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Back in the day NC was in the southern conference. Played TN every year for decades. Would be odd to play them in the SEC again. I wouldn't be shocked if some lower totem pole ACC teams joined the SEC. Syracuse's football legacy has been thoroughly destroyed and would probably love to get out of the ACC. Don't think we'd take them though, even though Jim Brown and Davis are legends of the past there. Syracuse went broke in the ACC.
Where would that leave Syracuse? lol The only thing we know for sure is that we know nothing as to how this will all play out and how far out of region teams will come. So this could all be new football. Teams could be end up in the same conference that perhaps have little to no history playing each other. A Utah could end up playing a Clemson from opposite ends of the US from the US but now be in the same conference. I agree, the AD's Chancellor's are burning the night oil on the phones and computers.
wolfman Only if you do well in NIL and the portal. Before you can build it you need the recruits. The larger these conferences get the more abroad you'll see recruiters chasing down talent. Some even thinking as far away as American Samoan islands. Basketball has already gone overseas looking and getting bodies. Remember the days of long past when you could pronounce every college football player's name?
A guy of need. Great speed and hands and loves to play D. Consensus seems to think he's a bit underrated, and some say he's the best player in the state of UK. An argument could be made for that. Welcome to Vol nation Cristian Conyer! GBO!
Bama 2020 was untouchable. A situation that was years in the making at Jones riding the bench and starting later than any QB would have waited, or will wait in the future. You stacked multiple receivers with experience. Two missing and you wouldn't have blinked. This situation may never happen again. It was preceded by Tua in a time where elite offenses were just coming onto the scene back in 17. So your success is easily explainable and it's mortal. But going forward, other teams will get more blue chips. Your collective will start to matter. Now if your under 35, you think Bama's run can't change or hasn't. Before NIL, I'd say you'd be half right or at least until Saban retires. But NIL will retire Saban within three years.
Here's the issue with you gumps. No matter how much your playing production falls, how close you eek wins out over bad teams and or get blown out, you all expect the same grandeous respect of your former glory Hint: Bama 2020 is gone. Over, finished and last year happened. For any team it would be something to get to a natty game. But for you all, Saban acted like you didn't deserve For all those eek wins, and ugly losses. Your graded by fans and your own included based on the standard those glory teams earned. And by this standard, you all were below your anticipated average. Your a football team whose brining back who at WR? The reality is you played a bunch of bad teams and barely won. Even for a rebuild year from the standpoint of prior expectations, it was an ugly season.
What can I say, two teams have set the elite standards for offense. LSU 2019 and or Bama 2020. Anything shy of that won't beat the best D's we've seen. Oh, UF 2020 we can add too. Really? Nico is a 4th, 5th or 5th year senior? Teh blue chips for 2023 won't be freshamn? lol How about the transfer portal. Bru McCoy was a 5 star coming in. Plus others. If we Mauigoa, will you still say that? We develop players offensively better than you do. Espeically without Sark. Well, we got the extra time because of rona. So let's just all apologize to you that a p a n d e m i c hit! lol. Let's see how you do at receiver this year with Or the ones Saban blasted at the conclusion of the natty
I go on stats. That's all I'm doing. No matter how you hate it. Saying your football IQ high is like saying joe B i d e n s is So year, let's hear s'more gump rants that don't cover stats. UGA's D? LOL Oh now UGA's D is good because you got embarrased by them in the natty They are a good ground D were great and have been but the secondary, while still pretty good, not elite, make Young look like a HS QB.. This is a far different tune you were singing all last season about them..Your a team that squeaked by, by one score over some bad teams. LSU, Auburn, UF and lost to a freshman QB in the TAMU game, and get crushed by a walk on in the natty game. Two key receivers down and you all fold a like a cheap umbrella. Sark is no longer there and your no longer who you all were on either side of the ball. So go ahead and call us Vol fans sunshiners. We're better than you offenseively and we know it and soon, Defenseively better too. I can say that based on your NIL and collective. Saban is begging boosters for The same guy that thought 1 million was big time for a new QB! LOL They could go 8-4 to 11-1. And that falls in line with most people's view. LOL Army? Army is probably worse than UGA's been ducking any military service team since they got their clocks clean by Army over 60 years ago but I don't see you yapping about We just played Air Force a few years ago and they were far better than the Army has ever been. We won that game at home by a point. You need new arguments, this is too easy
Volbeef, the offense is good enough to beat anyone in the country. But we need the D to play better to beat those better teams. Most of this was a depth issue last year. We were missing a lot of scholarship players and if we can resolve that this season, a higher win record, with this schedule also, is more likely than not.
