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your a Tennessee fan and a liberal that is like a double whammy of stupid
That J.R. Smith line was hilarious lol
Also i dont know what the hell butt paste is but you can keep it to you and your cousin
Lol,I'm not mad,you just made a stupid comment,but Jokes on you. you live in Kentucky
Wow bro your such badass calling out those sc fans like that.not all hero's wear capes
Bro your embarrassing yourself mizzou and USC both look like there about to beat you by 30 lol
No offense to Kentucky fans but how are they higher than lsu
Have you seen south Carolina schedule lol how does it not make this list
even though are schedule is tough i am still exited
look at all the triggered uga fans lol.i'm sorry everybody doesn't chose your team to win
Can't tell if you don't know what sarcasm is or your just really inbred
i thought South Carolina might win but now that you said that muschamp has only beat Georgia once it really swayed my opinion your right geroigia is going to win by 100
Sky is purple oh my bad Ellis I thought we were both saying idiotic statements
How is Mullen a safe secure but muschamp and malzahn a safe for now
Are defensive line is going to be stacked if we get Josh Belk
how is it even a question.no doubt fromm will be the starter,I mean he led Georgia to the national championship game.They would be dumb to put fields in front of fromm
because the people who write these articles are not real college football fans so they go with whatever blue blood school instead of the non traditional schools
where is the top ten recruits in Vanderbilt history article at?
lynnBobtx that makes no sense should use logic next time,all because you have jimbo fisher dosent mean all your problems just go away
South Carolina needs to hire his dad and put Bobby Bentley as quarterback coach or oc
Fine then auburn and Alabama are the only teams that can win the west