Rice Farmer from Hazen, Arkansas

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The world is coming to an end - I actually agree with Finebaum. The NCAA and especially Mark Emmert is worthless and useless.
Will Charlie get a new Mercedes if he joins Alabama or are the news cars just reserved for the recruits?
As a lifelong Razorback - I agree with you. Arkansas should have never joined the SEC. Texas was always Arkansas big game. Get the Razorbacks back to the Big 12.
Joe Judge just signed a contract with the Giants - MSU needs to keep searching! Rich Rod is still available!
The latest is that ESPN is moving the Football Championship to the weekend of the Basketball Final Four to compete with CBS Sports. New Years Day didn't work out.
Rich Rod has made it known that he is interested in the MSU job.
Who was calling the Offense for Michigan? Everyone sitting in my family room was predicting the plays before the snap. Does Michigan have an OC?
Maybe Coach O should have advised Ole Miss not to hire Kiffin.
Terrible choice - bad fit. This will not end well for Ole Miss
The entire sham committee needs to be under a RICO investigation.
Steve Sarkisian is the guy being kept behind the scenes. My relatives in Little Rock swear Sark is the next Arkansas HC.
Lane! Hang on more Power 5 coaching jobs opening up by the hour! Jobs a lot better than Arkansas.
Time for the Department of Justice to open a RICO investigation of the CFB "Committee"
The worthless NCAA should rule that Power 5 teams not be allowed to play FCS teams. No more SEC games against Mercer, Western Carolina, etc. Oregon was never in the playoffs, their loss to Auburn eliminated them in week 1.
Does he take all of his fake radio characters with him? Like Jim from Tuscaloosa? How about the two half wits who pretend to be his producers? They could leave anytime.
Western Carolina at Alabama is the game we have waiting for all season.
Arkansas - Hire Hugh Freeze! Winning SEC Coach, knows how to recruit in the South and would jump at a chance to get back into a Power 5 School.
A big win against Powerhouse Western Carolina on November 23, will vault Bama back into the Top 4. No way on Oregon - their lost to Auburn eliminates them from the playoffs. Oregon can go to the Rose Bowl.
Hire Hugh Freeze today. He knows the SEC, can recruit in the South and is a winner. Plus he would jump at the chance to get back into coaching a Power 5 team. Don't start with his NCAA past - Hugh Freeze is choir boy next to Motorcycle Bobby.
The big game against FCS Western Carolina [3-7] will push Alabama back into the CFP Playoff picture.
Scheduling New Mexico State, Western Carolina, Southern Miss, and Duke does not help a team. Easy wins against High School teams catches up. LSU played Top 10 teams and it made them tougher. Maybe Saban can get Mercer back on the schedule next year and create an in-state rivalry.
Alabama was caught looking ahead to their headline game against powerhouse Western Carolina.
Hire Hugh Freeze today. This whole mess was cause by the idiot Jeff Long - can't believe Kansas hired him.