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So what your telling me is that you won two games off of fluke plays that were lucky? Feel like I said that earlier, but okay. Don't even bring up nick fairley... one of the dirtiest players I've ever seen. You should be ashamed for even bringing him up. And yes, cam was a godsend for you. Sure he had a couple of receivers, but he outmatched most players on the field. Look at where your team is now and tell me any differently.
I love that AU guys still talk so much trash... you think because you made it to a nc game that you're actually relevant now? Cam lead your team and you won two games off fluke plays. Give me a break... nice 6-6 by the way...
You had a one man show, kid. Cam literally carried your team to the nc. And you won two games off of fluff plays. One being against UGA. Don't give me that higher plateau crap. Your beloved 6-6 season proves to everyone that one guy and lucky plays were what drove AU to the nc. Ignorant...
No one has treated Richt badly, but when you have the teams we've had year after year and you continuously can't beat a higher ranked team, year after year... you start to realize it's not the players. It's the coach, and everyone knows the coaching comes from the top. Vince took 17 seasons to win one, so I'll give richt two more yeƔrs before I start really wishing he'd leave.
While I'm in the same boat as him about not watching NFL because I feel they are over paid, I agree that college players should get paid for their time playing ball. I feel the NFL is boring and just a "job" to get done until playoffs roll around. A lot of people would disagree, but that's just my opinion. College players are so much more passionate about the game. Not only are they playing for their chance to play in the NFL, but they are playing for the number one spot in the nation and a ring that tells everyone that they won a NC. You could argue that NFL players are doing the same, but honestly, they are playing cause they get paid millions to play (most of the time). I think college players should get a share of what they bring to a college institute. Being a UGA fan, Todd Gurley brought in so much revenue for the school, but got nothing in return. Should the education be enough? To some, yes. To others, like myself, would say that the player could get a 4 year degree, but have a life alterring injury that now makes that degree useless. I don't think a college player needs to be getting paid 6 figures, but enough to keep them healthy and to be able to provide for the people they need to provide for.
Are you an idiot? For the love, Ole miss beats Bama and you go after a states education program and the graduates of that state? You are the type of fan she's talking about. Please, go, cry, and be desperate somewhere else.
Right over... It's very hard to tell this year who the best will be. I think this week will definitely show us some of the future. I just hope my Dawgs can overcome this passing slump we were in last game and show some balance in our offense.
Hoping amari can make the SEC proud. I doubt it, but going says a lot. Nick Chubb will hopefully get his chance in a year or two!
I'm not talking down on it by any means. I'm simply saying that we have much bigger rivalries now a days. I also wouldn't consider USC to be awful. Scrapy, yes, but now awful. Again, it's easy to look over a team like Florida with the season they are having.
I'm sorry, but Florida is hardly our biggest rival anymore. That rivalry has gone down immensely over the past few years. USCa or Auburn, I'd say, are our biggest rivalry games currently. And when you're so called "biggest rival" isn't having the best of years, it's quite easy to look over them. Just as easy to lose focus against Ole Miss, right?