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I think it has always been more about Mizzou preferring to recruit Texas than the East.
4 Divisions (no more "pod") - 3 division games, 3 permanent crossovers, rotate the other 3 teams in the other divisions. Protects rivalries, keeps competitive balance, and means every team plays the entire league every 3 years and both home/away every 6 years. Division A: Texas, OU, A&M, Mizzou Division B: State, OM, LSU, Arky Division C: Bama, Tennessee, Vandy, UK Division D: Auburn, UF, UGA, SC
You watch BECAUSE of them? As in, otherwise, you wouldn't watch?
Same thing for over 100 years...battling bigger programs all around the state.
I agree on Rogers. And I think it was more "players not fitting the system" than true malcontents. If you are a dual threat QB or a true RB, it's hard to fit into the Air Raid. Good luck in the tourney!
Sounds like he will either fall into the 2021 or 2022 class depending on whether or not State can find 2 more DB transfers to finish the 2021 class.
They are. Which is why it doesn't really matter...if he qualifies and it makes sense for both he and the school, they can just offer him again.
Why do you care? Your degree from some other school "speaks for itself," and everyone in Mississippi is an inbred so that would include Ole Miss too.
Well obviously, we are going to find out on Wednesday, but I think LSU got into this one a little too late
Really like Ralph Webb. Not an easy thing to run into the teeth of an SEC defense when every person in the stadium knows that your getting the ball.
Quite frankly, there aren't as many elite OL out there anymore. So many of those guys switch to DL where the money is.
I would tend to agree since a few of them have some SEC playing experience. State obviously won't recruit at LSU and Bama levels, but Mullen does a pretty good job of recruiting for need.
Sorry meant to say LSU is #1. They for sure got that right.
LSU is Top Five, and anyone who has been around this conference for a while knows that. No tougher place to try and win than Baton Rouge on a Saturday night. The thing with WV is that for all their crazies, they don't sell out very often.
His family left New Orleans post-Katrina. Plenty of family ties to LSU.
I agree with you. I enjoy that both State and Ole Miss actually merit other schools complaining about them, and I think both coaches have added a real boost to the rivalry. But let's be honest - State is picking up 3* players primarily from Mississippi and trying to develop football players (plenty of OM posters on here have been happy to point that out) to build a competitive program. But it certainly appeared then (and really appears now) that OM took a much shorter route to get that done because the boosters didn't want to wait.
Maybe there are some other things that you should worry about right now?
Just hanging out waiting on that NCAA ruling to come down.
Exactly. Against a team very adept at running an offense that we never see. That seems to be forgotten every time the Orange Bowl loss is mentioned.
Golden is headed JUCO so we still need to fight you for Simmons.
I might be careful with that statement. Wouldn't surprise me to see Mullen/Cohen show an interest here.