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This team may have overachieved based on preseason projections (what else is new, MSU is always picked low in the West preseason), but this team was far more disappointing in their performance than just the Memphis game. What about the Arkansas game? The Dogs simply handed the Hogs a W on a silver platter. The entire team played poorly against LSU, which in hindsight was a game that should have been a W. Throw in two poor performances in the Egg Bowl and the Liberty Bowl, and we see that this team was pretty adept at giving games away ... far more than what is implied in this article.
Maybe we should take this opportunity to grade Saturday Down South contributors. It could get ugly.
From the Clarion Ledger ... And another twist came when Cumbie was hired to take over Louisiana Tech last week. But he’s still coaching the bowl game, running double duty between both schools — going out recruiting for Louisiana Tech while running practices for Texas Tech. Louisiana Tech athletics director Eric Wood and Red Raiders athletics director Kirby Hocutt both saw the “value that their players need to have an opportunity to finish what they started,” Cumbie said. “It’s something that’s very unique.” There are still some good men in the coaching profession.
Another interesting point is that UK had 9 wins with zero wins against top 50 teams. KY (ULM-114, MIZZ-72, UTC-FCS, SC-64, FLA-63, LSU-51, VAN-122, NMSU-127, LOU-53)
Ok, I just can't let that one pass without comment. MSU and UT have identical records (7-5 overall and 4-4 SEC), but saying that TN should beat MSU just doesn't correlate with the actual results. Here are the rankings of the teams MSU and UT beat. MSU (LT-117, NCST-17, TAMU-25, VAN-122, UK-26, AUB-47, TNST-FCS) TN (BGSU-113, TNTC-FCS, MIZZ-72, SC-64, UK-26, USA-105, VAN-122) MSU beat four top 50 teams, UT beat one. In actuality, it looks like UT should be more than 4 slots lower than MSU. Also, three teams that MSU beat are ranked higher than MSU. That's because, overall, MSU underperformed relative to their capability.
It seems like penalties should be a stat ... especially, game changing penalties. In that case, Groce does have one very big fat stat, giving LSU an automatic first down on a punt. LSU scored on the ensuing drive.
Come on Jerrion, I'm sure that we can handle this situation maturely, just like the responsible adults that we are. Isn't that right, Mr. Poopy Pants!
OK, I'll give you that point. There is no doubt that some of the stuff we read here has no basis in fact. But, then, some of it does. I would think more does than doesn't. Not that each writer knows these facts first-hand, but they are writing articles based on information that was leaked by someone who does know the facts first-hand.
Happy to amuse you. Based on your plethora of comments on this subject, it appears you may be a teeny bit defensive on this topic.
High winds across Louisiana due to all that swinging and missing in Baton Rouge.
2014 was great for the Great Magnolia State. Ole Miss and Mississippi State made Mississippi the center of college football for a while. But, look at the coaches at that time ... an arrogant horses ass (Mullen) and a cheatin' weasel (Freeze). Leach and Kiffin have brought a certain civility to the MSU-Ole Miss relationship based on their mutual respect. I like that.
So Klatt thinks that the two teams playing for the SEC Championship will not really care about the SEC Championship if both teams are shoe-ins for the playoff. Huh?
Maybe the Pirate unknowingly recruited vampires.
Seems like we are quite innovative in the way that we lose games. And that is not a good thing.
At MSU, Grantham came in and transformed an awful defense (ranked #110, 2016) into the nation's 10th best defense in 2017. Grantham's demeanor and coaching skills were the same then as they are now. Why was he successful at MSU and a failure at UF?
Dude, you should read a recent "strong-ass" article by Glenn Guilbeau on OutKick. Although, the NCAA moves at glacial speed, it appears they have gathered a lot of concrete on that slime-wad you call a basketball coach.
