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Baseball much? Perfect Game has the hog class #2 in the nation…
Manning to TU? Hang on, let me see if I can name any SEC teams better than TU this year. Maybe ‘Bama? I think Arky, since we beat them head-to-head Auburn, even on a down year. Georgia was better than everyone. Kentucky would have treated them like elementary schoolers and beaten them up and taken their lunch money. LSU even with a lame year coach. Ole Miss for sure. Maybe Miss St. SC under Beamer. UT runs Tu off the field. A&M gigs ‘em Mizzou, Florida and Vandy were a push this year, but I would have bet on 2 of the three. Hey Arch, hope you have a fun couple of years. It gets real in ‘24
I surely to goodness hope our top 3 freshmen aren’t one-and-dones. Yeeesh, what are we now? Kentucky? As to the draft, there were at least 2 stupid teams this year as Jabari Smith had the best upside of any player in the draft. Should have been #1
Congrats Ole Miss! Well deserved. Not only the best team in college baseball, but with Elko setting the tone, also one of the classiest. Couldn’t be happier for a team not wearing razorback red!
Excellent game Ole Miss! One more win tomorrow does it.
For real! Ole Miss just secured a spot in the CWS championship. SDS- give theses guys their due! I’ll care about a Texas QB in like, 2024 or something..
Oh c’mon! Let me hate Ole Miss for just one more day! Yes! The better team won. Yes, I am absolutely pulling for Ole Miss to win the natty. They are a very deserving, hard working team. But I still need my Friday to hate on ‘em, lol. Cheering for you starting Saturday, Ole Miss. best of luck, then. Just not today
I hear ya’. Not sure Arky is really accepted yet. Happy to welcome Texas and OK. I’m 59 and retired now, but I’ve hated the horns since I was born! SEC is the best league in America- heck it’s not even close. UT/OU will make us better. In time, I can learn to hate OU as much as I do the Bengal Tigers of LSU!!! It’s a love/hate thing though, watching LSU Winn the natty in football a bit back was a thing of beauty. That’s one of the things that makes the SEC so special - hate everyone when you play them, yet celebrate their success on the national stage
Sorry, meant no slight. That is Tim friggin’ Elko. Best hitter in college baseball. Tim, if you read this Elmo was a spell check by this sight
Congrats Ole Miss. you guys have been a great team to watch. Lots of folks didn’t think you should be in the tourney, but you guys proved them wrong. Great win vs Auburn. Is it ok, if I wish you only bad luck against my hogs? Delucia+ Elmo - OMG. Great team
Cmon Aggies! Best of everything tomorrow vs the horns. Pulling for you to make the championship. Ok, in fairness, hope you lose to my hogs, but get there!!!!
I was a huge UT fan last year. I thought the Hogs-Vols series was one of the best and hardest fought of the season. While I can sympathize with UT fans this year, after having an even more dominate regular season and SEC Championship than the Hogs did last year and then repeating our super regional ouster... Man, I didn't see a whole lot of class out there as UT played the games this year.
Go Aggies! I love this time of the year for college baseball. When you get to root for the teams you hated in the regular season! Well, that is, unless you are playing them again. Or they happen to be that state just below Kentucky...
First, they sent us to Stillwater. UT got to host @home. Then they sent us to Capel Hill. Once again, UT was @ home. Now, they are sending us to Omaha. UT is still @ home…
Well done A&M. Great season, great super regional. See you guys in Omaha. Hope Auburn wins tonight and makes it 4 sec team sweeps. Batting 100% in supers!!! Oh wait. I forgot. The best team to ever play in sec college baseball lost to Notre Dame.
Let’s go Auburn! A win tonight and all 4 SEC west teams sweep! I honestly wish I could have pulled UT as another SEC brother, that has to be the most classless college team I’ve ever had the displeasure to watch. I couldn’t stand Vitello when he was a UA coach and I sure as heck can’t stand him now. Tennessee brought all of the negative comments from other SEC fans on themselves. Maybe a little humility will do them good
I would amend that to say “trouble in the postseason and with Kentucky “. You guys took 2 of 3 from the Vols, right?
Ummm no. Hogs were the “best team all season” last year. Even did what “mighty” Tennessee could not do and that is win every single SEC series. All that meant nothing when we lost in the supers to NC State. UT had a great year that ended in failure. UGA was the best team in college football this year. They proved it by winning the national championship. A super regional is not a one and done, where anybody can’t beat anybody on any given day. It’s a best of three series and the best team wins. Notre Dame was better. See you next year.
Have to disagree with you there. Hogs were #1 last year. Won EVERY SEC series. Won Hoover. Lost in supers. I’d rather have the natty…
Definitely feel your pain. It seems like only last year we did the same dang thing…
Ump? Watched it several times on the SEC network (channel 611 on DirecTV) as that’s all I get at my lake house). Vitello pursues and bumps the ump. Completely classless, but totally within character for Vitello. Watched him several years up close and personal when he was at Arkansas, fiery Coach, horrible person. Fortunately, Tenn is so talented this year, they can win without a coach. Good thing. They don’t have much of one.
Tend to agree. Last I checked both Bama and UT had 5 CWS appearances. True UT was most recent (2021). Not a fan of either team, but season series means jack. Arkansas wine every SEC series last year and won the SEC tourney. Didn’t make the CWS, so the year was a failure by our standards. That’s called baseball.
Tru dat. Vitello is completely classless. Bumping an ump should surprise absolutely no one who’s watched him over the years.
Tony V sux. You do realize he was a DVH wanna be from ‘14-‘17 or so at the UofA, right? Hot head then. Hot head now. He is a pretty good recruiter, so props there. Wouldn’t let him coach a t-ball team.
You heard it here first, Texas will win the national championship, beating Bama or Georgia or Tenn or Ole Miss in the title game. It will be a beat down much like they applied to Arky last year. Say what? They lost at Arky last year? Oh well. Never mind then…
Until Sam came to Arkansas, people watched the hogs to see the next North Texas State, fake fair-catch run back for a touchdown. I’ll say this, the Chad Morris era (error) was entertaining in the same way watching a train wreck is.
Add in Jalen Graham, the 6-9 transfer from Arizona State as a defensive specialist. That’s 4 6-9 transfers to go with the #2 ranked freshman class.