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Pretty much what I was wondering. We have 2 solid backs in Aeris Williams and Kylin Hill. There is potential they could become top tier. Aeris Williams has proven himself, so I would point to Kylin Hill. That kid is a machine.
He really does have a lot of confidence, and rightfully so considering the players he inherited. It also may not be a bad thing though because it might instill even greater confidence in his player, which could help them perform at their highest levels consistently. And yes, Coach Mo says certainly entirely too much.
Mississippi State may not be top 10 anymore as of right now, but I am very pleased with this years recruiting cycle so far, considering the coaching change. It hasn't negatively impacted us so far, and that is fantastic. Obviously, these aren't set in stone until signing day, but it's nice to see a lot of the SEC in the top 25. Just makes me believe we will continue to remain fairly dominant in football overall.
It's definitely harsh, but to be fair, at least he wasn't dismissed from the team. Saban went to another level with the punishment he dished out for the same infraction. Not saying it's a bad thing though. Just hope this serves as a reminder that you can't act out just because you're on the football team.
I'm an advocate for the phrase, "If you do the crime, you should do the time." Good move by Coach Mo to set a standard that shouldn't be broken. Hopefully, there will be more classy moves by the players in the future instead of acting like heathens.
Don't forget about Austin Williams. He looked like a prime receiving candidate during the spring game. His hands are like glue. Very excited to see how our passing game will have improved by next season's start.
The same could be said if he were to sign a contract with the Dodgers. What if he makes poor financial choices, which is common in young athletes, then develops an injury that causes him to withdraw from baseball entirely? Then he is drowning in debt with nothing to fall back on like an engineering degree, or something that could land him a stable job with a stable income instead of just putting his balls into one basket. It's not a poor decision to go to college, and implying so is just foolish.
Not entirely sure what your comment has to do with a kid choosing to go to college to play baseball. You're making yourself look like a child.
There's nothing wrong with choosing college first. As long as he puts in the academic effort on top of his athletic effort, I see no reason why the big leagues won't still draft him when he decides to leave Starkville.
With all the talent each SEC west team has this coming season, I would say it's a far stretch to have them favored by 17 on most of the SEC games. Iron Bowl, Miss State, Texas A&M, and even Ole Miss. That AJ Brown/Ta'amu combo is deadly. Guess it will have to come down to how the teams perform prior to the Alabama meetups.
I haven't ever attended Williams-Brice, but just from looking at it, I can only imagine it's extremely loud. It's an awesome looking stadium as well.
Even if we are undefeated, ranked number 1 and have a 24 point spread, I still have worries when Thanksgiving comes around. Ole Miss could be 0-11 on the year and still play us harder than anyone. I always look forward to the game, but never rule out rivalries, as LSUSMC stated. Though I do hope Fitz stays healthy. If so, it could be a shootout.
After an exceedingly poor start, I am glad they have turned this team around. State has slumped some in the past few years and this will hopefully be the spark to gather the right recruits and keep the baseball team up high. I definitely hope Cohen leans towards keeping Henderson and hope it doesn't turn into a one and done season.
Well, they may not be able to do that unless that have certain regional boundaries. From what I have read, there will be a Birmingham team, so that potentially eliminates the state of Mississippi. Seeing as Alabama in North and south of the Orlando and Memphis teams, it would only leave 2 excess states to go to for regional, and Georgia would probably be added into regional for Florida. Just my opinion on it, but if they do regional, they will limit the teams too much, which could backfire. But we'll just have to wait and see. Overall though, I am kind of excited for both XFL and AAF because it finally puts my favorite sport on a near yearlong blast. Gives me something to look forward to in the college football offseason.
Unfortunately, it boils down to entitlement. Many college football players get catered to the nth power and believe they can do what they want. It's a sad state of affairs but maybe he will use this as an opportunity to better himself.
I can't even deny it. Ole Miss uniforms do have a really nice color design. Naturally, being a State fan, I still prefer my maroon but Ole Miss is definitely in my top 5 for best uniforms in the SEC.
