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Heck Gyrene. Coach O should make a "strong-assed offer" so we can see this kid play.
Careful there "broadbrush". Some Alabamians, such as myself, might tell you to kma and gth.
Read his story about going to the gym or whatnot back in Antioch and his interactions with the local OG's. Najee was on a mission which er'body saw and endorsed. Great lad. Being exiled in Sakerlina was cool last year. Cluck Femson, at least this year and i always bring up the TD run where Najee went all Super Man on them chickens. Best wishes, Najee. Make us Gumps, proud.
Trying to temper my expectations for this Bama team, but when they start raining 3's it is, indeed, an exciting team to what. Coupled with great defense, watch out, b*tches.
A "strong-assed offer", could mean anything, right?
That kid was awesome. Good luck in The Big Dance. Should be a great final four rematch. Why not dream big!
6-5, 193? Might be a great project for that coach down there at Ole Mississippi.
Hey Marine! Retired Army puke here. Exactly, what i want for Mac. But Meyer loves him some "blond adonis". To the Patriots!! RTR and fAU.
Idk. His buddy at Bama? The 3rd Saturday in October might take on a new meaning. RTR and fAU.
He lacerated her face with a glass candle. Pretty violent move there. She must not have been packing.
You guys "shot your wad", with Burrow and Co. Win your first few, then we'll consider you clowns(corch o).
General William Tecumseh Sherman curse? Should have picked your own dad gum cotton, perhaps?
I predict Prime Time writes him a check. Well, not necessarily Dion but somebody in Mississippi. Just a guess.
Would LeBrickey, son of LeBrick, fit in Coach Oats system at Bama? Discuss.
Maybe someone in the County lockup will save the tax payers some money and go ahead and take care of business. Pedot*rdb*rglar.
Perhaps, but Sir Charles can often use a reality check.
If you played Woodcreek Farms back during coach's Sakerlina days, you could gander up on the hill and see the Spurrier Hotel. He and Ms Jerri hosted the entire Carolina football team each year. It was reported he paid 1.25 mil for it in 2005 and got 950,000 in 2016, just to get "the hell out of Dodge", I suppose.
Maybe Datboi could channel his inner "Spurrier" and comment on playing the Dawgs early? Is this the first suspension for the match up on September 4th?
"Them Chickens" are playing great basketball. It'll take quite an effort to win in "T-bone Benji's" town. Hope Herb can take the floor.
I'm from next door in Anniston. Don't you Oxford folks tend to become Barners? I'm sure there is a spot for him down on the plains.
Mac will help the Pats rekindle the flame, Aubust.
Your screed is always a rather quick read.
May I second your notion? Who is this clown? Discuss.
Seems reasonable but who, pray tell, will defeat Climpson and keep them out of the playoff? Either Jawja or Bama will lose, in this scenario, the SECCG. Does that team get in over an unbeaten ACC champ?