5 team, than I could easily see them getting in but they were ranked 8th for a reason. No team has ever jumped 4 to get in this scenario or any scenario close to it. Picture this, let's say Bama does get in, and they get embarrassed in the first round of the playoffs. Than imagine how many fans and media will say, "Bama, it's truly over". And how they never belonged in the playoffs. Bama is improving again but red flags all season in games and stats. Texas beat you at home, same record and has looked the better team all season.
Bama, greater than FSU? No. Why? Picture all this. FSU needing a miracle to beat a 6 win AU who got owned by New Mexico State, struggled with USF and only scored, 17? Blown out by TN first half, won at home over AR by 3 points. Now can you definitely say FSU would have had those issues? The FSU D, just looks better than Bama's. Bama, 45th rushing team going into the SECCG. FSU did not lose at home to the 7th ranked team. Plus, they won't be using the freshman in the playoffs, their QB2 will be back. They are, "undefeated" conference champs. 1. UM 2. WA 3. Texas/FSU 4. FSU/Texas. Bama has not played well enough to jump 4 teams without any help, they did not get it. Au hasn't even discovered the forward pass and Bama needed a miracle to beat them. FSU, even with the Freshman, still beat a top 15 team. If Bama had to play a freshman today who wasn't a runner or a passer, they'd have lost to
Texas impressed today and did more either of these two teams this season. Sad, hate it but that is why we wanted Texas in the SEC. They beat the spread vs OK ST and had their backup QB's in late. For either to have a shot, Bama would have to jump 4 teams including Texas who beat them Bama at home, and FSU would have to lose, than there is the matter of OSU which has a way better loss(#2 Michigan). Very unlikely Bama jumps four teams, maybe two, 8th is too far down with how many undefeated teams there are and one loss teams with better losses, including a head to head. For UGA, you now could have the worst loss of any team ranked 2nd to 7th. Plus, UGA could have gotten a better out of conference foe, there was time, but they didn't and their regular season schedule didn't materialize any key top ten wins, except for Mizzou and most likely, but maybe could still be a top ten team, but Mizzou is ranked lower than the team that just beat them, Bama.
Ok, so we know that Mike Bobo isn't Monken when it comes to the run game, but you have to run well enough for the passing game to click. Bama just played closer in and stopped the receivers from getting those extra few yards for a first down all game long. So, the, "Hope", UGA had was Mike would put together a more effective passing game than Monken. It worked against lesser teams but not as well as it should have and didn't against anyone ranked within the top 15. Mizzou and Bama. For UGA, this is a tough year to get beat by a #8 in the last game before the final playoff rankings. The SECCG the loser is never automatically in.
Well, the signs were there. The best team UGA beat all season was Missouri. The SC trailing at the half, slow first half starts through 8 games, the AU and GT games. All the red flags were there. The first team that really challenges their lines, won't need to throw for massive yards to beat them. "An SEC team has been in all 9 CFP". Yes, true but in all those matchups, the SECCG both teams were ranked in the top 5. The ranking of the teams playing in the SECCG matters. This was a game, you'd rather have backdoored in becuase one team was ranked 8th. Lose that game and you could be left out. Last year was a better year to backdoor in though because there were fewer undefeated teams and had better losses than 8th. Now do you get it UGA why TN didn't want to risk playing Bama or UGA in the SECCG when they can just lose to UGA and back door in? TN went from #1 in the CFP poll to 5th after losing at UGA who was #2 or 3 and still fell to 5th. UGA should fall to at least fifth as they lost to #8 at a neutral site. We measure UGA on how many wins they have this season, now how many games they have won consecutively over the last 3 season.
Your delusional. If Bama beats UGA they are not jumping 4 teams! Not unless the right teams in three games lose. If Bama beats UGA than all that means is UGA isn't nearly as good as anyone thought they were. Plus, they haven't looked like a typical top 4 team all season. Close wins against less than teams, trailing SC at home. Nope, sorry. Bama blew it early on and hasn't really blown anyone out. Without a lot of help, even if Bama beat UGA, too much help to expect that to happen. Math. Bama already has the worst loss of any team ranked 2 through 7. Period. No matter if they beat UGA, they can't overcome that by beating an overrated UGA team. UGA's resume and schedule as a whole won't carry that kind of water. UGA never played anyone outside the conference that was even halfway good.
If Texas doesn't lose, Bama has no chance. Even a 1 loss WA would still have the better loss and that is only one spot. Bama isn't jumping 4 teams no matter how you look at it. You must weigh UGA on this season alone. Not consecutive wins. Their schedule was an easy one with no out of conference team that would boost them. UGA could have gotten a better out of conference foe but chose not too. They had plenty of time to schedule someone better. They didn't. This is the risk you run adding easy teams to your out of conference.
