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"There will also be a single division." So if you divide 0 times, you get a single division. Hmmmmm.
U. of Texas - due diligence U. of Mississippi - doo-doo diligence
What about that Moonshining for Post-Millennials course?
I agree totally with your point about Florida's rushing performance. How many teams can take a third string QB with very limited reps who is returning from injury and expect that QB to successfully drive the football down the field (on a very good OSU defense) given a totally inept running game. Blaming the poor performance of UF's offense solely on the QB is very short-sighted. This premise of this article is quite stupid. If you check the stats, UF's passing stats pretty much mirror that of OSU.
The SEC Network coverage to honor the memory of Mike Leach has been moving. As someone from the South, I feel like I've been standing around in the funeral home sharing personal stories with family and friends. Mike Leach was truly a beautiful mind who saw and understood the entire world around him (and thankfully, that included football). Away from the cameras, Mike Leach was genuinely concerned for his fellow man, and treated everyone with respect. You are already missed, Coach.
We are proud that this young man is a Bulldog. Hail State!
In addition to fundamental speaking skills, I've always thought that you need to be a true fan of college football to be effective on a show like GameDay. Chris Fallica fails on both points. He is an awful communicator and he is a gambler, not a fan. Glad to see him go.
Judson had 91 yds against MSU ... we didn't exactly shut him down. He had 135 against Alabama, 111 against LSU, 139 against Auburn, 205 against A&M and 214 against Arkansas. The dude was a workhorse against SEC West competition. Your comment borders on moronic.
There is no disputing that Hugh Freeze is a weasel, a cheater, and a hypocrite. There are plenty of Moms and Dads out there who will tell their sons to steer clear of Auburn. And having Cadillac on the staff (who seems to be a man of high character and a real leader who the players and fans respect) will not offset that. It would not surprise me to see Cadillac leave his alma mater at some point in the near future after working under Freeze.
Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. A bad shooting percentage can be the result of bad shooting, good defense, or a combination of the two. AU and Northwestern are both very good defensive teams. I would rather watch a game where the two teams are getting after each other defensively than a three-point shooting competition with no defense (that's an NBA game). To me, college basketball is real basketball, and the result can sometimes be a beautiful rock fight.
The UT loss to S. Carolina was bad, but not because the Gamecocks were unranked at the time. UT is only 12 spots above S. Carolina in the current CFP poll. The UT loss was bad because the Gamecocks stepped on their face with a hobnail boot.
Judkins and Forbes are both incredible talents at their respective positions. The offensive player always has the advantage in awards like the Conerly Trophy. It could have gone either way. Nobody got snubbed. Congrats to Quinshon. But, Emmanuel deserves to be recognized as one of the best DB's in the country.
It's interesting that the two surprise undefeated SEC teams are finding success in opposite ways. Mizzou's scoring average per game is currently 92.6 while MSU is giving up 49.3 points per game. Mizzou and State face off twice this year. Should be interesting.
Remember when the U. of Louisville had Bobby Petrino and Rick Pitino? Now, Auburn has Hugh Freeze and Bruce Pearl. Cohen is making Auburn the Louisville of the SEC.
There is a difference between realistic expectations and some arbitrary win-loss record that you say is unattainable for MSU. This was a down year for the SEC, especially the SEC West (the champion is 9-3). You need to make hay while the sun shines. A poor performance in the second half against LSU and a poor overall game against Kentucky is all that stood between MSU and a 10-win season and 6-2 SEC record.
The Birmingham Bowl is now played in UAB's new stadium. It opened in 2021, I think. "Protective Stadium"
The season could have, and should have been better, like last year. But, an Egg Bowl victory that pushed the Dawgs into the Top 25 and pushed the Colonel Bear-Sharks out of the Top 25 was sweet. My favorite play of the year was Emmanuel Forbes' pick-six at Kentucky. He is a special player.
Kevin Warren probably crafted this response before the game was even played. He is the Big 10's chief propagandist. That's why his opinion is meaningless. My favorite part was "Epic football game". OSU has two wins against teams in the current CFP poll (Notre Dame and Penn State), and that is a rather flimsy resume compared to the other contenders.
Osweiler was hideous (kind of on par with Bill Walton).
While Joe updates us on neutral site attendance, Chris Jans' Bulldogs beat Akron 73-54 in Philadelphia after Akron beat South Dakota State 81-80 in OT. But, of course, Joe only notes that South Dakota State should be a challenge for Arkansas, and gives MSU no credit. And Joe notes that it would be cold in Marquette (twice, once with Florida spelled correctly), if MSU were playing Marquette there. Now that's hard hitting analysis, Joe. It might be interesting to SEC fans to note that through 3 games with decent opponents, MSU is allowing an average of 48 points per game. This team plays good defense. Maybe Joe will provide more updates on attendance and weather in future posts.
"All wins are good wins" Cute but stupid. Last year, we made it into the CFP rankings at 17th with a 5-3 record (ahead of 6 win and even 7 win teams) because of who we played and who we beat. You might want to do some reading.
We were a pretty good team last year and had several good wins. With most of our key players returning, we should have been better this year. Getting steamrolled by Kentucky and playing a pitiful game almost Auburn shows we are getting worse, not better. We will end this year with zero good wins.
You are aware that this is SDS. At SDS, they make no promise that titles have anything to do with the two-sentence paragraph that follows. That would make click-baiting much more difficult.
We will lose to Georgia and Ole Miss. The team is definitely not getting better (Wait, isn't this Leach's 3rd year ... weren't we supposed to be great in year 3?). 7-5 (overall) and 3-5 (SEC) will be a step down from last year. Our three SEC wins will be against teams with losing SEC records. Auburn and A&M already have 5 SEC losses, and Arkansas will most likely lose to LSU and Ole Miss.
We are getting suckier by the game. Pitiful effort. Good thing we didn't have two weeks off. Note to Mike Leach - Special teams matter. How many games do you have to lose (or almost lose) to figure that out? Most Mississippi high schools have better kickers. Georgia will annihilate us.
Something else to ponder ... prior to this critical university action, had anyone ever typed the sentence "a tree was disciplined following an on-field incident".
From the ESPN website ... "Over the last 10 seasons, the FPI favorite has won 75 percent of FBS-versus-FBS games, which is comparable to the Vegas closing line. Looking at the last four seasons, that percentage has risen to 77 percent, and in games that FPI and Vegas differed, the FPI favorite won 55 percent of the time." Computers can do what humans cannot ... take into account all of the performance data for all of the teams. We can't watch every game, and we can't make unbiased evaluation of teams. We tend to make all of our decisions based on one-game head-to-head performance, which is important, but is only a portion of what is important. If team X and team Y played 10 times and team X won 10 times, we know that team X is way better than team Y. If team X wins 5 out of 10, we know that team X and team Y are comparable. If team X would win 9 out of 10, but team Y pulls that unusual 1 out of 10 win, our one game data is not representative of the real world (Appalachian State would not perform very well in 10 games against Texas A&M). The real-world results show that the FPI rankings are pretty accurate.
The Stanford Tree is currently being advised by the Lorax (he speaks for the trees). The Lorax is, in fact, a big supporter of fun. It's good to see that the Moms and Dads of the football players and band members made it to the game.
Kind of a funny stat from that game ... Mike Leach's air-raid offense rushed for over twice as many yards as Alabama.