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Hal Welch

Recent Comments
LSU lost the same two games in '07 that UGA did, in fact one could argue that their losses were worse. Kentucky and Arkansas were both outside the top 30 and the Arkansas loss was teh final regular season game for them while we lost twice in September to two top 20 teams, they just both happened to be in our division. LSU lucked out that year and the perception that even our fans like you have bought into is a big part of what did it.
They have a better trophy case based on ESPN bias. Specifically Kirk Herbstreit who openly campaigned against UGA being in THAT NC game that LSU won. He argued vehemently that UGA could not even be considered in '07 because we didn't win the division when he also turned coat and argued that it was fine in '09 when that team was Alabama. They are not better than us because they beat us in one SEC CG... we beat them in one as well and I don't believe we were clearly a better program than them from say '05 to '11. Yours is perception and not reality.
I'd disagree that we aren't LSU, Auburn, or Florida. Frankly we own Auburn. We're in a similar position as Florida. And the LSU comparison is a ESPN driven perception issue. Les Miles backed into his only national championship with two losses in the same year we had two and we were clearly a better team. Since then LSU has won 38 conference games, same as UGA and we're 2x2 against them... we're everybit on the same level as LSU. The only team we are clearly behind is Alabama.
Again... he did something. Your friend was not pushed down stairs unprovoked... if you say he was you either missed what he said or did, or you're a liar. Simple as that.
no... we'd just say you aren't telling the truth. I've been to Cola three times and won't go back myself. But that's because I didn't like the environment. I like to take my kids to games and Columbia just doesn't set up well for that. Your fans lean toward nasty too and that's a consensus of fans around the SEC and Clemson. But make no mistake about it, there's a difference between the nasty I expect and being spit on and all that crap. I simply don't believe it. Even not liking the environment in Cola, I've never been spat at or treated anyway other than you suck or whatever. Neither have you, neither has this guy that started this unless you did something.
Nice letter bud, I appreciate the high road you're taking and the invitation speaks well of not just you but our fan base as your view is shared by most of us I'm certain.I will say however what you did not... there are parts of this Auburn fans letter that are a fabrication. A lie. He did not find one person that spat on him 20 times or 20 people that spat on him once unless he did something. Did he find a jerk? Possibly... we have them in all our towns. But in over 30 years now of going to that stadium and following UGA across the county, and yes I have partied my tail off in bars everywhere at all hours of the night at varying levels of inebriation, I have never experienced anything remotely close to what the fan describes. As you pointed out, if we'd spotted a UGA fan doing something of this nature we'd whip his butt and buy the enemy the next drink and apologize. It's just not how we roll. And I do not for one minute believe this guy experienced this as he said he did. Sorry.
Jesus H Christ guys lol... I did NOT make a case against Mizzou. I very simply said the stars aligned nicely for them this year in a way they most like won't next year. It's as simple as that. Never said they weren't good this year, or wouldn't be next year. I do say they are not "elite". They weren't elite this year, they beat several teams that were down on their luck when they played them that are normally elite. The only team Mizzou played that was at full strength was Carolina and Carolina beat them. What I did say was that UGA, UF, UT & USC will almost certainly be better than Mizzou provided the injury bug doesn't hit this coming year the way it did this past year. Jones has UT believing and they'll be better. They nearly got UGA, the did get USC who bear Mizzou so UT will be better. If Todd Gurley plays against Mizzou this year in Athens UGA would have won by 10. I've never seen a team so destroyed by injuries as Florida was when you played them. So yes, you had a nice season and you are a very good program and YES you will be relevant and you will compete. You will likely beat one or two of the traditional powers and that may well be my dawgs but it also means you'll probably lose to two of us as well. Look at your schedule, you have a brutal stretch of the east with all but 1 on the road. You'll compete and have a fine year I'm sure. But you're still a stretch to even play in Atlanta let alone the conversation for the national championship guys and that's not an insult... you're looking up at some damn good programs.
