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I wouldn't go as far as to "lock that up" as you say. "This new guy" is a large part in why Penn State has been such a powerhouse over the past couple of years. Our offense looks really good in comparison to the past, and our defense is outstanding. On the other hand, UK does seem to be doing quite well this year and could lead to a really good game. I would say State has the edge, but UK will give us some trouble.
With the extension he got, I highly doubt he gets fired at the end of the season. This is what is wrong with fans that have over the top expectations. Instead of commending LSU for playing a good game, you blame the coach for one loss. Instead of being THAT fan, why not commend the other team and have faith in the remaining season?
Now I don't know who I am more concerned about. Auburn or LSU. Damn. This might be a long season in the west.
Well, if football doesn't pan out, he can always go to preaching with that kind of peppiness. He could make anyone excited about a cracker and grape juice. Well played, Syracuse.
As much as I am hoping we win (State), I will say I am pleased with the turn around Kentucky football has taken. Glad to see you guys do well. Oddly, we met last year with both teams 3-0 and one had to walk away 4-0. Can't say I don't have concerns but hoping we walk away with a win. Best of luck!
Being a low prospect recruit, having only two options, Fitz has definitely earned his place in history for State. I was a bit skeptical after Dak's year but was pleasantly surprised when Fitz showed his capabilities. If he can improve his passing game even 10%, this offense will be on par some of the best in the SEC and NCAA.
I don't feel like it will become his focus. At 50 yards per game for the remainder of the season, he will obtain the needed 500 yards. For Fitz, 50 yards per game should be a cinch.
Hopefully Fitz is where he was last year and then some. If so, this squad is going to be extremely good on offense. That was shown this past weekend, though against a low tier opponent. Still, 600+ yards offense with a second string QB is impressive. See you guys in a few weeks. Hail State!
Last year, under the same tutelage of coaches, State kept them to 33 yards total. A little surprising to see them get as many yards as they did this year at Florida. I will say that UF has improved, however, I am not sold yet. I am just waiting until our game against them. Crowd is going to be wild.
"(No.) 46 led the SEC is sacks last year." No. He shared the lead in sacks. None the less, one hell of a competitor.
To be fair, that isn't asking too much. On the other hand, Pruitt has the experience of a good team as an assistant to learn and grow from. Don't get me wrong, I still am not a fan of the Vols, however, I wouldn't sleep on Pruitt building a decent program. He has the resources.
Rooting for LSU this evening. Hopefully, this will continue to be a great opening weekend. Geaux Tigers.
Almost seems like they are still mad about the NC loss last year. Every bit of off season has has NC loss saltiness to it. Bama dominated tonight. Excited to see how it will be in November. Hoping for a close one!
Agreed. It's one thing if it was a huge infraction, but that probably would've come to the news outlets if so. It's probably something like a missed curfew and Coach Mo is setting the standard saying he'll even bench the top player if need be. Good on the coach for doing so, just a shame it happened in the first place.
I agree. I hate to love his candor and reactions, but goodness I abhor how he has built Alabama up so much. Living in Alabama is rough being a State fan these days. If only we can sum up the capability to win this year versus them. However, this is priceless.
We definitely have the QB's for the future, but securing the WR's would be a pleasant plus. Our offense is definitely fitting together under Coach Mo already. Just hope Shoop doesn't drop the ball on defensive recruiting. We have a good defense this year, and if State doesn't show out on the season, I fear it could hurt our recruiting. Time will tell.
12-0 in the SEC is extremely hard to do and usually isn't a guarantee, at least in the past 5 years. I don't see any team going undefeated this year in the SEC. Then again, I have been wrong before.
UGARMY, I thought the same thing until you pointed it out. Granted, LSU did have a rough season starter, so maybe Tigers two ways did mean it like that. Who knows.
Running the ball has been traditionally the strength of the SEC, however, teams are adapting year by year and the run game has become less of a staple in winning. If State is going to win games, Fitz has to have a better completion capability. However, Ole Miss' strength is the Ta'amu/Brown duo. If there is pressure on the QB and adequate coverage on Brown, I think Ole Miss will struggle tremendously. I hope that isn't the case because I do wish Ole Miss well until the Egg Bowl. Then I just like to see an old-fashioned shootout. Time will tell.
I definitely hope so. Coming into the season with a loss to a team that is subpar in a lot of ways could easily crush morale and determination. Just hope if we do lose, which I see as unlikely, that it won't affect the team's confidence, morale, and determination to win the rest of the season.
To be a home state recruit from like 25 miles down the road, I was pleasantly surprised by Kylin Hill. He is a monster on the field. I hope he can just improve every year, which would bode well for our running game. Not sure if we will see more of him than Aeris, but even at same snap reps, I would say Kylin will have the more profitable season.
Other than the two road games that were poorly played, State did an exceptional job in most of their games. Take Fitz out for the Egg Bowl and what happened isn't too farfetched given the Ta'amu/Brown duo. Our offense couldn't keep up with a very unproven quarterback. I think this year will be a good one, so I would say that State should be around 15. No higher.
I would agree except for UCF. They're showing last year was nothing short of excellent. I would say put SC at 23, take OK State out and place UCF at 25. South Carolina is, in my opinion, the second best in the East with proven stats and players. I think MSU should be up about 3 spots to 15, but no higher... For now. There are too many variables in the sky to say they will have an impeccable season or one with only one loss.
Though Mullen was the best coach we've had since Jackie Sherril, I would agree that he is not the best we have ever had. I think the drought from national spotlight was so long that many people forgot the late 90s when State had that decent run, only to lose to TN in the SEC Championship. Even then I would say that wasn't the best year we've had. Sadly, that was decades ago, well before I was alive. I just know some history. Everyone says Mullen is the best coach, but I would think it should be labeled as the modern day savior for saving the program from squandering.
Personally, I thought the new uniformed looked really nice. That glowing red on the solid white was solid.
Pretty much what I was wondering. We have 2 solid backs in Aeris Williams and Kylin Hill. There is potential they could become top tier. Aeris Williams has proven himself, so I would point to Kylin Hill. That kid is a machine.
He really does have a lot of confidence, and rightfully so considering the players he inherited. It also may not be a bad thing though because it might instill even greater confidence in his player, which could help them perform at their highest levels consistently. And yes, Coach Mo says certainly entirely too much.
Mississippi State may not be top 10 anymore as of right now, but I am very pleased with this years recruiting cycle so far, considering the coaching change. It hasn't negatively impacted us so far, and that is fantastic. Obviously, these aren't set in stone until signing day, but it's nice to see a lot of the SEC in the top 25. Just makes me believe we will continue to remain fairly dominant in football overall.