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Thanks for that, His flipping name is verboten in this place, per "she who must be obeyed", She'll enjoy the humor.
Been exiled to Sakerlina since 1996. Even teamed with 7 other "non-Sakerlina" alum to do the season ticket thing during Coach Holtz's tenure. Fun times but the HBC, as much as I hate the way he left SC, brought relevance and excitement to a program lost in space. And he owned Datboi in the upstate. RTR and fAuburn.
Could this "football" school make some waves in basketball? Much optimism in T'town with what Coach Oats is doing. RTR and fAuburn.
We had all these funny tee shirts back in the 80's while I was overseas. They were all coed nekid something. My favorite was coed naked military policing. Can't do any of that fun stuff anymore.
Were you at Camp Andy Jackson? Nice 36 hole set up. My first game was after Sakerlina had lost 21 games in a row. They beat New Mexico State, I think, and tore down the goal posts. Funny as hell but they got better under Lou. Agree nice folks in Columbia, except the Climpson grad in my golf cart each Saturday.
Sakerlina was kicking it pretty good during the Lou Holtz years, row 8000, the fairgrounds. Bloody Mary's for the noon games and all if the above for afternoon or evening. Dayum, what year am I referencing?
Have loved the silver and black since the days of The Snake. As noted in the article, no one could out work Ruggs which totally fits the mentality of Josh Jacobs as well. These classic "over achievers", like these two, will bring a mindset thst bodes well for them and the Raiders. RTR and fAuburn.
No. I agree with the comment in the article. Pick a number, then perhaps someday it can be retired for you.
Yep. Take some knocks for a few years and boom, Cincinnati gets crazy. He took Bama apart, he did. RTR and fAuburn.
He'll probably like the better access to crab claws in NO.
Yep. As that famous philosopher, B Bunny said, "what a maroon".
Obviously, he's good enough to be a pro QB. Glad someone is giving him a shotk. Class act who's won the job his whole football life. Good luck Jake.
I hope not. The stinker was eyeballing the camera as she slid in to the hug. B*tch, move!
Anniston High class of 1975. Last week, I actually watched the game for the very first time since I saw it happened. May never watch it again, but I would have to give it an A+ if i was a barner. Most gumps probably agree. Stuff of nightmares....RTR and fAuburn.
Lol. Snorted my diet beer. Thanks. Still chuckling over here.
Again, with an ignorant-ass comment. I think that's hyphenated.
Is dumbass hyphenated or spelled as one word? Find out and let me know.