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One of TN's problems is that they have tunnel vision for hiring coaches. Locally, there was a coached that is solely responsible for putting Maryville HS football on the national radar. He's solely responsible for Maryville's state titles over the last few decades. George Quarles whose been at Furman for the last couple of years would be a huge get as a coach on this staff.. This guy never rushed into college football coaching, and only did so after his talent was very developed.
Sorry but the GOAT team was the team that was never scored upon. Tennessee Vols 1939 squad!
Yes, winning, not voting yourselves national champs decades TN could have done the same thing but didn't.
This is a crack post lol. "Bama lost just as much talent". LOL LSU lost nearly all their top draft's. C'mon talk
tijihllis you could make that claim if the UF game never happened. In no way last year did Bama appear to dominate in the LSU game. Also, though Mac is good, he would have turned it over more than once as opposed to Tua. Burrows has also more targets that actually get more than 3 catches outside of Bama's two receiver stars. Bama still can't stop prolific passing. Evidence by what Trask did to you. Burrow's would have buried the Bama D and pretty much what happened last year would repeat.
True but by late season, LSU's D was right up there with Bama', which wasn't anything to brag about. Same D this year. UF nearly beat you and look how their bowl ended up. Yes, players missing but still.
Nonsense. If all this were true, Bama should have never lost to Auburn last season. Sorry but all the stars mentioned in this article were still playing and still good lost that game and were on this team. We basically saw these two teams play last year and LSU won. Push on D? Thats a stretch when you consider LSU's D was more solid by years end last year than Bama's this year. I don't care how good Coral is, allowing them to hang 48 on you is late season uglies. We saw it in the UF game as well. LSU had a plethora of receivers. Bama has two greats and the others are lucky if they got 3 catches a game. A running game that isn't elite by itself but worked in a tangent with Bama's elite passing but that running game, goes away and cannot stand alone against top 5 D without passing. Evidence by what TN was able to do against them last year after Tua was out. Same D this year. Mac Jones isn't Tua, and he's not Trevor. LSU last year 54 Bama this year 48
Tim Rupert. Just go ahead and ignore an actual incident that many saw live, were a part of and appears a violation at UGA. This happened. Actual incident in question. What action occurred at UT? None. If you got to hire an attorney for yoru university to find something that than is probably beyond of anything the NCAA could have seen or caught. That tells me its probably about getting rid of Pruitt. The something they will find will be minor and probably a borderline disciplinary action of self-imposement. JP would than be let go, the university minor disciplined and contract buyout goes poof. Gone. The NCAA can and just might go after the "incident" that you refer to as being fiction. You may not like it but for them to even make this claim, means someone has proof, participated and are talking about it. Fulmer is probably not long for the AD position. He hired JP and it turned out to be the wort hire in TN's history. Dirty program at UT? Proof please or shut it. So far we've seen more actionable potential violation of an actual incident at UGA. However that turns out.
Hendon Hooker didn't hear you.. That is TN's new starting QB this upcoming year. Probably the best QB transfer into the SEC. So far, better option than JT Daniels.
Agreed. Still think Freeze is our best option. Not interested in Fisher when seeing his resume. Barely over .500. No experience in coaching O or D, or the QB position. Specializing in special teams isn't' what UT needs. Fisher was only able to do anything with the Titans decades ago due to a good QB and running backs, for one season in 99. Since then, not much success. How you coached in the NFL will be how you coach in college football.
CocknFire2112. Nonsense. Your statement makes no sense. "Bad enough for long enough that they can't get away with any of this"?. What are you even talking about? UGA actually has an, "incident" that was public and appears a violation. Show me where TN has any incident? When a university has to hire a lawyer to "find" an incident to use to get out of a buyout is a far cry from what could be happening at UGA. Legally, the NCAA knows there is nothing they can do legally that matches what an outside attorney can do. In this case, the outside attorney is working for the University in many senses but still carried enough legal weight as to bring more justice than the NCAA could. So, the NCAA is hamstrung.
mrtruth. To me this makes sense. The investigation at UT being internal and self-induced probably has more to do with getting JP gone. Whereas with UGA we have an actual incident that occurred that appears a no no. The AD's action at UGA, the fear in bringing to light the incident in question at UGA. Investigations when coming from external sources always tend to go after an actual incident that occurred. Than we ask if both schools investigated, which school has the more unfavorable outcome. UGA.
Now Pearl is a mastermind at working miracles with less. A couple of years ago he thumped a very good TN team and made great run. When you look at who he had on that team, he had a bunch of three point shooters but few inside men.. Don't count him out..
Bama had some losses that are indicative of a young team. They aren't top ten yet but have made strides. They are good but TN is going to clean their clocks at Bama. TN gets shooting slumps and didn't have their best blocker out there most of the game. The stars had to align for them to beat TN and not by much.. You can't be a ball team that lives on three's. They won't always fall and that's when you get blown out. UK pulled this last year with TN and lived by the threes and than got destroyed by TN second game.
