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Surely won't be a bowl of sour grapes since obviously you ate the last one.
Yep, like Uncle Joe. I certainly bleed Crimson but did have season tickets for "them chickens", during Coach Holtz's years in Columbia (getting my SEC fix). Lots of fun but Coach seems to always pick the Irish and the Bucknuts. I hope May May is correct as he often is. RTR and fAU.
Industry average is 3 - 4%. Sexton might get more, according to what I've seen.
Been a Falcons fan since the Tommy Nobis years when we had 3 channels or radio. Being a falcons fan is kinda like you cant help where you are born or who your parents are. Keep Dork Gator away from my hapless Falcons. Thank you.
Exactly Boo. Which hound dog do i like best? I love Duke but Ike is cool, too.
Rat poison, folks. That's all this kind of talk is. Hope the boys are listening to this crap. Tee hee. RTR and fAU.
He's 51. Kinda like my 55 year old wife, whereby servers often blow their tip by asking about my daughter. I'm 63. There's a Bama joke in there somewhere, probably. RTR and fAU.
I think its cool that the kid would honor the family tradition and try to get on the field at anOSU. Wait until 13 year old Chase, the 4th son, comes of age. He'll be the beast at anOSU. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all y'all, the plural of y'all.
My Army buddy, still my buddy actually, is an UGA grad. Occasionally, he'll just go off on CNS and Bama. Then he'll apologize, and reference that "flipping" (not his actual word), 2 and 26. I make him feel a little better by cussing Dat Boi and Climpson. Hang tough dawgs. RTR and fAU.
We had 4 couples, none of which were USC grads, pitch in for season tickets back in Coach Holtz's second year. Folks do not recall that Lou went 0 -11 his first year in Columbia. I was amazed that 80,000+ still filled William Brice every Saturday. Then the Spurrier years priced us right out of the market. My point being, these Gamecock fans are praying for any kind of success under Coach Beamer. RTR and fAU.
Hey UT dude. Although I've never called in to the Finebomb show, I do, indeed, resemble, not resent, that remark. Jerry Springer of the SEC. That right there is funny.
I've always used the term but never really knew how to spell it until I saw CNS quotes or saw the script from Billy Bob in slingblade.
That's York's left shoe. Shouldn't we be seeing thev winning shoe?
Better than sex but im pushing 65 so let's keep things in perspective.
Ridiculous comment. You're blaming President Raygun, the GOAT, for the current state of Cali politics? May I call you a dumb*ss? You prolly thing K Harris will be a great President after they dump China Joe.
Nothing personal, just bleed Crimson, but Coastal ahead of y'all and OU is a hoot. RTR and fAU.
Tough crowd you have here, Adam. DJ,however,was rocking the coat and tie many of us would "sell our souls" to wear.
He'll be there with Mac and either Devonte or Najee so perhaps, with the rest of voters nationwide having to pick 1, 2, and 3. Is there a split vote between the Bama guys giving Trask the most points? Pure speculation on Hengst's part.
I'd check with Coach O before i made that trip to the stadium Saturday morning. Might get FSUed or Orgeroned.
So the slight chance for A&M to pksy in Atlanta involves Bama losing 2 of 3 against fAU, Arky and LSU (unless we get Orgeroned again)? Aight. Got it.
Good for Coach O. You now get Bama and UF back to back as they both try to impress the committee. Probably shouldn't have Orgeroned Bama a couple of weeks back. Hope they both hang 62 on LSU. karma is a b*tch.
I wonder what "rinky dink", high school play Gus has for this year that will result in a rule change?
Don't get your hopes up Aggies. You'll probably get Orgeroned like we did. No soup for you.