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Hey, leave him be. He’s got to watch those clips of the forward lateral they got away with to beat Stanford. All their football program has going for them.
I think people tend to underestimate Kirby’s willingness to adapt as they did with Saban for many years (not calling Kirby Saban). He’s been a HC for 5 years still figuring things out. Had he gone with an old guard type OC then I would not expect Kirby to allow a pass happy offense. I will agree that Kirby is much more jimmy/Joe than x/o so having Fromm didn’t lend itself to a pass happy offense. He’s starting to get players who can open the offense up a bit more and he got an OC who can scheme for that. Do I expect UGA to be top 5 in passing this season? Resounding no. I do expect Kirby will try to improve and I think that is transitioning to more passing.
I also found the title a little misleading, greatest Gator ever is probably Spurrier? All things considered, Spurrier’s playing/coaching/consulting career at UF has to take that claim. Doering’s claim was greatest Gator player ever which I think is a much more reasonable claim.
I was surprised when he left early and even more surprised when he was taken in the first round. Scouts weren’t watching the game I was watching apparently. If I recall correctly that draft seemed to be a lot of NFL teams going off “potential” more than proven attributes and for Wilson the idea of you can’t coach size took him really far.
For the record I agree. He’s the hometown kid, how could you not root for him?
I’m assuming there’s a monetary incentive. Something like dollars per click/time on page/number of comments. If there is more money to be had by having more comments (probably called “engagement” to make it sound more businesslike) then he knows if he puts in a Fields/UGA comment he’ll get an additional, let’s say, 6 comments that he wouldn’t have gotten on the original article. Which would equate to more money if that we’re the case. If it’s not the case then it’s just sad.
Depends on which team he’s on. If he goes to the Falcons, you’re right he’ll have no pocket. But Brady owns the pocket too and he’s done quite well for himself.
For some reason, I kind of believe him to an extent. I think he can do some great things down there.
Also, there is a study from around 30 years that talked about the cognitive illusion of “hot hands”. I’m sure if you google Cold Facts about the Hot Hand it should pop up. Few fans are actually educated in randomization/chance/streaks.
As you said, the program isn’t great and I’m not sure how you generate interest for it. The local talent is great but generating a buzz for UGA basketball is a tall task. I don’t know what people are expecting when they ask for Crean to get fired. He’s performing on par for the program and there aren’t many out there that could make it above par.
I get what you were trying to say but Bama was a 35.5% 3PT shooting team before this game. For the first 10 minutes of the game, it was actually close. The players didn’t play great zone because Georgia isn’t a great team but as Easy said, there was some justification for it. Georgia didn’t “allow” Bama to make threes. Bama made threes and a lot of them at a high percentage. Georgia’s chances of winning the game were slim, if they had given them a wide open lane it would’ve been the same story - just death by 2’s instead of 3’s. At the end of the day, had Bama shot the 3 like they have all season, they would’ve scored 25ish fewer points and I think that’s what Crean was banking on. Again, not saying it’s perfect but far from inexplicable.
So the premise is Georgia ran zone and gave up 51 points in a half and ran man and gave up 64 points in a half, but they only gave up that many second half points because they ran zone in the first half. Oh also Georgia is a bad defense anyway. Conclusion: Crean doesn’t know how to coach.
You’re pretty out of touch there. It’s common tradition for students to try to get in the stadium/on the field. Throw in a snowstorm and I bet they thought it would be fun to be in the stadium while it’s snowing.
Of course, you will never appease everyone. Football is different but almost every league of football from pee wee to the NFL has a playoff with more than 4 teams....other than FBS. Expanding a playoff doesn’t mean football would be played consecutive days. Again, every other division including the FCS are able to accomplish this. It’s a money and politics issue not a practical one. If you were to take away two cupcake games from regular season to expand playoff many would be ok with it. A 4 team playoff with 5 “big time” conferences is unfair outright unless scheduling were equalized.
NFL - 32 teams, 14 playoff teams (44%) NBA - 30 teams, 16 playoff teams (53%) MLB - 30 teams, 16 playoff teams (53%) NCAAB - 350 teams, 68 playoff teams (19%) NCAAF - 130 teams, 4 playoff teams (3%) Something isn’t adding up. Saban is spot on. Is it a playoff or is it a bowl system? Whatever makes the most money will be the future that’s chosen and most will be unhappy regardless.
Just a suggestion to the writer as I was confused, putting financial numbers in parentheses suggest a negative number (i.e. the surplus figures for the other schools listed look like shortages).
How do you know he was fined previously? UGA parking policy has several reasons stated as to why they can boot someone and not all require prior violations.
I agree, can’t say I don’t understand the frustration he felt in the moment.
Unless you’re speaking about UGA campus protocol specifically and you know this to be true, you don’t actually have to “break the law twice” to get booted. I parked in the wrong parking lot in Atlanta, didn’t see the sign saying you couldn’t and got booted. No other offenses to my name.
Interestingly enough you could replace the word “Liberals” with “Crusaders”. As in, “The Crusaders thought that if you don’t believe as they do you must be eradicated.” And they tried to do that.
To be fair to The Weeknd, he has the most monthly active listeners according to Spotify (almost 70 million) so you never having heard of him is more about your ignorance to current music than saying something about The Weeknd. Not saying you have to enjoy his music but the data would suggest around 70 million people enjoy it so seems like it was sensible to book him. And even if 95% of people enjoyed it (I don’t think it’s the case on this one) then the 5% who didn’t like it would be the loudest.
DawgLB, I’d love for lineman (more specifically OL) get more recognition and I believe they deserve it. But it’s almost impossible to evaluate in real time how individual OL are performing without going back and watching the tape. I like the idea of getting them recognition, it’s also what makes those guys so special as they embody to the team mentality of the sport.
It was all inconsequential. The refs didn’t win the game for the Bucs just a frustration and other how the league treats tom
Success shouldn’t mean you’re free from consequences. But in reality, Tom does get the benefit of the doubt on penalties. When mahomes got smacked on the head and nothing was called we all know it would’ve been something if that was Tom getting crushed.
The Bucs D put on a show, their OL put on a clinic, and Tom Brady played well. But he’s the QB and the NFL’s sweetheart so he got MVP. Tom Brady is obviously great but he had the best team last night. He wasn’t even the best player at his position on the field.
Well when Tom knows there aren’t consequences to him barking back of course he won’t mind.
Exactly. Grumpy people find things to be grumpy about. Then act like their taste is the only taste to have in the world and that their opinion is objective fact.
Fair enough, I apologize for assuming your conclusions from the UF bowl game. I think most people primarily look at offensive returners because of the way the game is now, but certainly Clemson should be a top 5 defense at worst. I don’t think we’ll see any sort of Heisman season out of JT, but I don’t think that’s necessary for UGA to be in the playoff discussion. He’ll have to play better than Fromm did to make the playoff for sure. To be honest I don’t find the offensive development comments that fair especially at the QB position. This is monken’s second season so maybe some conclusions can be made after that. However people tend to say “Kirby doesn’t develop qb’s” which is correct because he doesn’t coach them but misses the point of who does coach them. What should be said is Chaney/Coley didn’t develop QB’s. Programs evolve and change. Jury is still out on Monken. I thought he did well this season, it will be more telling to see how the players progress next season.