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It was a one score game with 9 minutes left last year. Hardly a blow out.
Same could be said about Fromm.
Interesting stats from 2018: Franks total yardage, TDs and INTs are very close to Fromm. The only difference is number of completions. I know many want to disparage Franks, but he is probably closer to Fromm than Fromm is to Tua or Herbert. Fromm plays behind a great OLine, usually has all the time in the world. However, this year the WRs he has have very limited experience. Franks may not win the Heisman this year, but he just might put up better numbers than Fromm.
He's too busy taking his sister on dates.
School that owns who? Your record is 21-9 since 1990. Pretty sure the Gators have been owning you since Spurrier came back to Gainesville.
Mullet, eh? Your coach has a pumpkin pie haircut and you’re talking about hairstyles. Hilarity ensues.
You must have a lot of time on your hand because you respond to every effing article.
Why are there so many Mizzou fans on here? Guess they’re real confident with their joke of a schedule.
Numbers don’t lie, Franks is a few completions away from Fromm. Look it up. Similar total yardage, TDs and picks. They are not that much different.
Biggest question is the O-Line. With a second year under Savage and Hevesy, I think the starters (who have had more playing time then people realize) should be fine. Their conditioning SHOULD mitigate injuries and their coaching, with the help of Greg Frey, should have them in position to face the fierce front sevens on their schedule. It's funny, if the media would do a little digging, they might find that the O-Line is already experienced and more than likely capable of holding their own.
This vol fan is off his rocker. Dude is making zero sense.
What does this have to do with what he posted? The site is saturday down SOUTH! Get a clue.
If CBS’s intro music for SEC games disappears, then I’m boycotting football.
Beaten by every West team you played the last two years. Gators went 2-0 this year and were a pat and leading am the whole game from going 2 and o last year
Exactly trending very badly for the dawgs and favoring the Gators. 1990-2018 UF 20-8 Where is that trending you ignorant moron.
Shut the hell up, you ignorant twit. Go back to crappy Touristland. No wants your ill informed worthless pointless and trashy opinions. I rest my case your honor.
Wait. I thought Georgia was supposed to be the next Bama?!
The anti-Gator reporting always seem to shine on this site. Get over yourself Keith
Does Saturday Down South even have editors? And the writer is an attorney. Geez. I was only ever a law clerk, but in that time I still was able to edit and write grammatically correct sentences. There were points during reading this that I couldn't understand where exactly the sentence was going. Points. As in three to four instances. I enjoyed the last paragraph, but that had it's flaws as well. Step yo game up, SDS.
Way to cherry pick stats. He's had three pretty good games with one bad game. I was in the press box for the past two games, and he performed very well against Illinois. Yes the competition is bad, but they are playing who is in front of them. Also this bad game was largely aided by short fields from Temple turnovers and a running game that didn't require Flowers to take over. He will likely have better stats than Jalen Hurts (because Hurts doesn't have to be the driving force for Alabama), but not as good as Lamar Jackson (who is basically the only that Louisville has). He will perform better than this 8-20 game against Temple. Besides, looking back at his game log for the past 2 and a half seasons, this game is more than likely his worst game. One bad game does not make a quarterback. Go back and look at his statistics and decide for yourself. We live in a reactionary world, and whatever you did last seems to matter more than the past three years.
I prefer all orange, especially when they beat the cats 45-7.
I'm in the Press Box for this game. It's pretty bad. I was surprised because I thought there would be a bigger crowd to watch them play against Temple. Student section isn't even full. They need to stick to Saturday night games.
After "looks better" Insert Florida is usually more talented than Kentucky and that is typically the difference. Disregard "Which it usually is between these two."
Tennessee grad writes Florida is a "terrible team" and "will be exposed." So one of the only teams in the entire country to play against two ranked opponents in successive weeks is terrible. Yet they still had three scoring drives (technically even though Davis fumbled on the half yard line) in one quarter, being the fourth quarter, the most important quarter. Yes the last play was largely luck but the coaching staff called the play and the players executed. They are missing nine players due to suspension thus leading to the defense being gassed at the end allowing Tennessee to get back in the game. This team is talented yet has a lot of underclass men playing a large chunk of minutes on both sides of the ball. I think it's easy to classify this team as average because everyone tries to compare them to Florida teams of yesteryear, especially Gator fans. But this so called writer clearly is butt-hurt over the game as his first article after the game was a piece questioning the refs regarding a possible hold on the last play. Get over it buddy. They lost. Butch Jones sucks and is an inferior coach. Gator fans would love to see Jones coaching the Vols for near the future, but we all know that isn't going to happen. I don't know if the Gators are going to win on Saturday. They should. But to say they will get exposed. What like when they were beat by Michigan? This Kentucky looked like shizz for two weeks before beating a team they have beat for the fourth time in four tries. Bravo. Crown these mofugas. I did not watch the Kentucky-South Carolina game, but I watched the highlights and I will agree, Kentucky looks better. Which it usually is between these two. One day the Wildcats will get the Gators but I don't think it's Saturday.
@We_are_the_Boys, I've been wanting to post that for awhile now. I'm glad someone said it.