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We finally agree for only the second time. lol. It's a perfect setup to throw for 4,000 yards a season in a tow that pours money, in a world stage tourist city that is pumped up by the Raider's and their brand new stadium. If he were at UGA he'd be on the bench with other 4 and 5 star QB's wasting away. UNLV would have never accepted Joe Milton. Bailey can get to the NFL, Joe Milton will only see it from the NFL fan seats. Good for HB imo, its the best destination of any of the other QB's that left TN.
In case your missing the point, what NFL team is in Tuscaloosa? Zero. Yes, the competition is less in the Mountain West but at least they will go bowling every season and he'll throw for 4,000 yards plus a season.
Tidefan, you think playing at UNLV is a drop down?? LOl Las Vegas in the heart of the NFL exposure! UNLV players have access to the Raiders, make ties and show off this talent. Bailey is the highest ranked QB they've had in a town that pours money. Only a gump would not see the upside in this. OH and Bailey will be the starter QB1. It is better than riding the bench in the SEC behind less talented qb's like Joe Just ask Broke over at UGA about Your home stadium is in LAS
You can be a 5 star in the SEC and get buried on the bench like QB's are at UGA or you can go and play out west and your talent will be utilized heavily with more NFL opportunity in Las Vegas than Knox Vegas. Just being realistic but there is a gum up of too many 4 and 5 star QB's riding the bench in the power 5. Bailey is probably the highest formally ranked QB they've ever had. Bailey will have a shot one day in a conference that could go to a Rose bowl.
Are you kidding? With his skill and the lack of competition out there UNLV is will be bowling every year and Bailey will be getting tons of exposure. Couldn't be a more clear path for him over the next 4 years. UNLV is about the highest NFL exposure town there is with great opportunity around the Raiders program.
Unlike TN, UGA got smoked by a military school and went 0-2 against the military schools decades ago and never scheduled them
But one thing is almost certain. Saban retires within 3 years.
AFan, probably CJH because I can't see TN fans taking too kindly to going back to playing boring, unproductive JP offense.
Every Bama fan needs to be slapped for allowing them to put Mercer on their This is why you all choked against UGA in the natty game. lol
Uk will be improved but no, TN will be your biggest challenger and you'll be lucky to win. UGA loses too much and you only have Monken for an offensive scheme that is inept putting the ball up. Your schedule won't be as cream puff either. Your D won't be half of what it is this past season.
Kirkm,boy you Even when we were bad we still beat UK 33 times out of 36. UF has a new coach and I think its a good higher but to beat TN you ahve to have a better offense, our lines will be improved as well as the offense. Rattler no where near Hooker's ability. Hooker will be a top two QB in the SEC going into the new season.
From you way Bama played in the Natty game, I'm not sure Bama could beat Pitt post Without Pickett and they graduate plenty, we should win by 3 or 4 scores. You Boondock look like Vandy would have given UGA a better game.. lol 18 points with a first time QB Heisman?! LOL To be honest both ya'll sucked. lol NO TD's in the first half? Only second time in history that's happened in a natty game. First time in history a school made it to the natty and won when they went scoreless on offense in a game this season. UGA vs Clemson. 1 D score and a special teams field goal. lol No offensive score.
LOL That's funny coming from a team that has no You use Heupel ball and blow UGA out in the SECCG. Than ya dumb gumps go and run the offense you ran against Auburn in the natty Are you sure Saban hasn't stroked out? lol. UGA is going to lose 70% on the lines, no re re, they aren't going to look anything like this year.. lol.
Hard to say but I do think we are a totally different football team than when we last played you. But heck, your going to be a totally different football team too! Always a fun game though.