Oh, well why didn't you just say UGA 2021 is playing this game this weekend.. LOL All good, carry on than.. You think that team would ever trailed SC? Only put up 24 on them? LOL This team ain't those teams of 21 and 22.
That does not work if Bama's ranking is 8th and the team that beat them is 7th. That hasn't been the case during all this time over the last number of years. Because of that and a few undefeated teams, it's unlikely either gets in with a UGA loss. They are not putting in a one loss team to a #7 loss at home over an undefeated conference champ, their just not.
Sorry but they must weigh on who UGA is this year not the last two, just like every other team playing. If UGA's schedule was stronger and the out of conference of theirs was better, than an argument can be made for Bama. Also, if Bama was a better team like they have been the last few years, than yes. Btu this isn't 22 or 21, it's 23. If Texas beats OK ST they deserve to be in despite anything UGA has done the last two years and it's about Bama, not Texas. It's not impossible but Bama needs Texas to lose, OR to lose as well as FSU and that won't happen even if you beat UGA. The 4 best teams are opinionated and that varies. The most deserving teams are either undefeated or they didn't lose to the #7 team and lost against a team better than #7.
By final season SEC ranking, the SEC would take Milton over Milroe lol. Fact. Sorry dude but Heisman QB's don't need miracles against 6 win teams to beat them. They aren't winning by 3 over teams like AR who are on par with SC at home. We of course wanted Milroe benched, we have a better elite QB sitting on the bench, but, it's knowing what you have and you can't use him until it's his time. Bama got way far more treatment from the refs than AU got and anyone with a brain knows this. This leave you out than? LOL Facemask, clear as the sun shining, not called, holds every play, announcers confused and pointing this out. lol But you deny all you want... If your blocked into the kicker, it's not a penalty. One thing is for sure, we started your inevitable decline last We caused you to miss the playoffs and we'd have done it again if it wasn't for more ref help second half against TN. We bloew you out first have with a guy that SEC QB. We were jealous when you were good, so that was maybe 2 or 3 years gone now? lol Sp. And should you get a NY6, you most likely will get beat. You really good enough offensively to beat a WA, OR, MI, OSU, heck even Penn State? Imo, if you can't beat Texas at home, nope. So at the end of the season post season included, you might have one less loss than TN this season and one more from last season. Decline. lol
LeghumperU lol I'm going against pure raw history here in saying you should win the game. lol Even though you have never beaten Bama in a SECCG. But you should, but I don't think you will because you never have. Until you do, no matter how much I think you can beat this team, we've seen what happens. Bama finds a way. I don't know if its a curse or Saban coaching advantage but for whatever reason, it's a thing you don't beat this team in SECCG's. It's like the years they could lose to you in this game, they somehow lose to another team and avoid the SECCG and backdoor in. I think had you played them in the SECCG in 17, you would have won. And I am undefeated in predicting your losses and wins vs Bama in post season. I maybe a TN homer but there is a reason I have betting limit with most Anyone can win more than they lose if they take the time to look at rosters, stats and stay up to date on injuries. Your good enough to beat them but you have been since 17 and your best against this team is a 1-1 in 21, going back to 2008. And every year you played them since, I got it right. lol Wish I could be more optimistic here but the smart bet is bet against you until you actually beat them more and especially beat them in an SECCG.
Is Bama's dynasty over? Yes in the way that is has gone. AT the end of the day, all Bama hype aside, this Bama team is not as good as last year's Bama team. A slow steady decline due to Sark leaving and NIL/Portal. Other teams are getting better players than they have. More teams per conference are competing and that is true in every conference. A 3 or 4 loss team the last number of years isn't as good as the 3 and 4 loss teams today. One look at their improved rosters and you know why this is true. Can anyone remember a 6 win team as good as AU? How about UF. Before NIL a six win team didn't lost to two top ten teams by one score or you didn't need miracles to beat them. AU was that to Bama and UGA this season. College football is getting more like the NFL than just clock rule changes. Less than teams can beat top ten teams any given Saturday, ask Louisville about that. Going forward, typically large, good programs get in the playoffs and good teams like Liberty who can upset you get in winning their conferences. Dynasties are very rare in the NFL now days because free agency and can elite players to other teams. NIL and the portal can do the same thing in college football now.
