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Did a 5th grader come up with these "concepts"?
Lol I would love to have him forever. I think Nick Fitzgerald is going to be the starter for Mississippi State next year. And from what he showed in the little he played this year, we will be just fine at the QB position.
Green was not named a first team all American. He wasn't even a starter. Once again, SDS, your reporting is way off. Y'all couldn't even run a middle school newspaper successfully.
He's the most overrated 4-star I've ever seen play. He put up less than mediocre stats his entire high school career against less than mediocre competition. Only thing he good at is being big. Don't get your hopes up on this guy.
Have y'all been living under a rock, SDS? Mississippi State needs offensive linemen. We have enough depth at the TE position.
I think it's just a coincidence. Some guys do more for the camera or just happen to be in the best shots.
Well, y'all shared the (unofficial) Ole Miss hype video. Let's see if y'all share the OFFICIAL Mississippi State hype video after it's released Friday. Don't let your bias show too much SDS ;)
Clean hit? Yes. Did he say anything about injuring the player? No. The kid found a picture of his hit and posted it in response to another post from a player on the opposing team. I could see there being an issue if he bragged about injuring the other player, but he didn't.
I'm surprised this list doesn't include Dak Prescott.
Aeros Williams is a redshirt freshman, not a true freshman. I would replace him on this list with true freshman Malik Dear. Might even replace Fred Ross with Donald Gray. I think a lot of different/younger guys will be getting reps this weekend.