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Rebuilt doesn't mean bad, necessarily. It definitely won't be the same line from last year, so rebuilt seems like a perfectly fine term for it.
I imagine LSU will hit 30 or so, which is actually a good defensive effort against the tigers this year. Football is a crazy sport.
So.. if my Vols win these last two they have somehow made it to exactly where I thought they'd be before the season kicked off.. Definitely not remotely how I thought they'd get there though. Still embarrassed by those first couple losses, but proud that with so much going wrong the staff and players managed to turn an absolute joke in to something to build on.
Because Vandy best fits the comparison. They often struggle against the top teams but are better than the lowest teams for the most part. Like UCF is definitely better than Arkansas. If they were in the SEC this year they'd be similar to Vandy in who they could beat and who theyd have a hard time with. People arent really saying that UCF is a garbage football team, they're just realistically middle of the pack when it comes to like SEC standards.
You've made my list for wearing the wrong shirt.
I was thinking the same thing, as a fan it hurt to give up that lead, I was really disappointed in some of the play calls through the middle of the game... but we lost in the second overtime to a team who was favored to win... I hate that we lost, but losing a tight one to a ranked out of conference opponent is hardly what I'd consider a "bad" loss. Unless the article just means it in the fact that losing is bad in general.
Just because Johnson got in some trouble doesnt make him worse at the linebacking position. He's easily top 5 and I'd argue top 3.
Dobbs threw for 300 and ran for like 160-170..
Meh, I think we could still make it work.
As a huge Tennessee fan... I would take her to a nice dinner, talk sports with her. Impress her with my quick wit and kind heart, start a long term relationship with her.. treat her like an absolute queen. We'd watch all the games and undoubtedly have a blue tick named Smokey. Eventually she would marry me, and there wouldn't be a minute I let pass by without making her feel like the most wanted woman on earth. After a few years however, she'd probably leave me after discovering that everytime we make love I never break eye contact with Peyton. I'd always be imagining him telling me I have to sweat in order get a Gatorade or that I was doing a nice job, telling me I'm almost as impressive at love making as he is at quarterbacking. So many imaginary high fives... My favorite is when he chants for me to "cut that meat" while making love to my future ex wife... If you see this mystery Tennessee fan girl, please come to me and let me give you the best/most awkward few years of your life! I already love you.