A few reasons why if UGA loses this game, no chance they get in. 1. If UGA loses this game, they will have the worst loss of any team ranked to through 7th. Period. Full stop. 2. UGA's out of conference was the weakest it's been in a long time. This was why it was crucial to play the OU game but it got cancelled and replaced with a nobody. Normally, this would carry you like playing Oregon did last season and wining. This year, this is no impressive out of conference game or win. What hurts the most of that a loss to the, "8th" ranked team Bama is not typical of where Bama is usually ranked in the post season. They are usually better than 6th, as they were last year, more like top 5. Since they are not, you can't assume that with even a loss over them UGA get's in. Would need a little help. Not much but some. Oregon has to lose a second game, and or FSU loses to Louisville. This is why TN had no interest in beating UGA last year. The SECCG can determine if you get in the playoffs. The scenario was much better for a one loss SEC team to backdoor in. That isn't the case this season due to how many unbeatens there are and 1 loss teams who would have better losses than the one UGA could take against Bama. This isn't even like the 17 scenario where Bama avoided the SECCG and back-doored in. The backdoor only works when the win, losses and rankings of the top 5 to 7 teams lines up where you can take a loss from the number one or two team and still get in if you go into that game without a loss. Bama has a loss and even beating a number one won't jump them 4 teams from number 8. And UGA it's win or 50/50 should they lose. If they lose, the SEC has a better than average chance of getting no one in. UGA would drop to at least 5th, after taking a loss from #8. Which is way more unimpressive than WA even losing to #6 Oregon. Plus, Bama has a loss from #7(Texas) well outside of the top 5. Should Bama beat Texas, that head to head loss to them at home looms large. Not the sole determining factor but it weighs against them. Plus, Bama 3 point winners over AR at home, USF struggles, AU miracle needed. If Bama won these games by a wider margin, that would help but didn't. UGA should win the game, but the offense is better in passing this year but hasn't played any real good defenses and the one they did, AU, was a big struggle. Milroe's final QB ranking is 8th in the SEC, behind Milton. Imo, Carson has done more than Milroe for even any Heisman talk. Your team going 8-0 in the SEC is not a sole reason for you as a QB to be a Heisman candidate. Milroe's stats are far from a typical Heisman QB winner. Sorry but true. I think the refs will lean UGA. Because UGA has the better record and if they win, no question they are in. If Bama wins, still the path looks very steep to get in over 4 teams because, they aren't raked typically top 5, but at 8th, this makes it even harder. You can jump maybe 2 or 3 teams with a convincing win and some help but not 4 and Bama isn't beating UGA, should they by more than a score or two.
Monken's offense was a faster and slightly less advertised what you are doing offense. But this is a better passing offense. Something I been harping on UGA not having for some time. But they can't win this game throwing to lumbering TE's, they got to use their WR's more and go faster offensively. UGA has never beaten Bama in a SECCG, it could happen this time around if the refs don't get too involved and so far this season, they help the team with the fewest losses, and that's UGA by a game. Beck is the better passer but if he can't handle Bama's pass rush, Beck won't throw for much. This will be a game Milroe will have to really rush the ball more than he has been in games as of late. UGA tune ups? Um, no, UGA hasn't been scoring 40 a game with ease. This team has struggled on the road and had a couple of close calls vs AU, and Mizzou. It's hard to pick a winner here. I think the refs and their calls are the difference in this game.
This game will come down to the who the refs will help the most. Overall, that's been Bama all season, AU game included. Both aren't what they have been but since they are playing again and no one really cares but those two team fans, as we are sick of seeing them, someone has to win and lose. Whichever teams gets up on the other, will get the most help. They prefer that to be UGA as they don't have a loss..yet. If Bama wins, they still might need help getting into the playoffs, with a win, due to how its playing out this year, slim and UGA if they lose, will still have the worst loss of any team ranked 2nd through 7. UGA imo, should win, but they have never beaten Bama in a SECCG, ever. But but but, Carson Beck is the SEC's 2nd best QB. Milroe finished the season ranked number 8 in the SEC right after Joe Milton. Yes, to the shock of Bama fans, Milton for the regular season final ranking, out-ranked Milroe. So Milroe vs Carson, as both these teams can't rush teh ball to save their lives, I have to give the edge to Carson. UGA should win this game with Carson Beck out passing them. But they won't because they never have and Bama cna produce WR pushoff miracles on 4th and 31 against 6 win teams.. lol . Bama by a FG. OC Reese for Bama doesn't have a clue what he is doing and advantage OC Mike Bobo vs Reese but still, this game will go like all the others UGA choked away before the demic game..
Since they have such a bad out of conference and a weak regular season schedule, imo, if they lose, they are out. Also considering how many unbeatens there are out there this year. If FSU does not lose, they are getting over a one loss UGA imo. UGA than would have a loss from a number 8 and that would be a worse loss than any other team ahead of them. Bama already have a loss from a number 7 and that hurts enough. But imo, no way 2 SEC teams get in this season.
