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If this is the worst officiated game, then the Tennessee at Bama has to be the second worst for the weekend!! Geeeeze. Still scratching my head over the stopped play in Wildcat and the "unnecessary roughness" on Taylor to keep Bama alive, and the "ghost Hold" to bring Jennings' TD back. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible
Dude.... How long have you been watching College Football, or sports in general?? Really?? You'd seen this waaaay more often a few years ago (10 or more) if the TV camera technology, producing, etc was what it is today. NOTHING goes un-noticed these days.
I hope to see a good game, and the Vols rise to victory.
Id like to see ya'll beat Clemson myself. Be great for the SEC overall. Good luck
There are a lot of frustrated SEC fans out here due to Biased/inconsistent Officiating. Just ask a Tennessee fan how they felt about a few of the game changing call in T-town. Its gotta get better somehow. But I have no clue how a peasant fan will be able to tighten up the SEC down in Bama.
Why is DAVE HOOKER still able to "write things" ????? Go suck and egg Dave
Yeah BrokenBack Vol, My Mom is 72 years old now and 2017 season she went to Bryant Denny for the first time ever. She said the Bama fans were nice and not rude to her, but she honestly thought the "rammer jammer' (or whatever it is) chant was kinda cheezy and rude. But, BUT, I will agree Alabama is a great program. Not bashing, just saying that's not a tradition to be clinging to in my book.
If SDS continues to publish Dave Hooker ……..Im done with them.
SDS …… If you keep publishing Dave Hooker "fairy tale, make believe stories", then myself and many others will be forced to call you out as a Culprit, therefore dismissing your credentials as a real source of sports information. The BS he wrote about "Fulmer in line to take HC job" was PATHETIC !!!!!! Get real.
Dave Hooker is a terrible excuse for sports media. The "Fake News" he publishes (such as the Fulmer to Coach scheme he created) is a disgrace to SDS and all sports writers. Stop printing his desperate work, please!!!