It looks gimmick because your making two key mistakes. One, you think TN throws the ball way more than they run. False. The offensive scheme is still ground game dependent. That is why TN was 11th in the nation in running the ball. NO gimmick offense would have a rushing stat that high. Secondly, your mistaking up-tempo for desperations. While true it allows less substitutions by the D, the scheme is much more simple to run than vintage offense. This scheme of football can only be played with speed as a main weapon. WE also present more receiving targets instead of most vintage football your not even getting backs involved in the receiving game. An RPO play at TN involves more potential targets than most any other school running an RPO, particularly in teams that run vintage offense. The D last year wasn't a bad D, just not good on 3rd and long and getting off the field on third downs. But yet still managed to be top three in the nation for tackles for losses. The main issues was depth and we've added a ton compared to last year.. We were also so thin that we had to move guys temporarily over to spots they didn't shine at and were subs. Another issue caused by depth issues. Wont have to do that this season. So most of those issues should be more resolved this season. If we can get anywhere near 50% stop rate on D, will win 10 games. If we get 50 plus, we could win more. Providing the offense is as good as it was last year or better. Should be better though.
Will TN have an offense that could match LSU's 2019 or even UF's 2020 this season? Imo, they can get close if Hooker becomes just a bit more accurate in the midfield range and hit slants on the money. I think we can once Nico gets here and if our O'line adds Mauigoa and a few others.. The receivers will be here. But Nico looks a sight better than Burrows did at this stage.
If you are good enough offensively, you can win any and all games. But you better have that kind of offense because great D's with pretty good offenses lose to teams of the above mentioned. UGA vs LSU 2019, Bama and UF 2020 are prime examples. A team without an elite offense with competent to very good lines can implement what looked like Heupel offense and beat you. Like what we saw in the SECCG. They could strictly go to the air because they had the lines to hold your D. I don't know if Bama will run that this season but they weren't deep to begin with at receiver and once they lost their starters for the natty game, that game plan was out the window.. They than ran their typical offense that was just good enough to beat UF, LSU and Auburn by one score, and a loss to Tamu, than the natty game. Your D in 2019 was a very good D as well, had you had the offense to match LSU's, you win that game. We'll see if you have the ground D this season to ward off ground attacks. But the secondary will always be open for the taking with those types of offenses. NO D has stopped them yet in college football.
LSU 2019 allowed 40 plus points to be scored on them by Vandy. Yeah, that same LSU team that thumped you in the SECCG. That same year LSU against Bama, they got one more stop than Bama did and it was enough to win the game by a touch. That is the only chance you have against offenses like that is to have as good or better offense.. UGA does not have this. That is why you are 1-6 against those types of offensive teams. You got the D to get the key stops to win, just not the prolific offense to keep pace. If you all ever figure that out, you will be dominant against them. But since Kirby's tenure, this does not look like the priority to him but rather the D. And that is fine in years where you don't see those types of elite offenses. Last year, was the first year in some time we didn't see one.. Some teams against weaker foe put up some great stats but no one that just ran and threw all over everyone and won the game. When you have offenses this good and fast your playing for key stops and the majority of your time on D will result in the other team scoring when two teams like this play. That isn't a good percentage wise on D but at least if you get one more key stop, you win.. Sometimes people call it, whomever has the ball last wins and that is when both D's make no key stops. Rightfully so because literally both D's are only getting about 3 to 5 min between D series. That is enough to catch your breath and get some Gatorade and your back out there. As the game goes on and the scoring continues, you it soon feels like you've never left the field. NO D's can stand up to this so at this point, whomever has the ball last wins.
lol 4-8? You think we are that bad? We aren't Vandy and anything less than 8 wins with this schedule would be embarrassing, not with this offense and improved D. The only way 7 wins would be forgive is if one of our wins was a clubbing of UF at home. Depth is bodies that are conditioned and we have way more of them this year compared to last year that it shouldn't be much of an issue later in games. WE only had 71 scholarship players last year in a new system after being gutted by the portal. We will be favored in 10 game this season and should win those 10. The Bama and UGA games will be close and I expect us to beat one of those teams. Particularly if the D keeps living up to the expectational goals set for this season. So far so good. More guys coming over the Summer for both sides of the ball. The Pitt and UF games will be key to see if what we are seeing bears out.
We did beat Purdue. That was a TD in any football level. Plain and As long as we've added they key depth we'll get more three and outs. But you got to remember, a 4 or 5 star in the secondary D might not be as good as a well conditioned 3 star. Many blue chips are intimidated about playing on a team with such an up tempo offense. We are looking for the guys that can do 80 plus snaps a game and as many as we can find. This is why it's very rare to see an elite offense with a elite secondary D. No team has both unless they are playing a weak schedule and than your D wears down poor offenses to the point that Iona could pile on the points. LSU 2019 had a poor D. They only needed their D to make like two stops a game for them to win games.. particularly that year against Bama.
All indications so far this season the D will be better. CJH is being smart about recruiting on the D. Remember, the D only have to be competent, not great in order for TN to win games due to the offense and a couple of D key stops. This is my imo he's recruiting speed over stars. Meaning a very fast running three star that can do long duration D, is probably going to be a better choice than a 4 or 5 star that prefers vintage offense that is much slower. It takes a confident D recruit to know your conditioning matters the most. I think he is looking for D players that are skilled but moreover fast, and well conditioned to be on a D that is the counterpart to a up-tempo fast paced scoring offense. You'd be shocked how many blue chips are intimidated about playing on a team for the D with an offense like this. This is why it's so rare to see very elite offense with top 10 or even 20 D's, and no UGA and Bama can't even do that. Not both. Neither could LSU 2019 who had one of the worst D's but wore down the UGA offense by having them out there for long durations drives with what they run. Possibly a good ground D but that secondary for us gets tired as we saw in the Purdue game against very good offenses. We can close this down a bit this season with improved depth and get more three and outs against foe.