Yeah, I guess you're right. We should give the coaches three years to teach the offensive line (1) how not to move until the ball is snapped and (2) how to pass block without holding. It should take three years to find a someone that can kick field goals with minimum competency. And it would certainly take three years to teach the fine points of downing a kick, and defending a punt.
Who would have ever thought that a head coach could produce special teams play even worse than those of Dan Mullen? The SEC refs were bad ... what else is new? They aren't the reason the Bulldogs lost. We beat ourselves, again. We have now lost three games this year that we should have clearly won. That, my friends, is bad coaching. We are not a disciplined team.
Come on folks, a team's ranking when you played them is meaningless. The current ranking of the opponent is the measure that is important. Do you think Georgia played the 8th best team in the country (Arkansas) when they played on Oct. 2? Did Alabama get beat by an SEC doormat when they were beaten by an unranked Texas A&M on Oct. 9? If you think the answer to either of these questions is yes, than you are just as lazy as the typical sports talking head (eg., Joel Klatt). In fact, the 13-member College Football Playoff committee has taken such a deep dive into the results of games played so far that your average talking head can't get his/her fat head around it. If you ask sportswriters to rank teams, more often than not, they order teams according to win-loss records, because they are too lazy to consider who they played and how they played. Any deviation to this ordering is impacted only by historical bias. If you want to complain about the CFP Committee results, go for it. But, you should think about how much unbiased and unabridged analysis went into generating these results before you make a simplistic argument.
I'm not knocking the teams ranked higher ... just making note of the unusual situation for MSU.
My response actually had nothing to do with Stricklin. It was a response to the "Starkville loser" comment ... both inaccurate and unnecessary. Neither Mullen nor Stricklin live in Starkville anymore. If you consider them losers, then they are Gainesville losers.
Teams that you beat normally show up ranked lower than you in the polls. In this ranking, three teams that Mississippi State beat are ranked higher than MSU.
Current SEC records: MSU 3-2 FL 2-4 Looks like GatorPhil might be a "Gainesville loser".
Did you actually say that the SEC West hasn't been close to the SEC East all season. The current east vs. west record in the SEC is West-8 wins, East-3 wins with only 3 more East-West matchups left. East teams not named Georgia have one victory over a West opponent. I guess the East looks so bad because the West keeps beating them. If you clinch your division in October, then you are a good team in a bad division.
A douche move by an adolescent coach.
On behalf of the Bipolar Bulldogs, you're welcome. Wow, winning the division in October is impressive. Maybe of combination of (1) Georgia be good and (2) the rest of the SEC East be not.
I don't see this pick as disrespect for UK. Actually, I think the author of this article nailed it. UK is definitely a good team, but they haven't demonstrated they are a top tier team. In most years, victories over FL and LSU and a 6-1 record would separate you from the midlings. Let's face it, this year, FL is near to top of the midlings and LSU is near the bottom of the midlings. MSU is a psychotic midling. When MSU plays well, they can beat good teams. When they play poorly, they can get beat by bad teams. If MSU and UK both play well, this will be a really good game and a toss-up (MSU-UK games are typically really good games). A UK romp over MSU is also a real possibility if MSU plays like they did against LSU and Memphis.
Do you get your stats from the My Pillow Guy? Using data from the ESPN site, against Vandy, MSU passed 64 times for 461 yds and rushed 22 times for 61 yds. That works out to 522 yds in 86 plays or over 6 yds/play. Not outstanding, but not too shabby. Certainly gets you down the field, if you hold onto the ball. If you want to whine about Leach, please use real facts.
Mullen owes Grantham. Grantham came in at MSU and cleaned up Mullen's worst DC hire (of many DC hires, by far), Peter Sirmon. Sirmon took a good SEC defense and made it Swiss Cheese, getting the boot after one season. Mullen's coaching seat was red hot (even at MSU). He brought in Grantham, who took basically the same defense that Sirmon coached (that had some studs) had elevated it back to one of the best in the SEC. From my one data point, Grantham can coach.