UF grad

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Exactly. Missouri is awful, boring school
Thought he played well for us... Good luck to the young man
ESPN is so woke that they missed this hahaha they are such a joke.
You must be alot of fun to sit next to at a game...
Knocking off some rust, he will be fine. Great player. Although, we might see some more of these "opt-out" guys struggle and turn into busts but who knows
The mouth breathing dawgs are going to be all over this. Talking season is almost over and its going to be time for them to get back in their crates and stfu!
Thought he was always at LSU, must have grabbed the Kirby bag and came back home. Good player and great name. Very similar to Major Wright
He didnt get in trouble. Just hates it here, his reaction when he got drafted says it all...
Might be the worst pick in jags history which is saying alot lol
Recruiting ranking history, thats rich. They still cant catch
He’s a great man and a great competitor. So much respect for Coach Bowden and his teams! Getter better coach!
Yeah seriously. Drinkawitz is a nerd who tries way too hard to be Dan Mullen. COMO is a joke, glorified high school stadium.
Very sad! Get better coach, if anything God has blessed him with a long, wonderful life. He is a great man and his players loved him God speed Coach!
Hes a great player, hate to see that kind of injury for. Prayers for a speedy recovery!
Mullen brought Kodak Black to the sideline in Tallahassee in 2018
when did we get our arse kicked? That was actually you guys last year. we spotted you 14 points and mossed your overrated secondary. Cant wait til it happens again!
Always on your mind there Leg pisser, how many times a week do you dream about a natty or beating us. pretty pathetic
Keep making excuses UGA, you guys are full of them and also the fact y’all are the most insecure fan base about no having won a title since President Carter.
Georgia fans are too funny, if this is Mullen it would be "oh, hes barely a 4 star". Going to be tough to win with ACC caliber players