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Been bleeding Crimson in Sakerlina since 1996. It's curtains for Coach Boom if he flips. The kid has that much potential; program saver for Them Chickens. RTR
Geez King. Tried to read all that bu couldn't. Condensed version please.
Awesome. Pay the man, Mr. Ross. Looks like 1972 again. Go Dolphins! Our sweet Hawaiian Prince will be fine, we pray. No one more deserving. RTR and fAuburn.
Congrats to Joe Burrow and LSU for a truly historic season. But, Joe should didn't do LSU any favors with some of his comments and antics. A Natty means free to say what you want but not free from any consequences, RTR and fAuburn
Seems a bit egotistical but what do I know being born in the 50s. I suppose the kids today changed quite a bit since I was 18. Good luck kid. Just go to Sakerlina. RTR and fAuburn
You cannot possibly be a true Tide fan with all the dumb*ss comments you make about Bama. Your alma mater must really suck for you to continually troll theses sites. RTR and fAuburn
Looks like the Lane Train is a'rolling. We're peering West from T Town hoping for success for Ole Mississippi; just not too much success. Freddie is a good hire. Maybe he stays for awhile and moves with Coach K when he succeeds CNS. Never going to happen? We shall see. Discuss.
I think this is a great hire. A ranked Ole Mississippi team increases the stature of all the teams who play them every year. I was so stoked I actually got a couple of Lane Train tees just to troll the Sakerlina and Climpson folks at the Ft Jackson golf club. I also predict, with much trepidation, that Coach K will be the first underling to defeat CNS. Like a nightmare, actually. RTR and fAuburn
Or hope I'm around then to see.
Thank you putting us behind LSU, Jawja and UF. RTR and fAuburn.
As difficult as it will be rooting for LSU (not as hard as rooting for fAuburn), here in Sakerlina, I've had the proverbial belly full of these Climpson folks. Give em hell LSU! RTR and y'all let everyone know if you see Kiffin or Leach poaching around your area.
Hey theregoesmyleftone. Go find an article about your bowl game or something. RTR and fAuburn.
Take it easy you Cajuns or can I get away with Coon-ass? A friend who moved to Sakerlina after Katrina says it's actually a term of endearment. Y'all relax and beat Climpson. As hard as it is to root for LSU, it'll be much harder to continue to listen to these folks from the upstate. RTR and fAuburn.
Pretty neat, as we said back when I was younger. Just glad I don't have to tackle that Volkswagen from Yulee.
You UGA and UF fans don't know how to hate. RTR and fAuburn.
I discovered and rooted for those hapless Pats through Big John Hanna, but it's too cold for our Sweet Hawaiian Prince in Boston. RTR
Hush you barner. Go find an article about that bowl game to make witty comments on. You couldn't carry the jockstrap of our sweet Hawaiian Prince.
You Barners get 0% credit for anything Climpson does, so STHU, or talk about the Iron Bowl or something.
Liked Coach Holtz at both ND and Sakerlina, but please Coach, stop reminding us of the season that would have been. I think LSU just scored again on our defense. RTR
You don't get to talk smack like that when the team beat you. 2nd and 26.
Good job, Vols nation! See Y'all the 3rd Saturday in October. RTR. Oh and thanks Barners. fAuburn.
Nice second half, boys. fHarbaugh and of course, nice job Barners. fAuburn.