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Wow. Seriously? We won the SEC regular season outright and won the SEC tourney. That's not easy to do. One bad series doesn't define the Razorback baseball team and their accomplishments this year. Only 1 team gets the natty each year. That doesn't make this a bad year for the hawgs.
Yeah, we hadn't lost a 3 game series the whole year. Bats went cold after the 21-2 first game of the series. SEC still has quality teams in the CWS. It will be fun to watch, just not as much fun as being there.
The title of the article is about the golden age of Mississippi baseball. I think Eastwood was referencing the fact that you guys just went 7 games into a regional with Southern Miss - another very good Mississippi team. I don't think he was slamming you. If he was, he might of mentioned we went 5-1 against Ole Miss/MSU this year.
Every team in the SEC is a tough out. I have no idea WTH happened to Florida in the regional - wish they were in the supers too. If our pitching holds up, I expect to see Tenn, Vandy and at least one of the Miss teams in the CWS - maybe both.
I tend to agree. There were NO easy games against the Vols this year. We took 2 of 3, but every game was a battle.
Saw that Saban's contract got extended. Just keep winning natty's guys. If we ever play a close game against 'bama, it will hep our bowl possibilities...
Gators had 4 batters end with +.300 batting average and a couple of really good pitchers. We swept Florida at home this year but I sweated every game. Gators are a good team that went bad at the wrong time of the year.
what? Not even an honorable mention for the 2011 Hogs? 11-2 and a final AP ranking of 5. Lost (bad) to #3 Alabama and #1 LSU. You have to remember that far back, right? I mean, like, when we had a football team?
Well, he is to me, but I'm 59 and I couldn't throw an egg against a brick wall hard enough to break it anymore...
I am not sure what the heck happened to UF. They looked solid in the SEC Tournament, but the wheels came off in the the regional they hosted. Up until this weekend, they have been one of the toughest teams in college baseball.
I would love to see 4 SEC teams in Omaha. Oh wait. No I wouldn't. I'd rather play Texax, TCU and Tech again instead of Vandy, the Vols or either team from Mississippi. At any rate, best of luck to all the SEC schools! At least until we have to play them ;)
I'm not surprised to see LSU in the tourny. Very good team, just that Georgia seemed equally good and had the head-to-head win in the SEC tournament. I would have loved to see both LSU and UGA in.
Not to nitpick, but ECU is rated 4 spots higher than LA Tech. The Vols having to get through #12 Oregon is a tougher draw than Vandy got though, for sure.
You guys are harsh! He's hilarious. You couldn't pay enough for this entertainment. Some of my favorite games: * Count the number of repetitive posts on different SDS threads. * Count the number of words per post. The Brain ranks up there every time. * Divide number of words, by number of repetitive posts - losely approximates IQ. I should stop now before I reveal too much about my IQ...
To be clear, inside the SEC, I hate your liver and your guts. I hope you hang a hundred on Penn State. PS, we could have given you advice on the Chad Morris as OC thing. Bad move.
Agree, we swept them in Fayetteville, but they were frickin' awesome against State. I have a bigger issue with calling Alabama one of the hottest teams given the controversial call that got them to this point. I'm not trying to belittle 'Bama, just sayin
Two completely different hits. He goes with the 95 mph fastball and just pushes it out, then sits on the 81 mph curve and drives it out yard. Dude can swing the bat - and has a lot of heart to come back and do that after the ACL.
Agree. I am all-in on team Tebow for exactly the reasons you state. When you get to select the #1 overall in Trevor Lawrence, let's face it, your previous year didn't exactly end in the superbowl. Jags were 1-15. Didn't do crap in the regular season, scoring big in the off season.
DVH isn't exactly known for going "all in" on the SEC Tournament, especially when he feels pretty good about hosting a regional and super regardless. Just as a fan, I'd like to think that since we didn't play Vandy in the regular season, he wants to win this one. We'll see pretty quickly - if he pitches Wicklander and Kopps, he's going for it. Otherwise, he'll take the double elimination and head back to Fayetteville. Hope Slavens is all good
Thank you for that. I found myself tearing up at the sheer humility of the man. Good to know he's human.
I'm impartial in this game. No, that's not true, I hate Tennessee baseball this year. We played 3 games all to 1 run decisions, the Vols are good. The hit to the groin looks like incidental contact, the base runner clearly tries to duck and turn to avoid contact. His hand goes up only to protect his face. Here's the thing, it's SEC baseball. Every team is good. Just hate to see one decided like that.
Not supposed to be easy, but when you win, you should win...
Man, I just don't see it. Yes, he slid through the bag, but it wasn't a late slide, all momentum. I get that a lot has changed in the 38 years since I played, but wow. Hate to see the outcome changed on a call like that. Vols, you got a heck of a team.
True, but I'm not sure anyone could have taken the Gators today. Awesome showing.
Not sure it was an upset except in final margin. Florida (like Tenn, Vandy, Ole Miss, State and SC) all have tremendously talented teams. Baseball in the SEC is just so competitive. Don't ask me anything about football...
No doubt. Easily 5-6 SEC teams have the talent to do it. Tennessee, Florida, Vandy, Ole Miss, Miss State, Arkansas. South Carolina is pretty salty too. There are no easy games, good luck to all.
The rest of the SEC can sit this one out. Pick 7 Ark games under Chad, and your list is complete.