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Apparently, a good kid. Gained 20 lbs and lost an inch to 6'4" since high school in Charlotte. Can QB at many schools but D1? We shall see.
Brake the law, then resist the arrest? You are what's wrong with America. Dragged her *ss right of the field. People Eating Tasty Animals. Let's go have a steak.
Over in LA at LB Sports, they call him finebomb. Fun to stir it up with those PAC 10 Bolsheviks.
I agree, totally, dawg. As an Army non-com, I'd use a loss like this to get incredible motivation out of thr troops. Enter, CNS, a gipper for the time! Lol.
Will the fan base of the losing team complain about Danielson being partial to the winning team?
You wish; as if. Yeh, hoped it could have been Lane.
So 2007, 2007, 2010 and 2011? What a useless stat. That's like saying Bama is 3 - 2 against Climpson. No, because we don't count 2008 (Tommy bowden). RTR and fAU.
Them Chickens should put about 7 in the box to see whether young Bo can beat them. RTR and fAU.
That could be a good call, Corch. Sakerlina might even get Bama to pay off that 9 million, too. These Carolina folks could also pass the plate just to get rid of him. These folks here in Columbia are PO'd that's for sure. And flipping Ole Mississippi scored again and again in my dreams.
I wonder if the Coach will ever make another appearance here in Sakerlina? Prolly, not.
Roll Fins! I have my "LB Sports" tee ready for his debut. I'm willing to be patient as apparently Coach Flores is.
Idk, could be close to a usual crowd. Just kidding. Good luck against my boys. Don't y'all do anything crazy. RTR. C
I will certainly be rooting for a great game. Noon kickoff; should be near the 19th hole by then. RTR.
Loved me some Primetime. Played for the Falcons then teleported to Hot Lanta and played him some MLB. Pretty cool stuff at the time. I wish him luck in Jackson, MS, especially on a Saturday night.
Congrats but that was last year, pal. You should worry about current events and stop hating on the man. Fluff? Ok.
Good job, young man. Please, go make a difference and mold some decent young Americans who will aid our society. Congratulations on your degree and your new job with Connor.
Heavens to Murgatroud. Snagglepuss 1962. Did I get censured? Later, Y'all.
Heavens to Murgatroud. Did I get censured? Later, Y'all.
King of Cali, huh? Play at USC or come east and play with the big boys. RTR and fAU.
Yes. Don't believe your own lying eyes. Go find the video of those clowns blocking the ER in LA and screaming to the injured police "i hope you die".
You're FOS and stop tarnishing the name of one of the best Bama players of all time, my boy Forrest. Signed: Forrest's long lost daddy.
Kiffin. That last good kicker at the Capstone spellchecker to Tiffin. Sorry Lane.
Awesome tradition. I'm on the Lane Train until 10/10 then I'm All Aboard again. I've humbly suggested that maybe Coach Tiffin will break the Saban streak. Of course, I want Ole Mississippi to go 9 - 1. RTR and fAU.