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How is Mullen a safe secure but muschamp and malzahn a safe for now
Are defensive line is going to be stacked if we get Josh Belk
how is it even a doubt fromm will be the starter,I mean he led Georgia to the national championship game.They would be dumb to put fields in front of fromm
because the people who write these articles are not real college football fans so they go with whatever blue blood school instead of the non traditional schools
where is the top ten recruits in Vanderbilt history article at?
lynnBobtx that makes no sense should use logic next time,all because you have jimbo fisher dosent mean all your problems just go away
South Carolina needs to hire his dad and put Bobby Bentley as quarterback coach or oc
Fine then auburn and Alabama are the only teams that can win the west
No competition seems a little exaggerated
I think Florida is farther away than just a few tweaks.people say that because they are Florida and have a storied program . Dan Mullen is a good coach,but he can’t just make there problems disappear
This writer must be the same Person that thought Florida was going to win the east this year lol
the division wasn't weak Georgia and south Carolina were like 11-2 in 2013
South Carolina has good shot at beating Clemson I mean we hung in with Georgia and plus it’s at home
Dang i didn't know people from Alabama had internet
We had 3 offensive lineman and are best player hurt
What are talking about Jake Bentley is way better than fromm
no way Tennessee scores 28 not even Texas a&m could do that
i know we don't want to be one dimensional but if throwing the ball is working then don't freaking run it then
south carolina 17 texas a&m 24 auburn 30 miss state 27 alabama 38 ole miss 10 florida 21 vandy 17
I know it must so hard to be black i mean how do they even live i mean there life is so hard and all because there black i mean these white people need to check there privilege white people could not live a day in black people shoes i mean white people are racist sexist islmaphobic homphobic bigots and get handed everthing
Come back when you can actually play a competitive game with Florida