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Vern looks like he's missed some meals and Danielson can't keep talking about A&M...the same as he did with Georgia and Flordia...how'd that work for him?
No excuses...can't control bad calls from officials....hopefully those officals at the Bama/Tennessee game aren't those pro bama ones...bring on Satan and Kitten
we all remember that SEC championship game with 1 sec left on the clock...most of the bama players walking off the field....sweet that that Auburn player strolled down the field....made a EASY TD and won the game....
it seems you're out of touch with events that are out of control from Tennessee Football fans....what happened at Tennessee is the higher ups that keep or should have never hired a BAD AD Mike Hamilton period. Otherwise Tennessee would have never missed a beat
you mean Satan, right? One day maybe Kitten will be Bama's head coach..
get ready for Kitten to take over for Satan one day....Go Hogs or anybody that plays Bama...
yeah with Satan....as always I hope bama loses every game....Go Hogs