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Welcome to the pit of despair, Vols bros. It's nice to have some company.
Don't worry UGA bros - SCAR will knock them out of contention for good in November.
This is the true takeaway here. Dabo may be right about OSU, but you don’t say it publicly. But Dabo is never one to pass up an opportunity to share his often wrong opinions.
Kinda like how Clemson cakewalks through their ACC schedule each year and resting starters by halftime?
I hope we’re not seeing the beginning of the end of non-CFP bowl games. I hate to say it, but I’m afraid the opt-outs outside of the CFP will be a normal occurrence from now on.
You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think some of the Clemson golden boys would opt out if they had lost to Notre Dame a second time.
I’m afraid that retort has lost its luster my friend. Meanwhile the Dawgs are equally as inept - the only difference is you guys didn’t expect it. Ouch.
You sure have a lot to say as a fan of a team that was beaten soundly by the Gators.
So you mean to tell me they haven't already been opting out this season? The more you know.
"First off I would like to thank Will Muschamp..." Well, there's your first problem.
Well, if he's anything like most other Muschamp recruits, this may be a good thing.
Well, I mean SCAR has dodged COVID like a champ so far and look where that's gotten them.
Muschamp is a dead man walking. Recruiting means bupkis when you consistently lose to teams with less recruiting prowess. Champ should be cheering on the COVID because a season postponement is the only way his coaching career will survive another year at SC.
Bottom line, Muschamp was an “oh $hit” hire at the time with a proven pedigree as a loser. The sooner SC cuts ties the sooner they can get back to 6-6 rather than 4-8.
Trust us Will - that's the exact same look we have when watching you coach.
You hire a loser and you get loser results. It's not that difficult.
"The fact that his arrival happened to coincide with Clemson and Georgia turning into juggernauts is going to continue to frustrate the fan base." That fact will likely seal his fate. It seems most USC fans would happily take a 2-10 season if it meant beating Georgia and especially Clemson. On the same token, the stats speak for themselves - Muschamp hasn't proven he can win big games. Stack that with the rise of UGA and Clemson and USC seems destined to be competing with UK/Mizzou/Vandy for the middle/bottom tier of the SEC East for quite some time.
Let's be honest - are there any other places in Alabama that would be worth "Instagramming"?
Yeah, for a guy with an ego as big as Spurrier's, holding most of SC's coaching records is surely something he regrets. -_-
At the very least, we won't have to listen to Mizzou fans complaining about a "lack of respect" anymore. Thank God.
You can play the "what if" game from now until eternity but the result will be the same - Georgia lost to South Carolina. I'm sorry.
You can argue about the spot all night long. The bottom line is your kicker shanked two field goals, your defense is worse than South Carolina's (and that's saying alot), and Gurley had a mediocre game (by his standards) - thus you lost. Stop trying to blame the officials.
Ahh - so as long as you're surrounded by opposing players, headbutts are allowed. Duly noted.