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Cody, I will not bash you for being a liberal nor gay. I put things in a box because others put things in a box. Particularly most Alabama fans I meet. Many forget they were once part of a streak and many pound their chest now and are extremely condescending. Prove me wrong. I wish you the best in your studies and I appreciate you helping your nieces. Forgive me for showing an ugly side. I shouldn't be baited. I got aggravated when people said good game and no reciprocation. Also, talking beat down stuff was not cool. Not saying you did this, but I only wish you, your family and Tua the best.
Nobody should want someone to be hurt nor win a game because someone is hurt. Let the players play and not wish ill will on them. No matter what team.
Cody, Hells Bells is such a not so Southern Baptist song. Let me spell it out for you since your vcr is not working.. Your team plays it every third down against the opposing team. Not that difficult to hear. Guess the LEDs had you in a trance.
Hes only 11 or 12. Its past his bedtime anyway. Not sure how he has an account anyway.
Cody did you listen to every single third down on defense? Put in back in your vcr and rewind.
BamaTime doesn't accept replies. Probably because of his GED education or I mean Alabama degree. Wait I bet he didn't go to college. Enjoy your cigar, your petty personal foul calls and reving up your red half ton in the whattaburger parking lot while contemplating your next gun purchase or lure. Good game!
Tua seems to be a down to earth and confident but not cocky guy. He does not "deserve" an injury.
I do find solace I don't have to live in Alabama. But you got fishing, hunting, and football right? "Yawn". Hells Bells is such a nice classy touch too for you guys. But in all seriousness I hope Tua is ok.
If Kentucky did something like this I would applaud them. Please be nice.
Im a Tennessee fan and hope and pray for a quick recovery for this young man. Best wishes to him, the Missouri Tigers and Coach Dooley and good game.