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Is this an inaccurate statement? Nick Chubb is one of the best running backs in the country.
The sad part about Tech is the fact that your "motto", "To Hell With Georgia", has NOTHING to do with Georgia Tech. It's just focuses on hating Georgia. Which is pretty funny IMO, cause tech seems to hate UGA a whole lot more than UGA hates tech. It just tells you how one sided the rivalry is.
Was this supposed to be a debate? They all said the same thing.
Cant quite make out the entire thing, anybody care to translate?
It is seriously scaring me if Hutson Mason is the best quarterback we have right now. Either our QB depth sucks or Mark Richt is too damn loyal to see what some other guys can do when it's not a blowout and the game actually matters. Thats the one thing that bothers me about CMR. He is TOO nice. Go Dawgs!
What is that even supposed to mean?
Wow, do y'all really not remember the 2012 SEC Championship game? It hasn't even been two years. The scenario y'all wrote in the 3rd to last paragraph is completely wrong. Richt did not choke away the game, Georgia did not have a timeout, and the pass was not intercepted. It was a fake spike fade pass to the back of the end zone. The ball was tipped and caught on the 3. Letting the clock continue to run til it hit zero. Don't know how a website dedicated to SEC Football can get that wrong. Go Dawgs
Nick Chubb has no chance at the Heismann.
When it's 38-6 at halftime, I'd call it a blowout no matter the outcome at the end of the game. UGA had good control through most of the game, and they forced every turnover they had. In the first half Arkansas was flat-out not able to move the chains (aside from the first drive). The run defense performed well enough to tame the best rushing team in the SEC (although I think that title belongs to UGA now). If it weren't for Bobo's super conservative play calling in the 2nd half, the game could have been much much worse.
immmm sony michel is not playing. He is out for like 6 weeks
Because it's a fall Saturday (technically Sunday but whatever) in a college town. The police could walk into any bar and arrest majority people in there.
How did I know something really stupid like this would come up. People just desperate for attention and are trying to get a well rounded, humble guy like Gurley, in trouble.
Haha love it. Always refreshing when a fan is able to have a sense of humor about his/her team. God game the other day and good luck with the rest of the season. Go Dawgs!
"Georgia won a game it shouldn't have won" What? Not sure I agree with that statement.
lol, please. it was clearly a botched call by the ref
Gameday signs are soooooo much better than the SECNation signs
the *2016 class is 5 star qb *Jacob Eason
Very happy it's not in Columbia. Yes, while the Gamecocks looked awful week 1, i'd rather keep the attention and hype as far away from this game as possible. Georgia usually performs worse when gameday is featuring us. I like to keep the hype at a very limited amount.
lol I feel like SDS has a crush on UGA this week. Go Dawgs!