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LOL. How many times to I have to tell you...when you run an offense at the level of Huepel you don't need a defense at all. The best thing we could do if someone shines on defense is to line them up at wideout. I don't think 8 wide is out of the question this season lol. How can you defend that?
It will be Hendon Hooker. To come back and take the field in a college game at his age is nothing short of a miracle. He's basically Tom Brady at this point. He will easily win the Heisman too and probably the Nobel Prize for Physics.
Georgia State is in Atlanta. UGA is in Athens. Look at how many people live in Atlanta. Now look at Athens. Athens gave us REM and the B52s. Atlanta gave us TLC. Left Eye of TLC burned down Andre Rison of the Atlanta Falcons house. As TLC, like Georgia State is from Atlanta and they beat the Falcons by burning down a players house, it is clear to see that Georgia State is better than UGA. When has UGA beat an NFL team, let alone one like the Falcons, which almost won the Super Bowl like the Vols almost won the Music $#!++y bowl lol.
NFL style 16 game season. These are employees now. Dont give me that "student athlete" BS. Do your jobs now.
It is good that you left CJH off of this list as his ability to be successful in the NFL is a given. You look at what college coaches with revolutionary offenses have done in the NFL it's a given. I mean look at Steve Spurrier. Then you take a guy like Saban with his stale offense and he fails. You have to throw even more at the next level and very few would be as good as CJH. Now the only real question is would he be successful if the All Madden All time league was real and I think we all know he would.
I am as realistic as an episode of Star Trek Voyager. You can take my the bank lol
If it is bad enough we may have to give back the runner up trophy for the Music City Bowl. I don't think CJH would survive such a setback.
And if anyone knows about adult takes, it is me, good ol gWhite lol.
We did such a good job cleaning house that the Tennessee athletic department has been called to testify at the January 6 hearings because they need Tennessee to show the Justice Department what to do lol. I hear they are going to retry OJ with UT as the prosecution and then we will be heading to the Hague for Putin's trial lol. Nobody cleans house like CJH. Not even Alice from the Brady Bunch lol.
If SBIV had Tennessee, CJH would have had him throw it more and he'd be a better QB. Do you think he wants to win championships or would he rather almost beat Purdue and get those stats lol.
And if you think SBIV is going to brag about that ring you are nuts. Sure he is going to law school and will be royalty at some big Atlanta firm one day with 50 people a day asking to see the ring, but he won't have Hooker's stats or the opportunity to hold a clipboard in the NFL or maybe start for a USFL team like Hendon lol.
If I were Hendon I would stay at Tennessee. Let's be honest, what coach can do what CJH does for QB's? Dic k Vermiel and the Rams? Get Real. The Greatest show on turf has nothing on the Vols offense and Vince Lombardi has nothing on CJH. When it is all said and done Montana and Brady will have wished they'd played for him because stats mean more.than rings lol.
And while I never said they will go undefeated, that was a simple omission on my part lol. The Vols will be undefeated in 2022. When you have our elite offense and play calling compared to the rest of the SEC how can they not? Georgia and Bama are yesterday's news. How long has it been since Bama won a title? What about UGA and the conference? They were lucky to skate my Michigan lol. After going undefeated and winning a title the Vols will play Russia in hockey and they will win. Then they will take to the battlefield and whip them in Ukraine just like we would have whipped Purdue we're it not for the biased refs. Then we will clean up Chernobyl on the way home. That is how elite CJH's offense is!
Like I said, he is not elite. He has never run an elite offense like CJH lol. He almost lost to Georgia State and got beat by a big 10 team lol.
I know. What a bunch of stooges. They know nothing about football lol.
It is good to see you are coming around lol. Look, the fact is any of Tennessee's WRs could lead the conference and potentially win the Heisman. Top to bottom when you play for a coach that understands modern offense it's a given. Heck you look at schools mired in the past like UGA and you could probably line up any of our Tight ends or DBs wide and they'd put up better stats lol. I would say this guy could smash records from the likes of Jerry Rice.
Yeah you would never catch us Vol fans trolling or saying idiotic stuff lol
Yeah it is totally the underscore and not the fact that he is saying idiotic stuff lol.
Biden needs to send in the Vols lol. Look at all Hendon Hooker's passing yards. Does Vladimir Putin have better stats lol?
They weren't elite until the end of the season lol. They almost beat Purdue, a very underrated team. By the end of the Season Purdue would have beaten Bama, Michigan, Ohio State, the 1995 Corn huskers, the 96 Gators, the 85 Bears, the Patriots, the All Madden All name it lol. And the Vols almost beat them in a year they were picked to win 3 games. They are better than all of those teams and Hendon Hooker would Boat Race Johnny Unitas. The stats...Look at the stats lol.
Heupel is the measuring stick by which elite is now measured. Look at the stats!
LOL. Who cares about the score unless you win the Natty. Recruits don't care about scores anyway lol. They want to get numbers and get drafted. That's why you'll see Hooker as a top 3 selection.
He will retire because his brand of football is relegated to the past lol. You have to have an elite offense to win nowadays. That isn't the Saban way. He was great but he is a product of a bygone era lol. You look at a guy like Heupel and that is the future lol. Ans Bama can't recruit in the NIL era like Tennessee. We have the collective. What QB has Bama brought in that is at our level lol.
LOL...They were nowhere close to elite. Did you know that Tennessee outgained them in the first 7 seconds of the game?
Additionally Harsin is not an elite coach. He lacks the Pedigree that Heupel developed down at UCF putting up those numbers and winning big games lol. His coaching background is that of elite offenses.
LOL...Against Georgia State your Tigers only had 253 Passing yards. That is not elite lol. We had well over 300. That is what elite offenses do lol...they play at an elite level. Auburn does not. That is why yyou haven't won anything in years and you get boat raced by UGA and Bama annually lol. Your offense is not elite.