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Georgia is getting a good one and USC will miss JT. Just a note on JT Daniels 2018 stats to remember is that USC ran a misguided ‘gumbo’ offensive scheme that failed miserably resulting in an 5-7 record and mass fan exodus. JT has all the talent and skills to succeed and I look forward to him representing CA as a gentleman and bringing excitement between the hedges in Sanford Stadium. Go Dawgs! Fight on
I was wrong. Good bye to a good coach. USC has the money, but not the right people deciding how to spend it.
This is a big loss for USC. I have to believe the cheap skate president for USC has something to do with it, not matching the offer. The president of USC better get his priorities straight or should be removed by BOT as soon as possible. It's great all the higher academic goals being reached at USC but the football program has too rich of a history to work on a shoestring budget. The program needs a major influx of money for recruiters, advisors, envelope stuffers etc. I know Coach Helton is upset with this but I'm sure he had he's hands tied. Upsetting.
I agree that Bama is going on a title run also next year. Hopefully if USC meets Bama in the playoff/championship it's a better game this time...
Wow Coach Sark is completely out for himself despite the glory of Bama football. Who would have thunk it? Well any USC fan could see that coming from a mile away. Sad for the recently recruited Bama QB that has such high praise for Sark, now he is gone. Letting people down is something Sark is very good at apparently.
USC is going to open up the golden coffers to keep Coach Tommy Robinson, that's a guarantee. Plus USC has a better chance to win the National Title next year then LSU. Why go to LSU for the same job when he is already content with what USC is trying to accomplish?
Tee Martin? USC is going on a National Championship run next year, not a good time to leave. Any candidate that is considering going to Bama for the O.C. job has to figure in Saban yelling at him on national TV and later enjoying a chuckle with the press at your expense. Basically you have to have no self-pride. Doubt that's Chip Kelly's cup of tea either.
@bamatime. I give up. If your going to make things up then how can we talk football? It's more important to you to call people names and tell them off, that's what you enjoy. (Golf clap). Have fun with that, I will save my time talking to someone with who can contribute to a conversation which obviously is over your head.
I did move on but the author of this piece is trolling USC so I had to say something about it. There is obviously more things that went into USC losing to Bama but we have a season to play including a game against Stanford tomorrow so I have 'moved on'. Good luck for your 'USC' 😋
This is reasonable explanation of one aspect of USC losing but you're to immature Bamatime to get it. Do you think posting a comment automatically means I'm Trolling and talking trash? This is a vanilla explanation of one area USC really messed up during the Bama game. Try to read one more time without your broken record brain response and you may realize that. As far as before the game I only posted on this sight a few times a couple weeks before the game but you must have elephant memory! I'd say two posts were semi-trolly but I really did believe USC would do alright against Bama, so what?
Really? Bring your pansy a$$ team out to Los Angeles and we will see what happens. Remember as you're patting yourself on the back USC is still not at full strength, and yes that matters.
The number one reason why USC lost so easily was because our Offensive Coordinator, ex-SEC player Tee Martin, completely failed to adjust and call plays to what he saw on the field Sept 3rd. Like a deer in the headlights he saw what Bama was doing on Defense and froze and made no changes, unlike Bama coaches who did adjust their offense after the first few drives. I can't explain why this happened other then Tee was over his head and I hope he gets better. Coach Helton is rumored to of taken over the play calling but it was to little to late as the USC Defense was tired and spent. Side note: Brave as it was our center continued to play in the game with a blown out knee. That couldn't of helped things.
At least Ole Miss and Texas AM are brave enough to schedule home-and-home games versus California teams. Unlike certain chicken cr@p coaches like Saban who needs everything stacked in his favor on the schedule. Pathetic little coach abuser, ha ha Lame your winning but you live life as a dog friendly pi$$ mat
Ahhhh Cal is a pac12 school. SDSU still has to play a few teams but if they can run the table with a great defense and running game they can be quite difficult team to play. And no I'm not Faulk, but I saw him play in college and he is a once and twenty years talent
USC is trying to come back but I admit (like I did on other sites) last week game was god awful. Trying to get USC numbers up to full strength but I doubt USC is responsible fully for ND being over rated lol 😆😆. ND and USC will always be overrated before the season starts but that's a good thing
San Diego St has a 12 game winning streak second only to Alabama. AP poll is always east coast bias and uneven. Sure a easier conference and competition but they should thrown SDSU a bone and ranked them 22-25 at least.
