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Smart kid, who will be ok after football with a Vandy degree. That is if he can survive 3 or 4 years in front of 335 lb offensive tackles and 280 lb tight ends.
I thought it was already established that there was an unknown, rogue ingredient in that ointment. Nod, nod, wink, wink.
Nobody, including me, reads your drivel. Go find another place to be a d*mb*ss, d*mb*ss.
Got a "Roll Fins" tee with a nice caricature of Tua on it. Cheesy maybe, but i love it. LB Sports out of LA. Hold the left coast cracks, please. Tua is the only reason I'll be checking out the NFL. RTR and fAuburn.
Pay the man! Sark is going to have an extremely potent offense this year even after the departure of our Sweet Hawaiian Prince. Oh, and Roll Fins. I got a Roll Fins tee from LB Sports. Beautical caricature of Tua. Larry is a nice guy out of LA. Hold the left coast cracks please.
The Tide shouldn't be on this list but Coach Nate Oats has something brewing in T Town. Might just be the spoiler on occasion. Yall watch out.
Give the kid a break. Once in a lifetime opportunity to play his last year of football. Would you expect him to say anything else?
Only because I have beaucoup faith in karma will I say what is truly on my mind. So I'll just say, suck it b*tches and I mean all you a holes that would do anything to crash this administration. RTR and fAuburn.
As if, Cocky. "Them Chickens", as I affectionately call them (season tickets during Coach Holtz's tenure), might win 2 or 3 this year, unless you lose to Missouri, UK or Vandy. Then you get a ofer.
Maybe the kid just wants to play and not ride the pine. Maybe Chuck Person can find him a starting job.
Her not coaching bo67, just fetching coffee. And he looks ridiculous in Crimson.
Maybe you beat Bama this year Michael Wayne, if your QB runs the play that's been called. RTR and fAuburn.
So, maybe you can give your grandchildrens' job to an illegal immigrant and we can just not have borders and walls and stuff. Go back to MSLSD.
Previous comment was directed at dumbasstime not boxster355. RTR and fAuburn.
Consider this comment the obligatory response to your drivel: you're a d*mb*ss now, will be a d*mb*ss tomorrow and will be a d*mb*ss for the rest of your miserable existence.
Alas, it's certainly my go to language. I blame Jagger. Can't get no satisfaction.
dime bags x 10 equals $100. Felony conviction. Bad decisions young man.
Thanks for that, His flipping name is verboten in this place, per "she who must be obeyed", She'll enjoy the humor.