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Recent Comments
I think every SEC school he visits would be happy to have him. He is a good QB and has proven it, but was just outdone by someone with better natural skill. Same thing applies with the Tua/Hurts situation at Bama. Any school would do well with Hurts, it's just Alabama had a better natural talent come aboard and now Hurts is out of the starting position. I see him going somewhere else next year for his final year of eligibility.
That is usually just the AP poll or the CFB Playoff poll, but I could definitely understand the confusion. I am just glad Fitz might have found his groove again this weekend. Screw the past three-year stats. We should end with an 8-4 season if Fitz keeps it up. He FINALLY had over 60% in this game.
LSU beat Auburn and if LSU beats Bama, and Bama beats Auburn, LSU does, in fact, win the west. Alabama, on the other hand, could make it a west win on Saturday even if they lose to Auburn or Miss State the following weeks. I don't see either happening, but this is the game of games for the west this week.
Don't be too surprised. We have some really good defensive players coming in on the new recruiting if they don't jump ship, including the number 4 overall SDE in the nation. Sure, there are some more positions that will need to be filled, but overall, the defensive recruiting is good.
I feel like if he had performed like this against you guys, it would have been a better game. At least closer. Yet, I dare to say you guys would have still won, but a better game nonetheless.
Thanks for the kind words. You guys played tough this game. I was completely worried coming into it and Fitz gaining his form back made me giddy. Best of luck with the rest of the season. Also, love the shoutout username. Dude was a beast when he played for you guys.
You must not know about Aeris Williams or Kylin Hill. I understand your comment was meant as a jab towards his good running abilities and lacking passing, but his passing stats were miles over his rushing tonight.
I believe he will with his decommit so soon after the UGA loss to LSU, but a small part of me hopes he will still have some high interest in MSU. That was his number 1 choice before he chose UGA, but I won't hold my breath. After seeing his videos, though, he would be a tremendous pick for any school in the conference. If you guys get him, he will be a tough back to handle for defenses.
It should be a tough ball game for both teams. I do hope that State pulls it out, but it is a toss up in my opinion. I don't think LSU will overlook it. It will be a nail-biter for sure.
I don't think the article is saying Alabama won't play for the championship. Do I foresee State beating Alabama? Not at all. The offense and defense are both incredible. However, I do think it could be another good game like it was last year. At least I hope it is. I like those edge of my seat types of games.
I believe you are. The wording was "College Football Playoff" with playoff being the key term here. Kelly Bryant led Clemson to the playoffs, which ultimately led to their defeat at the hands of Alabama. I think you misunderstood and thought championship.
It's best to wait until further into the season. Wet conditions can change a run game any day of the week. Same for a passing game. I think State still has one of the top defensive lines, we just didn't show it this past weekend. We beat ourselves from the get-go and let UK beat us in the long stretch. They played well and all one can do is congratulate them for it.
I completely agree. The penalties hurt us more than anything. Kept putting us into 2nd and long or 3rd and long. Fitz had several really nice passes. Most of those were dropped. Then you add in the good defensive plays. Passing on Saturday was a bad decision because of the weather. It's hard to catch a wet ball. Better conditions and fewer penalties and I would wager State would have won. Not by much, though.
I am very appreciative of Dan Mullen for turning the program into a competitor nationally. Though I wasn't happy when he left, I think he will do well at Florida. I just believe his timing was not the best since UGA is a powerhouse now, and it appears UK is becoming a really good contender.
This is the Moorhead I like to see. He is finally letting his anger come out from the players taking advantage of his niceness. He is honest and real. I like it. Hopefully, this loss won't define the season and the team can come back stronger than before. Hail State.
I wouldn't go as far as to "lock that up" as you say. "This new guy" is a large part in why Penn State has been such a powerhouse over the past couple of years. Our offense looks really good in comparison to the past, and our defense is outstanding. On the other hand, UK does seem to be doing quite well this year and could lead to a really good game. I would say State has the edge, but UK will give us some trouble.
With the extension he got, I highly doubt he gets fired at the end of the season. This is what is wrong with fans that have over the top expectations. Instead of commending LSU for playing a good game, you blame the coach for one loss. Instead of being THAT fan, why not commend the other team and have faith in the remaining season?
Now I don't know who I am more concerned about. Auburn or LSU. Damn. This might be a long season in the west.
Well, if football doesn't pan out, he can always go to preaching with that kind of peppiness. He could make anyone excited about a cracker and grape juice. Well played, Syracuse.
As much as I am hoping we win (State), I will say I am pleased with the turn around Kentucky football has taken. Glad to see you guys do well. Oddly, we met last year with both teams 3-0 and one had to walk away 4-0. Can't say I don't have concerns but hoping we walk away with a win. Best of luck!
Being a low prospect recruit, having only two options, Fitz has definitely earned his place in history for State. I was a bit skeptical after Dak's year but was pleasantly surprised when Fitz showed his capabilities. If he can improve his passing game even 10%, this offense will be on par some of the best in the SEC and NCAA.
I don't feel like it will become his focus. At 50 yards per game for the remainder of the season, he will obtain the needed 500 yards. For Fitz, 50 yards per game should be a cinch.
Hopefully Fitz is where he was last year and then some. If so, this squad is going to be extremely good on offense. That was shown this past weekend, though against a low tier opponent. Still, 600+ yards offense with a second string QB is impressive. See you guys in a few weeks. Hail State!
Last year, under the same tutelage of coaches, State kept them to 33 yards total. A little surprising to see them get as many yards as they did this year at Florida. I will say that UF has improved, however, I am not sold yet. I am just waiting until our game against them. Crowd is going to be wild.
"(No.) 46 led the SEC is sacks last year." No. He shared the lead in sacks. None the less, one hell of a competitor.
To be fair, that isn't asking too much. On the other hand, Pruitt has the experience of a good team as an assistant to learn and grow from. Don't get me wrong, I still am not a fan of the Vols, however, I wouldn't sleep on Pruitt building a decent program. He has the resources.
Rooting for LSU this evening. Hopefully, this will continue to be a great opening weekend. Geaux Tigers.
Almost seems like they are still mad about the NC loss last year. Every bit of off season has has NC loss saltiness to it. Bama dominated tonight. Excited to see how it will be in November. Hoping for a close one!