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Computer doesn’t count awards and records broken...oh, and Vince Young didn’t bag a Heisman...neither did Ken Dorsey. This year, LSU Won. It. All. Put THAT in your computer!!!
Silly drama! OBJ is proud of the team and that’s all... He gave them cleats and Beats...all within NCAA guidelines. He’s not going to walk out on the field in front of God and everyone to hand out real cash for players to keep. Ya’ll stop this nonsense!
The really important thing to remember is that every Christian walks around with the name of Christ emblazoned (metaphorically) across his or her back. We have to always be mindful of that and try to conduct ourselves accordingly. Yes, we make mistakes, and we strive to do better each day. Is it a tough task? Of course it is! But it's a choice we made....to set a Christian example, even when people aren't watching. Otherwise, give up the name of Christ and go your own way. But DO NOT carry the name of Christ and act like a fool! Freeze KNEW that what he was doing was terribly wrong but thought he'd never get caught. But they always do....and then the name of Christ gets dragged thru the mud. I hope he straightens out his life but it's the players and his family, other Christians that feel sorrier for. Innocent bystanders.
Don't be an ass! Of course it's offensive and it's meant to be! Nobody has a problem with rivalries and competition. Trash talking is part of the game as well. But anyone with half a brain realizes that this not only crosses the line into poor sportsmanship, but also represents cruelty. Even idiots with big boy pants should realize that! But whatevs. Welcome to Death Valley on the 19th! Lol!
Wow! It would be hard to find a more lying bunch of lying fans and players! That's ok...hope every LSU player sees it when you come waltzing into Mike's house on Nov. 19! Hahahaha! #Halloweenliars