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I agree. This hire is just as exciting as the Leach hire. Last year was one of the softest, most unprepared MSU defenses in memory (Peter Sirmon's one and only MSU defense comes to mind). I think Bob Shoop's incompetence was masked in his first year by some incredible athletes on that side of the ball, and the training that they received under Grantham the year before. I'm hoping we get back to a physical defense this year, and the defensive players know their assignments. Last year, the opponent's receivers went totally uncovered time and time again. Inexcusable ... so happy to see Shoop out and Arnett in.
Try to stay on topic. We were discussing the NET rankings. Your discourse on how the hogs lose so well will have to wait.
Just be glad your not ranked behind a team that you beat twice (Arkansas - 44, Miss. State - 52).
Alabama may be better than their current overall record reflects, but so are a lot of teams in the SEC. This is an incredibly rosy outlook on Alabama's future success. And why do you predict that you will beat Miss. State on the road, but lose to Mizzou on the road (FYI, Miss. State just beat Mizzou by 27 in Starkville). Hmmmm.
And the Pete Carroll stench gets stronger in the SEC West.