Tennessee Vols

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You realize those are the only teams we have lost to as well right? Idiot...
That just rolls off the tongue! We have over a .500 win percentage in death valley! Lol hope the Tigers throttle you
Florida doesn't have a real gator for a mascot now do they?
You do realize Mizzou's colors aren't purple and gold, right?
It seems SC has almost always been a pile of garbage
Lolololololol do you mean morals? Morales is a completely different word you idiot.
Lol is Missouri even in the SEC still? I thought we all decided they weren't good enough?
Nah, **** every other fanbase and their players.
LSU offered Florida their team plane. Do your homework.
You can't use facts when talking to these idiots...
Because this would give LSU a 4 game stretch of SEC games including 3 road games and a final game on a short week of rest. That's not really fair considering how generous LSU was to Florida about moving this game. Florida is just scared.
Interesting stat: The Aggies have never beaten the Vols.
No Hamilton and Heart are the reason we have been in the negative before. And I am not a fan of Butch. I am glad to see the team turn around, but that doesn't mean I have to be a Butch fan.
If we would stop paying idiots like Dave Hart we could put even more money to good use.
LOL you left out the most important part of that story. What else happened that year?
Same for us, and we still beat a Georgia team that will destroy USCjr
Can't beat Bama? Lol look who's talking.
There is no rational analyst that would claim Dobbs is the best QB in the SEC. Maybe the best QB at RUNNING, but certainly not at being an actual QB. That being said I love Dobbs. Great guy and a VFL. GO VOLS.
Swing and a miss...again. WATCH. THE. PLAY. On the interception that Dobbs' arm was hit he wasn't throwing across his body, he was standing in the pocket. Although he threw into coverage, it certainly wan't head scratching. So how about you actually watch the play and not talk sh!t to the generous people willing to read your garbage writing that you probably learned at a community college.
Please demoralize the embarrassment that is USCjr football.
Yeah I agree. Thankfully they have all the hard work to do and I just get to watch.
I'm not even referencing the team. I am saying these videos are actually horrible hype videos.
I agree that I would rather UT control our destiny than UF, but do you honestly think out of ARK, LSU, UGA, and MIZZ that Florida doesn't drop another game? Highly doubtful.
Tennessee has some of the worst hype videos I have ever seen.