Nothing wrong with that, keep up the coverage SDS.
In this case the referee want over the line and should be reprimanded. Grabbing a player from behind on the jersey and swinging him by the jersey is ridiculous. The Utah st player was already running of the field and not in direct contact with Edoga, so why was the referee so animated when one of the instigators is already gone? Bad response by the USC oline man but all he did was swipe the arms that was dancing him around.
You're trying to say SEC teams are tough on discipline? Really?
North Carolina? They have one good season and people get all emotional. Georgia going to put up 40+ points no problem from here to Tuesday. Then the Kirby Smart plays a role and boom 21 no more for the Tared heeled offense. Ezy peezy lemon squee.... DONT touch the Dawgs favorite squeeze toy fool!
As a USC fan I have a a ton of experience with the Railroad company known as the NCAA. Ole Miss fans the sad truth is the NCAA has no checks or balances nor are they a court, their are no guidelines or rules to their investigations or punishments. At USC a slimy agent lied about USC (which he later admitted) and the NCAA took it and hammered us on that weak testimonial. I don't know how the investigation ends up but I recommend that you fight any punishment as hard as you can, like Penn St. What Penn St. did was so awful but they got a reduction in penalties (why? Cuz the B1G was so weak at the time? Idk)
Sorry to hear another recruit from the 2015 is leaving Alabama. I think that is five now maybe four, does that mean Alabama no longer has the top recruiting class for 2015? Seeing that it's only 2016 early I would say whoever was second in recruiting in 2015 is now 1, Alabama slips, and the six year streak of number one classes is over. (The non sarcasm opinion is that this will be bad for Bama losing so much from that class, so the next two year span could be difficult. Already you could have used that CB who left for your nickel package against USC, many Wrs fixing to line up on Sept 3rd). Fight on Bamatime
Thx kirk for the expert analysis. So it can be Barnett unless he stinks then its Bateman with Hurts backing both choices. So it can be anyone? Get out of here, zero info. Either way many errant passes coming
Ha ha ha good t-shirt Alabama fan base 👍🏻 if there was ever a fan base that would laugh about someone getting off on police charges, even double murder, it would be Alabama fans. Bravo Bravo Here's to Alphonse soon beating his DUI Ha ha ha
I fully expect Alphonse Taylor to shed his "indefinitely suspended" status when he loses a few pounds. Expect him to suit up for the USC game like nothing ever happened. By the way Mr. Hall alcohol is not the only substance you can get a DUI for, luckily no one got hurt this time.
Fine you win Bamatime I'm someone awful. So sense you hate me lets be real for a second with real question. My question is do Alabama fans really care about the person Cam Robinson? I know that you love the Cam Robinson the football player that much is clear. Do you even care that Cam the person was in mortal danger back in that park at 2:30 in the morning with a gun in his possession? Yes I know LA law with concealed weapons (it's ok) but didn't we all see that sad video of the poor man in Lousiana that got shot with his legal concealed weapon? Instead it's excuses, some nonsense of four people in the car, only Alabama players picked on, improper search etc. Cam is a human being not just a cog for your machine. Stop being a Saban robot, try to critically think of things for the poor sake of your players after all their time at Alabama for only 4-5 years they have the rest of their lives to live. What do you have to say to that? I hope you don't say well they took a gun safety course and did a few ride alongsides with the local police (Cam has learned that if your the best player on the team you can do anything you want. Wheee!)
I'm not trolling. If I was trolling then I would say something ridiculous like USC over Alabama 55-10 or some nonsense like that. Instead I say positive things like Bama is the favorite, going to take a great effort for USC to win, things like that. It is confusing that I'm not doing the standard dance, I just like football talk. It's all cool I'm not Auburn fan on a rant 😋
By the way this is a Georgia article, or do you as a Alabama fan own this part of the site too?
Im a Georgia fan and this story rubs me wrong. You can praise your coach all you want but I got to call a spade a spade. I'm just going on the press conferences which Saban just rants and goes on and on about his agenda with full knowledge that he holds the power to ban the media person he wants, so he bullies them. The shame, reminds me of a five year old
Wow I meant to say 'pump' this thing up not 'pimp'. Lol