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Are you ignorant or just refusing to follow solid based guidelines? A.) The principal even made a joke about how the CDC constantly makes weekly changes to their guidelines, making the joke funnier. B.) The CDC is the leading expert on the subject within the United States, whether you want to believe it or not. If you decide to question my reasoning or basis, I am a healthcare professional who closesly watches the outgoing guidelines for patient care and guidelines for the masses. Yes, they put out a lot of updates, but each one with much testing and consideration. Get out of your bubble with believing rhetoric you see on Facebook and look at facts.
The LB portion is related to Errol Thompson, not Dantzler. Re-read the title. You’ll see where your first thoughts went wrong. I somewhat agree with your remaining comments, though. However, I believe Dantzler will only help himself out more if he plays the bowl game. I think he committed too early.
Yet educated football fans will know that we had 11 defensive starters from last year graduate, meaning we had fresh players on the field all year, though, you still seem to keep this idea that this is Joe Moorheads fault for losing games. It happens. I would hate to see how you were in the 2000's with Croom. A lot of teams have bad years, especially when you aren't recruiting in the top 10. We never have. Get over yourself and be a true fan not a "We had a few winning years" type of fan.
65% is better than 60%, which some QBs have in the country. If we want to talk semantics, then point out every negative from every team, INCLUDING Auburn, and then make valid arguments. You blame the coach on year 2, yet you forget most of the recruits are not his. To top that, you blame the coach and forget that maybe the players lacked the discipline, regardless of how much the coaching staff tried to enforce it. I am an Army soldier AND veteran of war. We were taught to be disciplined. It was easy for us when things went awry, but lives are not on the line here and these are just kids. Quit trying to act like a backseat coach and understand it isn't so easy. I think Moorhead is doing well considering that he has 10 personnel out for 8 games. Do I agree that he kept them out this game? No. But I also think he knows why he does and doesn't share it with the public. We won last year, we lost this year. Don't be a person that is happy when we win but pissed off and calling for the coach's head if we lose. Be a good sport, not an ass.
I had typed out a long response, and it appears the website was not very accepting to it or they have limited the response. However, I will leave you with this, you have proven your "Masters' degree" argument to be void. You show ignorance everywhere you go on this website. I call out anyone that needs to be called out, so feel free to look. That being said, I think you are apart of what makes this world great. We are all different. Some of us are ignorant, some are funny, some are intelligent and some are just great people. I will let you decide which you are, and the website users will know the truth of it. Hail State.
You say hypocrite, however, I feel you must not know the definition to what it actually means. Here, I will help you. According to Merriam-Webster, a Hypocrite is: 1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion 2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings If you can find any factual information on this website where I have made any comment suggesting that I fall into this category, please, enlighten me and let me know. I would like a link to the article where I can check the comments and see if I am, in fact, a hypocrite or not. Until then, I once again state this: show your intelligence, not your ignorance.
Mind my own business? I have for far too long. Whether someone comes onto a website to say something that you disagree with or not, whether you take it wrong or not, you show your ignorance and immaturity by acting in such an irrational manner. The facts are there. I have seen way too many comments and posts where you seem like a child instead of an adult. If you are working on your Masters' degree, then prove it. Show intelligence instead of ignorance. To further my point of ignorance, and I am not at all saying LSUSMC is or was a service member with the Marine Corp, but until you have physical proof or evidence that this individual was or was not, you are being a fool and spreading false information. I, for one, am in the military. Army to be exact. It isn't easy to prove a DD214, but it also isn't hard to find the facts and truth with the internet. If you have a crusade, do it correctly, otherwise, grow up and show your intelligence.
@HailzBullyYall In my honest opinion, and from seeing all of the nonsensical trolling, you really should reevaluate your livelihood. If the highlight of your day is to come onto a website and talk trash to other people, that is a sad life to live. LSUSMC has been a pretty decent user, from my experience. Rarely disrespectful and a fairly standout person. Whether this person did serve or not doesn't have to be referenced in the username. Maybe their family was in the Marine Corps. At the end of the day, you should probably get out of your mother's basement, get a job and honestly grow up. You act less mature than my nephew and he is 6 years old. @LSUSMC, you keep doing you, my friend. See you guys on the field.
To be fair, that last "unsportsmanlike" call was not exactly a fair call. I think the refs were being politically correct and decided to call it on both and it resulted in dismissal from the game. It's clear he didn't do anything but talk smack like everyone else. The UK player flipped a middle finger out AND was holding onto the back of Willie's jersey/pads. Whereas Willie was pulling away. I can understand the side of the refs, however, it was a little too much to call an unsportsmanlike on him, given the situation.
Personally, I believe the issue there is the lopsided funding that would occur. For example, take a school that produces nfl talent, business scholars and engineers that all come out to be extremely wealthy. That school could have those boosters opting to pay a college athlete $100k a piece and each one be in the top 25. Get enough donors and it's easy. On the other hand, take a school that has produced low nfl talent or has very few wealthy graduates, then it becomes too much on value over base recruiting. I believe there should be structure to paid players. A cut off would be a good start. Such as following the national regs with minimum wage and working up. Max the pay to reflect practice and season, and max the total value of the wage to $30,000 or something reasonable. It can help teach the students value of the dollar since they won't be making loads, and will also keep recruitment competition alive.
