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I mean he does have more final fours and a championship than anyone at UT.
As much as I loved Corey Brewer and watching that Florida team those two years, I I believe this was the more impressive back to back. No one came within double digits of this team that last two tournaments. Just insane.
Oh boo hoo. You must not have watched the NC State/Purdue game. Edey still dominated just had no help in the championship. Uconn is a machine. You realize they called just as many fouls again UConn and NC State’s big men against Edey as the did on Tennessee? Gosh cry babies get over it. Aidoo and Ziegler sucked for you, no one helped Knecht. That’s why you lost.
So salty for someone who just won the natty. I mean she did beat you last year when you had the "better" team. This year USC was too big down low and hitting 3's.
So you’re saying Pistol Pete isn’t the best to ever do it as well?
That’s the moral of the story. Cocky had the best team and bench overall, Iowa had the best player.
Bench points 37-0 and rebound differential won the game. Iowa had a lot of missed open lay ups too that started USC’s runs. Iowa’s role players didn’t play their best game and Clark would score in grooves because Iowa’s players would get good looks and couldn’t convert. USC shot the 3 well though. Congrats to USC, but don’t act like most people watching didn’t tune it just to see Clark especially in her last game. That 1Q was unreal. She changed the woman’s game and she will get all the hate for not winning a natty but all around player, best to ever do it. Hard to root for a coach who wants biological men playing women sports. If you have a daughter, that should upset you.
How can anyone in the SEC pull for her and her team after she made those comments? Girls growing up striving to make it to next level will lose opportunities thanks to biological men. She’s off her rocker.
I watched the entire game. Edey wasn’t in the lane for more than 3 seconds on any offensive possession. He also didn’t foul. Mainly because NC State didn’t drive the ball as much. They are just too tough to get rebounds and it showed tonight and against UT. I was more impressed with NC State’s performance more so than UT’s. They played a great defensive game and didn’t force the refs to call many fouls especially Purdue earning free throws. Burns and Middlebrooks played Edey better than any big man in the tournament but Edey’s hook shot is unguardable. NC State forced Purdue to commit a lot of turnovers. Fouls weren’t lopsided as well.
Maybe if Hailey Van Lith worried about playing defense and wasn’t so worried about being a martyr for the team, LSU could have stopped Caitlin and advanced. She played horrible on defense and offense. They want to open their mouths to the media about r****** and how people don’t like the way they act or their attitudes because they are b****. The better team won, and Clark wanted to win more than anyone else on that court.
UT shouldn’t foul and play discipline sound defense. Boo hoo refs. Boo hoo. Losers make excuses.
Purdue went 3-15 from 3 and UT couldn’t take advantage. Zeigler and Aidoo were no shows and let Knecht and Vol Nation down. Your top players can’t lay an egg in the big games.
Hey UK dude, didn’t Bama beat you like a drum at your place this year? Hmmm…. Also Michigan has made it to 2 natty title games in basketball since UK won their last title. Pretty sure since Louisville had to vacate their natty in 2013 when they played Michigan, they were next in line to win the title.
Don’t worry, Bama won their last one in their football history, what 4 years ago?
Quit being salty because we beat the SEC champion in football fair and square. Bama won’t ever sniff a championship again without Saban leading the way. Michigan did the SEC a favor and helped Saban retire. And UK dude can you even troll given how overhyped your football team is every year along with your basketball team? Didn’t know you could chirp from the back of the room.
Maybe Bama will have a better result than they did in the “football Rose Bowl” this year.
Or you don’t know basketball at all. It’s okay to admit it.
Best game of the tournament by far. Physical and old school.
You mean the fact the ACC had 5 teams get in the tourney and 4 advance to the sweet 16 and SEC got 8 and its possible only 2 will advance to the sweet 16 and 3 of the losses were to double digit seeds?
Ugliest game of the tournament by a landslide. Tough to watch. Disu for Texas killed them on offense. Both these teams played below average.
Maybe Ron Mexico can teach Auburn how to make free throws. 4 missed in under 30 seconds. Obviously Bruce can’t teach that and the players don’t work on them. Just work on complaining every single call against the refs.
Undisciplined and selfish. Let his team down. Losing players like that will lose you games.
He has no boundaries who lives in on a couch his parents basement as a low life. No morals and no common sense. Just a loser mind who blabs or in this case types. No one on this site respects him.
Out of all the SEC teams, UT is the conference’s only hope. Also Auburn players complain way too much which players take on their personality of their coach. Literally the players were jumping up and down and yelling at the refs for an out of bounds call to be reviewed with 5 minutes left. Do they not know the rules? Can’t be reviews unless under 2 minutes. I mean come on now. Also they were complaining laying on the flow instead of getting back on defense. Physically strong but weak minded.
Jealous of what? Michigan has played in 2 basketball nattys the past decade, a baseball natty, and a football natty. UT couldn't sniff a natty from the world's fair golden sphere.
We are still celebrating our football natty. Something UT hasn’t sniffed in decades and won’t sniff for decades to come. Barnes hasn’t had to gameplan past the sweet 16 since he was at Texas.
Congrats UT on getting the SEC’s first win of the tournament. Maybe this is the year Barnes finally gets past the Sweet 16.
Pitt and Indiana State are better teams than Virginia. Virginia stinks and shouldn’t have sniffed the tournament.