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They changed our Rivalry Week to Trophy week :(.... There is no way we could have a rivalry with Mizzou... They are too busy rivaling themselves.... Nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts... we. got. screwed.
That game was a chess match. He made a great coaching decision to go for the "sure thing" a field goal at 25 yards should be 9/10. There are too many variables when you are slinging the ball all across the field. We did it because that's what we had to do. I agree on the first three downs he should have taken at least one shot. but 25 yards is an easy kick. if you want to be mad be mad at 46 for letting a guy literally run by him to block the kick that would have won the game.
This is some just good ol tasteful ribbing!! I love it.. Can't wait to see what 16 has in store for us!!! So many changes! We'll be fielding a new QB and hopefully a DC that has a game plan to defend spread offenses.... Or a new one of those too! ;) WPS!
I agree completely! You see what the first season with Dan Enos has done for the Razorbacks and Brandon Allen. Next year will be the tale of the tape.. We snatched Ricky Town from USC he was a 4-star QB and we have Ty Story coming up who was a 4-star in state QB. I wish you guys the best in your quest to be on top again! WPS!
That's absolutely terrible that these people cannot recognize a program turn around. I think that BA settles back in to about 3/4 of what he has been showing rest of the season and comes into the bowl game fired up. Arkansas covers 7 in this game. I am so sure I will be betting $150 on it through BOVADA.COM. At the beginning of the season I will be honest.. I wouldn't have bet a red cent on the Hogs. But they have convincingly made a true program turnaround. This team is no slouch. MISS only has half of a complete defense. We will be executing a dominating run game and defense will be executing a similar defensive look as they brought to LSU. Secondary will be playing man while LB'S bring the heat on 1st and 3rd. Dak Prescott is the extent of miss st offense. Just like Fournette was for LSU. Arkansas has demonstrated that they can handle a hot QB and receiver duo. They are going to have a field day with a QB that has nobody to throw to. Just my HO.
No, Sir! We don't have time to avenge Florida. We are busy avenging our own losses.
Trust me, everybody who has any common sense is staying as far from that dumpster fire as possible. You're University is an embarrassment to the entire SEC.
I know you're not on here talking about how good teams are... Between you and the criminoles with their scandals yall are starting to sound like a democratic presidential hopeless
I know I sure did! So nervous I threw up.
Send these cry babies back to the Big 10. This is not the SEC. You can take your garbage back to where it came from. This letter was nothing more than a list of "give me demands". while the white kids are studying their asses off getting academic scholarships the black kids are pissed because they missed their athletic ones. Now the white kids go to school for free for having better work ethic and character. GTFO. This is all trash. Arkansas will never have a rivalry with Mizzou simply because this school is not on the same level. Its funny how every school in the real south seems to get a long just fine. But up in Mizzou there is suddenly racial tension. go on. If you want something work for it. Simple as that. There is no reason that you should be able to use your race to destroy what another man worked over 20 years for. For what? Because you want some handouts? Time will tell your disaster.... Be proud now. The most notable thing any of you bums will accomplish in your entire life is get an innocent man fired from a job he truly loved.
It's in there... Dak Prescott is everything you guys think he is. I know he's better. This year being a HOG fan has made me realize you can always have faith in your QB. Brandon Allen just needed a coach to bring it out. Ole Miss Saturday proved that if you are playing the game the nation knows that you can anything is possible. I know that the win was lucky. But to hang in there through the entire game TD for TD is proof. Good luck to you guys this weekend. I think if the coaches can keep the guys in the game the score will take care of itself. I have been watching every SEC game as intently as I have Arkansas all season. There is no doubt this is the best conference in college football. In the SEC (especially the West) any given Saturday could spell disaster for the Vegas Favorite.
You mad bruh. Y’all smelling like doo doo down there with mizzou. You notice something about football? The teams that have class and good character seem to find their way to the top. Notice what has happened to auburn over the last four years being fueled by the same crap you’re spewing. GTFO.
There was a spot in the article that mentioned what could have been. I did not recognize this offense... Brandon was on fire. Receivers looked crisp. Every time Collins touched the ball he went positive. What more could you ask for? DEFENSE is the short answer. How about we got those guys on the next bus? We're going to need them or Leonard Fournette is going to gash us. As for this game WTG HOGS!!!! WPS!
You always play to win in OT. No matter the outcome. You didn't show up to keep playing. You play the game to see who's better. It was either go for the throat now or pray that you can survive another OT and have to go for it anyways.
I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life... and by definition it was a lateral... regardless of what it looks like