I think with the receiving corps that State has this year, Fitz will have a higher pass percentage than ever before. Moorhead will have him running, but nowhere near as much as Mullen did. I dare to say his 55% from the 2017 season will turn into a 65-70% completion rate for the 2018 season. My reasoning is as follow: Moorhead offense mixed in with him getting more and more reps as a passer instead of a runner after his dislocation. Also, he will be less brave to rush as opposed to scan the field and find a target.
I think you are looking at it less as competition and more as "if he gets hurt, what happens?". The author is meaning competition between quarterbacks. I would say Fromm would definitely be starting, but if he fails to deliver the same quality as last year, I could see Kirby looking to try out the backup. As for Bama, in case you didn't watch the spring game, Hurts played horrendously. So I would say the competition is still there and the quarterback situation isn't keyed in just yet. Though I would agree that "panic level" and "nervous" probably weren't the key terms to use. Maybe "Concerning quarterback situations and competitions".
After seeing the A-day game, I would not start Jalen Hurts unless he improves extensively over the off-season. If he does improve, Alabama will have one of the best QB situations possible. They can start Jalen and have Tua come in to finish the second half. At the very least, there will always be a near fresh quarterback ready to go for different situations. Could be scary.
Corral, although some of his high school antics are questionable, was a tremendous pickup for the Rebs. However, I don't see any reason to skip the redshirt (given the NCAA rule doesn't go into effect) because Ta'amu is extremely good. Ole Miss will have a good offense next season, so here's to hoping we have a good defense to counter it.
So in your eyes, if someone makes a mistake or poor choice, even two years ago, they shouldn't be forgiven or given the opportunity to be a leader? I bet you have made a poor life choice. Should you not be allowed to be a leader ever in your life? Manager? Boss? Each of those are considered leader positions. Your logic is extremely flawed and you should probably think more in depth before making yourself look like a tool.
I absolutely agree with UF being the game of games outside of the Egg Bowl. I personally don't have a negative feeling towards Mullen, but I do like the idea of us trampling his new team as a showing to the nation. Overall though, I wish him well at Florida. He might need some luck with UGA and South Carolina gaining so much recruiting power.
Definitely true, but his showing with recruiting for the 2019 season is exemplary so far. Sure, we don't have the coveted 5* recruits knocking at our door, but with the drive and intensity State has played the past few years, with 2,3 and 4* recruits, I can see us having some definite races for the west in the near future. Here's to hoping Moorhead at Fordham and Penn State weren't flukes!
Yeah, Rivals is a joke. They have Quinton Torbor as a RB, when everywhere else he is listed as a WR. Rivals also downgraded him from a 4* to a 3*, yet once again, everywhere else has him as a 4*. It's pathetic, really.
In all fairness, UA has been notoriously known for being super stingy with allowing the signature 'A'. I know I have spoken with several shop owners that do their own branding on products that have said it. Understandable that they want royalties from it, but to my knowledge, they go a bit crazy over it. Also, before the unnecessary and petty "you're a state fan, you can't even win games" comments start rolling in, I am also a 'Bama fan but pull primarily for State. Just telling what I know from others.
I can see that being the case. Unfortunately for Lebron, I don't see Alabama backing down, at least easily. I won't say this fiasco will ruin Lebron's image, but it is definitely going to stain it because this will bring in a lot of supporters of the college itself to help push UA to continue fighting it. I also hope Saban pulls his usual aggressiveness with it. Overall, I don't personally think a court will rule favorably towards Lebron and his legal team. Curious to see the overall outcome.
Jake Fromm did really good work last season, especially as a freshman, so I agree... Maybe an honorable mention is in order. I do agree with the article for not frontrunning him, however. Seeing as he was a freshman with extremely talented and seasoned players surrounding him, I can't help but wonder if maybe that was what boosted him as a quarterback. My guess is that theory is what the writer had in mind. Give him another year and prove he wasn't a one season wonder. I'm excited, however, to see his 2018 season and am rooting for GA on the east next season.
Doesn't change the fact that he is an exceptional quarterback. No need to be childish on a discussion forum. I especially wouldn't expect it from someone with Army in their name, assuming you are referring to the US Army and not a faux "UG" Army. If so, one can only imagine you have better discipline than that.
Agreed. Just hope he can recover to his form prior to the injury, but with better pass capabilities.