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The East bias is strong in you sir. Tenner and Candy over Miss and Ark?!
Clay Travis... Lulz! Continuing to prove he is nothing but a joke.
Arkansas' game opening weekend is against LaTech, who is "ranked" 7 spots ahead of Arkansas. So when Arkansas wins on Saturday, will that be an upset?
Tech fans could make the same argument about us regarding offense. And in regards to our defense, they are not going to try to run the ball on us, they are going to pass and our pass defense is horrible until proven improved. We win by 20 at the most and that will require the kids at Ark to come out with bad intentions. Could easily see this game close at half before getting a wake up call in the locker room.
Yup... Lee Corso is all the way gone. Michigan?!?
I swear Drew Morgan gets very little respect for the WR that lead the league in TD catches vs SEC opposition.
Hmmm... So, finally beat Bama for the 1st time in 10 years and finally beat UF for the first time since joining the SEC but still lose to A&M? Also, I am not sure if Ark will ever lose to LSU again if they keep playing them following Bama/LSU weekend. I can believe 9-3 (6-2) if the losses were to Bama and UF more than A&M and LSU.
HAHA... people that put real emotion into stuff like this are the most ignorant fans out there.
Only question is, will AA make the right reads and get the ball in the window.
Wonder if Morgan would be higher if BA was coming back. Still, seems under-rated to me for the WR that led the SEC in receiving TDs in league play. (9)
I agree. Everyone talks about how BA improved towards the end of the season but fails to mention that is when injured play makers and young WRs were back as well. Baring the injury bug, AA's weapons should be deep and he just has to make the right read.
Why not beat both of the Tiggers? Did last year.
With so much turnover and uncertainty on offense, I would say Ark is to high. I would drop Ark down between UF and Auby.
This would be more accurate (in my humble opinion) if you said October instead of Sep. Vols have UF (hadn't beat since when?), between the hedges, at Kyle Field and Big Bad Bama. That four game stretch before their bye week will determine their season easily. I think they win out after that but with that stretch they could easily be 11-1 or 8-4.
It is weird seeing an Ark list of "Top 10 players" and not having ONE RB on it! I would also throw Whaley on there, just do a t-10 between him and RWIII
1. I do agree, IF the WR corps stays healthy, no one is deeper. Doesn't mean we will have a stand out player like Bama's Ridley or lead the conf in receiving yards, I just think it means we have the most dependable guys that AA (or any QB) can throw to if a defense is focusing on shutting down one or two specific players. 2. With the lack of "proven" RBs this year, the passing game could be asked to pick up the slack from time to time. 3. How is the pass protecting? 4. How is the defense? If the defense (secondary, looking at you) is much improved, the offense maybe asked to run the clock more, working in dump down passes and "high percentage passes" that are more like a running game in sense of getting 4+ yards and keeping the clock running. I think AA will be fine in passing if he gets the protection needed. He has a track record of following BA and being better. With this (healthy) WR corps, he has sure handed targets and team mates he can trust. Not to mention he (should) know the offense and have the x's and o's part down already. Side note - it's funny how anytime Ark has a category listed "best in the SEC" other team fans attack it. I remember the same thing happening this time of year last year with J-will and AC being called the "best backfield in the SEC". Sadly, J-Will's injury kept them from proven it but pretty sure AC did his part in proving it.
I hope nothing but the best for HH. Hopefully he is able learn from Gates and become a great NFL tight end. Kinda selfishly wish he would have fell to Dallas though. Learned under Witten and taken over later.
Ark hosts UF on Nov 5th and LSU on Nov 12th. Depending on how the chips fall this year, one if not both of those games could be one of the double header games.
That being said, I agree with you. The worst thing Jeff Long has done since getting here is letting them take away the LSU/Ark game on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Several times over the years, it has been a contributing factor to the SECW champ.
I'm guessing Tenner/VTech is already snatched up by ESPN and rights fall to Fox for the Ark/TCU game?
It's the only game of the day. Nov 25th is a Friday, LSU/A&M play Thanksgiving night.
Arkansas has lost 9 in a row to Bama... They were 8-9 prior to 2007. Sigh...
So, Drew Morgan led the league in TD receptions and led the SEC in Yards in conference play but not listed. Go figure.
He hasn't said but it is expected, probably depends on his draft grade. I REALLY hope he stays!
Arkansas finally won an OT game... let's change the format. Can't have this happening!
No one ever called Greg McElroy overrated as a game manager... Oh wait... Bama player, we can't do that. I forgot. Carry on ADS..