GeauxTigers8 I'm not sure LSU will be a tough out but anything is possible. New coach, new everything. No one in the SEC will have an offense as good as ours. And LSU certainly won't. Taking nothing away from SC but offensively and defensively, I just don't see it. Bama and TN was a close game but we lost due to serious depth issues. But that's why they play the game.
our losses came against teams that had good offenses or at least decent. Pitt and Ole Miss. Not playing Ole Miss and Pitt is Picket-less. LSU and UF will be in a rebuild so those offenses aren't going to compete. UGA's and Bama's will and how we do against them will depend on how much better we are on offense and D. But I expect closer games this year with UGA taking a sizeable graduation hit. Bama will still be accessible through the air. Uk will be a good game but still give us the edge via offense and better D. Better than 7 wins comfortably I think. 9 to 10 a realistic goal. My low would be 8, so my range is 8 to 10 regular season. Long way to go defensively, not terribly far offensively.
This game reminded me of the movie, " A League of their Own". Like where Geena Davis's character is Saban who holds onto the ball at home plate but sees how much little Rockford Peach Kirby is the younger sister Kit Keller coming home for the win. Kirby is like lil sis Kit Keller, ' just once I want to win it all!!! Please let me". And well Geena Saban Dottie in a sweet act of sisterhood releases the ball at home plate and Boom! Lil Sis Kit Kirby is a national Champ!!!!!!! LOL. It just had that kind of feel to it.."I'm a champ at last!!!". Congrats UGA, your all real Rockford Athens Peach champs! lol
LOl You called? As a homer, i'm going to tell you we are going to destroy every team by 100. But than I'll give my true football prediction. Like I'm predicting TN boat races UGA next season after they lose a massive amount of production and Heupel learns to actually take field goals when given instead of 4th and outs.. lol.
Interesting. I could see that too but if TN were to go anything less than 8 wins, there should be some pushback on CJH. If UF and LSU are vastly improved, that is one thing and it would depend on how much talent we added between now and start of the season. The SC game should not be a toss up in any regard. Also depending on if we are unbeaten when we face LSU and UF and could be favored. As far as UGA, they lose a vast amount in the off season and I think TN's offense has the edge over UGA's. UGA played fewer talented teams by far than TN did this past season. Would not shock me if TN had the best offense in the SEC. The better we get offensively, the more we can give on the D.
Wish him the best also. This is pretty typical to see when you are upgrading talent. I'm seeing CJH making early upgrades on the offense. I know we'll win more game with our D that will improve but you offense can get good enough to win games on that alone against good teams with very good offenses. Maybe CJH believes we can be the best offense in the SEC next season. I think we could be, potentially.
Kirk, even after the 4 or 5 disaster hires at TN going back since about 06, in all that time of TN being down, TN is still the second winningest SEC all time program. Second only to Bama. So if your so good, why didn't UGA catch up and surpass us as the SEC's 2nd most winning team in history. Sit down fool! lol UGA has never been a storied football school. Only flashes here and there and having been road graded for a decades at a time.
Remember you never played a team in the regular season that had fewer than 4 losses.. lol. How many national champions only pulled even with the team they beat for a natty after getting blown out by them? LOL. Your in rare company! lol I only wonder how much Saban made to take this dive lol. No one gets blown out like that by a team, owned by them forever, than well, they lose. I mean Bama even went away from the same scheme on offense they used in the SECCG to beat you.. I'd say that was a some gift by
It took massive injuries for you to beat the worst Bama team in at least a decade and they already blew you out once.. LOL PS, we weren't supposed to beat UF DumbA** lol.
Kirk is 15 years like half as long as you been alive? LOL Is that like a long time you to you or something! You all have never even beaten Bama in an SECCG, still, after that same team thumping you. Did you beat the best team this year? No, not when Bama was missing that much on offense. Did you play a regular season against any good teams? No... Is your QB NFL worthy? No.... Your a good team, not an elite team who got lucky during a year where there was no elite offensive teams. That is why its been 41 years! ..
LOL You only have two nattys and it was 14,965 in between. It means it took al that time for the luck to align for it to happen, with a QB that will never even be a practice QB clip board holder.. D*pS*t! lol
Congrats we only waited 14,965 days for you to beat the least Bama team in years
You beat a team A&M beat for a natty. Whoopidydoooo! As Lou would A Bama team that was missing its major offensive weapons. Congrats though! It took 41 years and all the luck in the world for it to happen but happy for UGA lol