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LSU has been so impressive all season and this week the fans and the whole community have really stepped up. They're showing true class and good old fashioned sportsmanship, part of what makes college football great.
Exactly!!! Where the hell is the SDS writter who was slobbering all over GA all preseason, basically anointing them National Champions? Come out and eat crow like a real man. Completely ridiculous, total homer predictions and can't even admit it.
This is not in any way whatsoever a troll post. 13 of the 14 years under Richt GA has lost 2 games *at least* - Pointing out how absurd the preseason hype was does not consititue trolling. Pointing out that GA fans will convince themselves "all we need to do is ____" until the inevitable 2nd loss is not trolling. Both these things are just the plain truth. Maybe it was a little gleeful to predict the 2nd loss coming against UF. I think a new era has started in Gainesville but my actual assessment is "enjoy every moment and wait and see." But it always amazes me how absurdly overconfident and entitled UGA fans are. Also, who has a Red Out when the other team's color is red??? smh
Came here just to laugh. SDS is constantly on GA's nuts and I've read unrealistic, completely homer analysis all off and pre-season. GA completely got exposed on points that should have been obvious to anyone who was looking at the situation without rose-colored glasses. If you are having to import a mediocre quarterback from another team - temper your expectations a little! My bet is you will still be convinced GA can run the table and the East is a given. "All we have to do is win in Atlanta..." Can't wait for Day 2 of the yearly GA crash back down to earth - it will be next week after Rocky Top or after you get reminded of how it feels to be Gator bait! BTW, FL wore all orange, something they haven't always had success with. At least they came out as underdogs with the attitude that they were going to take it to them, win and defend the Swamp. GA didn't have the balls to come out in black even though they were at their own stadium Between the Hedges. That tells you all you need to know about the "No Excuses" mentality fail.
They haven't won their conference in 9 years, and have nevrr competed for a title, how is that "neat the top"?
Sure! 1. TN has been almost beating GA for the past three years and they play them with a momentum upswing in Rocky Top, this is their year. This is my boldest prediction as it is a gut feeling. 2. Justin Thomas is the real deal and I don't know if you watched the beat-down that happened to Miss State in the Orange Bowl but this Tech team led by JT is a force. They take this one at home from their biggest rival (Tech might not be the biggest rival of GA but the feeling is not mutual) 3. Remember the last time Bama was in Athens? (Blackout for funeral) Spurrier has GA's number. FL is a threat because that's just how rivalries go. Auburn, ditto. 4. The actual and biggest reason: GA recruits and plays more NFL talent every year than almost any other team yet consistently fails to deliver. It's the coaching staff. Out of 14 seasons with Marc Richt, GA has had 13 two-loss seasons. Three-loss seasons are 10 of 14. 2010 was 6-7 with a loss to UCF in their bowl game. Only 3 years ago you went 8-5! Preseason ranked #1 with Matthew Stafford and Moreno and still choked that year. To whit, talent is irrelevant, Richt always fails to deliver. I'm so confident GA will lose **at least** 3 games this year that if we knew each other IRL I would lay out 200 bucks and beg you to take the bet.
Thank you for the reply. I appreciate the actual explanation. I agree with the points you highlighted, preseason predictions *have* to be based on attrition. The returning OL could be a force along with the WR's you mentioned. Here's the issue, who is throwing to them? And what happens when a talented defensive line is in the face of (insert name of unknown QB) ?
Sophmore Justin Thomas rules at Tech. There is no room there for him there as anything other than a backup for the next 3 years.
Can someone please explain why the author is so convinced GA is headed for an amazing year?? Based off what? I have them losing 3-5 games (TN, Tech and some combination of AL, SC, FL, and Auburn)