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You lost me at " Florida will be back." Floor-i-da. Te defense gave up. The oline is horrendous. And SC is acting like they won a Superbowl against a RS Frosh QB that never took more than two snaps in a game, much less starting in college.
The defense gave up. They didnt seem to care that they were beat up after Ole Miss, but no excuse.
If Napier continues to "ride or die" with AR, he will be dead. I see some FL fans saying AR should be running more... UK completely contained him and forced him to throw, not like others wont. Y'all better find another QB and Napier needs to wake up.
Dont sleep on an SEC team. This does not apply to members of the Sun Belt Conference.
Good luck on the beatdown against FSU after winning against an awful UCF team. I shall drink your tears.
We do have 2 SEC titles. How are those Cards doing theses days?
This guy aint no Bama fan. He has no class. Must be a Louisville troll.
Pretty funny that all media outlets had Terry Wilson as a bottom of the barrel SEC QB, and now they they are changing their predictions because of his absence. #Bring it. LMAO
I wonder what the SDS headline will be after UK smacks down Florida again this year like last year...