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Lol keep telling yourself that. Vols were a one hit wonder with Hooker. Milton is a nice guy, but the real Joe Milton will show up and UT fans won’t be patient. Nico will be starting before end of year.
Michigan has everyone basically coming back on offense and defense. Your gators don’t even belong on the same field with them and you’re talking junk. Tell your team to focus on beating Vandy, then speak.
Technically Vandy is above Auburn with the win head to head. But still two games left and at a red hot Kentucky/home against Miss State is brutal.
That was disgusting basketball from both sides. Auburn doesn’t shoot well away from their gym and UT can’t shoot at all. Both teams played good defense though.
Congrats Gators! Imagine if Castleton would have stayed at Michigan and played with D i c kinson. They would be the most dominate front court in college basketball. Apparently SDS won't even let you type someone's name without it being flagged.
Nothing against Bama. They are top 2 right now. They lost to Zags, Purdue throttled Zags. Granted, that was early in the year but that’s the only game you can compare right now. Purdue will be #1 because they have one loss, that’s the only reason why.
Purdue is #1 and has earned it. Bama is #2 and will jump to #1 if Purdue loses.
He made over 10 million this year with incentives. Michigan will have to pay him more after cutting his salary in 2020. As long he beats Ohio State which Michigan did once in 15 years before him, they won’t get rid of him anytime soon. He’s got it made in AA.
L I B E R A L S and N U T S. They will always try but never win.
He got the conference paid no doubt and brought USC/UCLA which are national brands to the Conference. But he played coward and was a hypocrite by letting his son play during C O V I D at Miss State by trying to shut down football. I guess you can’t say the word C O V I D on here anymore. So soft.
He got the conference paid no doubt and brought USC/UCLA which are national brands to the Conference. But he played coward and was a hypocrite by letting his son play during C O V I D at Miss State by trying to shut down football. I guess you can’t say the word C O V I D on here anymore. So soft.
Everyone knows it should have been Georgia/TCU and Michigan/Ohio State rematch. Then the Natty wouldn’t have been like this, committee didn’t think it through. Guess they wanted more viewed semi final games rather than the championship.
Agreed. 2 pick 6s and an overturned TD that led to a fumble the next play. Worst game Michigan played all year. Beat at OSU by 20, OSU loses to Georgia by 1, TCU loses to Georgia by 40. Crazy sport.
He wins with 3 star and 4 star players and has the #1 transfer portal class this coming year. The talent will be just fine and he really losing anyone this past year. If anything, college is all about recruiting and NIL now, NFL there is no recruiting and all players are paid. You just have to win quicker.
Just saying why did SEC refs get the nod over another conference refs? What is the criteria? Evaluation? Does Sankey or any other presidents have a say?
Never said that. Every article during the season, all SEC fans complain about the refs. Why did SEC ref one CFP when they have a dog in the hunt with Georgia and the ACC didn’t when they have no dog in the hunt? Both TCU and Michigan got screwed by calls. The TD that called back for Michigan, I’m not going to complain about the catch spot, Michigan intercepted it on TCU’s 48 and they moved it back to Michigan’s 48. Michigan’s execution was poor and they didn’t deserve to win, but refs have to do better for both sides.
Michigan didn’t deserve to beat TCU. Wonder if Sankey would ever flex on his SEC officiating crews and replay center because both teams had calls against them that were reviewed and were incorrect. Not saying ACC refs are any better, but why did OSU/Georgia get Pac-12 refs with no dog in the hunt, why did TCU/Michigan get SEC and not ACC with no dog in the hunt?
Yeah not the best showing but still the best entertaining semi final games ever. Crazy games. Michigan beats OSU by 22 and Georgia only beat them by 1. Michigan’s coaching decisions, inability to score, and the two pick 6s cost them the game.
100% changed the game. If Harrison stays in without getting hurt, OSU wins. Georgia had no answer on defense for him.
Oh please. Michigan played their worst game of the year and almost came back and won, OSU only lost by 1. Michigan beat OSU by 22 on the road. It was two great games, can’t crack on the Big Ten.
I mean, OSU played its best game and lost by 1, probably should have won. Michigan played its worse game and lost by 6 but also beat OSU by 22 which Georgia only beat them by 1. Big Ten’s top two weren’t overrated.
That definitely changed the game. If he hadn’t been put in concussion protocol, OSU probably would have won. He was torching the secondary all night.
It wasn’t much overall team speed. Michigan couldn’t stop the run, threw two pick sixes, fumbled on the 1, and tried a trick play on 4th down from the 2. Coaching and poor play calling doomed Michigan. But yes Georgia should win by 20, it will be boring.
Exactly. Michigan manhandled OSU on the road by 22 and gets manhandled by TCU by 6, the two pick 6s didn’t help then OSU only loses to Georgia by 1? It doesn’t make any sense, but that’s why they play the game. Harbaugh is old school and just worries about beating OSU and winning Big Ten which isn’t saying much. He doesn’t care about bowl games and it shows.
Congrats Dawgs! College football makes no sense that OSU puts up 23 on a Michigan team who gave up 37 today (offense gave up 14) and then put up 41 on the best defense in the country. Georgia definitely had the experience to come back and win after being down 14. Stetson is the best QB in Georgia history, better than Stafford, Murray, whoever. If he wins back to back Natty’s, he solidifies it, I don’t care what Dawgs fans say.
I hate Lebron. But he isn’t wrong. Especially the way Harrison is playing against UGA right now.
Yeah since the TD didn’t count in the 2nd quarter thanks to SEC refs.