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To be real, Arkansas tripped over their own feet several times as well. The 4th and inches out of the shotgun makes me wonder a little about Briles. It just came down to a 'good enough' defensive scheme and harder effort by the Hogs.
I guess FSU would be a more attractive job, unless you are competition driven. FSU has a better recruiting base and an easier conference, with the exception of Clemson. Pay would probably be comparable. No snow and ice in the winter. So, unless you want to prove yourself in the toughest division of the toughest conference in the country, FSU would be more attractive.
Although there has been no improvement in the record thus far, and there was no excuse for the SJSU debacle, I have seen a small amount of improvement. With another 100 yards of offense we could be 5-1 probably. 20 yards away with a chance to win on our final drive in 3 games that probably would have been won if we could have punched it in. Our talent level has increased, although young. I am impatient as well, but think at least one more year is in order.
Most fans don't care what they wear. They need to just focus on getting better, giving great effort, and winning a road game.
The Missouri game is not truly a 'rivalry'. It is a contrived arrangement that has none of the feel of one. At least in the minds of Arkansas fans, it will never have the feel of an Arkansas/LSU matchup, or Arkansas/Texas, for us oldtimers.
Moss couldn't get into graduate school at Arkansas is the word.
Chase Harrell DID register some stats for the Hogs last year. Not much, but he caught a few passes as a wideout for around 66 yards, IIRC.
You mean to tell me that the refs might have missed some penalties in the game? LOL
Right, Nick. You are so predictable. Hog fans know that we are outmanned at every position in this game. I can't think of a starter we have that could start for Bama. Maybe a couple could make 2nd team. I think our defense will fight you though. Help is on the way.
One game. QB position is not decided in my book.
Arkansas has never had the 'Jimmies and Joes' that LSU has had, yet LSU is only 6-5 against Arkansas in the last 11, 2-2 out of the last 4. What does that mean for this year? Nothing. But don't write off Arkansas too quickly, it can come back to burn you.
I look for Kelly to get the start, but not because he is the clear cut starter. Simply because he is the most 'experienced.' They will want to take a good long look at both of them, but also expect Connor Noland & Daulton Hyatt to get a few snaps if all is going well.
There's always someone who has to be a skeptic, or in their mind 'a voice of reason.' Sure, it's going to take a bit to change over to a new system. Bobby Petrino didn't get it done in one year. We are all aware of that. But, it's obvious that what were were doing didn't work, so it became time to try something else. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. All we can do is sit back and see what happens. I wonder what approach the writer would suggest?
Kirk is such a jerk and Big 10 homer. I'm not surprised. He hates the SEC.
Not unexpected, with the change in offensive philosophy with the new coaching staff. Some turnover of commits/recruits is to be expected. Overall, recruiting is going quite well for Arkansas and trending up. This will be a smaller than usual class due to the small number of seniors, so don't look for the class to rank highly. The quality of the ones that do sign will be very good though.
Sounds good, for the offense. Now, what's the plan for fielding a defense? You have to have that too, in the SEC.
LOL, enjoy paying that $7 million a year to remain 2nd in the state. Your stuck with him for several years now, like him or not.
Sallee is way, way behind in his info. And by posting his info, you are even FURTHER behind. Venables may be in the mix, but not floating near the top, widely known info is that Hogs (and others) have moved on from Norvell. Some smoke about Kiffin, but still sussing that out.
He also knows the SEC is more of a meat grinder than the PAC12. Took the easy route, and why not?
It wasn't 'as he walked off the field.' Yes, it was immediately after the game, but it was in an office just off the locker room. Small difference as to timing, but it was in a more appropriate setting.
I'm certain Malzhan will be strongly considered, and may even get the option of first refusal - but somehow I don't think he will end up at Arkansas. IF AU wins the Iron Bowl, they will sweeten the pot too much for GM to move. If AU loses, they may offer to help him move.
At Arkansas, at least he wouldn't be the perennial second best team in the state.
Charlie Strong may not be quite as far down the list as they think. Of course, it's pretty much a given that Malzhan will at least be given the opportunity to turn it down first, and maybe one or possibly two others out of Leach or Norvell before Strong gets the call.
Mr. Crist, your disappointment that Arkansas won is showing.
SDS, ever think that you might ought to let the fat lady sing before you publish and article?
Blame some of the defensive problems on the offense. Against Auburn, they couldn't stay off the field due to the offense sustaining very few drives. I think that only four possessions out of thirteen or fourteen weren't three and outs. The offensive problems relate largely to the offensive line. They have not found an answer at offensive tackle. Due to that, they cannot buy enough time to to be effective in the passing game, which allows the defenses to run blitz and stop the run as well. Injuries have hit hard this year as well. Starting QB, best RB, best DB, best lineman - all out for season.
Nebraska is not a better job, and does not have more money... I just think Long has realized that his welcome is pretty well worn out here.