No Gamecock I did not. Read slower and more completely before you decide to take on a comment... I'm simply rebuffing the idea that UGA didn't have injuries and that the injuries didn't play a role. I used the USC game as an indicator that Mizzou played a much different and much more hobbled UGA team than USC saw. The two games you mentioned only cement the notion that there is parity among the top and neither or us can explain what happened to our respective teams those two nights we got whipped so badly by teams we're so evenly matched with. But that was a different year entirely and we couldn't say much for injuries. Both UF and UGA were destroyed by injuries this year, look for that to rebound a bit. USC will be very good again and UT impressed me this year and they really impressed you I bet. So, assuming that between UF, UGA, USC, and UT 3 of the 4 are very good... what will Mizzou's record be at years end? I could see losses to all 4 (UGA is the only home game for them) and to Texas A&M. It's a simple notion really, they're a very good program that the stars aligned for this year. If you don't believe me answer this... when was the last time a team with the 10th defense in the league played for the championship?
Suggest the author take a look at this on Murray: http://www.cfbstats.com/2012/player/257/1024001/passing/split.html sure his stats are better vs cupcakes versus not, who's isn't. But even Jon Cooper says "his numbers come against the weaker competition" and that's just not true. He has nearly a 160 rating in conference. He had a horrible team around him his first year and he (and they) have progressively gotten better each year. This team will go where he takes them, he and Todd Gurley that is.
what I find interesting is how having the weakest schedule is somehow a "path to the championship" for Bama when it was the single most written about topic for UGA as their weakest link... ie: the one thing that could keep them out of the championship. Further proof that for whatever reason UGA gets unfairly dinged for things out of their control (ad nausium btw) while the same weakness is seen as a strength for Alabama... media trolls
Dude, did you really just say that Murray can't run? Lol... Nit a bad read but that little nugget means you should watch more games before you write lol...
THIS JUST IN: UGA had a couple bad seasons. First team ever to have that happen to them. No college football team or program has ever seen this happen before. All UGA Coaches and players should be burned at the alter- fans should take up another team... the program has been discontinued.
weak schedule lol... you do realize that even last year UGA's SOS was 2 points better than USCe's don't you(http://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/ranking/strength-of-schedule-by-team)? You morons clung onto that SOS argument like nobody's business last year and I'm sure it's all we'll hear this year too. I didn't hear anyone crying for UGA when they had LSU/Bama/Auburn in '08, but suddenly it's an issue... even this year, we have AU & OM while you have LSU & AR-- so we both have one good team and one grease fire from the west. Sure LSU is going to be better than AU but we could counter that Southern is better than Wofford so just grow up. You guys won on the field against us last year and if you'd taken care of business against AU with Latty on the field--a team we hosed by 100-- you'd have been in ATL so you and your dumb a$$ coach can... have a nice day.
again, he was not booed in mass by UGA fans. I like ADB went to every home game, 3 away games, the cocktail party and the SEC CG and HE was NOT booed the way its been described. Did some lame ass boo him? I'm sure they did... but what people heard on TV was the ENTIRE UGA fan base "booing" for Boo Malcome. Any fan UGA or otherwise who boos an athlete like IC deserves to be held up by the fans around him while the athlete he boos kicks him in the nuts... he should also have his team colors stripped off his back and sent home naked, with bruised nuts but I digress... UGA fans including myself were not terribly happy at the end of the season with IC for a myriad of reasons, but booing as it's been reported did not happen.
well hell I've seen every player and coach on the team get booed... and that's not exclusive to UGA or Crowell. But this example of what happened at the SEC CG has been blown waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion.
for the umteenth thousandth time... he was not booed by Georgia fans in the Georgia Dome. He exited the field and Ken "BOO" Malcome came on. We have always "Boooed" when Boo Malcome took the field or did something good, as we have when several others who had that same sound in their names-- Musa Smith always heard "Mooooosa", Bruce Figgins hears "Bruuuuucce". Stop being a sensational writer and make the transition to journalist... you'll feel better about yourself when you do.