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Show of class? So its ok that most state fans hurled themselves into a frenzy over Speaks getting a dui, but OPD puts a meme on the internet and they lack class? Come on people, double standard much?
Yeah ive seen it. Just making sure ya'll know there are some rebel fans out there that arent complete idiots.
First of all, being that Bama is back to back SEC champs and the REBS are the only loss that Bama suffered in the regular season in both seasons, thats pretty impressive on our resumè. Id venture to say that is reasonable to boast about. Secondly, the Florida loss didnt hurt nearly as bad as the Arkansas loss. As far as the west goes we are comfortable where we ended the season at, all things considered. Alabama Auburn ( albeit not a huge defeat this year) Lsu Egg Bowl Sugar Bowl berth Id say the Rebs are on the up and up. S far as the west goes, thats saying alot. In my opinion it is the toughest conference division CF. Hate on is all you want but you cant argue the point.
I was wondering why this one wasnt brought up over the fumble. In my opinion, the strip was entirely less questionable as the "chop block" that reversed the touchdown call. Refs blew that play
Excellent effort on both teams. It was closer than i thought! The turn overs did help us out although we couldve capitalized on them more. Bama fans cant be mad cause Saban said Ole Miss deserved that win!
I noticed that watching the game. Just seemed like the press box cameras werent adjusting to the lighting off the turf. I saw some other angles that werent so bad but that game was hard to watch
Agreed. Just because there may be more information to come to light about why the coach said what he did and in which context he intended, it doesnt excuse the blatant attack by the two players. And yes i dont see why they shouldnt spend some time in a juvenile correction program. If you let these kids get off with a slap on the wrist they will believe they can do anything and get away with it, regardless if someone "told them to do it." Disgusting.
Kelly is legit! The touch he puts on his passes are unreal. Im looking forward to this!
Im gonna be honest i got a kick out of it. Atleast he's got his act together! The cowbell display and the wall lanterns were on point!
Just lookin at his "touch" he puts on his passes alone have me convinced. I wish we'd picked him up sooner. The other two QBs didnt look too bad either!
Bonus double shot if either Mississippi team is mentioned
Aren't they allowed 35 recruits? I imagine there are plenty of cuts made. I can't imagine 100 percent success rate. I would like to know the average washout of recruits per year
Funniest thing I've ever read!
I can't wait for the egg bowl this year! It's gonna be a great game.
For the record, we had alot to celebrate that game. We've always struggled against Alabama. Consider the spread they put up against us over the last, say, 4 years. We don't expect anyone to understand. We certainly don't care if anyone else does.
Uhhhhh.....where are they now? Who gave them their only loss thus far? Yeah. Shut up
It's hard being a black bear slash landshark slash rebel slash #3 slash what now? Hotty toddy!
IMO, they missed quite a few no calls on both sides. HOWEVER, seems like it's hard to miss a facemask call when it was right in front of the ref. That is just outside lookin in. I really hope the conference will reassess officiating for the SEC. Regarding this kick, I don't feel like it was directed towards the player.
Manhandled? He got to the quarterback atleast 4 to 5 times! Expect to see a different team next Saturday
I thought this article was about Frank Thomas?
I agree Mike. Had he defended himself, it would've opened up a whole new can of worms. Props to the guy thinking of his team before himself.