I agree that we will probably struggle out in front, which makes me glad we have some gimme games there. At least until UK arrives to Starkville. Though I don't see us losing that one this year, I also didn't expect us to lose it last year with our standout defense. I can only hope KT does some really intense soul searching this offseason to come in strong and keep strong. Just really hope the defense can perform at a level somewhat close to last year. Losing Sweat, Simmons and Abrams is going to hurt. We play UT this season, so best of luck to boths teams. Hope your season goes well. I really think Pruitt can revamp that program for the better.
That would be a bold move, but would not actually surprise me. I definitely hope this doesn't hurt his draft stock because I have a feeling he will do exceptional in the NFL. Just unusual that this 'preexisting' condition just now came to light.
Looks as though #hailstate had more reasoning than just "Because Mississippi State couldn't". Tennessee has a legit team, and that shows throughout the season. Even today with them beating UK.
Everyone seems to forget that averages come from every punt put together. There is the likelihood that he had several punts at the 50 or 40 and had to hit high ceiling punts to lock the opposing team inside the 10 or even 5. If the JUCO team didn't have a good kicker, then it's plausible they utilized him around the 40 or even 30.
They selected the 4 best teams based on strength of schedule AND win/loss ratio. Alabama deserved to be in there, no doubt. However, they got humiliated by Clemson. Anyone saying Alabama didn't deserve to be there is purely cynical and mad. I could see this coming from an Auburn fan/alumni. Get with it, guy. Root for the SEC over anyone, not just AU because you're butthurt you lost to your rival. No reason to be a baby about it. This coming from a State fan.
Braniac, I believe the response was to kiohte (I guess that is how this individual believes coyote should be spelled? Who knows), however, I could be wrong. I am in agreeance with you though on the expansion issues. If a team doesn't make the top 4, then that is on the team not performing. Plus, the committee ranks hard against the top 4 spots as is. Adding 4 more would only make the top ten a near fiasco. To add, even if they added 4 more spots, there would still be these teams that "believe" they should be there and would call for even more expansion. Give an inch, they expect a mile.
I disagree. Les Miles has always been a good recruiter. An example I am way too familiar with is Dan Mullen at Miss State. Prior to his tenure as our coach, we really didn't have great recruiting classes. Commonly outside of the top 30. However, he was able to pull together some really good recruits several times and JoMo has been able to continue that success, and in some regards, make it better.
I think every SEC school he visits would be happy to have him. He is a good QB and has proven it, but was just outdone by someone with better natural skill. Same thing applies with the Tua/Hurts situation at Bama. Any school would do well with Hurts, it's just Alabama had a better natural talent come aboard and now Hurts is out of the starting position. I see him going somewhere else next year for his final year of eligibility.
That is usually just the AP poll or the CFB Playoff poll, but I could definitely understand the confusion. I am just glad Fitz might have found his groove again this weekend. Screw the past three-year stats. We should end with an 8-4 season if Fitz keeps it up. He FINALLY had over 60% in this game.
LSU beat Auburn and if LSU beats Bama, and Bama beats Auburn, LSU does, in fact, win the west. Alabama, on the other hand, could make it a west win on Saturday even if they lose to Auburn or Miss State the following weeks. I don't see either happening, but this is the game of games for the west this week.
Don't be too surprised. We have some really good defensive players coming in on the new recruiting if they don't jump ship, including the number 4 overall SDE in the nation. Sure, there are some more positions that will need to be filled, but overall, the defensive recruiting is good.
I feel like if he had performed like this against you guys, it would have been a better game. At least closer. Yet, I dare to say you guys would have still won, but a better game nonetheless.
Thanks for the kind words. You guys played tough this game. I was completely worried coming into it and Fitz gaining his form back made me giddy. Best of luck with the rest of the season. Also, love the shoutout username. Dude was a beast when he played for you guys.
You must not know about Aeris Williams or Kylin Hill. I understand your comment was meant as a jab towards his good running abilities and lacking passing, but his passing stats were miles over his rushing tonight.
I believe he will with his decommit so soon after the UGA loss to LSU, but a small part of me hopes he will still have some high interest in MSU. That was his number 1 choice before he chose UGA, but I won't hold my breath. After seeing his videos, though, he would be a tremendous pick for any school in the conference. If you guys get him, he will be a tough back to handle for defenses.
It should be a tough ball game for both teams. I do hope that State pulls it out, but it is a toss up in my opinion. I don't think LSU will overlook it. It will be a nail-biter for sure.
I don't think the article is saying Alabama won't play for the championship. Do I foresee State beating Alabama? Not at all. The offense and defense are both incredible. However, I do think it could be another good game like it was last year. At least I hope it is. I like those edge of my seat types of games.
I believe you are. The wording was "College Football Playoff" with playoff being the key term here. Kelly Bryant led Clemson to the playoffs, which ultimately led to their defeat at the hands of Alabama. I think you misunderstood and thought championship.
It's best to wait until further into the season. Wet conditions can change a run game any day of the week. Same for a passing game. I think State still has one of the top defensive lines, we just didn't show it this past weekend. We beat ourselves from the get-go and let UK beat us in the long stretch. They played well and all one can do is congratulate them for it.
I completely agree. The penalties hurt us more than anything. Kept putting us into 2nd and long or 3rd and long. Fitz had several really nice passes. Most of those were dropped. Then you add in the good defensive plays. Passing on Saturday was a bad decision because of the weather. It's hard to catch a wet ball. Better conditions and fewer penalties and I would wager State would have won. Not by much, though.