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Rumors are that we're offering 2.5. Some Clemson fans were telling me he currently makes 1.8. Not sure if there's any validity, but that's a big price tag for a coordinator.
Lots of people travel here for business. WalMart, Tyson, JB Hunt are all based out of the NWA region which means people doing business with them, suppliers, distribution, etc.
What nonsense are you spouting? Fayetteville is objectively a great place. Been ranked in the top 5 best cities for a few years now. I think #3 last year.
Please let it be Venables. What a steal that would be
Most of us feel the same way. It's a trophy game but not a rivalry. Rivalries are earned and developed over time. When ours with LSU started, it wasn't a rivalry. Key games in the past 25 years have turned it into one. A lot of older LSU fans still don't consider it one from what I understand. So maybe Mizzou will be a rival for my kids generation. For me, I'd rather have our annual game against SCar back.
If he does it will be a personal move rather than professional I think. He's a native, and from what I keep hearing he and his wife would like to be around family again, plus it would be a long time before Arkansas tries to fire him if he can managae 8-9 win seasons regularly.