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bubbatime is actually this numbnuts negin trolling as an allege bama fan. Just ignore the dumb*ss. No true bama fan would ever use such disparaging verbiage if they were a true Bama homer like most of use. ESAD bubbatime.
I love Dolly like most folks and she probably knew Bo Diddley but I'll wager she doesn't know diddley squat about college football. How about that Manning clown?
I have no problem with Bama being 2, 3 or whatever. I just couldn't resist a comment on this numbnuts article and to tell him to EABObamaD.
Coach Saban should have told his boys to wear your running shoes on the charter flight back for some good old wind sprints. Character building at it's best. At least aTm laid an egg so my next door neighbor, an Aggie grad, will not have much to say.
That was meant for Negan. But, of course, everyone knew tgthat at.
You almost force one to unretire the flipping R word. Dummkopf. Estupido. Cretin. Bonehead.
EABOD Negan and lose the Bama logo. You're not fooling anyone into thinking you support Bama.
Hey youworshipafootballteam! Yes, yes i do. And thanks for that son-of-a-Frank you sent down to Coach "them chickens". Folks here around Columbia, Sakerlina are quite pumped up. Haven't seen this much excitement since Coach Holtz or that quitter coach from Johnson City took over. And Go Fighting Gobblers!
That is correct. Next to my Crimson and White golf bag, on the riding cart, is this orange monstrosity of a golf bag. Dat Boi and I have decided that Nattys in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 plus that one in 2020 for Bama keeps you Jawju fans talking sheet. Congrats on one flipping natty.....
Oh contraire numbn*tts. Enough said, genius. Take your lumps and EABOD or STFU or both.
Really Neg-nutts. Look back on all the BS you've been spewing. Idiot.
You are truly a one of a kind numb nuts. And EABOD, too.
Hey fool. I'm getting pretty swift at scrolling past your bs. Eabod negan.
It's a term of endearment where i was born and raised. Anniston and Jax State pretty close to Atlanta Fulton county stadium. Plus, Jawjah drinking age 18, Alabama 21. Burger Inn, Tallapoosa Jawjah, legendary in the 70's. Pitcher of draft, $2.00? Hell, yeah!
EABOD Negin. You're a clown show here on SDS. Oh, your mom is on her way home.
So let's go to the video tape: since 2018 aTm signed this many 5 stars more or less: 1 then 2 then 0 then 2 then 7, so bought is an appropriate word to use for Jumbo's class. But money was not discussed with any of these recruits? CNS, knows, with unlimited transfers as well as NIL, college football is out of control. Or his control would also be correct.
You are such a d*mb*ss. Oh, and nobody, including me, reads a word of your screed. ESAD, negan
Good one ArkyVol. I'm still chuckling. Suck it, Negan.
I would suggest to Arch, that he could be the next QB to "write his name in Crimson fame".