Irregardless, I was glad to see UGA upset Cincy!!! And this also tells me that JT, very promising but in no way would UGA have beaten LSU or UF had they play JT.. Just not there yet but will progress.
Your right, with the horrendous passing by Cincy in the second half, a two year run would have been better than a prayer pass. This was not one of those 50 50 hindsight things. We so saw the horrendous mistake for what it was as it was happening.
"We play to win". Coach, you manage the game that gives your team the best chance to win. You do the things that help your team to win. By your logic, you should have gone for it on every 4th down and that would have given you the best chance to win. A fine cop-out answer to a question that you couldn't just say, "we should have managed the clock better". This gaff imo decided the game.
UGA fans really only have two delusions, that are set in stone. One, yet to prove they can develop a passing QB. Second, your D was never elite. Ground D was good but your secondary against top ten with prolific passers and some less prolific but good, has been abysmal. Your secondary is only getting worse. You can't plug and play DC's and expect your secondary to not have issues. Good luck today against Cincy, i'm sure there is no way your secondary is going to allow itself to be shredded.
Mountain Dog, you can't expect newbie receivers with three practices to net you many scores. Just can't. Give those players an off season at least to be up to par and you'll see better results than what we saw last night. UF got blown out because of quitters. You are correct.
Pinebarrens. More nonsense. Clemson is still a newbie to winning as much as UF's storied history. Talk to them when you've won more than couple of natties. Let's also not forget you got your natties in this lifetime during the time UF and the SEC were down. With UF improving, your going to have to beat a better Bama team with the rise of the SEC east and well, west too. We saw how you fared against LSU last year. Trevor can't be your only deciding factor. ND game was proof that this is so. That won't beat high offense caliber SEC teams.
Clemson lost to ND without one player. Seven is an understatement. Many others who would have stepped in were already gone too. But your statement about Trask is right. He just had no one experienced enough to consistently to throw to. That will get you into three and outs and a gassed D, ripe for a blowout. Exactly what happened. UF made a poor effort of trying to run the ball and well, bad D's working overtime is disaster waiting to happen.
17Tide. Nonsense. Not even Tom Brady can win without his regular stars. Jones can barely win without Waddle against top fives. At least you got experienced receivers on the bench. UF did not.
Class of 98. OH great, another UGA fan playing "patty cake no fair". This is when fans think if your team sucks, you cannot give your opinion. Go back to dollies please, we don't need more millennial woke fans.. lol
Pinebarrens. Lets see how you would fair if you had as many starters opt out as UF did. We all saw what happened when you lost one player. I doubt you would even have scored against OU..LOL. Yes, the ND game happened. Though your the better team, you lost because of one player.. Try losing 15.
rico, that didn't factor in as much as your top 3 or 4 targets who know how to run the routs, catch balls and shake defenders weren't in. Those other receivers outside of those freshman weren't starters for the above reasoning. Just because you aren't a freshman, does not mean your experienced. Also there were a lot more missing than just receivers. You can't beat good offensive teams throwing to newbies and less experienced players. This game was a good example why playoff expansion could be a reality.
With what you had out on the field. TN would have beaten you and you maybe would have played SC to a drawl. This was basically newby day for receivers whom were running wrong routes, no practice shaking receivers, and a lack of experience catching the ball. It's like playing a bunch of freshman against seasoned defenders. That leads to three and outs, D tires and than your blown out. Welcome to TN's world but it was worse actually.
This game proves why we need an expanded playoff. If we had 8 or 12 teams out there, you can be sure there would be fewer opt outs. Make more bowl games mean something more. Like a chance at a championship. Players have grown to concerned about themselves and less about their teams. Their team effort got Pitts his glory. Trask's arm, got Pitts his opportunity. That needs to be recognized. UGA, don't be the next UF next year should you be in this same situation.
Gotta give UF a pass in this game. Sorta. Fifteen players gone. Top receivers, gone. Trask was expected to hit receivers who didn't run correct routs. Couldn't shake defenders for lack of experience. Three and outs only gassed the UF D. So basically what you had on the field for UF was a team that TN could have thumped. If we are going by experience and capability whom were actually playing. Not even close to the team that played Bama. Congrats OU but you played what amounted to was SC.
Coaching has to be a D- if not an all out F. No player development, nor did they ever demonstrate or proof their philosophy of "if you practice well, you will play well". That means its a failure for them to put together a routine that gets ample opportunity for younger players to get touches, practices and playing time in a timely manner. If Pruitt's practice methods bore out, we shouldn't see Bailey out performing any upper classman QB, especially JG. Seeings how, "JG based on practices gives us the best chance to win". Once the lines failed on O and D the season was over. This job appear too much for JP to understand, grasp or excel at. Plus, don't like his excuses.