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I absolutely agree with UF being the game of games outside of the Egg Bowl. I personally don't have a negative feeling towards Mullen, but I do like the idea of us trampling his new team as a showing to the nation.Overall though, I wish him well at Florida. He might need some luck with UGA and South Carolina gaining so much recruiting power.
Definitely true, but his showing with recruiting for the 2019 season is exemplary so far. Sure, we don't have the coveted 5* recruits knocking at our door, but with the drive and intensity State has played the past few years, with 2,3 and 4* recruits, I can see us having some definite races for the west in the near future. Here's to hoping Moorhead at Fordham and Penn State weren't flukes!
Yeah, Rivals is a joke. They have Quinton Torbor as a RB, when everywhere else he is listed as a WR. Rivals also downgraded him from a 4* to a 3*, yet once again, everywhere else has him as a 4*. It's pathetic, really.
In all fairness, UA has been notoriously known for being super stingy with allowing the signature 'A'. I know I have spoken with several shop owners that do their own branding on products that have said it. Understandable that they want royalties from it, but to my knowledge, they go a bit crazy over it.Also, before the unnecessary and petty "you're a state fan, you can't even win games" comments start rolling in, I am also a 'Bama fan but pull primarily for State. Just telling what I know from others.
I can see that being the case. Unfortunately for Lebron, I don't see Alabama backing down, at least easily. I won't say this fiasco will ruin Lebron's image, but it is definitely going to stain it because this will bring in a lot of supporters of the college itself to help push UA to continue fighting it. I also hope Saban pulls his usual aggressiveness with it. Overall, I don't personally think a court will rule favorably towards Lebron and his legal team. Curious to see the overall outcome.
Jake Fromm did really good work last season, especially as a freshman, so I agree... Maybe an honorable mention is in order. I do agree with the article for not frontrunning him, however. Seeing as he was a freshman with extremely talented and seasoned players surrounding him, I can't help but wonder if maybe that was what boosted him as a quarterback. My guess is that theory is what the writer had in mind. Give him another year and prove he wasn't a one season wonder.I'm excited, however, to see his 2018 season and am rooting for GA on the east next season.
Doesn't change the fact that he is an exceptional quarterback. No need to be childish on a discussion forum.I especially wouldn't expect it from someone with Army in their name, assuming you are referring to the US Army and not a faux "UG" Army. If so, one can only imagine you have better discipline than that.
Agreed. Just hope he can recover to his form prior to the injury, but with better pass capabilities.
I agree completely. It was the worst judgement he could have made and personally am glad he and the university have parted ways. If he can make that kind of judgement call where his life will be permanently affected, what's to say he wouldn't make a bad judgement call for the university.Also not sure why Bulldawgrock had some need to act childish when you were just saying what most people were thinking. Still can't understand unwarranted animosity.