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According to guys in Columbus, OH - Warren listened to Lawyers instead of the AD's - the Lawyers told him not to start the season because fans might sue the schools if they picked up the virus at a stadium. Of course it is almost impossible to prove where you picked up anything...
The Big 10 let the Lawyers make the decisions on playing the season. People in Columbus, Ohio admitted that the Lawyers had the final say on all Fall sports. A guy on talk radio in Ohio said on Friday, that the petitions can have 2 Million signatures and the Lawyers will still say no season.
Arkansas needs to make Bielema an offer and stop this from going to court. Bret has hired some very high powered NY Lawyers who will squeeze every dime out of the Razor backs.
Read the CDC - wearing a mask outside when you are walking down the street does no good. Dr. Scott Atlas from Stanford said that wearing a mask outside actually reduces the amount of oxygen you are taking in and is harmful to your health. Breath fresh air!
I was at a Big 10 Booster Dinner [not a Big 10 Alumni] when Kevin Warren was announced as Big 10 Commissioner - everyone in the crowd said who? No one ever heard of this guy or how he got the job. The Big 10 Presidents have to be asking why they hired this guy and how do we get rid of him.
I do 3-4 zoom meetings a day for work. It is not the same. People are tired of virtual events. This was a big deal and could have easily been moved to one of the big Hotels in Orlando.
I talked to people who were planning a future event at the HOF - it is wrecked. Most of the jersey's and other stuff was taken. There is a lot of repair work to do.
The SEC is blaming the virus? The College Football Hall of Fame was completely destroyed last weekend. They could have moved this to Orlando or Jacksonville and the meeting would have been held as schedule. Commisioner Stinky taking the easy way out.
Finebaum has no room to talk. He is still hiding in his basement. He could have moved his show to another state [Georgia, Florida] instead of showing that cardboard cut out of his face on TV.
Can someone tell Finebaum that Atlanta is open and that he could move his show down there? The cardboard cut out on the TV screen is getting old.
Wow - quoting Dollar Bill Hancock the man who sold out College Football to the highest network bidder. Hancock should have been part of a RICO investigation for his crooked committee that meets at the Gaylord in Grapevine, TX and pretends to be legitimate.
More NFL reports today have Tua flunking his Physicals. Bill Belichick looked at Tua and is taking a pass based on NFL reports. Read the GM Shuffle site...
According to Michael Lombardi / NFL - Tua is flunking most of his Physicals. At least two teams at the top of the first round have flunked him. Badly.
The world is coming to an end - I actually agree with Finebaum. The NCAA and especially Mark Emmert is worthless and useless.
Will Charlie get a new Mercedes if he joins Alabama or are the news cars just reserved for the recruits?
As a lifelong Razorback - I agree with you. Arkansas should have never joined the SEC. Texas was always Arkansas big game. Get the Razorbacks back to the Big 12.
Joe Judge just signed a contract with the Giants - MSU needs to keep searching! Rich Rod is still available!
The latest is that ESPN is moving the Football Championship to the weekend of the Basketball Final Four to compete with CBS Sports. New Years Day didn't work out.
Rich Rod has made it known that he is interested in the MSU job.
Who was calling the Offense for Michigan? Everyone sitting in my family room was predicting the plays before the snap. Does Michigan have an OC?
Maybe Coach O should have advised Ole Miss not to hire Kiffin.
Terrible choice - bad fit. This will not end well for Ole Miss
The entire sham committee needs to be under a RICO investigation.
Steve Sarkisian is the guy being kept behind the scenes. My relatives in Little Rock swear Sark is the next Arkansas HC.