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Hey fool. I'm getting pretty swift at scrolling past your bs. Eabod negan.
It's a term of endearment where i was born and raised. Anniston and Jax State pretty close to Atlanta Fulton county stadium. Plus, Jawjah drinking age 18, Alabama 21. Burger Inn, Tallapoosa Jawjah, legendary in the 70's. Pitcher of draft, $2.00? Hell, yeah!
EABOD Negin. You're a clown show here on SDS. Oh, your mom is on her way home.
So let's go to the video tape: since 2018 aTm signed this many 5 stars more or less: 1 then 2 then 0 then 2 then 7, so bought is an appropriate word to use for Jumbo's class. But money was not discussed with any of these recruits? CNS, knows, with unlimited transfers as well as NIL, college football is out of control. Or his control would also be correct.
You are such a d*mb*ss. Oh, and nobody, including me, reads a word of your screed. ESAD, negan
Good one ArkyVol. I'm still chuckling. Suck it, Negan.
I would suggest to Arch, that he could be the next QB to "write his name in Crimson fame".
Your replies should be blocked because they are ignorant af.
So the "umps" were trying their best to help Bama? What flipping series did you watch?
Hey doug-the-wishful thinking. Pretty early in this new UGA dynasty to get cocky, no?
FOAD loser, need i say more? No one reads your screed. Not for some time.
I'm in Sakerlina since 96. This Gary kid is a modern day Moses Malone.
Easy y'all. Congrats to UGA, y'all earned it. Hard to root against that "d*ck" QB. RTR and fAU.
Hope he comes up here to Columbia to play for "them chickens".
I'm fine with young Mr Manning writing his name in Crimson fame like Starr, Joe Willie, the Snake, Mac Jones...Manning?
"They found out he was really not to blame". I call BS. Sorry but Pearl knew everything.
Lack of impulse control. Oh and fDesmond Howard. Usually a pretty nice guy but such a Michigan homer.
First of all, *ssface. Remove Coach Saban's name from your mouth. Secondly, let he who is without sin....you probably know the rest, clown.
I agree on Stroud and Smith-Njigaboo being early favorites. Please forgive us SEC folks. We've become a selfish bunch when if comes to football.
Why, if I may ask? Did that million come from some rich-*ss booster or contracts from Nike, Adidas, etc? How about any monies made by a student athlete must include the source of those monies. Didnt you have to show 1099s when you filed your taxes? Just thinking out loud but it's quite humorous that you're an aTm supporter. Deflect much?
Negan. You remind me of that Heywood guy. You know. Haywood Geblowme.
Negan, you are such a delta hotel. You should probably try to get a life outside of being the resident idiot on this website.
Dayum Negan. I believe I've actually done damage to my "scroll finger", getting through your constant BS screed. Even as a Bama alum I was happy the dawgs got off that 40+ year slide. You do, however, make it quite difficult to support a fellow SEC program. To all the other Dawg supporters, congratulations on a great year. To Negan, STFU. RTR and fAU.
A degree from Vandy and still going to play some more football? Pretty awesome for a two star. Good luck kiddo.