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Good call or bad call it doesn't matter, Georgia blew the lead.
It must be nice having an easy path to an undefeated season when you play teams like FSU and Miami. Hey, why do y'all drop in the rankings if you haven't lost?
Probably as good as it predicted the Florida vs Georgia Southern.
Oh boo hoo, you ram your head into another person every day at practice and every Sunday in a game and didn't think you could hurt your head? Maybe I should run my head into my wall every day and once I start having issues I could sue the developer.
They won't stop, I live in Florida. A buddy who went to UCF is trying to tell me he still thinks they can beat Georgia and Alabama.
Those of you who don't live in Florida have no idea how annoying this is. I hate Auburn even more now. Y'all had your chance to silence them and you failed. These UCF fans are far more annoying than gator fans down here. They claim to be the best in the state. As much as I hate saying it, UF is the best team in Florida. I seriously hate Auburn for this.
Nope, been on here for years, just don't comment as much. Use to talk crap to bamatime too. I also love what Trump is doing but I understand your dislike for him. You know lowering the black unemployment rate and signed an executive order giving HBCU's $25 billion. Guess that's not as good as Obummers $4 billion.
Maybe not but you are an annoying troll. Every time I see you comment, it embarrasses me to see the G by your profile.
I don't agree with this guy saying this but I fail to see the white privilege part. I do hope he gets kicked off the team. But I guess the nice thing about black privilege is always having the ability to blame everything on white privilege so you can continue to fill pity for yourself. Oh, I also wouldn't disagree with seeing you or someone else putting him in his place for saying that.
I know it doesn't matter right now but I still think it's bs. Georgia destroyed a ranked team at their field. While Clemson got lucky against an unranked team.
WOW Ilovemydogs, you're an idiot. What does being a Republican have to do with his ranking? He's always low balled Georgia. At the same time, I don't disagree with him. After this weekend if Georgia beats South Carolina big, then I'd disagree with him. How about you stick to football and leave your personal feelings on politics aside. I'm also sorry Trump has been so hard on your people, you know creating jobs and what not.
What an idiot, please explain how they lied. They didn't recruit him last week, plus like previously said, all student athletes should realize there's a chance an assistant will leave.
Y'all who don't live in Florida have no idea how annoying those fans are getting.
She's actually probably glad he doesn't take long.
If Georgia was in a meaningless bowl, I wouldn't blame Chubb for sitting out. First it prevents him from getting injured and ruining his future. Second, it gives the other guys game experience before next season. Y'all want to act like he's quitting on the team but if this was the NFL, 95% of these bowls wouldn't exist and these players wouldn't play anyway. There's only 3 bowl games that matter anymore. The only reason any of you care is you get to see your team 1 more time until next August.
Lol, bamatime always says stupid crap. There's not much of a difference between 1 and 5 recruiting class? Really? Here's a difference for you. Georgia has 6 5 star recruits. Miami the number 5 school has 2 5 star recruits, that's a big difference.
So you're telling me, you would go to a school where you have no clue what could happen over a school that is a National Champion contender? Most athletes want a shot at a championship.
You're just disappointed because Auburn always picks up Georgia players who get kicked off the team.
Since you left out the rest, here you go: If Fromm can pull off that feat, he’ll be ready for his next starring role. “SEC’s best quarterback.” Didn't call him the SEC's best yet.
Totally agree, it only takes someone with no class to whine about how their team belongs in the playoffs even though they didn't play in a conference championship game. Especially after that same coach said if you don't win your conference you shouldn't be in the playoffs. Only a classless coach would do that. Oh, wait....
Because FSU didn't turn out being a strong team. You're not serious with that question are you? A win against this years FSU team doesn't mean as much as previous.
So instead we should have the third rematch in a row of Clemson vs Bama? Either way Clemson wins.
I don't get the big deal with Chip Kelly. He really isn't a good fit for the SEC. I don't think he's the right guy for Florida.
I hope that's what it's about.
Oh well, if Georgia wins the SEC, don't come crawling back. We don't want players who allow one game to influence their decision. Maybe you should look at it as an opportunity to improve the team, something you could say you were a part of.
All those fair weather fans will be back. Auburn just simply out played us. I don't know who everyone is saying was talking trash, I don't know a single dawg fan that wasn't nervous. As for all you Tennessee trolls, talk your crap when your team is actually relevant again. Y'all are the most over hyped team every year and every year you suck. I'm tired of hearing how Tennessee has a chance to win the East. Y'all couldn't win the East even if it was just you and Missouri in the East.