Now, let's see which conference between SEC and Big10 will come up with a playing format first for a 16 team conference. Imo, this is actually important, especially for recruiting and the post season. Yet, no one is talking about this yet. Remember, you can come up with a format long before 2024 or 25. Basically, any time before than.
I think that if geography of the schools don't matter, why not a ND in the SEC? I think what we are going to see is two conferences trading the addition of schools until we reach twenty. This might take some time but what else makes sense of those other schools outside aren't making money. Clemson isn't making money in the ACC, not like they would in a super conference. The SEC if it wanted could pluck NC and NC state, Va Tech. It depends on how the ACC reacts to this. They are running out of good teams to add. Some of the pac12 could just join the ACC, or whats left of it to form the WCC for the western side of the ACC. But they are going to have to do something huge to offset this and I think Oregon is the key to what happens.
Many teams boatraced UGA in the secondary with elite offenses. Yours included in the SECCG. We just didn't have any elite offenses this season, or at least comparable to what we are used to seeing. Bama's numbers are inflated against some bad teams.. Still don't know how you all weren't deeper at receiver to the point you couldn't run the same offense scheme you did in the SECCG.
The second closest is Lane Kiffin. Lane is a good offensive mind but his stent at USC, he took an offensive negative shot. We still have to see how he does without Coral. So there is hiring good OC's and than there is being skilled offensively as a HC. There's a huge difference. We are the fastest offense in the nation. We've scored more than one TN in under a minute we can't help it if teams give up in the first half. Mizzou did, SC did. We simply take a 4 quarter game and make it a two quarter game. Means we hope to score enough points in the first half that the foe can't catch up in the second half and the D play won't matter as much in the second half. If Bama's offense was good enough to do that, they would. But one score wins over three bad teams, a Tamu loss and a natty blow out, well, O'Brian's days are numbered he does that against this season.. He isn't Sark and Sark isn't ever going to take over at Bama.
Because his offense isn't D dependent and consistently scores. Josh has had a top 10 offense all his coaching career. The biggest part of that is that he does not need to hire an OC to have a good offense. Saban can't coach offense worth a S * i t and he'll be the first to tell you that. His calling card is who he hires at OC. No other SEC coach has had as much success as CJH by "personally" coaching an offense, developing players offensively and QB development. Saban couldn't tell you anything about how to train and develop a QB. He's a positional hire dependent coach. Some of his D have been great but an offensive coach he'll never be personally and hasn't been. Same with Kirby. CJH only needs a quarter to do offensively what it takes UGA and Bama all game to do. Those are D dependent offenses. One day, when you get old enough to vote, you'll know the There, that's why.
In the SEC, you have to talk about elite offensive coaches and OC's floating about. Those are both in short supply. The best offensive coach is probably CJH. O'Brian was handed the keys to the offense this season and under performed even in a Bama rebuild year. Three one score wins over three bad teams, a TAMU and natty loss. Sark wouldn't have allowed that. I agree, if Bama is wise, pay close attention this year to the Bama offense and imo, there are far better offensive minds out there. I think also if O'Brian turns out to be a one or two year guy and Saban can find an OC that comes even close to Sark, I think he retires. Your 70 something and the pool for that level of offensive skill coaches is becoming so small, could you live with literally starting all over to do what you did almost routinely over the last decade and than some?
I don't think Sark ever goes back to Bama. Texas's pockets are deep for that and their NIL, network, collective will be more attractive than Bama's. If he's going to be in the SEC anyway again, why not do it with all that behind him. Texas will be more forgiving than the Bama fanbase if he's not even close to Saban's success. Texas fans, easier to appease.
I don't know what changed at Clemson but it seems that the driving factor for a QB's playing time at Clemson is how much they invested in him, even if he's terrible. If Uglylayla is still QB this season, they aren't going anywhere in the conference offensively and in the age of NIL this is a terrible problem to have. "I don't know how to quit you QB" costs many coaches either their jobs or recruits and how many more seasons does Dabo risk with this absolute horrid Uglylayla experiment? Bama fans see that think, no way Dabo would be accepted at Bama.
Not to mention, how would Dabo's philosophy that if you don't commit to Clemson in the time frame and way Dabo says, your out of consideration. How would that fly in Tuscaloosa? It wouldn't.
Wasn't impressed with O'Brian's offense last season, if we are going by Bama offenses over the last several years. Even in rebuild years Bama isn't supposed to be winning by one scores over teams like UF, LSU and Auburn, plus a TAMU and natty loss. I for one, hope that its O'Brian! lol Also, I don't think Sark would leave Texas to be Bama's HC. The NIL favors Texas imo over a Bama team with Saban gone.
Maybe its the insane GPA you have to have at Vandy to play? lol
It's possible but there are too many questions about the UF offense this year and he's sure to start about as quickly at TN as he would at UF. Don't you just hate the waiting?