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Yeah, that was ugly. Not even close to what I expected from the Tigers. The offense and defense were out of sync all night. Where the heck was Perkins? I'm betting LSU will be much improved in October, but this was a real stinker.
Just give us an all SEC final. Congrats to LSU, Florida and Tennessee for making the CWS. Best of luck to all of you.
"KJ is pretty much the entire offense for Arkansas". I take it you don't football much, eh? Rocket Sanders was 2nd in the SEC in rushing last year. 222 rushes, 1,443 yards, 6.5 yds/carry 2nd to Quinshon Judkins @ Ole Miss with 274 rushes for 1,574 yds and a 5.72 yd/carry average. Very much "ok" for you to have an opinion. A bit lame to be so ignorant, though.
Georgia is for real and is turning it on in the back portion of the schedule. Swept my hogs recently, so I don't see any shame in Tenn losing the series there. I understand jabs amongst us fans, but Georgia is legit.
Losing a game in a series doesn't really hurt you if you win the other two games - you still win the series. To my knowledge, LSU has yet to lose a series. 2-1 at A&M 2-1 vs. Ark at home 2-1 vs. Tenn at home 1-1 split at SC 2-1 vs Kentucky at home As long as LSU keeps winning each series, I don't see why they would drop from #1.
Tennessee will be fine. They dropped the last 2 series to #1 LSU and #3 Florida. Still a very talented team.
I'm fine with SC being ranked higher here. I think they have proven it to this point in the season. The only thing that matters directly to this discussion is what happens May 12-14.
Yeah, that's mostly true. We do ok in basketball too where the last 3 years were E8, E8, S16. But frankly, we may be a track school having won more combined mens and womens nattys than any other school with 37.
I think winning 1 out of 3 @ LSU is about as good as anyone is gonna get this year...
"Bama and Tennessee have very similar records in the big dance. Alabama has 23 appearances, 0 FF and a 24-23 record. Tennessee has 24 appearances, 0 FF and a 23-25 record. That's prior to this year's dance. Both teams had a good year though and Alabama's can still be great.
Maybe. But I had the exact same thought about the Vols after you guys destroyed Duke. I figured FAU with little chance. Still a good season for the Vols. Have to be a good team to make the sweet 16. Congrats.
^^ this! Alabama is the most complete team in college basketball this year.
True, the Vols better not sleep on FAU, but this Vols team looks like a final 4 to me. Good luck!
Can't take the pay cut. Any idea what consultants get paid in this business climate? Geez, can we talk about 4 SEC teams in the sweet 16 and Bama's natty?
Oh heck, yeah. If Kentucky takes care of business, SEC has 4 of the final 16 teams. Great tourney so for.
Awesome win Vols! You get the winner of #16 vs #9 and don't sleep against FAU if it's them. Take care of business and on to the E8!!!!
Nice win Auburn - Houston next and I like your chances a lot.
Outside of A&M, great day for the SEC. If we don’t take down Kansas, hopefully one of the other SEC teams wins it all.
Wow, with 7 minutes to go in the game and the Aggies down 23, it looks like they should have spent less time whining about their seed and more time getting ready to play. For the most part, good showing by the SEC today
When those two turned it on at the end there, it was lights out. Again, congrats, 'Bama As for Muss, I don't think he is compensated around being sportsman of the year. Elite 8's? That's another matter and I think he is 2 out of 3 on that count. Having said that, Hog's got issues this year. Injuries are big, but not all the story. And that's not even the biggest story, between 'Bama and Tenn, I think the SEC has at least 1 and maybe 2 final 4 teams. Obviously, I'll cheer like crazy against you when we play you, but hope you dominate beyond that!
You mean like South Carolina scheduling that cupcake Clemson game out of conference?
It was kind of fun watching the K-State fans thinking they had a chance when they went up 10-0. And then reality in the form of Bryce Young set in…
I only got to see the last quarter, but there were several questionable calls in that last frame. SC - still a good year when you beat both Tenn and Clemson.