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Interesting take. He has the same exact 40 time as George Pickens and he seemed capable of playing out wide speed wise, if anything Pickens issue was route running.
Had to do a double take as a reasonable reaction and SDS don’t tend to intersect often. Well said. Two different games, I’m assuming two different officiating crews. Fan bias is obviously in play and people wanting someone other than their own team to blame for a loss. I don’t see what “Bama bias” does for the league in baseball. Not lots of $$’s being thrown around in the sport and especially with one team over another.
Room temperature take: Bama will put up more than 40 against Miami
It always irked me when UGA players would write “we run this state” on a whiteboard after beating GT. It’s not an impressive state to run. The second best program in the state isn’t even a P5 school. State championships are for high schools to brag about.
Who would’ve gone in instead of them? Seasons are mutually exclusive of one another (i.e. past doesn’t predict the future). The Red Sox were cursed until they weren’t.
Hopefully just a small step in Vandy committing more to their football program. I think Clark Lea is bringing a “if you build it they will come” mentality to the program. It’s unfortunate they haven’t been able to put it all together on the field. Great academics, great campus, great city. Problem is their alumni base is probably more consumed with things that are objectively more important than football.
Good for him, I’m sure it’s fulfilling a dream to play for a basketball blue blood and now he gets to do that. Hopefully the more challenging competition around him will help him settle down and refine his craft. Best of luck to him!
Yeah I could definitely see Mondon getting reps and being used on the inside similarly to how Adam Anderson has been used in the past few years. Too freakish to not get playing time. ILB is a tough position to be an every down player at a high level as a freshman but I think he can make the most of the time he will get.
AD plays offense and this is a defense article but yes he should see the field this year and be a good option on the outside.
My main concern is the OL at this point, the defense is going to give up points because of how the game is regardless of the DB’s being awesome or average. I think we’re still a year away from the OL being molded how Luke /Monken would prefer them. Obviously a lot of talent and theoretical depth there but just as much of a question as the DB’s imo and more swing (good or bad) from them than the DB’s.
I would hope no one is using YPG as the metric. It’s widely regarded as a terrible statistic for evaluating / measuring performance.
Warning: sarcasm ahead. I can’t believe they keep writing stories about Valdosta football. My Opelika HS has football too and it’s in the SEC footprint. Why do they only choose to write articles about south GA football? SDS is biased for south GA football.
No need to get irrationally angry. Just talking sports. Also you’re providing revenue for this site by clicking and interacting with the articles. If you want them to change maybe you could try methods other than what you’re doing. I hadn’t realized I was such an idiot though so I’m glad you pointed that out. It makes me feel like I’ve really made something of myself for being such an idiot.
If anything you’re more upset with position bias over anything else. QB’s get clicks and interest. Newman had a lot of preseason hype and also generates quite a bit of activity on the site (clicks and comments) so makes sense they wrote about him. If you take out the fact they wrote about Newman, does it really surprise you they wouldn’t write about a third round pick at receiver? He was the 15th WR off the board. Theoretically Newman could’ve still been QB11 based on the number from that position that was drafted. Pretty much the positions post-first round that get talked about are RB’s and QB’s.
I don’t know that accuracy quite sums it up. Placement might be the term but even that falls short. I think Jones and Corral can easily throw it as far if not further than JT. I think JT dissects the game, and when poised is reliable but I don’t think of him as an incredible arm talent (definitely above average) or incredibly accurate (still above average). His decision making seems to have improved since his USC days but tbd against a larger sample size of better defenses - tough to get a good sample size with this season’s schedule. Overall, I think he’s quality but I’m not sure I’m taking one aspect of his game as elite - maybe if preparation was a category.
If it were scrambling instead of running I could see that, I think Emory would run a QB power or designed run better than Nix. Could also argue Emory’s arm talent is better than JT’s.
I think it’s moreso the subjectivity of the call that 9mm is pointing out. I don’t think they’ll ever throw a flag for it but I do think there could be a rule where you have to sit out for a full possession or some sort of time limit. It would give less incentive to fake an injury and would give players proper evaluation time if they are hurt without coaches pressure training staff to get the player back in the game.
Therapy is a much better option in the long term than taking your frustrations out on athletes and their trainers.
You could say that about anyone but with what he’s shown to this point I don’t think there’s any logical reason to project him as a first rounder.
LA i think had the best per capita performance. I’m always impressed by the volume the state produces when you consider their comparably small population.
I’m pretty sure every P5 team has had at least 1 player drafted in the NFL common era. That’s not that impressive....
I don’t know that weak quite explains it, there are some exciting QB’s on this list. There’s quite a few unknowns who were well regarded as recruits Jefferson, King, and Young. Emory Jones is an unknown who could run an exciting offense and if not him they seem to have a great 2 option. From the known entities (Daniels/Corral/Nix/Brennan), there’s probably not a number 1 type pick but there’s a lot of quality in that group especially if Nix can take a step forward - not expecting it but it’s possible.
I would love to see George get an opportunity to play this season. I would love even more to see him return to full health to prepare for a career in the NFL. I hope both of those can come true, and I generally trust Kirby, Ron, and staff to keep the players’ best interests top of mind in these situations.
To think, Justin Jefferson who was a great receiver in his own right and the best Rookie WR in the NFL last year was still overshadowed by Chase’s production and talent.... it says a lot. I hope a team with a competent QB gets him.
Doesn’t matter the state of the Auburn program/team, @ Auburn is always a tough environment for the Dawgs. Always a fun game to watch (2017 was a little more miserable than fun though).
On behalf of Georgia fans, I apologize for anyone who was claimed Georgia as WRU. I’d like to believe that there aren’t people who would’ve claimed that but the article states that so......
I see what you’re saying but I think the difference is the amount of film those quarterbacks have navigating outside the pocket and making plays via their scrambling abilities. Joe Burrow could throw with great accuracy but if you watch the SEC championship his final season, he was unstoppable not only because he had elite receivers getting open but because he couldn’t get sacked or really hurried even when the pocket collapsed. I think the question is and always has been athleticism with Jones, mainly because it’s not a proven trait on film.
I singled out SEC schools as this is mainly an SEC site. They are saying “some of the nation’s top universities” not “some of the universities we have are some of the nation’s top universities.” This suggests that all of the colleges in the group would be in a grouping that could be considered as a “top university”. My point is no one is confusing Bama and Ole Miss in that group.
Some of the nation’s top universities is a little bit of a stretch. Tennessee is the best SEC representative out of this group, Auburn I’m ok with lumping in that. Ole Miss and Bama do not make the cut for that distinction. They’re good schools but “top”?