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Wish the kid, well. Wherever he ends up, hope he does well. RTR and fAU.
However, those Lou Holtz' years were fun times to have season tickets to "Them Chickens". Nice fix being exiled to Camp Jackson, Sakerlina. RTR and fAU.
Yep. Favre and the Golden Eagles beat Bama back "in my day".
Shack. With all due respect, stop calling it a vaccination. Due some further research before you pass judgement. I pray that when the statistics (like we'll ever see them), compare the long term affects of the flu versus this innoculation, doesn't show it was huge mistake by many. Peace.
I see where you got the first part of your name. Quite fitting.
Supposed to BOOM the pigskin. One year backing up Martin. Ready to shine year 2.
Article written by SDS Staff and no mention of the Clintons? Nothing like a little intellectual dishonesty with your afternoon Warsteiner.
Perhaps, we'll hear "2 11 in progress" this year in Nashville?
Is that you, Mr President? Some of us have sweatshirts older than this child. 6'1" rocking and rolling. RTR and fAU.
Hey Hawg. No one i know likes a nut-shot.
Woke or not, she certainly exhibited a lack of impulse control which is commonplace these days.
Did season tickets for a few years with "them chickens", during the Coach Holtz years. You are correct, Marine; hotter than 2 rats fornicating in a wool sock in the Soda City.
Love Coach Gruden and Dat Boi,too. John can chill at Clemson after that Bama grad answers the call to come home.
No cure for that TDS with some of you yahoos. Whatcha paying for a gallon of gas or a quart of milk? Wait about six months and compare to today. But Trump was mean.....dumb*sses....but i got my $1600....
Hey Corch. I concur. He can go with Sark and develop in to a first round QB or with Bama, and do the same, probably with a Natty. It seems he wants to go his own way when picking a school.
Glad to have this beast at Bama. Just adds more depth to a young defense with so much potential. RTR and fAU.
Watch out for those girls from T'town. Pitching wins championships. Go Montana!!!
Some kids aren't willing to play special teams, work and learn. He's an injury or two away from substantial playing time, plus practicing against a good offense every day only makes you better.
Jimbo should ask Coach O about flapping his jowls. Call it karma if you will. Thanks for the bulletin board material Jimbo.
I'll take my chances with Bryce Young. The kid will be awesome and with a good D, look out b*tches.
And the pro mask-freaking aholes, can go crazy. Not in my lifetime b*tches.
The kid is quite talented. I selfishly hope he plays another year for the Tide.