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As soon as he said that our defense will take a step back, I figured he doesnt watch the games. Georgia has almost everyone coming back on defense.
I dont think LSU beats Bama ever again, as long as Saban is there. Best team of all time this year tho. Enjoy it. Its gone
No, and Bama would mop the floor with Oklahoma. Honestly, oklahoma should have 2 year ban on playoffs like Ohio State did.
These stories is fake Media garbage. They probably get "threats" but I doubt they are serious. I would pay no attention to them. It's probably some wimpy teenage kid from a rival team acting like they are Vol fans. Another reason to delete a social media account.
I'd be more worried about having a real life clown as your head ball coach.
Tenn. Fans showed up big against BYU but you need to shut up about Pruitt. You are destroying any chance of recruiting great players. All this fire coach makes recruits not want to go there.