A&M fans, thank you for not listening to people in your administration that get paid the same, no matter how many games you lose. They don't care and so it's up to the collective minds of the fanbase that do have money invested in the program's success. It took us 5 HC's to figure this out. These administration positions get a salary and don't see a penny of the booster money that fans create for your collective. You really think all of them care about football? Nope. Just as they didn't at TN. And ESPN cares about making money, investing in Saban commercials . So outside of UGA and Bama, who they would never dare say who to hire, or would never question their fanbase if they refused a future hire. But everybody else? Yes, because Bama and UGA are investments. They actually believe you should listen to them in who to hire because it helps their investments. Respect to Stoops but one ten win season every ten years is not great success and i'd roll with Elko over Stoops. Elko at least has an interest in progressing upward, good coach and should do well at A&M.
Ok, I will say it once again for the millionth time to the idiot who wrote this article. TN is in a better place because they said no to Greg Schiano. So could you writer, please quite carrying water for a failing ESPN? If TN hired Schiano, we'd be in our 5th year of mediocrity and quite possibly never have won 6 or 7 games. Schiano is a bad coach that nobody wanted. This guy was available because no one wanted him, and that is not even thinking about the Penn State issue. JP won more games at TN than Schiano would have, period. JP committed 60K in bag money. So what, that's peanuts compared to the NIL extortion money of millions today in deals. But that gave us the excuse to gut the entire Vol admin up to the Chancellor and start again. She hired A.D. White who hired Huepel and since the entire school has become the most all around winningest school in sports two years running. That's created millions more in revenue. So, tell us again how dumb we were not to say not to a coaching hire. We pay for the tickets, we fund the program, in the end the people have the final say and we got it right. Imagine, Schiano winning 11 games in the SEC? LOL You go Texas A&M fanbase. Don't let them sell you on mediocrity. They are the ones that hired Fisher and told you to pound sand lol
UK looked good against a ten team. Better than Bama or UGA looked against 6 and 7 win teams. WE did what we do against Vandy. No Vol fan thinks we did anything we weren't expected to do. 9 wins with a bowl win. That's only two less wins than last season. Plus, your right, we are only 8-4 regular season for the second time in nearly 10 years? Change is hard. lol Even if it's more success.
You literally upset a 6 win team last night with all the refs help they could give you. A team that hasn't even discovered the forward pass this season and a week removed from being owned by New Mexico State. Your literally a 7 or 8 win team without the refs and you are going to embarrass the SEC if you get to the Your dynasty ended last year staring with the TN game. Embrace it, it's over. Bama will never ever get called for pushoffs by their WR's in a game they are trailing lol. That's your miracle pass. This is called all day in the NFL and most other conferences. You were embarrassing last night against a 6 win team. But hey, so was UGA for 3 and a half quarters against GT.
We didn't lose our games because we didn't line up right. WE lost those games because we only played 4 on the D line all season. We lost 2 games last year doing this and 4 this season doing that. Vs 7 plus off the D 'line last season where we won 11 games. Sure, gives up more yards but we are good at forcing FG's instead of TD's and they get less drives on us using more off the D'line. Banks should be let go this season. He stared the UGA game off well, with 7 on the line, and we were limiting UGA. Than he switches back to 4 and we get blown out...Starting to see a pattern here? 4 = loss against the better teams. 7=more success. The fact that Banks does not know this by now and hasn't adjusted much, is a major red flag.
What whistle. He never even got the whistle up to his face until their QB was being hit? You can't wait to blow the whistle until we are that deep into the backfield. WE did what we were coached to do. How about being disappointed in the refs?? You blow the whistle asap to avoid this kind of thing. They failed, full stop. It wasn't a dead play until the whistle blows! lol What are you talking about? We can get into the backfield very quickly and these refs are slow, miss calls, tons of them weekly. That is the issues, not players doing what they are taught to do. And he didn't get a flag for hitting their QB for that reason. Got the flag for the melee that ensured after. So even the ref knows it was on him for not blowing the whistle sooner. IT wasn't a penalty because it wasn't an illegal hit. Also, the QB should know that play doesn't stop because somewhere behind the D line a ref looks like he's walking forward. "Wait, let me stop, pause cause I think the ref might blow the whistle, he's walking forward" lol. This isn't sound coaching reflected in your QB. It's poor coaching. You run the play, guard the ball until you hear the whistle blow.
Sorry, if you rush our team from across the field, you chant. They earned it.
The OC, whose already being questioned, should just take a knee, like 3 of them in a row, so their offense can score another late TD? Delusional idiocy. Class is playing the players on legit downs that earned it who haven't gotten to play much. This is when you find out more about your players. Do they make effort when the game is in hand. No one ever got any better by taking knees for the remaining minutes of a game. Especially one that cleared their benches to ran across the field to ours. Maybe you would have felt we were the bigger team if we just let them score more points, I mean since the game was in hand right? lol